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Disc: 1 Date: 05-20-2013

Track1Time 6:07-6:19

Good Monday Morning. Traffic. News. Police say disabled war veteran – 58 year old told everyone that a group of people entered the mans home and held him at gun-point. Jewelry and other belongings were stolen. 31 year old pulled his car over and saw an exposed individual – investigators say the woman called the police and gave the description of the man. 4K$ bail. Trooper blocks a line of motorcycles. Sports News. Phillies beat Reds 3-2. Chapman blew his second save to open the 9th. Cratz enters game. Phils travel to Marlins at 7-10 tonight. Spurs one game away from finals. Rangers down. Senators win over Pittsburgh. Rob on phone. Can't make bail – unsecured bail. Getting along with the crowd is no way to go because the rap sheet was too long. After the MMRBQ – we had tons of arrests – wonderful recaps all around. Ron Jeremy is on the show today if he don't pass out. Coolest Teacher. Re-Opening of Jersey Shore.


Track 2 Time 6:30-7:09

This weather is terrible. Traffic. Stupid Question. Birthdays. Cher, she is 67. Burlesque was horrible. Her plastic surgery is gross, wow. Busta Rhymes, didn't they date. Bronson Pincho, Celebrity Rehab was the best thing that happened to him. Timothy Olyphant, great actor. Joe Cocker is 69, Preston's a huge fan. Mindy Coen is 47, the voice of Velma. Stupid Answer. Entertainment News. Star Trek was awesome but was a slow start at the box office. Sharon and Ozzy are working out their issues during a small lunch with Kelly. Red Carpet – Someones Jah-Jah popped out. Whoops. Poor Iva. Scientist name new fossil after Johnny Depp – half billion year old fossil – the claws look like the scissor hands. Jennifer Lawrence – 8 foot column of candles fell on her and Liam Hemsworth. Rock N Roll Hall of Fame was on TV – Rush was great. Oprah went over-board with Quincy Jones. Bieber you're a d*ck. Haters gonna Hate. Wayne Robinson wants to use Michael Jackson's testimony – Michael showers with little boys. Christoph Waltz – panics from gun-shot at Film Festival. Hackers gonna hack. Girls N Corpses = Girls N Corpses. The Hangover Screening. 5 Callers. Coolest Teacher – Mr. Charz-anowski. Coach C – V Wrestling & Track. New School – St. Josephs Preparatory School.


Track 3 Time 7:20-7:49

Weezer: Yeah!!! Send us your Selfies! Selfie Monday! Traffic. Mr. C is on – Coolest Teacher. We still can't pronounce his name. He's been teaching 5 years in Spanish – Polish people teaching Spanish is a plus. Loves coaching – he works everywhere. Half the time no one knows what he is saying. His mom was the 1st one to vote.

Kathy Romano's Speech at West Chester. Kathy finally gave her speech for the right reasons. Nick admired how confident she was. It was a great experience for Kathy. Kathy did wearing undies though. She wrote her own jokes. Kathy was talking a mile a minute. Sign Language interpreter couldn't keep up. She had an awesome dinner with the president of West Chester. Is Kathy a doctor, yet? Dennis on phone. Had a blast at Kathy's speech. Kathy claims it's always nerve wrecking at first. She did leave her hairbrush at home. Go Big or Go Home. Find believers and stick with him. Kathy's family went banana's. Life is never a straight line. Kathy's favorite professor acknowledged Kathy. Leave time for giving back. Good job, and I have no underwear on. We are anxious to see the entire speech on video. Ron Jeremy is coming up.


Stupid Question. Before they were the Red Wings, What was their name?


Stupid Answer.

The Cougars.


Disc: 2 Date: 05-20-2013

Track1Time 8:01-8:10

Its so damn foggy!!! Traffic. The Pumped Event w/ Steve – Vertex Fitness.

Bizarre File. New York State police say man was arrested for terrorizing customers with a huge pepperoni stick – he was rubbing the food on his junk and showing customers. 4th degree criminal mischief. No more pepperoni. A Houston landlord constructs fake cemetery to keep old people from loitering. This is brilliant – he erected the tombstones years ago. Whats better than seeing your name on a tombstone. Are there blooper tombstones. Family and friends noticed a dead mans legs twitching – what a shocker. The man has no clue on how he died and returned. Wow. This is historical stuff man. I am alive, so alive. Police in California arrest 2 guys after phone pocketing the police – the 2 men carried on about their attempt to rob a bank. The Hangover screening – 3 callers.


Track 2 Time 8:22-9:02

Why is it so grey out. Kenan's re-opening: Jersey Shore. Traffic. Autism Benefit: Shaving Grace – Upper Cuts w/ Nick. Ron Jeremy on Phone. The legend of adult film. Ron used to teach special education and enjoyed it very much – has a masters in Special Education. Ron always thinks about the party plans before his heart. Ron's doctor is a rockstar – he patched him up good. The smaller your stomach is, the bigger your rocket looks. Ron never seemed to have medical issues until now. Ron was nervous during his first day back to work: just bring on the sex. Ron needed permission. He came in 2nd at the Rum Fest/Ron Fest. Anthony Burdain enjoys the rum – its delicious. Ron walks on 3 legs. Ron can't count. There's just that many. Ron enjoys catching up with old classmates, even the ones that you bone. Ron will be at Canal's Tonight! Ron, you're the legend. MMRBQ Recap. Chris Cornell pulled up a kid to play a song – he nailed it. Wow!!!! The kid was quiet but solid. He was in shock. Nick went out to the crowd to listen. Side stage ain't the best. Kyle on phone. He knows every song from Soundgarden. He's a drummer and guitarist. Casey was looking for some Advil for Kyle's headache. Kyle played Chris' legendary recording guitar. Lucky kid!!!! He was so happy to meet Matt Cameron. Alice in Chains killed it. Cheap Trick was awesome. Chuck was standing next to David D. from Device – it was a great conversation. Thanks LiveNation.


Track 3 Time 9:15-9:37

Word of the Week. Traffic. Metro Newspaper – Radio-Heads Are The Real Deal. John Bolaris is leaving sadly, but enjoyed his time with these radio-heads. Preston and Steve get mentioned in the Metro Newspaper. We're all friends, off-air and on-air/off-camera and on-camera. Thank you John, that's a keeper. Someone won the lotto in Florida – the biggest Jackpot in history. Casey won 7 bucks though. Power-ball shatters everything. Nick takes the change from the money bucket but gives it back. Nick hates pennies and will now fill out the permission forms. How Much We Hate Change.Steve hates change. Nick adds to the change, but secretly he doesn't. Preston doesn't tip in cups, it's non-sense. Nick is a thief. Take away pennies. Hawks vs. Moose-heads – Canadian/American National Anthem Gone Wrong.Someone doesn't know the words to his own anthem in his own language, who knew. How bad could one feel for another. Don't you listen to radio, Steve just said I could. Abercrombie & Fitch – perception is still too negative. Only skinny are aloud – fat people go away, only 10 people per day can come to shop. The music is so damn loud in the store and the smell is awful. The Hangover screening?


Disc: 3 Date: 05-20-2013

Track1Time 9:44-9:57

We're moving right along. Nice weather this week. Traffic. Preston is bad at charity events – don't message Preston. He just can't handle it – he's way too disorganized. Half the emails are charity offers. We are very affective but want to improve, help us. Make it easier. Kyle M – Blood Drive – News Song. Oh Kathy Fart, Fart, Fart. Bizarre File. A man caught naked with a blonde wig appears in court – exposure and possession of an open bottle. A college student fakes his own kidnapping because he was afraid to tell his parents that he was failing one of his college classes. He was failing English – he is facing serious charges. Airline officials see a plane make a belly-landing due to landing complications. The flight was carrying over 30 passengers – the plane landed on its belly. Passengers were evacuated. Life is learning - 1st ever smallest penis contest. Seeking less and doubt men – pageant style clothing. Entrees must be 21 and older. Winner gets some cash. A meteorite causes explosition on moon – only a split second glimpse. It was awesome. NASA said it hit at over 60,000 miles per hr. Explosion without oxygen? Selfie Monday.


Track 2 Time 10:09-10:21

Green Day, Give Me Holiday. Kid Felix kicked ass. Thanks to those guys – thanks for handing out the VIP passes. Shart Outs. Thanks to Kathy Romano for her speech. Lesson Question. Hollywood Trash. After turning 18, making sex tapes with 50 year olds claims to be getting lots of offers. Pattinson claims to be broken up with Stewart, thank god. Paris Hilton cried after watching The Bling Ring – she kept missing her mouth when feeding it popcorn. Lesson Answer. Music News. Linkin Park front man, Chester surprises audience with Stone Temple Pilots - 1st public appearance after firing Scott. What a cool idea. It's a pretty damn cool tune. Very driving. Chester jumped at the chance and loved making the choice. Nine Inch Nails rebound – Reznor says Robin F will join the band on tour. Hell Yeah. Dave Grohl joins Rolling Stones – who hasn't he played with. Grohl you're one lucky bastard. As I Lay Dying frontman says steroids are the reason why he wanted to kill his wife – drugs just make you think of killing family members. What a tragedy. Free Music Monday – caller 5.


Track 3 Time 10:33-10:43

Our New Device. Where is our Pierre? Thank you to Mr. Ron Jeremy. Good Job Kyle for jamming with SoundGarden. New Intern Names. Who the hell are you people. Congrats to Coach C – Coolest Teacher. The Killers were great last night too. A weekend of Great Music. Wow, what could go wrong. Pierre is moved by those who were on the lawn. Casey enjoyed listening to the echo – we had so many F-Bombs. Pierre got crazy with the beer – 10 beers. Cheap Trick kicks ass. Preston enjoyed the free ice-cream. So many great moments at so many great times. Letter of the Day – P. VIP Beer Week – May 31st. Thank you sponsors. Job well done. Shaving Grace – Charity Event – Autism Speaks – East Falls. Recap of MMRBQ. Killers killed it.

J.K. Simmons is on the show tomorrow. Great actor. That dude is everywhere.

Lesson Question.

What U.S. President uses- Haters Gonna hate.


Lesson Answer. Harry Truman.



of the Day.


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