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Sunshine a plenty today, but still on the cool side up to 64. Traffic News abortion doctor, convicted of first degree murder. Investigators know that Upper Darby child, Bailey O'Neil's death was caused by seizures not bullying. Prince Harry heading to NJ to view 2 of the communities that saw the worst devastation from Hurricane Sandy. Sports Phils home tonight Miami Heat 3-1 lead over Bulls. Bruins beat Toronto in overtime in game 7 of playoffs.

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Tom Petty, “Won't back Down” on WMMR. Traffic Stupid Q Birthdays Mike Inez 47, George Lucas 69, Ian Astbury 51, CC Deville 50, Kate Blanchett 44, Tim Roth 52, Sofia Coppola 41, Robert Zemeckis 61, Roy Halladay 35, Stupid A Entertainment News Angelina Jolie 37, underwent a preventative double mastectomy, docs said she had a 87% risk of breast cancer. Her mother died from breast cancer at 56. Michael Douglas talked about his son Cameron who's serving 10yr sentence for dealing crystal meth. Dr. Joyce Brothers died at 85. Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis spotted on a double date with Princess Beatrice & Dave Clark. Its so nice to meet you who wants more duck? I finished all the waffles. Lets go to “Squat and Steak”. Farrah Abram says she's going to show her sex tape to her daughter. Look what you can do with your butt? Look what else you can do with your butt! Barbara Walters 82, confirmed the rumors that she'll be retiring from TV next year she'll star in “Back Door Barbara” Her first report was from back during the Civil War.President Wincoln's plan seems to be going swimmingly. Karina Smirnoff taken to the hospital after failing to land a flip. Vogue Editor in Chief banned real Housewives of NY & Kris Jenner from Met Gala. Matthew Perry interviewed at an LA Kings game congratulated the cancellation of his show. Clips Chris Messina for Mindy Project & Zachary Quinto Star Trek Into the Darkness.Star Trek Into the Darkness Screening.Coolest Teacher of Cherry Hill H.S. West: Special Education Teacher, Marie O'Neil Casey picked Penncrest H.S.

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Dave Matthews Band Teacher Ms. Marie O'Neil, Coolest Teacher of Cherry Hill H.S. West. She also coaches the girls soccer team. Trip to LA and Vegas to give away. Nick has a ticket raid tonight from 5-7 at Strella Med Spa.Angelina Jolie Gets Preventative Double Mastectomy Preston believes women are more courageous than men. He says his wife has more balls then him when it comes to medical procedures. Steve says he might have both testicles removed if he had a high risk for testicular cancer. Jolie. Listener Jean says all 3 of her sisters had breast cancer & mastectomies. She had the fat removed from her stomach to reconstruct the breast. Texts coming saying preventative surgeries are not covered by insurance. What Body Part/Sense Would You Part With? Between an arm and a leg what would you lose? Preston would get rid of his leg because there are so many advances in technology w/ prosthetic legs. Kathy wants to be able to walk as long as my face isn't touched its perfect. Preston has a hard time hearing because of his tinitis. When people talk to him and he asks them to repeat over and over he just gives up and pretends he heard them and says “ahh” He'd rather lose his sight, he wants to be able to hear. Casey would keep his hearing. Steve wants to be able to see. Star Trek Into the Darkness Screening Passes


Stupid Q: How many strings are on a piano?


Stupid A: 230


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Just filled up the studio with Cheerleaders girls Traffic Bizarre File Man arrested for drunkenly falling and passing out on his 81 yr old mother pinning her to the kitchen floor for hours. North Dakota man stabbed for not changing positions while engaging in a threesome. She was giving both of them “brain” when he refused he got stabbed. Cleveland tattoo artist found someone to accept his free tattoo of Ramsey's (the guy who discovered the girls locked in the home) face on anyone. Mass woman facing assault charged for punching a restaurant worker for putting too many pickles on her sandwich. Hangover III Screening Passes Preston and Steve Daily Rush is up and running. We've got daily video highlights expertly edited by Nick Murphy and his crew.

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Music from Queen. Cheerleaders Traffic We have a cool trip to giveaway to LA. Three nights and tickets to see the finale of The Voice. The Voice Contest First contestant Michelle from Broomall, Mike from the Northeast, Barry from Collingswood, NJ, Joey from Mt. Laurel. We're playing clips of voices from the show, the contestants need to identify the clips. We need to tally up and find out who won. First clip was John Bolaris Kathy thought it was Pitch. 2. Casey 3. Casey 4. Casey 5. Kathy 6. Nick 7. Pierre 8. Riley Cote was the hardest 9. Casey 10. Steve 11. Steve 12. Steve 13. Pitchuation 14. Preston 15. Preston 16. Pierre/Nick 17. Kathy 18. Nick 19. Intern Joe 20. Kathy. Kathy got 2 wrong. The Winner is Joey with 13 right. Strella Med Spa Ticket Raid

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Going up to 80 on Saturday for the MMRBQ. Traffic Michelle from The Voice contest put in a shart out request for her son Nolan. Sketchers Lawsuit for Shape-Ups Paying 40 mil in a settlement for their Shape-Up sneakers.They look like they would strain the muscles rather than helping. Kathy wants to go to a running store and get sneakers tailored to her foot. Casey did the custom sneakers because he walks on the sides of his feet like a sloth. Preston hates DSW's TV commercial its a 60's kitchy pool party with the Chris Montez song “Lets Dance”. Listener Janice pulled a hamstring on the treadmill in Shape Ups. Rolling Stone Reader's Poll Worst Bands of the 90's #5 was Nirvana. Nick listened to Nirvana's “Unplugged” all the time. Preston wants to smack Rolling Stone in the face. He doesn't like their opinions and thinks they have an elitist attitude, he ended his subscription. Steve loves the grungy guitar by Hum called “Counting Stars” Top 10 Worst Bands of 90's: #10 DMB there's a group of people who despise this band. #9 Ace of Base Preston played all of them in his Kenny Knight days #8 Spin Doctors #7 Bush #6 Hootie & the Blowfish Preston knows he's going to catch some crap for liking them. #5 Nirvana #4 Hanson they came out with another album called “Sacrifice the Virgin” their follow-up to “MMMBop” #3 Limp Bizkit a lot of these bands are still touring. #2 Nickelback #1 Creed. Marisa says Matchbox 20 is missing from the list. Preston likes Rob Thomas he really liked Michelle Branch when she sang “Game of Love” with him. Super Natural Album by Santana has the song “Put Your Lights on” Put Your Lights on you jerk-off I almost ran into you! Put your lights on, I couldn't even see you! Chuck texted in and said Oasis should be on the list. Preston didn't get them, he just thought they were “pretty good”. Star Trek Into the Darkness Screening Passes

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Preston reminiscing about seeing Myles Kennedy and Slash in the pit last year. Strella Med Spa Ticket Raid, Cheerleaders Traffic Each year Preston wants to stick around for the good bands and this year its perfect for him because its on a Sat. Coolest Teacher to be announced tomorrow for Penncrest H.S. Bizarre File American Airlines forced to land in Kansas City so they could remove a woman who was constantly singing Whitney Houston's “I Will Always Love You”. 21 year old wildy attacking people with a pick axe, attacker taken into custody in Milan. Dr. George Fielding NYU surgeon accused to four patients' death he also performed surgery on Gov. Chris Christie.

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Stone Temple Pilots on WMMR. Preston played golf yesterday, the wind killed him. Lesson Q. Hollywood Trash Karina Smirnoff had to have surgery. Farrah Abraham plans on showing her daughter her sex tape when she is 13. Bum Fights. Lesson A. Music News Nancy McCallum is suing Alice in Chains for rights to 16% of the bands income. Duff McKagan's film about his time with Guns N' Roses. 30 Second to Mars is playing a show in St. Peter's Cathedral tonight to promote their new album. Its Intern Craig's last day and its Casey's first time ever hearing his voice. He's not like Kill Bill the other intern. Preston says he's the first to go because he sees him first in the morning. He wants to stay behind the scenes, he's met a lot of great people and learned a lot. He says he likes Marisa the best because she got him the job. He's graduating from Monmouth University.

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Pierre will be in shortly we have a great trip to Vegas to giveaway for the Hangover III, Preston hopes they do it right. Bradley Cooper called Casey yesterday and he was like ehh I don't want to answer this. Thank you to Cheerleaders Letter of the Day Pierre is adding more sound bytes to his catalog. Preston found this mystery e-mails. A “so good” Shart out to Mike, shart out to student at Cverland college studying Organic Chemistry.

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