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Time 6:10 – 6:23

Welcome to Tuesday! Weather. Traffic. News Update Four buildings were evacuated when a wall collapsed onto different properties due to rain. There was also minor flooding due to heavy rains from last night. Apple is making its biggest update since the first iPod operating system with its recently announced iOS 7. Sports Phillies will play Minnesota Twins tonight, with Cole Hamels getting the start. NBA Finals continue tonight. Stanley Cup Finals begin tomorrow night. Today on the show, we'll have “Miss Pennsylvania” Jessica Billings and actor Jay Baruchel. We have GLOBS of tickets for our Hershey's Park broadcast.Hershey's Park broadcast giveaway!

Time 6:35 – 7:11

Weather. Traffic. The U.S. Golf Fight?SQ.Birthdays Dr. Oz, the man who's crazy about poop, 53; Shia LaBeouf, 27; ZZ Top's Frank Beard, 64; Joshua Jackson, 35; Adrienne Barbeau, 67; Gene Wilder, 80; Peter Dinklage, 44; Hugh Laurie, 53; Joe Montana, 57. SA.Entertainment News Sources say Paris Jackson is recovering well after her recent suicide attempt. Paris's godmother, Diana Ross, is concerned about her though. Janet Jackson has cut off her brothers because she feels they are mooching off of her. Jacky Bam Bam is Jackie Jackson?!Diana's message for Janet: Cheese-Wiz Armada! The Season 3 finale of “Game of Thrones” was the most watched finale on HBO since the series finale of “The Sopranos.” Jane Lynch is divorcing from her partner. Amanda Bynes has been offered a rap deal by Chinga Chang Records. Steve thinks Amanda has had a boob job. 49-year-old “Beverly Hills 90210” star Ian Ziering will be performing for Chippendale's in Las Vegas. Ian was also in “Shark-nado,” Flounder-lanche will be the sequel! Kylie Jenner was given a $125,000 Mercedes-Benz, even though she's not even 16 yet. Rumors are that 44-year-old Jennifer Aniston might be pregnant because of her appearance at the Spike Guys Choice Awards. “The Octomom” is under investigation for welfare fraud. Clips Amy Adams for “Man of Steel” & Seth Rogan for “This Is The End.” Coolest Teacher The coolest teacher at Neshaminy High School is Mr. Dave Calderbank! Preston picks Downingtown High School West for tomorrow's school! Only two more high school picks left to go. Man of Steel giveaway! Legends Football League Hottie Cam coming up too!

Time 7:23 – 7:51

Weather. Traffic. Shoe Fighting A woman in Houston is accused of stabbing a man to death with her stiletto high heels. She is being charged for murder. Caller Rachel said he saw a father hit his son with his own shoe because the kid was misbehaving. Caller who was a bouncer says he was hit with a stiletto high heel and needed 17 stitches. Could we market stiletto heels as a weapon too? Put hand grenades on them! Caller Joe says friend got beat up by a transsexual who put a stiletto up his butt. Caller Paige says self-defense teacher recommended carrying stilettos and keys because they can be dangerous. Mike Milbury beat up a fan with his shoe after a hockey game. Steve's mom used to wear Bazooka Panties.More Men Get Treatment Done Under the Belt More men are getting “ball-ironing” done, which are treatments to cosmetically fix their privates. Do we need a panini press in our nut-sack?! Steve likes his privates to have character, like Harry Knuckles. Balls should look like Dumbledore, not Harry Potter.Coolest Teacher Dave Calderbank He is a math teacher and also graduated from Neshaminy High School. Even he had teachers he hated at Neshaminy High School. Hershey's Park broadcast giveaway!

Stupid Question:

What company's preppy shirts were often mistaken for IZOD's alligator shirts?

Stupid Answer:



Time 8:03 – 8:20

Couple of giveaways and an announcement coming up! Traffic. The Wounded Warriors 5K Run will take place in Warminster, PA on June 15th. Legends Football League Hottie Cam is on!Bizarre File “The Most Canadian Fireworks Display of All Time” happened when a fireworks truck hit a moose on a highway in Wawa, Canada which caused all the truck's fireworks to explode. Someone keeps dumping more than two tons of used diapers illegally in western Washington. An unusual number of hot-air balloon crashes occurred around Denver yesterday. A man built a 9-foot gargoyle for his front yard, but neighbors are complaining because the statue features an anatomically correct penis. Damnit, this is America! The reason why Preston couldn't stop laughing during a live commercial last week will be revealed in today's Daily Rush. Our announcement: We will be giving away Rolling Stones tickets on Friday! A Rolling Stones obstacle course will happen on Friday between contestants. “Time Is Your Side” Rolling Stones Obstacle Course on Friday! Each obstacle will feature a Rolling Stones theme. Preston's rap name is “De-Busy” now.

Time 8:31 – 9:00

Legends Football League Hottie Cam is on! Traffic. “Man of Steel” movie giveaway!“Under Pressure” Vocals Steve loves the audio of the vocals of “Under Pressure” isolated from the song. We know how hard it is to do a good harmony from our time in the River Valley Vocal Band. The duo of Freddie Mercury and David Bowie is awesome. Steve would have defecated his pants trying to hit some of the high notes. Could the River Valley Vocal Band do a cover? Audio of Kathy's speech to the graduating class of West Chester University. Kathy Announces She Is A Foster Parent Kathy has become a foster parent to a 2-year-old boy. Kathy packed a full suitcase for all of his clothes for a recent shore trip. Kathy has enjoyed time with him and her husband since they've adopted him. Steve hasn't had alone time with his pretend daughter. Caller Chris said he had a better life after he was adopted. Caller Dave says he only calls his foster parents Mom and Dad because they were his true parents. Gary Laurer says Kathy should get a day off now. Hershey Park broadcast giveaway!

Time 9:13 – 9:38

Take a look at the Legends Football League Hottie Cam! Traffic. We will be giving away Rolling Stones tickets on Friday. Shartout to Chris who says his 93rd blood donation will be at our Blood Drive on Saturday! Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joe Krispy Kreme has announced they want to do a sloppy joe sandwich between two donuts. All the major food groups are represented: sloppy joe and donuts. What's a manwhich? Steve used to hate sloppy joe and meatloaf, but now he likes meatloaf. Nick's son calls it “meatlove”; which is also the name of a R&B DJ, maybe it's De-Busy's alter ego.Open House for Linden Hill Mansion There's a mansion in Linden Hill having an open house because it's on the market for $24.5 million. The mansion was once owned by the Campbell Soup family. Caller says he used to maintain the mansion's two heated pools, one was for the family's dogs. Caller Patrick cleaned up the house, says the previous owner was so rich she had never been to a grocery store. Let's low-ball the asking price, we'll bid $200,000. There's a farm that's on the market for $50 million in New Hope. “Miss PA” Jessica Billings She is in Las Vegas for 17 days before the Miss USA pageant airs on Sunday at 9PM on NBC. We can help her make it in the contest by going to to vote for her! Hershey Park broadcast giveaway!

Time 9:45 – 9:54

We're heading right back into it, so shut yo' mouth! Traffic. You have to watch our Daily Rush for today and see why Preston messed up a live read last week. Bizarre File Ten women were able to escape unharmed after the limousine they were riding in caught on fire. A 24-year-old woman has worn nothing but corsets in order to bind her waist as small as possible. She'll have her picture in a book that no one reads anymore. A $3 million gold-covered RV is now on sale. A woman in Maine used a bull to prevent anyone from stealing her wood-chopper. A 16-year-old girl who got trapped inside of a toy car finally can walk again after six months of intense physical therapy. 

Time 10:01 – 10:26

We've got Jay Baruchel ready to go! Jay Baruchel Do all Canadians at some point have to appear in a Rush video? “This Is The End” looks like a fun movie to make. He worked with writer Evan Goldberg on “Goon” previously. He was surprised at how cohesive a movie “This Is The End” came out. Compared to other Hollywood movies, this was a small film to make, even though the budget was three times bigger than “Goon.” They actually shot “This Is The End” in New Orleans even though the story takes place in Hollywood. They filmed at Tyler Perry's house. Preston loves “How to Train Your Dragon,” there will be a sequel to be released next year. LQ.Hollywood Trash 2 Chains; Taylor Swift; Kim Kardashian. LA.Music NewsSteve is excited about Panera Bread! Device frontman David Draiman has made a PSA against cyber-bullying. “Cyber-bullying... that don't impress me much.” Marilyn Manson simulated cutting his wrist in an odd tribute to Paris Jackson. Made In America has announced its lineup: Beyonce, Nine Inch Nails, Deadmau5, Public Enemy, Queens of the Stone Age, and Macklemore. We'll be giving away Rolling Stones tickets on Friday. Metallica's second-annual Orion Festival took place smoothly, with Metallica saying they want to do it again in Detroit. Black Sabbath will release a new CD today called 13. Hershey Park Broadcast giveaway!

Time 10:37 – 10:43

Weather. The Preston & Steve Blood Drive is this Saturday, going to be awesome. Pierre is admiring the Legends Football League Hottie Cam. Wrap-Up Thanks to our guests, “Miss Pennsylvania” Jessica Billings and Jay Baruchel. Pierre is doing good. LOTD. Special thanks to our sponsors! Pierre's got an action-packed block of music coming up during the midday today. Matt Cord will be giving away Rolling Stones tickets tonight. We'll be doing a “Time Is On Your Side” obstacle course on Friday! Man of Steel giveaway! Tomorrow, we'll be on FOX Good Day and we'll do more giveaways! We are done, rage on, we'll see you tomorrow!


Lesson Question:

What is Preston's new rapper name?

Lesson Answer:

Dee Bizzy (De-Busy)


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