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Time 6:13 – 6:21

Welcome to Friday! Weather. Traffic. News Update Large sections of South Jersey and other areas were hit by flash flooding and thunderstorms. Four masked men broke into a house and pistol-whipped a man before looting him. A popular bar deck in Miami collapsed during Game 4 of the NBA finals causing critical injuries. Sports Cliff Lee's pitching help the Phillies beat the Twins 3-2 last night to snap a 5-game losing streak. Phil Mickelson finished his first round with -3. The Heat tied the Spurs in the NBA Finals, 2-2. Today, we got Steve Rannazzisi & Amy Schumer!

Time 6:34 – 7:11

Traffic. SQ. Birthdays Diablo Cody, 35; Yasmine Bleeth, 45; Steffi Graf, 44; Donald Trump, 67; Marla Gibbs, 82; Boy George, 52. No, it's not George Washington.Meltdown Cheesey Caller. SA. Entertainment News Lindsay Lohan is moving from the Betty Ford Rehab Center to the Cliffside Rehab Center in Malibu. Melissa McCarthy says she doesn't care about Rex Reed's criticism of her being “tractor-sized.” Donald Trump says he doesn't like ABC's “Modern Family.” Child actor Max Page has raised more than $50,000 for children who cannot afford medical care. 82-year-old Rupert Murdoch has filed for divorce from 44-year-old Wendi Deng. Murdoch's second divorce involved $1.7 billion. No more touchy-touchy. Writer Rick Polito says he doesn't write George Takei's social media posts. I would like a see-through kayak delivered to One Bala Plaza immediately. Halle Berry is expecting a baby boy with new partner Olivier Martinez. Sources close to the Jackson family says Paris has never really dealt with the death of her father. Farrah Abraham wants to date Charlie Sheen. Does she like the backdoor? All aboard the dookie-express! Did Farrah get another boob job? Sandra Bullock is in early talks to play Miss Hannigan in Jay-Z's “Annie” remake. Jamie Foxx and Quvenzhane Wallis are also on the project. Clips Diane Lane of “Man of Steel” and Stephen Moyer of “True Blood.” What the hell is “getting punched in the toilets?” I'll kick you in the latrine! Coolest Teacher The coolest teacher at Pennsbury High School is Miss Karen Wisen! That is our last school for this contest. Hershey Park Broadcast tickets!

Time 7:22 – 7:54

Weather. Preston will be at U.S. Open. Traffic. Coolest Teacher Karen Wisen She's been at Pennsbury for 26 years. People there still remember Kathy. Miss Wisen's “golden rules” are inspiring. I'll also kick your ass if you don't do what you need to do. If you won as a Coolest Teacher, send us a photo of you with your P&S mug! NFL Bag Policy Change The NFL will limit the size and type of bags allowed in stadiums. Fans can only bring one transparent bag into stadiums. Ladies cannot bring in a purse bigger than your hand. NFL will not allow coolers, briefcases, seat cushions, computer or camera bags. Steve won't go to games because he can't bring his lucky Eagles machete. Casey couldn't bring in his Hulk hands. Eagles raised tix prices after going 4-12. Steve would like to bring in his watercolors to paint during games. Would you bring your baby to an Eagles game? Put the baby in a clear bag, poke some holes in it. Using pockets to store things. Matt Cord is a walking Office Depot. Secret Text Word to see Rolling Stones! Elvis Presley Home Bedding The collection of Elvis bedding is official. Frank Sinatra never had these. Panties are going to drop with this bedding. Star Wars bedding was awesome. Chewbacca got the sticky stuff. Elvis makes the most money out of all dead celebrities. The sheets are not king-sized, that's just wrong.


Stupid Question:

What U.S. President is considered the father of the interstate highway system?

Stupid Answer:

Dwight D. Eisenhower


Time 8:06 – 8:15

Join us for our Hershey Park Broadcast! Traffic. Hershey Park Broadcast giveaway. Make sure to do the secret text word for Rolling Stones tickets! Cavanaugh's Headhouse is here for a meet and eat. Bizarre File Indiana man woke up to find his dog chewed off two of his own toes. A 57-year-old man was arrested after having sex with a door at a local business. Man survived for two days surrounded by saltwater and dead bodies in a 4-foot air pocket of a sunken tugboat. A 49-year-old man stabbed his brother over a spilled beer and a missing bowl of macaroni and cheese.


Time 8:25 – 8:51

Foo Fighters' “Big Me” music video is funny. Cavanaugh's Headhouse is here and we're giving away gift cards! Traffic. Steve Rannazzisi in Studio He's a golfer, and a fantastic one in his mind. Steve thinks he'd be good at golf because he beat Tiger Woods in a video game. Preston runs through every shot he makes after a day of golfing. Rannazzisi does too much pot to remember all of his shots. Rannazzisi met Tiger and his handler asked him: “What's your hunger level?” Preston wants more comedians to golf. New season of The League will be shooting next month. Rannazzisi also met Terrell Suggs and Chad Johnson. His dream guest star for The League is Peyton Manning. We all have “friends that we don't like.” Up to you to either renew the contract with them or not. Someone just hacked Casey's microphone. Rannazzisi was able to go to a Super Bowl; didn't really see much, but was worth the experience. Steve says New Orleans water smells funny; good thing I didn't use any water for 4 days. Golf tournaments don't allow spectators to bring phones on the course. Rannazzisi shot a 132 at Bethpage Black. Why do Long Island guys talk with every noun being plural? It's so nice when the kids let the father sleep in. Casey can't let his kids change the kitty litter. How do kids mess up cat poop? Kathy was never allowed to be near alcohol. Steve would manage his dad's girlfriends. Text came in to describe a “FLID” = F'n Long Island Douchebag.


Time 9:02 – 9:27

Secret Text Word is on for Rolling Stones tix. Cavanaugh's Headhouse giveaway! Traffic. Well, I guess Amy Schumer isn't on the line. The interview is over! Wow, that was fast. We've got some contests to get to! Time Is On Your Side Contest This is a Rolling Stones themed obstacle course, the winner will get Rolling Stones tickets! There are 5 different obstacles or task that the contestants have to face based on Rolling Stones songs – “Jumping Jack Flash,” “Paint It Black,” “Tumblin' Dice,” “When the Whip Comes Down,” and “Shattered.” The studio has been set up and the webcam is live with the race. First up is Barry. Tough time with the whip, but he finished the course! His time was 2:46! Barry was inspired by Steve's “All aboard the dookie express!” Marisa is cleaning up the glass. Up next is George. George had a tough time with the dice, but cleaned up with the whip! His time was 1:24! Last up is Kristen. She has never used a whip, not even on her husband. She gets stuck on the whip! She doesn't beat the 1:24 mark, but we'll let her break the glass anyway. So, George is our winner! George wins Rolling Stones tickets! Barry and Kristen will get Made in America festival tickets. Time to pull our Secret Text Word, caller #5.


Time 9:38 – 9:53

The winning is just beginning: we've got more things to giveaway! Traffic. Caller #5 is Dan, he says the word is Satisfaction and is going to see The Rolling Stones! Next Wednesday, we're going to screen “Monsters University” for the kids! Monsters University giveaway. Preston just saw “The Magnificent Seven,” they're so manly that they piss fire. Preston loves Yul Brynner, he's from Baldyville. Yul is actually from Russia. Preston will never watch The Departed. Bizarre File Man called the UK's version of 911 to complain that a prostitute was too ugly. An elementary teacher was fired from a private school because her ex-husband was stalking her at school and she became a victim of domestic violence. A lonely landlord has posted a personal ad for someone to role-play as his walrus. Boy, is this guy a chick magnet. Man rescued an alligator he found in a rain sewer pipe. Hershey Park broadcast giveaway!


Time 10:04 – 10:23

Highway to Hell” for family going on a canoe trip! Preston usually ends up naked when drinking and camping. Casey feels old because kids think the 80's are old, and when he was young the 50's were old. Was the 50's or the 80's better? Casey's been doing a lot of thinking out loud, just like yesterday's Daily Rush video. LQ.Hollywood Trash Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes. LA.Music News Mumford & Sons has canceled their appearance at the Bonaroo festival. Jane's Addiction has a new live concert DVD coming out. Filter has asked money in a IndieGoGo account for funds for a world tour. Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd's solo project, The Sons of the Sea, has released their first single. Resorts Casino & Hotel will do a free Jimmy Buffet concert with a guest star. Cavanaugh's Headhouse giveaway!


Time 10:35 – 10:44

They don't just sing, they SIIIIIING!” clip. Special thanks to Steve Rannazzisi, our contestants in the Time Is On Your Side obstacle course, and Cavanaugh's Headhouse! Matt Cord in Studio Matt Cord is helping out Pierre's broadcast while he is at Dorney Park. It's Duke Light. Pierre is on the phone with us! He took an exit to somewhere. LOTD. Pierre loves this broadcast. We're all going to be at the Blood Drive tomorrow. Kathy tried to plan a birthday party for Matt Cord once and accidentally sent a e-mail message to Matt. Word of the Week. Tomorrow will be our blood drive, we hope to see you there! Have a good weekend!


Lesson Question:

What do The Magnificent Seven piss?

Lesson Answer:



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