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What a beautiful morning! Weather. Traffic. News Update Homeless hitchhiker who was famous online for “Smash, Smash, Smah-ash!” sound clip was arrested for allegedly beating to death a lawyer in South Jersey. A 28-year-old man has been charged with slipping a labor-inducing drug into his pregnant girlfriend's medication so that she would be forced into labor and cause an abortion. A 400-pound Black Bear was spotted in Bucks county and is on the loose. 400 pounds my ass! I'm 350 pounds, I've been working out. Sports Phillies were off last night, they open up a series against the Reds for this weekend. The NBA Western Conference finals will be the San Antonio Spurs versus the Memphis Grizzlies. Today, we'll have Jenna Haze, Ron Jeremy, Sheena Parveen, Jesse Eisenberg, and John Bolaris all on the show.


Time 6:38 – 7:12

Beautiful day, man! Weather. Traffic. Pearl Jam baby video is the cutest thing ever. SQ. Birthdays Trent Reznor, 48; Josh Homme, 40; Craig Ferguson, 51; Bob Saget, 57; Bill Paxton, 58; Sugar Ray Leonard, 57. SA. Entertainment News David Beckham has officially announced his plans to retire from soccer after this season. Dick Trickle, famous in stock car racing, died of a self-inflicted shotgun wound at 71 years old. He's survived by his sister, Vagina Trickle. Wade Robson called Michael Jackson “a pedophile” on the Today show with Matt Lauer. Madonna allegedly was mean towards Gwyneth Paltrow at the Met Gala, and that's why Paltrow said she didn't have a good time there. Macaulay Culkin allegedly smokes 60 cigarettes a day. The Wet Bandits are in the house! Ron Howard says he wants to use crowd-funding to finance a movie adaption of the TV show “Friday Night Lights.” American Idol has crowned its Season 12 champion, Candice Glover. Why do the American Idol champions never do anything? Clips Greg Kinnear and Billy Corgan. Coolest Teacher Contest The coolest teacher at Upper Merion High School is math teacher Mr. Jeff Bowlby! Nick chooses the next school, which is Gloucester Catholic High School!


Time 7:24 – 7:46

Weather. Traffic. Can't believe the “Smash, Smash, Smah-ash!” guy beat up a guy to death. Coolest Teacher Mr. Jeff Bowlby He's excited for winning this contest. He raps for his students to remember math. Let's play his songs: “The Slope-Intercept Song” and the “Let's Talk About X!” The school still talks about Nick's summer class, of course. Big Powerball Lottery Jackpot Nobody won the Powerball lottery on Wednesday, so the Saturday drawing is now worth $550 million. Preston would buy his neighbor's house if he won. New Pre-Boarding Airline Policy American Airlines will let people pre-board if they're only bringing one carry-on item. Steve just dresses as part of the tarmac crew to get on planes early. You can track yourself with apps on your iPad or iPod. Casey thinks he's going 4,000 mph or Mach 5 speed on an airplane. Caller Kathy says they do zone seating so that they can seat window seats first then middle rows then aisle seats. Steve says Marc Summers told him a story in which Richard Gere was a jerk to him on a first-class flight. Gere complained about sitting next to Marc, and Marc shouted back at Gere: “Once an a-hole, always an a-hole!” The Hangover III giveaway!


Stupid Question:

What is “NCC-1701”?

Stupid Answer:

The Starship Enterprise


Time 7:57 – 8:20

The MMRBQ is tomorrow! Double-shot of meteorologists coming up on our show today. Traffic. Preston doesn't listen to the traffic. World War Z giveaway at the MMRBQ! Bizarre File Topless painting of Bea Arthur sold for $2 million. A drunk man in Ireland got stuck in a toddler's chair at a restaurant. Man who hit someone in a fender-bender claims “bad Chinese food” caused him to almost defecate his pants and that's why he hit the car in front of him. New York fire department had to rescue a NYPD cop who got stuck trying to rescue a cat in a 30 foot tree. Man in Panama who looks like Mr. T is attempting to break the world record for skinning coconuts with his teeth. Jenna Haze in Studio She's always prompt and wide awake when she visits our show. She has retired from adult videos, but she continues to direct adult videos. Jenna just did a cameo for the horror movie “Raised by Wolves.” She also had a cameo in the movie “Crank.” People actually live in the houses that porn movies use to shoot their scenes. Anybody up for some pot stickers? Jenna can't be turned on by other pornos anymore, she knows how fake it is. Jenna started in porn when she was 19. Some girls get into porn for the wrong reasons; “After Porn Ends” is a documentary that feature stories like this. Jenna is on Twitter so go follow her!

Time 8:32 – 8:50

The MMRBQ is tomorrow! Traffic. Jesse Eisenberg in Studio He's in the upcoming movie, “Now You See Me,” which is about four magicians who might be involved in art robberies. Jesse knows some of the secrets of magic now from his work in the film. Can Jesse do a magic trick in the studio? Good radio bit there... We are the Ted Turner of Philly radio. Jesse is still good friends with Woody Harrelson. Woody is apparently good friends with Paul McCartney. Jesse's mom was a birthday party clown. Jesse's sister was a Pepsi girl. Differences between film acting and theater acting. Jesse doesn't actually like to watch his own movies. Jesse also likes to write plays. Jesse grew up in New Jersey but he was a stay indoors kind-of-a-kid.

Time 8:58 – 9:29

Traffic. The MMRBQ is tomorrow and next Friday is our Keenan's broadcast, what a schedule! Sheena Parveen in Studio Sheena is on her way to a golf lesson today. Steve took mini-golf lessons, that's some work. Weather for the weekend. The MMRBQ might be cloudy and a little chilly at night, but no rain in the forecast. Sheena will be at the Super Adoption Day at Penn's Landing before the MMRBQ tomorrow. Before that, there is also NBC10's Shredding Event at the Philadelphia Naval Yard where you can shred private documents securely. Sheena has to go to her golf lesson. She is 5'2'' she needs short golf clubs. Le Bec Fin To Close Le Bec Fin is supposed to close down and change to progressive American cuisine. It used to be the premiere fine dining place. Marisa has never been to Le Bec Fin. Caller says WMMR should open a restaurant. Gary Lower will be the waiter! What's the most expensive meal you've ever had to pay for? Nick went to a dinner at the Borgata and was glad not to pay that bill. Here, let me take that check... and hand it to you. Kathy was a waitress at a upscale restaurant. Kathy's Graduation Speech Tomorrow She says she's gonna talk about how that job got her into the media industry in her speech to graduates. What point in the speech does Kathy mention she sleeps with the owner? Ursinus told Casey that he is never going to speak at a graduation. I like it that graduation! Caller Grant says he's excited to hear Kathy speak. Good luck, Kathy! The Hangover III giveaway!

Time 9:39 – 9:56

Keenan's Broadcast is next Friday. Hottie Cam is on and we've got the Daily Rush video podcast online. Traffic. John Bolaris in Studio John missed us. When Plan A fails, you go to Plan B. If that's true, then John is on Plan L. John got to meet Roy Scheider. That corpse was in The French Connection, sweetie! John finally got a job to go back on TV! The Russian crime ring that scammed John was sentenced to prison for 10-12 years. Bolaris is also financing in the stock market. His recommendation is to finance in SRPT. Casey can't lose now! Got to be careful when investing. John once lost $70,000 in 5 minutes on one of the stocks. Bizarre File Woman whose car was stolen found her car in the drive-thru of the McDonald's that she works at. Australian politician came across a kangaroo on his morning run and clawed into his legs. A woman beat another woman with her fists and a bible. The power of Christ compels you!

Time 10:08 – 10:27

Casey's about to leave. Casey is going to Parx Casino for the Big Stax Poker Tournament. He's nervous and wants a bad hand to start with so he doesn't give away a tell. LQ. Hollywood Trash Kanye West and Hugh Hefner. LA. Music News Red Hot Chili Peppers want to start composing their next record. Black Sabbath's appearance on CSI aired last night and premiered their new single, “In The Beginning.” AC/DC is endorsing the campaign to create a Bon Scott statue in his Scotland hometown. Franz Ferdinand will release their 4th album later this year. Bill Weston and John Bolaris in Studio John Bolaris says the rain should hold off for the MMRBQ. Bill Weston reminds us that since the concert is later than usual, everyone should pace themselves. Ration your Bloody Mary's! This is going to be a fun event though! You can win tickets to see the World War Z premiere in London at the MMRBQ. Metro PCS will be there with seat upgrades! “Rock and roll, go with the flow” says Bolaris. Matt Cord interviewed Alice in Chains last night, they're looking forward to the MMRBQ!

Time 10:38 – 10:51

John Bolaris will be leaving soon, but he's not gone permanently. He will haunt you. He heads out of Philly by the end of June. Nick got a tweet of a girl graduating at West Chester University painting her hat with “Gradzooks!” Special thanks to Jenna Haze, Sheena Parveen, Jesse Eisenberg, and our Hottie Cam girls! Pierre is here! LOTD. Last MMRBQ ticket raid is at Liscio's! Weather from Bolaris. Pierre loves John Bolaris. Make sure to follow all of us on Twitter, we'll be updating constantly at the MMRBQ! Word of the Week. The Preston and Steve Show has been with WMMR for 8 years yesterday, we started May 16th, 2005 on WMMR. Marisa will be at the American Cancer Society Relay for Life will be tomorrow at 10 AM at Marconi Plaza. Pierre will polish each of Preston & Steve's cars! Pierre will have workforce blocks featuring the MMRBQ bands. Pierre can't wait to meet colorful people during the MMRBQ tomorrow. Special thanks to our sponsors! Next week, Ron Jeremy, Jeff Foxworthy, Not Your Average Listener, and our Keenan's Broadcast! Rage on, see you at the MMRBQ!


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What animal did George Perrier use to climb in and out of?

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