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Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:12-6:24
Weather. Traffic. News. Lead inspector of collapsed Philly building
commits suicide. Texted wife right beforehand. Either torn by
guilt/couldn't handle future trouble. City changed regulations. Damaging
winds and heavy rain over 60mph expected.  Could interfere with US Open.
Parking areas closed at Rose Tree. Refunds issued if 4+ hours are
canceled.  10 year old Sarah Murnahan has received new lungs. Has been
waiting & court order moved her higher on list. She suffers from Cystic
Fibrosis. Sports. Phillies lost 5 games in a row. Game one of Stanley Cup
finals Chicago Black hawks beat the Bruins in triple overtime.  Rory
Mcilroy visited art museum steps. Preston says Win McMurray is a goddess.

Time 6:37-7:15
Traffic. Guys from Always Sunny in town. Stupid Question.  Birthday.
Rivers Cuomo from Weezer is 43.  Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen are 27.  Chris
Evansis 32. Steve-O is 39. Was dating Kaladis Vagina. Stellan Skarsgard
is 62.  Malcom Mcdowell from Clockwork Orange is 70 today.  Ally Sheedy
from the breakfast Club is 51. Preston was Molly Ringwald's Character.
Tim Allen is 60. Richard Thomas played John Boy on The Waltons is 62.
Stupid Answer. Giving away snash, snatch ,vagina / squirter.
Entertainment News. Jennifer Carpenter may have ruined Seth Avett's
marriage. Songs like ³You and I are the same.² Seth began an affair in
2008 with Jennifer. No longer sings ³January Wedding,² because it's for
his wife. New album is called The Carpenter. Band member Jacob Edwards
and fans are upset.  Fan wrote; Seth is a dog and Jennifer is a home
wrecker.  Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli get divorced.  Amicable Split.
Zac Efron had a fling with a stripper named Lisa from Texas. Tried to
involve Candance Anne into the Sexual situations. Viola Wallace makes
similar claims.  Sean Lowe revealed to have a joint bachelor/bachelorette
party with Catherine Giudici.  What are gay's bachelor parties.  A lot of
butt stuff.  Testimony at MJ trial.  Was so broke; This Is It tour was to
buy a home. Michael and his kids were living like vagabonds.  Home he
wanted to buy was $93 million . Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux got
engaged 10 months ago; wedding plans have been put on halt due to home
renovation. Still getting married. Rob Pattinson new face of Homme
Fragrance. Steve does British accent. Lindsay Lohan trying to get back on
track, will travel to Venice for her new film The Canyon. Clips. Emma
Watson; This Is The End. Arya Stark; Game of Thrones. Arya looks like
Marisa. Coolest Teacher. Mr. Scott Stein from Springside Chestnut Hill
Academy. Pennsbury, Kathy's Alma Matter, is today's school.

Time 7:26-7:55
Tornado Watch. Traffic. Email from listener who made the Kathy Fart song.
Organ Transplants. Sarah Murnahan receives lung transplant. Policy
changed for her. Lengthy process for body to accept new organ. Kathy new
an organ plane pilot. Caller Elizabeth had heart transplant. Cried for
donor after. Planning to write letter to family. Takes medicine every day
for life. Sense of donor living on through another. Will Smith movie
seven pounds. Monkey Nuns. Caller Trisha's Husband has 2 small bowel
transplants. First organ made him sicker. Caller John's brother passed
and donated his liver, found out receiver returned to alcoholism.  Monkey
nuns bishop is James Mason. Hershey Park Giveaway

Stupid Question: What is the subject of the Ring Magazine?
Stupid Answer: Boxing

Time 8:02-8:20
Traffic. Gang from Always Sunny is in town shooting. Rob McElhenney and
Charlie Day .  Budget is at 600 not 500 per episode now.  Charlie is a
voice in new Monsters Inc. He has the weirdest voice on the planet. Nine
seasons & 100th episode. Not as much about syndication happening as magic
happening. Trying to break the record for the show to take longest to get
to 100 episodes.  Hardest part is waking up early every morning, out late
every night.  Charlie can't get Tiger Woods to return his phone calls.
Country Mac going to be played by Sean William Scott. Black and white
promos. Their production company has lots of developing shows. Found a
few good things in their script search; worse case scenario they'll be
set for kindling this winter. Charlie brought his kids so it's his first
time not being hung over on set. Correction if 4+  hours are played at
the US Open your tickets are considered used.  Players run from hole to
hole. Coolest teacher Scott Stein calls in. Marisa says all science is
made by magic.  Has DNA Tattoos. Pennsbury was chosen as today's school.
Hershey Park Giveaway.

Time 830:-9:10
Weather is on its way. Traffic. Bizarre File. French teacher
Jean-Baptiste Clement showed class of 11 year-old students the movie Saw.
Employee was killed in lawn mowing accident at a PA golf course. Tractor
tipped over Man fell onto blades. Canadian Moura El-Asmar and her
daughter tried to smuggle 15k of Canadian money into US in their bras.
England man left severed deer head at a Tesco checkout. Different parts
scattered in different areas. Vacation Spots.  Preston wants to take a
family trip but doesn't want to drive too far. Kick ass places in
Virginia. Steve likes Mystic Connecticut. Steve's dad is coming into town
so he may go to Chicago for a few days. Caller Gary suggests Lake George,
New York. Colonial Williamsburg was fun as a kid but probably boring as
an adult.  Harrisonburg is right next to Watchalicken. Caller Mike
suggests St. Michael's, Maryland where Wedding Crashers was shot. US Open
has been suspended.
Anne Heche.  Save me is on NBC10.  It's about finding your life and
making changes. She is trying to make up for everything she's done in her
life and that helps propel the show. The show address the idea of what is
God and is one of the ideas she wanted to portray. She has been lifted up
in real life by many things and is why she did the show. She loves yoga
but it gets boring. Hershey Park Giveaway.

Time 9:19:-9:38
Weather is postponing US Open.  Traffic. David Letterman clip where he
always comments on the drums; ³Are those yours?² Recently when Casey sees
people he's been saluting. Saggy Pants. Wildwood passed the saggy pants
law. $25 fine. Steve wears his pants right but his underwear is always
pulled down below his ass.  Sideways hats and saggy pants make people
look like clowns. Steve wears girls clothing to stand out. Sluts find
this style attractive. For Steve it was powdered wigs and fake beauty
mark. Casey wanted the rats tail but his mom said no. Caller wore pants
low with shoelace belt until he grew up. Constant swamp ass. Caller says
saggy pants originated in prison. Casey is more open, he doesn't want to
be an old man. Casey owns a flat brim hat. Bieber wears stupid Hats and
is a douchebag. Hershey Park Giveaway

Time 9:51-10:11
Blood drive is just about fully booked. Traffic. Win McMurry In Studio.
She faces inclement weather in her field regularly.  Officials for the
USGA were hoping it wouldn't rain this week. Breaks in weather can cause
changes in a players game.  Preston used to eat hot dogs at the turn but
it messed up his back 9.  She knows so much about golf not only because
it's her job but she loves it. Has played Augusta National. Golf is a
guys club however women have brought a lot to golf. Going to take a lot
to play today due to weather. Listener Email says he knows someone who
rented a house to Tiger for the week. Rumored that he requested a pool
for his kids and to furnish the house with his stuff. Tiger woods
offended at Sergio Garcia's food comment.  Her name is short Winifred.

Time 10:19-10:37
Giving away Stones tickets tomorrow. Win's boyfriend is Michael Phelps.
Brad Pitt did eat a Tony Luke's Cheesesteak. Cheerios is a boring cereal.
Nick doesn't like crazy cereals. Steve liked Man of Steel, Nick Murphy
didn't.  Bizarre Files.  Bags of human waste dumped in government offices
in cape town.  Lady Drives backward down road and almost hits civilians.
Guide dog saves civilians lives. Local woman Sharon Reagle digs up
two-headed piglet. She was gardening and found the specimen jarred and
buried. Lesson Question. Hollywood Trash. Two Chains arrested at airport.
Bieber lost interest in chrome Ferrari, now drives leopard print Audi.
Momma June from Honey Boo Boo got to swim in the ocean. Felt like Pamela
Anderson but looks like Louie Anderson. Lesson Answer. Music News. Black
Sabbath's full performance of song End of the Beginning is now posted
online. Made rare appearance on CSI. Mumford and sons member Ted Dwane is
recovering from brain surgery.  Bonnaroo has announced live web cast.
Bono recruited several artists to make a protest song about poverty
called agit8. Jacky Bam Bam interviews Alice Cooper on the US Open.
Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters Giveaway.

Time 10:49-10:57
Wrap Up. Thank you Win, Rob, Charlie, and Anne. DL. Pierre will be giving
away Made in America and Day Off at Dorney passes. Tomorrow we have the
obstacle course on the morning show to give away Rolling Stones Tickets.
Amy Schumer and Steve Rannazzisi on the show tomorrow.

Lesson Question: According to the show, what is Untamed Heart about?
Lesson Answer: Monkey Nuns.

Daily Letter: O

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