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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
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Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:04-6:19
Weather. Traffic. News Tornado ½ mile wide flattens neighborhoods in Oklahoma. 51 people killed with the death toll expected to rise. The F-4 tornado leveled the area that it hit. The tornado lasted 45 minutes. PA state police say they spotted the car of missing college student who was last seen in Lehigh Valley 40 minutes away from his parents home. Century old community staple was put up for auction in Cherry Hill on Monday. Site of the new Preston and Steve everyone's welcome country club. Sports Phillies lost to Marlins 5-1. Carlos Ruiz being put on DL. Redwings beat Blackhawks in NHL playoffs. Liscio's bakery. Hangover 3 screening giveaway. 

Time 6:30-7:03
Traffic. Stupid Q. Birthdays Gotye, 34. Judge Reinhold, 56. Mister T, 61. Nick Casavetes, 55. Fairuza Balk, slutty sexy slut whore, 40. Stupid A. Entertainment News Ray  Manzarek, co-founder of The Doors and keyboardist, passed away yesterday fighting a long battle with cancer in Germany. The Doors sold over 100 million albums. X-Factor new judges are Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio. Is that George C. Scott? Farrah Abraham bikini on eBay and has been taken down because it hasn't been worn since she wore it. Bidding reached 14,700$ before it was taken down. Paris Hilton & her boyfriend River, River Valley Vocal Band, were at Cans and he pushed someone away from her. Afternoon Delight. Nick doesn't want to be a part of RVVB. Marisa does a tap dance like Shirley Temple. Marisa is gonna be the one skanking on the side of the stage. She's the little skank. Many actors have a hard time coping with age but Winona Ryder embraces it. University of Virginia got called out by Steven Colbert Saturday for being part of a selfish generation. Everyone broadcasts everything today. Don't mess with pigs. Misha Barton had someone arrested at her house. Debra Messing had a medical emergency Saturday after being served chicken which she's allergic to. Clips Ludacris talks about the flip car in Fast 6. Tokyo drift sucked. They should've had Billy Bob Thorton. No taters in Tokyo. Aziz Anzari talks about his role in Epic. Preston spilled coffee on his shirt. Coolest teacher St. Joe's Prep coolest teacher is Ms. Suzie Cook. Surrounded by oodles of testosterone. Steve is bi-curious. Next school: Archishop Wood Catholic High School. 

Time 7:14-7:53
Traffic. Raceway Park giveaway. Coolest teacher Suzie Cook Students at St. Joe's Prep voted her coolest teacher for this school year. 33 years old but looks younger. Vocab test. Sheena Parveen live from Oklahoma tornado damage EF-4 tornado, in Moore Oklahoma now. Debris everywhere and there are many search and rescue helicopters flying over the path of the tornado. This was a devastating tornado. Elementary school that was flattened. She found a picture of a little boy under debris. The victims have camps to go to with food, water and shelter. There was warning but not much. There are more storms going towards Moore, chance for tornado's is more south. Death toll is up to 91. 41,000 people in the area. Tornado's sometimes jump. With the sun coming up, she can see more debris. Steve saw a tornado in TX. We're relatively safe. Caller Chris, lived right by Limerick and saw the sky turn green & thought the plant was melting down. Caller Amy, has a friend who lived in a trailer. Tornado v. Hurricane. Caller Lou, grandparents house flattened in Moore, OK. His grandparents were buried under debris in their home. His grandmother lost her index finger. What do people do after this happens?

SQ: What was George C. Scott's middle name?
SA: Campbell

Time 8:05–8:19
Liscios.Traffic. Liscios $50 gift card. Keenan's Live Broadcast Contests She twerks hard for the money contest. Twerkers come out friday. Bernie Parent look alike contest. If you look like bernie parent and can twerk. Bizarre File Talyor Powers, college student, had to be rescued from Colorado mountain after doing mushrooms and hiking naked. Struggled with police. Spain man arrested after breaking in to fortune tellers home to get back money from love spell. Paid to bring back ex, failed. Man in Florida videotaped jumping in to water on to 2 manatees last year has been identified. Man who set up camera in kitchen to videotape paranormal activity caught his wife having sex with his 16-year-old son. Its his stepson so its fine. Sorry I had sex with your son we can get past this. 5 hangover passes. 

Time 8:30–8:50
Weather. Keenan's Live Broadcast. Traffic. Tweet from Lichelle: Wants in on the twerk contest. Chair dancer chicken lover. Arnold Palmer of twerking. Need vocal coach for RVVB. Guest Justin Gaurini vocal coach from American Idol. His brother is a huge fan of the show. Could be a coach for the twerking contest. Need to learn Afternoon Delight. Karaoke is not for amazing performances but for fun, so this will be fun. All you guys need is to sing together and balance, you all already work well together. Steve has the voice of an angel. Training will be brutal. Should Tape Rehearsal process. Could open for Jay Z at Made in America. Justin is going back to Broadway for a play not a musical. He did deal with Kelly in Justin to Kelly. Kyle's P&S Tribute Song He was happy to hear the song played on air. Loving from his air force base in Hawaii. Video on P&S website. Thank you email from listener Christina for job interview tips, got the job. California girl, 18 years old, attending harvard, caught eye of Google for creating cell phone charger that can recharge battery in 20 seconds. Shaking cell phones to charger like a flashlight. Pleasuring your phone. 26 year old creator of tumbler sold it to yahoo for $1.1 billion. Casey thought of vine before vine came out. Liscios's gift card. 

Time 9:02-9:20
 Traffic. Your arms are so hairy, you are my wife – maz. Guest Maz Jabroni Are your arms still hairy? Good. Host of the show changes. Live this Thursday. Very close to actual comedy club experience at Gotham. Likes to talk to his audience a lot. I spend my life at comedy clubs, people who have only seen you on you tube are surprised y live shows. Worst is when comedian comes up and doesn't address audience/situation. Two drink minimum at home? Working on a movie, trying to get it made. There are redneck Iranians. Guest JK Simmons Promoting 3 geezers movie. What's the controversy? Commercial shows old people acting like 20 year olds. We assumed there would be people who are overly sensitive. Tribute to Fast times at RH in movie. Its a wacky mockumentary. Movie comes out in theaters AND vod. Resident actors were from casting calls. Thought about getting big names, but decided to go more unknown. Betty White was the only old person not in the movie. I've made lots of good indie films that not many people have seen, theres already buzz online with the trailer. Commercial world has big production value, opposite of 3 geezers. Lady Killers – I was never sure why it didn't get the attention. 5 hangover passes. 

Time 9:32-9:49
Keenan's Live Broadcast. Bernie Parent contsest – Parent Trap. Traffic. Steve's Vertex Pump event. Happy birthday to poor Mallory – had a twitter fight with her boyfriend. Ongoing problem from previous tweet. The heart's gonna do what the heart's gonna do. Assless jean shorts. Bizarre Files Passengers Sandy and Trey had booked airplane to Senegal in Africa for vacation, but instead got sent to Bangladesh because of an error made by the airline. Woke up and realized that they were over the middle east and most of the passengers were Asian. 19 year old high school student arrested after biting her bf's unit after he refused to have sex with her. Is that going to work? Yeah now that you bit my genitals. Couple has an infant together. 2 puppies in india fell in to a well by accident. King Cobra snake protected puppies. Doctor reprimanded by state medical board after suggesting a patient perform oral to help her with procedure in front of her husband. Tattoo Tuesday Ingrid. Three birds on a branch – Will Morales p.s. I will always love you. Boyfriend who passed away last year. She's an emotional support teacher. 

Time 10:01-10:17
Weather. Live at Keenan's. If there's a dude who can twerk with a flabby ass go for it. Same for a girl who looks like Bernie Parent. LQ Hollywood Trash Chad Ochocinco arrested for not enrolling in a court ordered domestic violence class. Looking for school with football team. Comedian sinbad in debt for $11mill filing for bankrunpcy. easy come easy sat in my car in the garage with the engine running. LA-Charlie  Music News Loss of Rock and Roll legend Ray Mazerenk. Long battle with bile duct cancer. Official statement on Doors website, Memoriam donation to Doors members remembered him. Jim was the guy in the front but the guy in the back making all that sound was Ray. After Stone Temple Pilots made surprise appearance, plan on recording with Linkin Park singer. Sick Puppies are going to release 4th studio album – Connect. Video will premiere on Vevo. Organizers have already announced dates of 2014 Coachella in April, adavanced ticket sales this Friday. Jimmy Kimmel interview. Liscios. Double Counting bodies of death toll in OK. 

Time 10:26-10:
Coolest Teacher: Archbishop Wood. Liscios. RVVB. Jason. LOTD – L as in Love Lamp!Tomorrow Jeff Foxworthy is coming in. Also Not your average listener. 

Lesson Question: What else did Gotye win besides Billboard Awards

Lesson Answer: Bass fishing

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