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Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:10 – 6:27
Welcome to Friday! Weather. Traffic. News Update Kutztown has a new gun policy in which student that have a government-issued license to carry are now allowed to carry guns. The guns must be painted in school colors, have some school pride! The man who held three women captive for 10 years might be charged with the death penalty. Why did this happen in Drew Carey's hometown? Cleveland doesn't rock! He is being held by police under $8 million bail. His bail should be one trillion dollars. White flakes of ammonia has leaked from the International Space Station. Chris Hadfield tweeted about the leak. If we interview him, Casey can't talk to him. Sports Phils lose 2-1 in Arizona last night. No NBA playoff games last night. Senators and Blackhawks both win their series in the NHL Playoffs. It's Free Ballin' Friday! Casey moves tomorrow, so he already had his underwear packed up. On the show today, we'll have former VJ and WMMR DJ Mark Goodman and comedian Tom Papa. Star Trek: Into Darkness 

Time 6:39 – 7:10
Weather. It's cool to hear birds in the morning. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays Bono, 53; Danny Carey of Tool, 52; Mark David Chapman, 58; Linda Evangelista, 48; Donovan, 66; Dave Mason, 67; Young MC, 46. SA. Kathy hates carnations, thinks they're very cheap. Entertainment News American Idol is considering firing all four of the current judges and other changes to improve. Randy Jackson will be gone from the show regardless, announcing his plans to leave American Idol. Amanda Bynes has reached a plea deal of three years probation in her case of driving with a suspended license. The make-up artist behind Michael Jackson said that in his last days, MJ was scared, shivering, and constantly repeated himself. Alex Trebek thinks that after his contract expires in 2016, he will retire from Jeopardy! Gwyneth Paltrow says that attending “The Costume Institute Ball” was not very fun. Martha Stewart has narrowed down her candidates down to two. Clips John Krasinski of “The Office” and Karl Urban of “Star Trek: Into Darkness.” Coolest Teacher The coolest teacher is social studies teacher Miss Kristen Mallen! The next school will be picked by Nick and it's West Deptford High School!

Time 7:21 – 7:49
Traffic. You must text “Teacher” first followed by the name of the teacher to 39333 in order to vote for the Coolest Teacher contest, ya idiots! Casey is moving to a new house tomorrow. House Moving Traditions Will Casey get his new house blessed? Casey wants to leave something behind in the old house. Steve says throwing change in the backseat of a new car is good luck. Nobody gets their house blessed, that's why there's so many demons today. Did we bury anything in the walls of the new studio? Maybe some old bumper stickers, and Randy Kotz. Picture online shows a guy painting underneath carpet in red paint “Get Out.” Kathy remembered a story where a guy found $10,000 hidden in a drop ceiling. Caller found antique rifles in his house, and how about Hitler's toilet? Caller says she found a voodoo doll in her new house and she hasn't moved it since. Casey says the previous owner is getting a professional cleaning crew to clean the house before he moves in. Caller Sarah says she found a weed in her new house. Caller Rachel says she found three containers full of Playboys in her new house's attic. Casey had to get rid of his porn before moving; Steve still has his porn VHS tapes! Caller complains about making ice. So difficult! This is the first house Casey sold. Good luck Casey! Star Trek: Into Darkness giveaway!

Stupid Question:
What is the traditional Mother's Day flower?

Stupid Answer:
The Carnation

Time 8:00 – 8:10
Special thanks to Jimmy John's for giving us sandwiches! Traffic. Steve will be at the AT&T on Saturday. Nick will be going with the neck beard for the Brad Fox 'Stache Bash because of Kathy. Bizarre File A mother consulted WebMD for her son's gunshot wound seven hours after the shooting occurred. A dead man's tombstone will have to change after it was written on his grave: “You gonna remember that damn name, I got my fam by my side.” How about just “Death is Wack?” Tuscan climber was found dead hanging with his climbing equipment covered in bee-stings. Sacramento woman slapped a cop in the face and deliberately sent herself to jail so that she could quit smoking. Man was attacked by an alligator and suffered severe injuries to his face. 

Time 8:20 – 8:48
Traffic. Mark Goodman Mark was one of the first VJs on MTV. The VJs were not supposed to be stars when MTV first launched. Music videos were just supposed to be promotional throwaways so that songs would get more airplay. The first group of VJs were not invited to perform at MTV's first Video Music Awards. The state of current MTV is programmed for current teenagers, so he doesn't watch it anymore. Mark was rocking the Jew-fro when he first started out at MTV and the company flew Mark to LA, drove him with a limo to a celebrity hairstylist; cost them about $10,000. Mark is from Philadelphia and was a DJ here at WMMR. Tom Papa in Studio Tom Papa's planned his receding hairline, so he doesn't need a $10,000 haircut. Tom just taped a comedy special for Netflix. He is performing at the Pearlman Theater, so he's now more fancy. The dressing room and food are much better too. Tom might be in an upcoming episode of Jerry Seinfeld's “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” Netflix is viewed by more people than any TV network. His kids don't watch his specials, but at least they see his work on Netflix recommendations. Tom Papa did The Tonight Show with Miley Cyrus, his kids were happy to meet her. Tom will be in “Behind the Candelabra” as the tour manager. After he did “The Informant!”, Steven Soderbergh told him he was “going to be in the gayest movie ever.” They were able to shoot in Zsa Zsa Gabor's house for the film. Tom will stick around! Jimmy John's Giveaway!

Time 9:02 – 9:26
Tom Papa wishes a “Happy” to Bono. Traffic. Tom Papa Still in Studio He plays theaters and is in HBO Movies! All of Tom Papa's shows sell out. Nick doesn't understand how Jeff Dunham sells out the Wells Fargo Center. Tom is scared to do A Night at the Apollo. Tom doesn't believe a stage that The Rolling Stones plays on should be the same one that a single stand-up comic takes too. Kathy doesn't feel comfortable with some comics that come into the studio, but she likes Tom. Tom doesn't really do “pain” in his comedy; Marc Maron does it very well. Tom hates the young people who complain about being sad or bored. Steve hates “I'm bored” posts on social media. Comment back: “And today in Calcutta, some kid ate his own foot.” Tom feels like the flight attendant in his own home when he tells his kids to put their phones and gadgets away. Preston tries to be as phone-less and gadget-less as he can when he's home. Hurricane Sandy caused Tom's family to have to not use electronics. When the lights go out, it's time to eat each other. There is a phenomenon where people can feel vibrations in their pants even when they don't have their cell phones on them. And my father still feels the shrapnel of from his battle days of WWII. Tom Papa giveaway! 

Time 9:37 – 9:55
Tom Papa Still in Studio Traffic. Shout-out to Murph and his wife, Michelle, for her massive boobs that have increased during her pregnancy. Tom's daughter, Charlotte, is celebrating her 8th birthday today. Popular Baby Names Social Security Office has released the most popular baby names. For boys, Jacob/Jake is the top name for the 14th year in a row and Sophia is the top name for girls. Preston wants to start a campaign to stop naming boys Jake because of this. All kids' sports are nowadays is a big ice cream party, even for the losing team. Kids today are very spoiled. Preston used to hate his name but now he likes it. Kathy always wanted to be Sarah. We have video of Kathy singing with a hairbrush. NBC's The Voice giveaway!

Time 10:07 – 10:30
Weather. Special thanks to Jimmy John's! Tom Papa is still here! Bizarre File West Virginia man is dead after he tried to steal copper wire by shooting down high-tension power lines with a rifle. Thief stole $500 from a baby who took it from his mother. 17-year-old who punched a referee into a coma and then caused his death has been charged with homicide by assault. Man who tried to steal beer from a grocery store reportedly had a live mouse in his pants. 28-year-old woman miraculously survived after her husband accidentally shot her in the mouth with a harpoon. I didn't want to kill her, I just wanted to shut her up! LQ. Hollywood Trash Lil' Wayne, Robert Downey, Jr., and The Spice Girls. LA. Music News “Metallica: Through the Never” movie has released its first published photos to the public. At what point does Metallica save Christmas? Dave Grohl has teamed up to perform a new project called “Teenage Timekiller.” Slash says Velvet Revolver is not dead even though Scott Weiland is out of the picture. Jane's Addiction will release a new documentary called “Live in NYC.” WMMR will present Dropkick Murphys so get your tickets to that concert quickly! Big Friggin' Deal: Cavanaugh's Riverdeck! Go visit Jacky Bam Bam at the Cavanaugh's Riverdeck tonight! Preston's horrible dance at a Painfully Singles' Mixer. Intern Dani's Last Day She's been here for a year. And she'll be joining the MMaRmy. She's gonna work now for Jimmy John's. Jimmy John's giveaway!

Time 10:40 – 10:50
About to wrap this up. Weather. Go see Tom Papa's show at the Pearlman Theater! Thanks to Mark Goodman, who was a WMMR DJ and still loves our station! We're looking for our next Not Your Average Listener, so apply at! Thanks to Jimmy John's for feeding us today. Pierre is in! Between Tom and Pierre, we're pretty steamy in here. LOTD. Special thanks to our sponsors! Tom Papa will be heading back to New York today for his daughter's birthday. Word of the Week. Pierre will be giving away Rolling Stones tickets. The Wiggles will be in our studio on Wednesday. We'll also have Jenna Haze. Fruit salad will have a new meaning next week! Make sure to get your votes in for Coolest Teacher! Nick will be at the Brad Fox 'Stache Bash tonight with his neck beard! Have a great weekend and see you later!

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We're going to lose to the Chinese because they have what all over them?

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