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Track  1                          Time 6:09-6:25
Weather. Traffic. News Philadelphia police used deadly force on 2 men that had handguns. PM David Cameron had emergency meeting yesterday after 2 Islamic men hacked a man to death in the street. There hasn't been confirmed terror attack in England since the suicide bombing in 2005. NJ attorney general “operation swill” have been investigating restaurants that take cheap booze and pour it into expensive bottles so they pay top price for cheap liquor. By top shelf it means I store the piss on the top shelf. Sports Phillies beat Marlins 3-0. Lee's 12th career shutout. Jake Voracek crashed his Ferrari in Czech Republic. Heat beat Pacers 103-102. Penguins won 7-3 over Senators. USA Today “The Jersey Shore Reopens.” Preston got an email from a guy who looks like Bernie Parent. Coolest teacher coming up.
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Traffic. Stupid Q Birthdays Kelly Monaco, 37. Drew Carrey, 55. Joan Collins, 80. I wonder if 80 is the crossover and 81 is unbangable. Jewel, 39. Tom Twyker, 30. Cheesy Caller. Stupid A  Entertainment News Reviewers from Ryan Gosling's new movie booed through the movie. Man named David who was Lindsey's drug dealer said Lindsey spent a ton of money on Molly. Choosey junkies choose Molly. Rumors about friends reunion shut down. Chuck Berry featuring Yoko Ono. Steve would've got up and close fist punched her in the face. Lifetime announced the Ana Nicole Smith bio pick will debut in June. Sergio Garcia apologized to Tiger Woods for saying he'd serve fried chicken if they had dinner together. We can go out for lunch but I'm gonna make sure my hubcaps are still there when we get back. The rock world has been firing at the Kardashian's for being insensitive to things going on in the world. Kendall also got in trouble for saying she wish it was easier. Alice Eves underwear scene in Star Trek is being questioned as to why it was in the film. VP of AEG Live says MJ's doctor never got paid bc contract wasn't signed. Video surfaced saying Arnold and Maria may have called off their divorce. I'm going to make you feel so good. You're the most beautiful woman skellatore. Clips Hangover. Justin Bartha talks about how the movies have become part of the Vegas strip. Paul Walker talks about live fight scenes. Coolest teacher Cherry Hill East winner: Mr. Greg Gagliardi of the English Department. Next school: North Penn High School. Coffee cups are in and they're perfect for top shelf liqour. 
Track  3                          Time 7:24-7:52
Jersey Shore opens up tomorrow. Traffic. Coolest Teacher Mr.Gagliardi has nearly 25,000 twitter followers. English & journalism teacher. Learned more from bad teachers than good ones. He's letting everyone who voted for him drink from the mug. Preston's daughter went to a party at sweet & sassy. Ear piercings His daughter got her ears pierced at the party. Some little girls wait until puberty, some parents have their babies ears pierced right after birth. Casey used to pierce his own ears. Marisa's pediatrician pierced her ears. The holes won't close up. Marisa couldn't hide her tongue piercing after coming home from spring break. Casey had 5 earrings at Y100. Nose piercings are cute, not cheek piercings. Caller Ashley, her grandmother took her to get her ears pierced w/o her mom knowing. Why do guys get their junk pierced? Pierre hangs keys off his nipple piercing and Bill has a coat hanger from his sphincter. Caller Justin, used magnetic earring to trick his dad. Dennis had his ear pierced and his dad saw and punched him in the ear. After Earth screening. 

SQ: What does gif stand for? 
SA: Graphics Interchanged Format

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Keenan's live broadcast tomorrow. Traffic. Will Smith rapping Summertime on David Letterman. Bizarre File Right wing writer and activist shot himself dead at the altar of Notre Dame in Paris. Former teacher of the year in Florida was suspended without pay after a student complained that the teacher touched her inappropriately with a banana. 22 year old man who told a suspect to flee after a hit and run is spending 6 years in jail for his advice. Woman from Utah learned that her daughter was criticizing a girl for her outfits, so she went to a thrift shop and bought her a lot of clothes that she knew she'd be embarrassed to wear. Maryland state troopers noticed a man playing a drum kit on the side of an interstate after running out of gas. After Earth giveaways. We have hundreds of pairs of DMB tickets to giveaway at the blood drive. 
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Keenan's broadcast tomorrow. Coors Light. Traffic. Rockabye baby Pancake used lullabies to fall asleep. Pancake it's easier to sleep now that he has a child because he's exhausted. His girlfriend packs his lunch for her. His girlfriend has 2 kids. He's out of go-gurt. Do you think Clint Eastwood eats 1 snack packs? Nobody got Stir It Up by Bob Marley. Nobody got Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi. Caller Ashley got Tom Sawyer on her birthday NHRA. Caller Burt got Hey Jude After Earth. Caller Zack got Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd After Earth. Caller Christa got Can't Always Get What You Want by the Rolling Stones NHRA. Caller Debbie got Don't Stand So Close To Me by The Police NHRA. Caller Dan got Under Pressure Cloud Atlas. Caller Steve got Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns N' Roses National;. Pancake is such a little prince. 
Track  3                          Time 9:08-9:32
Weather, cold weekend. Long song weekend. Traffic. Purple Orchid shooting Preston wants everyone to meet up for drinks at the Purple Orchid. The funny part of the shooting was that the guy fell. That's what'll get it on America's Funniest Home Videos. I'm so angry I just slipped. Caller Tom, the Purple Orchid was previously “The Hairy Doughnut.” Caller Joe, said Purple Orchid is a dump. If you're gonna bring a car, bring an armored car. Caller Brian, knows the guy who got shot. Caller says you should also have a guard with you. The girls are skanks but with a couple of bucks you can have a good day. Le Bec Fin then the Purple Orchid in the Sweet and Sassy limo. Caller Brian said the Purple Orchid was always a strip club, used to be called “Private Eyes.” Shart Outs gang at Temple law and someone over at Rutgers. Caller Mike, said the place was actually a doughnut shop. Caller Joe, went to another club called Purple Orchid and it was invaded by SWAT because the strippers were dealing cocaine. Caller said it was definitely a doughnut shop. He worked at the auto mall. Texter said it was always a strip club. Caller says he dated a girl who went for an interview and a rat ran across his foot. Caller Joe, said people are confusing two Purple Orchids. Caller Steve, says it was a doughnut shop, but now they sell fur burgers. Maybe the shooter was having a fight over whether the club was a doughnut shop or not. Caller Frank, said he used to be a hairy doughnut. Caller Alberto, calling for free doughnuts, both places were doughnut shops. Kathy's friend went to the Purple Orchid and got pink eye. Steve is being mean about someones coat. Caller Daryl, was the DJ at the club. Preston doing his strip club DJ voice. Keenan's tomorrow morning for the live broadcast.

Track  1                          Time 9:44-9:53
Traffic. Random text After Earth Bizarre File British man who broke his arm in 2007 has spent the last 6 years healing in a hospital. Kentucky couple said someone who was stealing alcohol from their backyard fridge and they found an apology and 140$ paying for the alcohol. Commuting to work will never be the same for the plumber who built the worlds fastest fully functional toilet which is gas powered and can go at 50 mph. He said the toilet seat is quite slippery and difficult to drive. New architect uses old newspapers, dollar bills and old comics to insulate walls for people to find in the future. 
Track  2                          Time 10:04-10:14
Long song weekend and live at Keenan's tomorrow. Lesson Q  Hollywood Trash Jose Conseco charged with rape. I'm bored tweet doesn't seem so obnoxious anymore. Sergio Garcia said he didn't mean it in a racist way but a funny way that all golfers love fried chicken. Farrah Abraham says her new show is designed to empower young woman and will be called butt slut Lesson A  Music News Matt Waltz returned to My Darkest Days to work on their new album. Queens of the Stone Age will appear on The Late Show with David Letterman on June 6th. Filter released first 2 clips of the Sun Comes Out Tonight. Christopher Lee, 91, releasing his second heavy metal album. They received an award at The Golden God Awards in London in 2010. Bachelor Luke is getting married on Saturday and is on his second bachelor party, they're doing their second round in AC, already did one in Vegas.
Track  3                          Time 10:26-10:34
DMB concert. Preston would really have to rehearse before jamming with Carter Beuford. Pierre said he would hang his keys from his nipple ring if he didn't have to take his nipple ring out due to the time he hurt his foot saving the mayor from the terrorist attack. LOTD Pierre may have to give away the letter of the day tomorrow because the bars get so busy and become complete madness. Pierre has to get a new nipple ring now. Workforce blocks of Aerosmith, Pearl Jam and more. Coolest teacher for North Penn High School is tomorrow. 

LQ: What is the slogan for Molly?
LA: Choosey junkies choose Molly


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