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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Jim Florentine & Don Jamison - IN STUDIO 
Chris Wedge - Director of the movie "Epic" - IN STUDIO

Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:12-6:25
Weather. Traffic. News Eagles running back LeSean McCoy being sued for assaulting a woman on a bus by spraying water on her. Philly police fired shots at a male who pointed a weapon at them. Biggest jackpot in history. NJ man won 338$ million in March. Sports Phillies beat the Indians 6-2. Penguins beat Senators. NBA playoffs continue. We'll check in with Fox Good Day today. Live performance from The Wiggles. Hot potato hot potato. Blood drive coming up June 15th. Secret text word. Coolest teacher. 

Time 6:36-7:14
Muse. Live entertainment from The Wiggles this morning. Traffic. Stupid Q Birthdays Jamie Lynn Sigler, 32. Chazz Pamletary, 61. Madeline Albright, 76. Emmitt Smith, 54. Omit Zappa, 39. Stupid A. Cheesy caller Entertainment News  SNL season finale this Saturday, Bill Hader's last episode. Seth Myers is leaving the show as well. Prince Harry went to NJ to visit Sandy damage. Snooki gave him pointers on his visit. Delightful little troll. Lindsey Lohan is adjusting well in treatment. Nicole Kidman will be the face of Jimmy Choo's spring collection. Kim Kardashian said she's happy Kanye West got in a photographers face. I bet her ass lets out some bad farts. Maybe she should stop calling ahead. Ashley Tisdale has a twitter follower who has tweeted to her over 18,000 times and then showed up to her house. Travis Pane testified that MJ was a little loopy after visiting his dermatologist. He'd be groggy and couldn't sleep well. It's been a long day, I can't wait to get home and crack open a 7 year old. I mean beer. Hailey Stanfeld nominated for an Oscar for True Grit and was a victim of bullying in school. Khloe Kardashian I'm an adult woman, I can take this. Stop the bullying. In a full body makeover. She's 6'11. First official poster for Catching Fire released. “The sun persists in rising so I make myself stand.” Clips Ed Helms talks about working on the final season. In Erased Aaron Eckhardt talks about using self defense in his role. Coolest teacher: Penncrest High School is Ms. Melanie Kazinsky. Preston made teachers drink. Next school: Bonner-Prendie. 5K for Aden J. Star Treck. 

Time 7:27-7:49
REM. Weather. Traffic. Bonner-Prendie next school for coolest teacher. Wealthy people hiring handicapped people to get in the front of the line at theme parks Having someone handicapped makes people not have to wait in line. Preston and his family did the concierge service. It's the same thing as having a handicapp tag in their car. Caller Dave, he would use his sons nebulizer mask to get in line. Handicapped people get awesome seats too. Preston was at a hockey game and told a woman to stand up but she couldn't. She said she hopes he dies. Caller said it also stinks because there are only a few seats. Caller Carol thinks it's not right to rent out a person to other people. This may be against park policy but it is not against the law. When you call, you are asked who referred you before anything. Caller Barb, has a friend who has a prosthetic but won't use handicap parking. Caller Katie, born without her left arm and was able to board her plane first. Bizarre Files and the Wiggles coming up. 

Stupid Q: Who choreographed the climactic ballroom dance routine in Silver Linings Playbook?
Stupid A: Mandy Moore

Time 7:55-8:12
Coolest teacher. Fox Good Day Should children be allowed to go to weddings? No kids unless it's your date then it's a whole different problem. Kathy had no kids at her wedding and regrets it because she remembers how much fun she had at weddings as a little girl. MMRBQ this Saturday. Weather on Saturday will be perfect. Traffic. Coolest teacher emailed in because she didn't have time to call in. Secret text word  Bizarre File Man arrested after spending the night in a grocery store. 57 ready whip whip cream canisters were in the trashcan. He had everything he could possibly have plus a way to get high. Manholes exploded in Brooklyn and set cars on fire. Hernan Gonzalez came home to his car brunt to a crisp. A man was stung 54 times by a wasp on the genitals. He tried to have sex with a wasps nest. Who's your daddy? Who's your drone? Construction company destroyed one of Beliz' oldest pyramids for a road building process. In Afghanistan they destroyed things too. Ladies Night with Marisa Magnatta. 

Time 8:25-8:53
Traffic. Rosetti's Meet and Eat The Wiggles in studio performance All the members are here and Kathy is super excited. They're asking Kathy to sing along in studio with them. They've been around for 22 years. They take a lot from childhood teachers. Simon (red) was the Phantom of the Opera in Australia. He tried to wear the mask during his first performance and they asked him to take the mask off, then told him to put it back on. Everything in Australia can kill you. Every Australian has a great love for life. It took them 26 hours to get to Philadelphia. Playing the Tower Theater on sale Friday for their performance August 17th. Have sold so many books, albums, DVD's, CD's. They use Dora's voice in Guantanamo to extract information. In Australia, the police used Hot potato to get a guy to come out of a building on a loop. Performing “Do the Propellar” in studio. Some people are upset that it used to be an old boys band but now it's a girl. Casey's kids were scared of anything except The Wiggles. They did 3 songs with John Fogity. They called Casey “Wiggles” in college. Steve's name was “Restraining order.” Baseball is unheard of in Australia. Coldplay covered Fruit Salad. Simon is the hearthrob and Lachy is a bachelor in Australia. The Wiggles ticket giveaway. Played the theme song with MMR 93.3, Preston, Steve, Casey, Nick, Kathy and Marisa. 

Time 9:07-9:37
MMRBQ Metro PCS. Traffic. The Wiggles in studio were awesome! Rosetti Meet and Eat. Listeners loved The Wiggles. Preston has ASMR had a revelation. He likes the sound of someone typing on a keyboard. He gets the chills from this sound. There are a few things that sounds a lot like it. He could listen to someone typing. Preston doesn't like whispering though. Preston turns everything down in the studio to listen to Nick type after the show. He also loves when Rochelle wraps presents during Christmas time. Caller Patrick, says he does the same thing that preston does. Caller Kim, doesn't buy a keyboard until she hears how the clicking sound is. Caller Ken takes his time at places so he can actually listen to people type. Caller Brian, likes watching people shade things in. Caller Eddie, loves whispering. Skates on ice, girl on girl. Preston said that this is not sexual at all. He's zoning out listening to gift wrapping. I just want to take you home and beat you with my rain stick. Star Treck movie passes

Time 9:48-9:58
Blink-182. Weather. Traffic. Secret text word. I bleed for Preston and Steve blood drive. The Wiggles recorded a theme song for the show. Bizarre File Family in North Carolina said that the lord told them to get naked and walk down the street. Parisioner was not charged with murder but she was begging someone to have sex with him and the rector is charged with 1st degree murder. Detectives busted 92 people for an online site. Muhammed Ahmed answered a pot ad while on their honeymoon who he thought was going to a prostitute. 
Secret text word. More music news coming up.

Time 10:08-10:21
The Police. Lesson Q Hollywood Trash Ashley Tisdale being terrorized by a fan. Cop doesn't believe it. Ashley Tisdale? I mean come on! Kim said she's not changing a thing about how dangerous the paparazzi is. Downton Abbey highest rated drama in history. Dance show hosted by Downton Julie Brown. Lesson A Music News Puddle of Mudd front man arrested for domestic violence. Very uncooperative. Busted for cocaine in January 2012. Kings of Leon launching music and food festival. Gavin Rossdale hopped off the stage and he was surrounded by fans very quickly and had to have people back off. Casey used to smother his brother. Coldplay best British band for an award. Lesson A. Hangover 3 movie passes. 

Time 10:32-10:39
Hangover giveaway. It's impossible to have a bad time in Vegas. Huge thank you to The Wiggles for this morning. Rosati water ice brought in tubs today. Pierre is here. Letter of the day. Miller interns. Metallice, David Bowie and The Offspring for Pierre's work force blocks. 

Lesson Q: Who's Katniss' father?
Lesson A: Darth Vader


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