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Date: 05-24-2013
                      Time 6:09-6:23
Live from Keenan's for the reopening of the Jersey Shore. Weather. Traffic. News Three people injured in factory in Chester from bucket of molten steel. Bridge north of Seattle collapses. Nobody was killed. Have you ever been scared of bridges? Casey rode a bike over the Golden Gate Bridge. Bridges are supposed to keep cars out of the water. Missing college student from Rhode Island University found in North Carolina. Kathy is our Jim Gardner because of the mustache, the one below the belt. Police found that his cell phone reached a tower in Allentown and he filled up at a gas station. No explanation. Sports News Phillies were off last night but open series in Washington tonight. Chase Utley on DL from strained oblique. Three games in NHL playoffs last night. Rangers hold off elimination, Red Wings but Chicago on brink of elimination, Kings win. Casey's board is messed up. Official reopening of the Jersey Shore. Place was bad off after Sandy. We are going to do some very stupid things this morning. Bernie Parent will stop by. Tom Hanks?
                         Time 6:34-7:05
Doors have opened at Keenan's. Traffic. Freedom Balling Friday. Stupid Question. Birthdays Bob Dylan is 72. Hit or miss in concert. Don't know what he's singing in person anymore. John C. Reilly is 47. Did a good Dylan in Walk Hard. Tommy Chung is 75. Alfred Molina is 60. In every movie he has 8 arms. Kristin Scott Thomas is 52. Stupid Answer. Timmy – Not Remembrance Day. Jason- Winner. Entertainment News Amanda Bynes was arrested in her NYC Apt. for marijuana possession. Don't you know who I am? Threw bong out her window. Down on his luck pot head was walking down the street, Thank you God! Morgan Freeman fell asleep during interview on new movie. Angelina Jolie taking preventative measures against cancer. Brad Pitt surprised fans showing up to a late night screening of World War Z in Hoboken Joe Jackson has spoken out against molestation claims, saying Wade is being paid to make claims. People have told Kim Kardashian not to wear tight things during pregnancy. Brooke Mueller might never be allowed custody of kids.. 72 times in rehab isn't enough to keep her away from the kids? Jerry Lewis listed Burt Reynolds as a favorite comedians, doesn't like women doing comedy. Public Library in Dartford, England is owed fines from Keith Richards, may owe 3000 pounds. Clips. Ed Helms, Stu is cooler in new hangover. Coolest Teacher – North Penn High School. Mr Matthew Plink. Music Teacher. Next School – Conestoga High School. Irish Song. The Bar is Open!
                        Time 7:18-7:36
Live at Keenan's. Traffic. Damage from Hurricane Sandy. Scott Keenan. Can't say how it looked on air, smelled the way it looked. 3 feet of water. We were looking to expand, used old bathrooms from 20 years ago. Bull Riding this weekend. Add bras to the rafters. Crowd Surfing Michelle from Philly. Petite Girls. Megan from Marleton. First time for both. Wrapped in bubble wrap with helmet/shoulder pads. Bubble wrap form of birth control. Fastest time around the bar gets $100. Spread Eagle, Michelle clocks in at 55.5 seconds. Gets felt up that much on memorial day anyway. Megan, with the Christ pose, clocks in at 50 seconds flat. few guys sniffing fingers. Megan wins! Bernie Parent is here. 
                     Time 7:48-8:14
Overcast has not affected turnout. Coors Light. Traffic. Philadelphia Police Pipe and Drums paying tribute to someone who passed away on duty. Firefighter Mike Rouch Lost great man captain Goodwyn family, accepting donations. Amazing Grace. Bizarre Files Drunken Florida woman stabbed her boyfriend after he farted in her face. 19 year old model from Alabama arrested after she throwing herseld in a ditch and saying she was raped because she was trying to get back with her ex-boyfriend. A bar in NJ has been busted for serving rubbing alcohol as scotch with caramel coloring. Operation Swish. Woman in NC called police to report her son had stolen pop tarts from her. Florida woman arrested after using garden gnome to assault man. Australian politician learned on social media after liking photo of teen boy exposing himself. Sneaky Nuts, the great backwoods comedian. Traffic Warden tried giving parking ticket to widow at funeral, claims the husband assaulted him.  Kathy will pay someone $100 to light a fart. Bobby needs 15 minutes.  Bernie Parent Lost 20 pounds, makes your Johnson look bigger. Lives on his boat.  The French Connection. Lets go Flyers chant. Going to bring cup back to Philly. Parent Trap – Frank, John, Raymond, and Michael. Raymond winner. Bernie was in eye of storm, missed devastation. Go fishing for co-eds. Isn't She pretty – Kathy.  
                      Time 8:26-8:52
Traffic. Happy Birthday to Eileen who is 70 and here at Keenan's. Sunshine! Jeff Gordon and Jim Sucklin from Live Nation Thanks for MMRBQ turnout. Lots of summer events. Motley Crue w/ Bam Bam. Light a Fart Jeff. Preston lights one. Little one but it came through, Preston felt it. Like warm breath of a puppy.  Back to live nation. Kid Rock, Sting. Guess What's In Your Pants 2 girls bailed already. 3 guys, 2 girls. Rocky theme by Philly Police Pipe & Drums. Glen from Delco. Maple Syrup. Correct-phillies tickets! Not manscaped, claims he trims the hedges. Kelly from Mt. Laurel. Frozen Yogurt. Ice Cream-Give her prize anyway- Dave Matthews tickets. Matt from Jersey. Lumberjack in a diaper. Nacho Cheese. Cheeze Whiz-close enough-jimmy buffet tickets. Ashlyn from Willow Grove. Crushed Ice. Correct – Phillies tickets. Drew. Worms. Goldfish-no-one more chance-correct. Worms going to farm to run with other worms. Dave Matthews tickets. 
                  Time 9:04-9:25
Memorial Day Weekend, start of the insanity. Traffic. Jackie Bam Bam down the shore jam. Mic in your pants? Place is insane! Drunk sing along crowd sings song to contestant. Ryan from Chester Springs. Got a coors light in hand. Crowd sucks. Wild Thing – correct. Jimmy Buffet Tickets. Joe from Lancaster. Sweet Home Alabama – didn't get it. Kara from NE Philly. What I Got – NOT where I'm at – wrong. Jack from South Philly. I Will Survive – needed to sing it a second time. Booing from crowd. Gets it after plenty of hints. Wins WMMR bag. George from Philly. Throws undies on light, Preston gets them down. I Like Big Butts – correct. Phillies tickets. Casey from Mt. Laurel. It's the end of the world as we know it – correct. WMMR Bag. Uncle Brendan from Delco. Born to Be Wild – correct. 
                     Time 9:36-10:00
Sound of Summer here from Keenan's. Packed house. Been walking on the bar handing out concert tickets and Coors lights. Official Toast. Picture of everyone holding up their Coors Lights in the air. Restore the shore. Sharpie Makeup Sheamus and Dan. Getting their makeup done by Kathy and Marisa. Kathy will make the sluttier man.  She Twerks Hard For The Money Kristin from Philly. Her friend Jess is an intern. Has twerked at Penn State. Tootsie Roll. Kaitlin. Shorter than Marisa. Twerks every day. For a little body she moves quite well. Grinding on Preston. I think she rubbed one out on me. Brittany from Aston. Knows intern Ryan. Like the spin cycle on a washing machine. Kim from NE Philly. Takes her top of, still got the bikini on. May have gotten bikini a size too small. Twerked injured. Holly. She's got a butt that jiggles. Winner is Holly. Sheamus and Dan are back. Paper earrings and Cleopatra look for Sheamus. Dan had foundation and hair. Marisa and Sheamus win. 
                    Time 10:11-10:18
One black listener here today. Party continues all weekend long. Are we going to light a queef? Every guy take your shirt off and swing it around in the air. Thanks to Philadelphia Fire Dept, Bernie Parent, always ladies night on his boat. Coors Light. Remember what memorial day is about, keep those who served our country in mind. Thanks to all the contestants, especially the makeup contestants. LOTD. T – as in Totally Awesome. Have a great weekend, see you on Tuesday. 

Stupid Question: Before it was memorial day what was the holiday called?

Stupid Answer: Decoration Day


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