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It's Wednesday. Traffic. News Taxi driver shot and killed in West Philly for an attempted robbery. Yesterday was taxi cab appreciation day. Girl who was missing in Puerto Rico, man who kidnapped them had been comforting his family during vigils and events. These guys may have had other houses. Delaware is now the 11th state to legalize same-sex marriage. That, and tax free shopping. Sports Phillies beat Giants 6-2. Hockey playoffs and NBA playoffs continue. Fox Good Day today, Bob Saget will be calling in, Matt Glantz in studio, Eli Roth. Secret text word. 
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Weather. Traffic. Coolest teacher at the end of this segment. Stupid question  Birthdays Alex Van Halen, 60. Bob Seger, Steven first, 59. David Keith, 59. Don Rickles, 87. Melissa Gilbert, 49. Stupid answer. Entertainment News Kat Dennings told Chelsea Handler that her and Drake's date was weird because his security detail was with them the entire time. Tiger Woods went out with his girlfriend Lindsay Vonn to the met gala and was very drunk before the party. Working 9 to 5. Teen Mom Farah Abrams has a new porn movie, backdoor teen moms that made 6 servers crash because of 6 million viewers. In a world where you spend most of your night bent over a table. Why is she slobbering on herself? Kathy is gorgeous but not at all sexy. This is my sexy marker roll. After months of planning, Jimmy Fallon isn't getting a new 30 rock studio. Michael Jackson's autopsy photo was shocking to many. His lips were tattooed pink, his eyebrows were tattooed and the front of his scalp was tattooed black. I think RC did his tattoos. Let me wing it alright? Choreographer said he was molested. You're all over the place broski. Are you a fan of Nascar? Do you wanna take a bath with me? What was that second part? Gentlemen how about some brandy and a quick bath? 5'9” 135 pounds. Hey man that race was outta sight, hey my balls float in the water but how about that race? Boobs float, balls don't. Robert Downey Jr. said to be in Avengers 2, Iron Man 4 and others. Khloe said she isn't ready for a kid yet. I'm just happy being a girl. You know, doing girly things. We're just happy to be running around and playing sexually. I have a scab 2 inches deep on my balls that was like a thick piece of pepperoni. Kim got pregnant, and fat. Al Pacino has pulled out of Despicable Me 2. I want more money! Clips David Allen Grere in Peeples describes the phrase dysfunctional family. Toby Macguire plays WWI veteran in The Great Gatsby. Coolest teacher Mrs. Lisa Gainer from the science department. New school: Council Rock High School South. 
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Traffic. Not your average listener. Secret text word. Coolest teacher. Amanda Barry 911 call She said she needs the police there now before he got back. 10 years went by before she called the police. There is at least one other girl that is probably dead. Nobody was allowed in the basement. The son said that they weren't allowed in certain parts of the house. Amanda's mother passed away and never believed she was a run away. Charles Ramsey getting acknowledged by McDonald's. Audio of his interview. Weight loss procedures Chris Christie does the stomach band that makes you eat less. He lost 40 pounds. Doctor Mike They don't do this procedure much anymore. You have to be 100% meticulous. So far this is working for him but he can have consequences. If you're obese, you don't live until 80. Rachel lost 140 pounds in 1 year. Caller Laurie, had the sleeve done and lost 150 pounds. Says he should've got the sleeve. All her issues have gone away. These aren't short cuts. 
Stupid question: In American sign language, what does thumbs up mean?
Stupid answer: 10
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Weather. Traffic. Fox Good Day Girls can't keep their hands off a guy with a guitar. Simply a guy carrying a guitar can turn a woman on. What about a guy carrying a gym bag? Lowest response. Any guy in a band Marisa loves. The triangle brings a lot of luck. Parkettes on the hottie cam. Poker tournament at Parx casino. Bizarre File Unknown hero lifted a Volkswagen to free a little boy who was stuck under the rear of the car. Man walked into the subway station with a giant stuffed gorilla at 3am. He grabbed 2 power saws and went on a rampage. While this is going on, who's watching his stuffed gorilla? Kansas highway patrol said a 26 year old woman fell out of a party bus and then 3 cars ran her over. A man in Arizona had a running nose all the time but it was really his brain leaking fluid. The membrane surrounding his brain had a hole in it. They took cartildige and glue the they put it in the nose. It's just that simple huh? Coolest Teacher, Mrs. Lisa Gainer she's very humble for this and is thankful for the contest. First full year here and it's her 4th year teaching. AP environmental science and biology. Steve's friend became a chemist because his chemistry teacher had a meth lab. 
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Parkettes. Big Stax tournament starts today. Traffic. Preston has so much stuff. Lavenders. Secret text word. JA Happ hit in head with line drive. Knocked out cold. Chase Utley #5 most hit player in MLB. Raising kids If your child drops its pacifier on the floor it helps if you lick the pacifier first. Should you then wear your kids diapers first? Moms with 3 kids are most stressed out. They say once you have 3, you can have 9. Casey's wife does at least 80% of the caregiving. Nick's son Ben loves Casey a lot. How do you punish kids when they blame each other. Carter and Parker got in a fight over a card ripping and Preston got so mad. Justice for one, broken face for another. Steve got in a fight with his brother and they fought like crazy. Casey sometimes yells at his kids a lot because it works. “Can you hear by the tone of your voice?” When kids go on a rambling they just roll their heads around. Kathy's friends' kids fight all the time. Talking as adults and the kids come in and go “we wanna put on a play for you.” When parents indulge their kids constantly. Caller Ann, has 3 kids who constantly fight. Mike Brady gives good punishments. Casey had a sit down family meeting. I'm glad to see all the members of my family are here. They thought it was a game. Casey's daughter started crying. Preston asked for a grade. KMH Keep Mommy Happy. Bill Murray in the movie lost in translation. Having kids ends your life. Voice contestant for AMEX giftcard.
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Lavenders. Bob Saget he's glad to hear there are people face down getting rubbed. His father confused him quite a bit & had a sick sense of humor. Sarcastic and perverse. How long does it take him to put a special together? His dad got very specific during jokes & you would just stare at him. Bob doesn't want any weird things happening when he comes in. He was on The View and at this point they just give Barbra adrenaline. Traffic. Matt Glantz in studio Big Stax tournament at Parx casino. Casey's a pretty good poker player. His schooling helped him. Over 4 million from winning. He plays all games. Preston learned to play on his phone. You can be really good at poker as long as you want to. Casey wore a full Darth Vader helmet to a tournament. 15 hour days. Parx big stax casino. Lavenders. 
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Secret text word. Traffic. Preston's mom is leaving town today. Preston's kids love her. That's your nutsack. They had a “fake mothers day” on Sunday. Florida's nickname is “God's waiting room.” Some old people hate old people. The Brad Fox Stache Bash is this Friday night. Every single police officer in the area has an awesome mustache. Nick would win a hairy neck contest. Mustache and neck is what nick is thinking about doing. Rabbi talking about the Jewish sideburns. You've never heard them say pork on the show. Eli Roth Aftershock in theaters Friday. All of these things were from the 2010 earthquake in Chile. Hell broke lose and there was pandemonium everywhere. Everyone was out the last weekend of summer so everyone was partying. Many of the “actors” are latina models. Enjoys making independent films so they can make them as horrific as they want. They went very deep into the amazon with cameras which is extremely dangerous. He went from Aftershock then went right into Green Inferno. Lavenders. 
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Shenghai circus where they teach bears and monkeys to ride bicycles and the bear eats the monkey. How do I follow that? He ate the whole monkey. Bizarre File Police in Maine arrested man who attacked men dressed in costumes. Man who lost his life savings at carnival may get money from college humor. Volcano exploded and it killed many while others are still missing. 12 week old puppy found in a car survived by eating trash in the car. Name is now Kia. Air force official in charge of sexual assault prevention for groping. Shape of new building looks like a giant penis for the communist party. Bob Saget call back Calling back because he thought he was too tired when he first called in. He took his meds so now he's up to speed for the show now. You know what's good about the Chilean earthquake is that the bass is awesome now. The tsunami made it really available. The first contest Bob won was an MMR contest. Acadia was an all girls school named can you do that? He does remember Lorenzo's and is very excited to come back. He's wearing the outfit Michelle Pfeifer wore as batwoman. He's actually outside the studio right now. They all used to call in to Fox very early in the morning. Lesson Question Hollywood Trash Teen mom 2 Farah Abram said she only had sex once and she hopes that makes her a better mom. Tom Cruise has to convince people he's heterosexual. Hill said she feels like one of those millionaire slaves. Lesson Answer Music News As I Lay Dying lead singer Tim Lambesis arrested for plot to hire kill his wife. Muse, Fun, and Jimmy Eat world confirmed to play a festival in Austin Texas. Fight or flight issued a lyric video for the first new song. Metallica offering vague answers to studio album release. Ladies Night at Club Risque. 
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Weather. Ladies Night at Club Risque. Secret text word. Thank you twice to Bob Saget, Matt Glanze, Parkettes, Eli Roth, Lavenders. Shart out to Casey's neighbor for helping Dianne start her car. Secret text word. Lavenders. LOTD. Pierre is out of it today. More giveaways coming this week. 
Lesson Q:
What is Michael Jackson's favorite sport?
Lesson A: NASCAR
Secret text word: Savings

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