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Time 6:10-6:19

Clouds, showers today. Traffic. News. 30 Philadelphia school buses vandalized. Windshields smashed by fire extinguishers. Accident in Center City injured man & 4-yr-old son. Van ran red light, hit patrol car, then hit the man & son. Man was pinned under fence. Private jet carrying G. W. Bush from Philly to Texas was diverted to Kentucky for possible fire. Sports. Justin Rose won US Open. Mickelson finished 2nd. Rockies beat Phils 5-2. Spurs beat Heat 114-104, lead Finals 3-2. Hershey Park Friday.Chazz Palminteri calling. Jake's Way Back Burgers bringing food. Monsters University screening Wed. Rolling Stones tix. Big celebrity baby birth to talk about.

Time 6:32-7:02

Hot today. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays. Thomas Hayden Church, 52. Jason Patrick, 46. Greg Kinnear, 50. Joe Piscopo, 61. Newt Gingrich, 70. Barry Manilow, 70. Venus Williams, 33. SA. Entertainment News.Man of Steel opened box office w/ $13 million. Kim Kardashian gave birth to baby girl Sunday. Baby arrived 5 weeks early, Kanye was there for entire birth. He cut and electrical cord by accident. They say Bruce Jenner's name moved a bit he was so emotional. Channing Tatum & wife debuted newborn baby on Facebook. Steve liked Magic Mike. Charlie Sheen's ex Brooke Mueller may be losing custody of children. John Stamos says he & Full House wife Lori Loughlin tried dating in real life. She's the one who got away. Tan Mom sent to temporary detox facility for being drunk at airport. She's from Nigeria. She was too drunk to host party at gay club. Paris Jackson will have weeks of therapy. Paris doesn't like Justin Bieber, says he's a bad role model. Henry Cavill said physical makeover to play Superman was long, painful. He binged on apple pie & pizza after filming. Tim Allen rented movie theater for his birthday, friends pranked him w/ marching band birthday song. Jeff Garlin arrested for bashing in windows. Paramount Pictures offering $50 mega-tickets for World War Z. Hoda Kotb ready to date again. Clips.Usher, The Voice. Charlie Day, Monsters University. Monsters University.WMMR's Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival Announcement: Dave Chappelle & Flight of the Concords, Susquehanna Bank Center on 9/6.

Time 7:12-7:43

Hershey Park Friday. Traffic. US Open at Merion. Justin Rose won yesterday. Playoff would have been 18 holes. Rose said “Philadelphia has been my town” during trophy ceremony. Kathy, Nick, Nick Murphy, Beth, & Marisa went on Fri. Preston got close to Ernie Els, almost hit with his club. He still likes watching on TV. You can't switch back and forth with Lost Boys. Everybody wanted to see Tiger. Lines for merch were crazy. Watching caddies was neat. Caddy LT is caddy at Merion & Marisa's friend. The limp distracted Casey while driving. Nick got a ball from Michael Campbell. Kathy saw ESPN reporter eat a hoagie while walking on fairway. Nick told Adam Scott he's very attractive. Adam's caddy got Nick's phone number. Caller Mike was caddy at Merion for 15 years. You must walk the course, cannot ride cart. There weren't many celebrity spottings. Lots of golfers stayed Conshohocken Marriot. WMMR building caught fire Friday.Steve came to rescue his action figures. We could have used the P&S Fire Truck.Our engineer Rodney on the phone. He's a firefighter too. He found the fire. Fire started in Mangia above the oven. Damon from Mangia on the air. Mangia's closed today. Everyone thought Pierre would set the building on fire (text). Bizarre File & Blood Drive results next. Dave Chappelle.



Maryland has 2 nicknames, Old Line State and what is the 2nd one?



The Free State


Time 7:55-8:11

Jake's Wayback Burgers. Traffic. Jake's Wayback Triple Triple Burger. Bizarre File. Man fell through Philadelphia apt roof while working, landed on girl on couch. 11-yr-old Auckland, NZ boy fathered child w/ friend's 36 yr-old mom. Armed robber threatened mother & sons, she fought back & won. All happened while she was driving. After he walked away she chased after him, ran over him. 10-yr-old in NC died hours after getting out of swimming pool from “Dry-drowning”. Had small amount of water in lungs. Young man drove BMW sedan into San Diego bay to avoid squirrel. P&S Blood Drive Re-Cap. Lots of first time donors. Event was completely booked. Anthony Tornetta (Red Cross)on the phone.Total blood donated: 1,302 pints (1,407 donors). That can help 3,906 patients. Largest total ever at P&S Blood Drive. Chazz Palminteri next. Monsters University (text).

Time 8:21-9:03

Traffic. Jake's Wayback Burgers. Intern Vicki said she'd try to eat Triple Triple burger (9 patties). Skinny people can eat a lot. Kim & Kanye Baby. It was 5 weeks early. Nick's brother's wife is expecting, it's 2 ½ weeks overdue. Jason Fehon is using a Doula midwife, so is Nick's brother. Preston thinks that's crazy. Steve suggests using WebMD for emergencies. Casey's friend tried natural birth but had to have a C-Section. Preston's wife had 3rd child very quickly. Kathy was there. Nick's son was 5 weeks early. Caller Dave's wife is a Doula, is in school to become a midwife. A Doula is a birth coach. Doulas have whistles. Caller Kristin is a midwife,works in a hospital. Can men be midwives? Was Kim's birth quick? She's dated a lot of football players, everything should be pretty lose down there. Tiramasu pancakes at iHop (Preston digresses). Preston likes Father's Day more than his birthday. Caller Maria is labor & delivery nurse. Hospitals not likely to do natural births. Home births don't use medical equipment. Midwives have been around longer than hospitals. Caller Lisa says natural births are crazy. She had her son naturally, 22 hours of labor. 0.6 of all American midwives are men. P&S should have an official midwife. Caller John & wife had great experience with midwife, named Gazelle. Women can orgasm during natural births. Chazz Palminteri on the Phone. Has Kickstarter for Unorganized Crime play. People like the Mob because it's similar to cowboys. Drugs changed the Mafia. 26 days left on Kickstarter, asking for $65,000. Jake's Wayback Burgers. Intern Vicki ate 2/3 of Triple Triple burger. Big Friggin' Deal.

Time 9:15-9:41

Queen is awesome. Traffic. New Miss USA Crowned. Erin Brady, Miss Connecticut, won. P&S girl & Miss Delaware Rachel was in the competition. Miss USA does not have a talent segment. (Audio) Miss Utah was asked about women not earning as much money as men was, she forgot question and gave horrible answer. There's now a cameltoe competition. Kathy had cameltoe during the color run this weekend. School talent shows are an excuse for girls to get together and do a dance. Snapping Turtles. Someone found a snapping turtle in Preston's neighborhood. Steve saw one once while hiking with his dog. Kathy's brother found one in a creek, put it in his parent's pool. He did that for years. Casey's more afraid of water moccasins. Casey never knew there are flying squirrels around here. Chipmunks are cuter than squirrels. Caller Vincent is an exterminator, sees flying squirrels in NJ a lot. Caller Frank got bit by a water moccasin in DE. Hershey Park.


Time 9:50-9:59

Wow, Stones tickets. Traffic. Preston had bad gas yesterday. Bizarre File. Pakistan is most homophobic country, but also leads world in “gay” Google searches. List of top 10 weirdest things Britains have tried to send by mail includes dead cat, hot shepards pie, time machine, live hamster, sex toys, etc. 16-yr-old boy in Myrtle Beach made girlfriend cut apology in her arm and eat sticks. Escaped inmate was captured after his getaway driver and girlfriend told police where to find him. She told them because they had an argument. Woman hit in face w/ puck during Stanley Cup Finals visited by Blackhawks legend Stan Mikita, and got autographed jersey. She will also get the puck that hit her. Hershey Park.

 Time 10:08-10:21

Listener Justin brought in picture signed by US Marine Corps Drum & Bugle Corps. Pitchuation's last day was Friday. He asked Preston for a ride to Wildwood last summer. LQ. Hollywood Trash. Kim and Kanye are parents, Kanye says he wants his daughter to have all the things he never had like the ability to smile. Chad Ochocinco Johnson says his child support payments outpace his income by $50,000. He says it would help if he kids ate every other month. Rapper The Game is angry about new “saggy pants” law at Jersey Shore, called it racist and a return to slavery. He also said cancellation of CSI: Miami is racist and a return to slavery. LA caller Dean. Music News.Muse has 2 songs on soundtrack of World War Z. Matt Bellamy happened to be reading World War Z book while working on album The 2nd Law. Alice In Chains guitarist selling Hollywood mansion for $1.5 million. Metallica posted footage of their performance as Dehaan at Orion Music and More Festival. Clip of “Hit the Lights” is available. Shinedown released video for current single “I'll Follow You”. Steven Tyler says main ingredient to great bands are timeless songs. He says you know you have a hit song when you can't get it out of your head. Tyler and Joe Perry were inducted into Songwriters Hall of Fame. Jake's Wayback Burgers. WOW next.

 Time 10:31-10:37

Clouds and sun today. Hershey Park. Preston goes to Hershey every year with his family. Rush will be there Friday but Preston can't go. Nobody has invited Preston to play at Merion yet. Thanks to our guests. LOD. Pierre came to the blood drive this weekend. He showed up too late last year. Everybody loves meeting him. People ignored Casey and Nick to get Pierre's autograph. Trapt bill perform live in our studio tomorrow. Comedian Dylan Moran will also be here.



How did Man of Steel get so strong? What did he eat?


Tiramasu Pancakes




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