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Here's what happened on the show this morning:

>Time 6:11-6:21
>Weather. Traffic. News. Special service honored Ann Bryan who died in
>Center City building collapse. Daughter of Philadelphia City Treasurer.
>Nelson Mandela received family visits in hospital as he has a lung
>infection. Won't give up the jet-skying, but its his passion. Condition
>is serious but stable.  Worshipers at a Sunday church service in
>Johannesburg prayed for him. US Open starting in Ardmore. Practice rounds
>officially start today. Residents are getting top dollar for visitors to
>use their property. Huge influx of business for area. Sports. Brewers
>beat Phillies 9-1. Erik Kratz placed on DL. NBA finals, Mario Chalmers
>had 19 points as the Heat beat the Spurs and evened the series against
>the spurs. Nadal wins the French Open. Jimmie Johnson wins at Pocono
>Raceway for third win of season. Word of the week: simons malls gift
>card. Neil Hartman in today to talk US Open. Mick Foley coming in to
>promote kickstarter movie I Am Santa Clause. Screening of Man of Steel.
>Big Announcement coming up.

>                         Time 6:32-7:07
>Cheap Trick. Blood Drive on Saturday. Traffic. Stupid Question. Mental
>Floss website. Do you play yahtzee alone? No that's masturbation.
>Birthdays. Smashing Pump drummer 49. Leelee Sobieski is 29. Elizabeth
>Hurley is 48. Gene tribolnd, in the firm, is 50. Gina gershawn is 51, she
>has a hot mouth, can do a lot with it.  John Edwards is 60. Kate Flannery
>is 49 years old. Stupid Answer.  Entertainment News. Erin Brokovich was
>arrested in las vegas friday for driving boat under the influence.
>Linsday Lohan payed off debt to former lawyer. Scarlett Johansen mad
>about name used in french novel. Judge orders investigation of Paris
>Jackson. Kathryn looking after her. Kathryn reviews movies and can't stop
>eating cardboard. John Malkovitch saved man's life downtown Toronto. Man
>slashed his throat, John saved him. Amy Poehler hit town with her new man
>Nick Kroll. 1st relationship since Will Arnett. Amanda Bynes tweeted
>doesn't want Drake to murder her vagina anymore. Britains Got Talent
>woman tried egging Simon Cowell during performance. Chewbacca actor had
>lightsaber cane seized at airport. Ellen Norwood pissed about ex-husband
>Tiger's Woods and Lindsay Vaughn. Clips from The Fosters, Man of Steel.
>Coolest Teacher: Adam Kramer at Audobon. Next school: Neshaminy HS.

>                         Time 7:19-7:48
>Awful Looking Day. Traffic. Casey's story: girl came in to chain and
>grabbed handful of splenda, walked out, came back in and tried to get
>more and got yelled at. Addicted to Splenda. People are abusing splenda
>for a high. We used to shoot binoka up our nose. Didn't get you high,
>just hurt. Guy at Steve's old work would crack in to smelling salts in
>1st aid kit. Preston tried to get it for black belt, couldn't find it.
>Some dude on Philly Soul used it. Casey can't find actual story. This
>just in: nothing on Splenda. Caller John: in 10th grade would snort pixie
>sticks, noses bleed, get out of school. Gerry Romano on the line: Kathy's
>cousin suffering headaches/mental confusion, stopped using artificial
>sweetener and it went away. Rubing Alcohol and Splenda. Caller's friend
>got high on nutmeg. Terrible Symptoms. Kid on Frat dare drank soy sauce
>bottle, got in coma. Casey drank bottle of vinegar. Dr Mike don't use
>artificial sweetner, don't mess with mother nature. Green drinks are
>good. You want functional food, not concocted. Wasabi snorting. Coolest
>Teacher Calls In 2nd year, bribed students w/ munchkins. Just got
>married, going on honeymoon.
>Stupid Question: how did the game Yahtzee get its name?
>Stupid Answer: People who invented it made it on their yacht.
>                         Time 8:00­8:14
>Weather. Traffic. Announcement after B-File. Bizarre File. Villagers in
>Bolivia buried a man alive in the grave that he supposedly raped and
>murdered. Guy was high on splenda. Residents blocked roads from police.
>Person stoned to death in another Bolivian village where police are
>scarce. Woman rushed to hospital after cutting own hand off during
>machete fight. Police say man had GF on leashCan't do it that way, you
>have to have treats. A dog has been hailed a hero after saving newborn
>girl in Thailand who had been thrown in a trash dump. Dog awarded leather
>collar and medal. ANNOUNCEMENT: Hershey Park Broadcast! Live broadcast at
>the park Friday June 21st.

>Time 8:25­8:54
>Herhsey Park Giveaway. Traffic. Lots of activity in area for US Open,
>starts officially thursday. Covering it is CSN's Neil Hartman ­ In Studio
>Tiger said it was formidable course. There are 5-6 holes they'll play
>well, 5-6 that will eat them alive. If the greens are soft, they'll play
>better. There's a lot of blind shots. Played Merion about 20 times. It
>has gotten more difficult. Reduced fairways by 8 acres. Ben Hogan Hole:
>#18, Bobby Jones hole: #11.  $100-150 million in fusion. Neil thinks its
>biggest sporting event in the history of the city. Believes its a billion
>dollar event. The goal is to have it come back to Merion. Question is not
>about course, but about infrastructure. Have to go through private
>driveway to get to 11th hole.  Rain makes it easier to keep ball down.
>Golf has elevated so much in the past few years as a spectator sport.
>$275,000 for a high end tent. Hershey/Neil Hartman friend texted for
>tickets. Tiger is the favorite. Sixers gold outing a few years ago, one
>guy drove a cart in to the bunker. Golf is a great game, meet people you
>wouldn't meet elsewhere. Met his attorney at an outing. Takes time to
>learn/play/learn etiquette of the game. 5th time at Merion. Very few
>other courses have history of all the games' greats having played there.
>97-year-old woman plays Merion 3 days a week. She plays 18 holes. Caller
>Bob ­ lives a mile from the course, doesn't see benefit. Can't get to
>work. Neil: USGA has given money to SEPTA station. Event brings people to

>                         Time 9:06-9:34
>Hershey Park Broadcast. Traffic. Mick Foley ­ In Studio Santa music more
>refreshing then wreck music. Kickstarter: Was not entirely committed till
>I visited one of the Santas. House decorated for Christmas, so good and
>believable. He channels St. Nick. Some wrestlers consider themselves
>illusionists, but I need to get hit. So I bleached my hair and
>everything. When I first met kids, I was Santa. At my house as Santa on
>Christmas eve, better then last year. Kid saw ³the real santa² putting
>presents under the tree. Waking up brother to say Santa's there, best
>moment. Kickstarter got all the equipment/teaser footage. What makes
>these Santas good is that they truly believe they are. One guy's name is
>actually Santa Clause. Most popular person for one month, look strange
>the rest of the year. Had evil Santa Clause wrestler. Did Santa for
>tribute to the troops. Did Christmas eve special, got hit by Ricardo.
>Kickstarter will help with animation/color correction. All filmed except
>for Santa meeting. Doing comedy, did Fringe festival and other festivals.
>Tells comedy from wrestling stories, what people want to hear from him.
>Preston took kids to RAW, loved it. Had to learn to watch WWE with kids.
>Appreciate what they did when he left it. big part of wrestling is
>connecting with fans. Helium comedy club, July 10th.
>                Time 9:44-9:56
>WOW Simon mall giveaway. Traffic. Not your average listener, PJ's Beef
>Steak. PJ's beef steak song. Live Broadcast at Hershey's Park. First at a
>theme park. Bizarre File A teenager consumed so much soy sauce he had a
>seizure, went in to a coma. First known person to intentionally overdose
>on salt and survive without brain damage. Backyard chickens has created
>niche market for chicken accessories, things like diapers. Chicken saddle
>protects them during mating. A woman opened up to a man online a year
>after her divorce, only to find out the person was her ex-husband. One
>man is in jail and his friend his nursing injuries after a golfer
>attacked another. There was an argument over the number of strokes taken,
>so the man hit him with his club, it broke, and he stabbed him with the
>broken shaft. Not a particularly good round.

>        Time 10:08-10:22
>Plenty of room for more at the Blood Drive. Nick can't donate because he
>went to Africa. Check to see if you're allowed to give blood. Lesson
>Question. Hollywood Trash Taylor swift coming out with fragrance, called
>vindictive. Kim Kardashian put together collage of her and Kanye. Bynes
>no longer likes drake, wouldn't even let him aggressively assault her
>labia. Lesson Answer. Music News. Mettalic surprised fans at Orion by
>playing 1983 disc Kill Em All. Hit the stage a day early. King's of
>Leon's 6th album will come out in Septemer. 1st new project since
>turbulent period 2 years ago when lead singer left stage, had to cancel
>tour. Left one show cause of bird poop, chicken wearing lingerie is going
>to live with you a little bit. Saddle Chicken is a good band name.
>Scrapped from Governor's ball because of weather, rescheduled. Guitarist
>Adrian Blue left Nine Inch Nails one day after release of new song. Said
>tenure with band wasn't working. No one at fault. Sample questions from
>CATs. Slip Knot percussionist plans to make documentary on eating
>disorder. Free Music Monday ­ Black Sabbath.

>                Time 10:32-10:42
>Grey, drab looking day today. Gold outing today for Jamie., party bumped
>down a couple hours. Preston going to the Coaches vs. Cancer golf outing.
>Tony Luke sent a selfie for selfie monday. Intern Christine's last day.
>Christine- Bittersweet leaving. When did your fiancee ³ass² you? Nice
>Ring. Thank you for letting me come here. Nick's been going to the wrong
>store at the Phillies trying to see her. Say ³whatr.² Wrap Up. Thanks to
>Neil Hartman and Mick Foley. Daily Letter ­ B ­ Simons Mall Gift Card.
>Pierre has nothing going on today. Weird Al concert last night. It was
>wild. Actor Jay Baruchel and Ms. Pennsylvania tomorrow. Live Broadcast at
>Hershey Park.
>LQ: What des Katherine Jackson's poop look like after eating paper?
>LA: Origami

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