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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
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Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Date: 06-12-2013

Time 6:10-6:20

Weather. Nice day today. Severe storms tomorrow possible tornadoes. Traffic.News. Baby boy died from falling down several stories out of window in Philadelphia. Suspicious broke out fire at YMCA in Havertown. No injuries reported but the blaze was suspicious. Casey drives by everyday and Preston jokes how convenient. Princeton reopened campus after 8 hours of evacuation because of bomb threat. SportsPhillies only one 2/14 games and last night was the 4th loss. Spurs beat Miami heat. Game 4 is tomorrow night. Stanley cup is tomorrow night. US open is tomorrow. They call off game because of weather as soon as the weather is bad. Storms are supposed to start late tonight. broadcast in Hershey park one week from Friday. Man of Steel Screening 12 more passes. Secret text.

 Time: 6:33 - 7:15

Dave tix to give out at blood drive. Traffic.stupid Question. Snitch DVD. Birthdays: Frances O Connor birthday. Muse 39 birthday. Tim Buzzfield 52. Melissa Gilbert. George Herbert Walker Bush 89. Marv Albert 72. DJ qualls 35. Dave Franco 28. Steve's birthday! Preston's 14th wedding anniversary is today. Joking about pension checks because of getting older. Superman screening tonight. stupid answer. Hollywood news Drake Bell speaks to Amanda on a reg basis. shes brilliant healthy coherent & no drugs. She just wants to change the way she looks. Terminator 2 star back in jail, bail went from 50k-100k. Melissa McCarthy's face has been slimmed down. Warner brothers decided not to go with Dumb & Dumber movie. Jason bloom announced that sequel to the purge is in the process. Deb Rowe will not custody of Paris Jackson due to lack of ability to connect with Grandmother Kathy. Family thinks Deb only wants spotlight. Photo of ellen page and alex skarsgard canoodling. the 2 aren't dating. Doug Benson made bad filmsSeth talked about it. Casey will be on Doug's podcast next week. Rachel Zoe, been received outrage b/c of instagram picture of 2 year old b/c of long hair. Subway's Jared worth $15 mil. Only adult job 35 year-old had. Madonna may be a member of Mensa with IQ 140. Clips. This is the end, Man of Steel. Coolest Teacher from Downingtown West: Mrs. Susanne Farnesi. Next School: Springside Chestnut Hill. Secret text word. Coolest teacher on the line. Been at Downingtown for 10 years. Started a club for redheads. Southpark made term Ginger popular.

Stupid Question:

What did Herman Herman from the Simpsons sell in his shop? 

Stupid Answer:

War memorabilia

 Time 7:27-8:04

Bad weather tomorrow for US Open. TrafficMaturity levels. Study found that men mature later than women. Casey feels that he is 38 and just starting to mature. Steve disagrees because he looked at his dad as mature. Preston says he still feels that he's the same person as 22. Nick's son told him that he smelled like beer. Kathy can drink responsibly Women mature by 32. Casey said it was a mature decision to go to bed early last night. 8/10 women believe that men never mature in farting, burping, eating fast food late. Preston has really thought about his health in the last 1.5 years. Top 30 reasons men are still immature. Staying silent during argument, driving fast, music too loud,etc. Most of Steve's music listening is in the car. Kathy says no one in this room or on MMR is mature. Caller Rob- 43 says he has a long way to go. Wife wants him to stop making comments in church. Crazy dance moves Casey's wife likes his dance moves. Kathy's mom still does bros wash. Live on Fox 29 Most annoying thing someone does in bed snoring. Shots of Tiger Woods. Give away movie passes.

 Date: 06-12-2013

time 8:15-8:23

Traffic. Giving away 15 4 packs for Hershey. Bizzare file. Daniel Medscar had an 8 month erection due to pineal implant. Everything including family events became a problem. Scrotum swelled to size of volley ball. Japanese kids fad where middleschoolers lick eachother's eyeballs. He had an 'eyerection'30% of 6th graders try it. Chicago woman has been arrested 395 times. Going to a substance abuse program. Secret text.

Disc: 2 Date: 06-12-2013

 Time 8:34-8:57

Blood Drive is Saturday. Traffic. US Opening Weather going to be severe tomorrow may affect US opening. people who have tickets Thursday still use them? Mackleroy and woods are together. Tickets cost about 50-150 for 1 day. Preston is going to walk around and watch some plays. Went to AT&T national says you should go 3-4 holes ahead of Tiger. Arnold Palmer was there when Nick was there. Kathy wants to know what to wear. Only dress code for players. No phones allowed. Interest level in this event is amazing to Steve. Casey is excited but has no interest in going. Tents set up on residential lawns. residents get paid about 8 k per week. Closer you are to course the more money you get paid. Marc- spectator shuttle driver- says if it rains it will be postponed to Fri and go till Mon.Running buses every 10-15 mins. Casey took his scooter there and parked behind a dumpster. Nick will take the train. Kathy liked that idea and Preston said why don't you guys rub wheat thins on each other. Kathy gives prices for properties being rented out for the event. People are charging $50 to park on the street. Jim- dress code & parking. School bus could not even get through to drop kids off, Jack- take trolly from the gulf. Going to try to get round in tomorrow. Ch 10 is working on a plan right now. Giving away movie passes.

Disc: 2 Date: 06-12-2013

Time 9:10-9:40

Traffic. Preston's anniversary. Flashback when Preston forgot in 07, Steven Singer. His wife remembered. Decided not to exchange gifts. There is a ring that heats one hour before anniversary. Casey knows all birthdays. The gesture says I am happy you were born. Nick's son loves birthdays. Preston says his kid's birthdays. Nick recalls Casey's kid's birthday. Preston can't remember birthdays. Matt Cord & Pierre's in Aug. Worse to forget anniversary. Birthdays are on Facebook. Casey plays clip of him and daughter singing to Kathy. Nick's son for her sang and farted in the middle.GeorgeOrwell's 1984 sales have increased because of NSA scandal. They discussed Animal farm, & other Orwell books. Making a TV about drunk history. Catcher and the Rye did not affect Preston or Steve. More revolutionary for it's time. Preston never read Hemmingway. Coolest Teacher Springside Chestnut Hill. Preston tried remembered birthdays. Give away Hershey park passes.

 Time 9:46-9:56

Good weather today, bad tomorrow. Traffic.Bizzare File: German banker fell asleep and accidentally transferred over 222 million Euro by pushing the 2 key. Julia Caples is a real life vampire who drinks real blood and has been for 35 years. Cuts with a sterilized knife and it makes her feel young. She bit her first kiss and that's how it got started. Teenager had an incredible escape but got hit by a car because he tried to jump over it. Still landed on his feet. No injuries. Two people shark fishing when 300 pound shark jumped in and ate boat. They were 30 miles south of NYC. As soon as it found the bait it jumped 15 feet in the air and landed in the boat. It stayed alive for 2 hours. Friday mornings give away Stone tickets.

 Time 10:09-10:23

Coolest teacher Secret Text wordContestants for Stones contest Lesson Question:Hollywood trash: Chris brown has no prolem being hated. He likes it because it makes life exciting. Kanye previewed new album yeezus. People say he's a 'Yerk Off' Kris Humphries thrilled to be divorced to Kim Kardashian but scared to date again. Lesson Answer. Got tickets to renaissance fair Music news: Mumford and son's bassist had emergency surgery because of blood clots. Kings of Leon want to erase memory of last effort and tour. New album coming out is called mechanical bull. Front man had a public melt down on stage. They took a year off in which they all had babies. They bought an old paint factory and made it into a studio. The documentary shows that they are all family and fight like it. Performed songs Always the same, it doesn't matter, super soaker. Alice in Chains was in Vegas to introduce game where plugging bass and guitar into system and play along. Current single Stone will be included. Bill from the stones just said that some of the band's keepsakes might not be authentic. They forge grandmother's signatures. Footage of them signing in the dressing room. Charlie wouldn't sign anything. Pierre is interviewing Ron Wood. Blood drive is Saturday. Anthony Tornetta is on the phone. 11 open spots are left. There was room for 1700. Reminding listeners to honor appointment. Amazing support from outside sponsors. Summer months are slow.

Time 10:34-10:45

Daily Rush: Pierre and Steve. Debut of Pierre on it. Secret text word caller All calling each other pretty. Thanks to no guests. Steve says Thanks losers. Casey disappeared. He wants to do secret text word winner. Debbie knows secret text word is brassiere. Preston ran into Bill from the Stones at Y100. Pierre has stone tix to give away.


Lesson Question: What will the name of the sequel to the Purge be?


Lesson Answer. 2 purge 2 purious.


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