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Perfect weather for the MMRBQ this weekend. Traffic News Southwest Philly police investigating a shooting injured 4 people. 14 mo. old baby hospitalized after stroller rolled over onto SEPTA train tracks. Officials waited until daybreak to assess the damage from a tornado in Granbury,TX 250 people left homeless at least 6 dead. No winner in the Powerball Jackpot yet.Sports Cleveland beat Phillies they're doing so bad that the cover of the Daily News was The Wiggles. Jim Florentine & Don Jamison coming in, director of Epic Chris Wedge, Michael Shannon will stop by.

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Traffic Stupid QBirthdays Krist Novoselic, Megan Fox 27, Pierce Brosnan 60, David Boreanaz 44, Tori Spelling 40, Janet Jackson 47, Yvonne Craig, Deborah Winger, Boyd Tinsley Stupid QEntertainment News Zoe Saldana clarified her comment about being with a woman someday. No need to clear it up you're all good. Following Angelina Jolie's news Brad Pitt says its been an emotional & inspiring few months. Also said did you hear Zoe Saldana is a lesbian? His most proudest things, there are the lesser proudest things...ducks swim ducks quack old man river he just keeps rolling on. Clowns never laughed before, beanstalks never grew, ponies never ran before until I met you. O.J. Took the stand on his bid for a new trial from his burglary charges. Tan mom bitch in the gay porn called “Kings of NY” will keep her clothes on, she's being paid $1000 for her work. Melissa Joan Hart forced to end her Kick Starter for, “Darcy's Walk of Shame” due to lack of interest. Demi & Ashton cannot come to a settlement that will end their marriage battling over $10 mil. Clips Geddy Lee & Chris Pine Bonner Prendie H.S. Coolest Teacher is John Rogers a theology teacher. Kathy picks Upper Merion High School. Nick went to summer school there one time.

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Gorgeous weather for the MMRBQ this weekend Traffic Coolest Teacher John RogersWe've made his day. Listener Mindy a certified audiologist, sent a care package of musician's earplugs so Preston can enjoy the MMRBQ w/out being in pain. Men's Health came out with most active and most lazy cities in America. Philadelphia is #88 between Lubbock TX and Newark NJ. Men's Health Releases Most Active & Lazy Cities in America Steve sees people out running all the time he can't believe we're #88. A lot of people use their bike or walk to work, they're more mobile worst part about taking your bike to work is having no place to put your potato chips. Bottom 10 Least Active: Corpus Christi TX, New Orleans, just kinda sittin' around on a hot summer afternoon eatin' some crawfish talking in a hybrid french American accent sweaty backward folk take your children away and raise them as monkeys. Don't worry about visiting grandmas grave sight she just floated by. It would take Preston all day to get to work if he walked, Steve says he's a fast walker. Casey is just a little guy he can't keep up with anyone. It hurts your feet its hard to walk. Steve walked 22 miles to see if he could. Kathy walked 20 miles in one day for Breast Cancer, says she walked more in Scotland & Ireland. Nick climbed 140 miles 6 days for Mt. Kilimanjaro. Women's Handbags Contain More Bacteria Than Average Toilet Seat They're saying that their moisturizer bottles have most bacteria. Kathy is grossed out. We've over sanitized so much. Steve's mom used to say get outside and eat some poop. Kids are so protected they're not allowed to eat poop. Kathy doesn't use hand sanitizer. Pierre will wash his hands with crap to prove how against hand sanitizer he is. Hangover III screening passes.


Stupid Q: they plump when you cook 'em is the slogan for what product?


Stupid A: Ballpark Frank


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Rolling Stones coming up June 18th Traffic Bizarre file Man 75 & woman 66 suspected of using cocaine & running a prostitution ring in a senior citizens home. By the way none of our hookers work past 3pm. Oregon psychiatrist sabotaged mountain biking trails sentenced to 30 days in jail, ran nylon ropes across biking trails & leaving nails on bike paths he was observed lingering around the trails without a bicycle. Man accidentally shot himself with his gun while he was bowling. Chef and sushi restaurant owner freezing secadas so he can eat the bugs and use them in a dish.

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We've got a trip to LA to give away Traffic The longest original running program on VH1 is That Metal Show. Jim Florentine & Don Jamison in StudioJim is wearing the same shirt he wore when he was here a year ago. They say Glenn Danzig is kind of an ass, but he could come back when they would make fun of him. Don says being the longest running show on VH1 is kinda like being the smartest one on Honey Boo Boo. The show is huge in Australia and South America. Steve was playing Florentine's awful jokes to his nephew. He came across old material and performed it for his CD. He says it was painful when he has to hear it on the radio. Listener Mike asks to get Eddie Van Halen on, but he doesn't do much press. They say Richie Sambora isn't touring with the band because of money issues and he's been partying a lot and Jon doesn't like it. Preston suggests playing ipuss with Jim & Don- there's nothing that they'd be embarrassed about playing. Jim has a lot of Bon Jovi stuff he's got Duran Duran greatest hits. Don has new age music to relax when he's on the road. Jim has Alanis Morisette just to have when he brings a girl back. Jim Carrey likes metal, Cannibal Corpse was in the bar scene in Ace Ventura. This season they get the craziest questions. That Metal Show airs June 1st

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Preston was talking with Don Jamison at the break, he went to the 35th anniversary for Cheap Trick says their voices are still spot on. Traffic Listener Daniel M e-mails from Northeastern India just downloaded the app loves the show. A new dimension is how a listener feels about the Daily Rush videos. Listener Nicolai sent in some audio of his daughter's 8th grade choral group doing Bohemian Rhapsody. Director of Epic, Chris Wedge in Studio Preston's son is so excited about seeing this film. He's one of the inventors of Scrat from Ice Age, he does one of the sounds for the character. They've been making these films for over a decade it works well for broad audiences. He wanted to make a big action adventure movie. He started the idea with a children's book author and looking at old paintings of the Victorian era with little civilizations in the forest. He thought it would be fun to go in as 2 inches tall looking at the world. Nick watched the trailer over a dozen times. Aziz Ansari is one of the voices of a slug. Amanda Seyfried plays a human girl and her dad is played by Jason Sudeikis. The great thing about animation production you can go back and edit it you don't have to re-shoot it. He worked on the original Tron film back in 1982. Steven Tyler was in the cast of credits, when he casts voice for the movie its a collaboration of a lot of people deciding on this. They want to get big names, he likes expressive voices but don't make you think of someone else all the time. A big flamboyant character is voiced by Steven Tyler. He is a huge scrat and Ice Age fan he was already in before they pitched it, Steven asked him for his autograph.

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Traffic Craig Liggeons In Studio In the 70's there were a ton of variety shows. The Five Minute Follies has storytellers, comedy, magicians, musicians, singers etc. This Saturday is the 18 and older show at the 20th Century Club in Lansdowne. He's doing stand-up after 20 years, he's had to mine for material. You can get tickets at for $18. Sunday at the Adrian theater is a kids show. Bizarre File elephant in Zimbabwe reportedly trampled a poacher who was attempting to kill it. In your face! Seattle man trying to dribble a soccer ball 10k miles, for the 2014 World Cup died on Tues after being hit by a pick-up truck. KFC smuggled underground as Palestinians order it from Egypt since there's no KFC in Palestine. Two bald eagles fighting in mid-air locked talons couldn't get free and crashed on a Deluth runway. Hangover III Screening Passes

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Traffic Kathy picked her dress out for her commencement speech on Sat. Steve suggest she wear a Bane mask I'm here to tell you about your future I tell people about the new world order and traffic on the 2's. She'll be at the concert after the speech. Michael Shannon on the Phone stars in the film Iceman. He never heard of Richard Kuklinski when he read the script, he put him in the direction of the interviews and quickly drawn into it. We lost connection with him- he was hit in the back of the head with a pick axe. Richard Kuklinksi was a mafia hitman who killed over 100 people. He might call back for the stupid question later. He's back- they didn't reach out to the family they didn't want to be involved. He's taking on the role of general Zod in the Superman movie he was kind of shocked when he was first called to play the part. He thought he was getting punked. Lesson Q Hollywood Trash J-Lo telling ET that she'll get married for the 4th time something about making that commitment that makes it so special. Danity Kane girl group formed by P-Diddy making a reunion tour say that every time they go out people tell them to get back in line. Lesson AMusic News Chad Smith and Michael Anthony in studio with Sammy Hagar not making new Chickenfoot album. After being announced as new NIN lineup Eric Avery quit the band. Queens of the Stone Age reveal new video for “Keep your Eyes Peeled” Rod Stewart revealed that after continuous steroid use shrunk his “Maggie May”. Marisa's Ladies Night at Parx Casino

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Someone sent Nick a pick of Dave Grohl at a Soundgarden show in the audience. Thank you to Jim Florentine and Don Jamison. Chris Wedge director of Epic and Michael Shannon and Craig Liggeons. Wrap Up LOTD M Pierre was at the Star Trek screening last night. It may be the best he's ever seen. He keeps giving us material to use. Tomorrow porn, porn, porn, porn, porn....Jenna Haze will be in the studio, we'll hear from Ron Jeremy who almost died and Jesse Eisenberg of The Social Network will be here.


Lesson Q: When Steve passes Preston walking what does he look like?


Lesson A: Secretariat



Letter of the Day: M

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