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Monday morning. Traffic. News Police say a woman in her 70s killed and husband beat during a break-in Friday. Limo taking 9 woman to Bachelorette party set up in flames and killed 5 of the woman including the bride-to-be. Blind woman's guide dog saved its owner from a break-in. He knocked the phone off the hook so she could call 911. Hi I'm a talking guide dog.  Sports Miami beat Phillies 14-2. NBA playoffs continue. NHL playoffs also continue. Billy Gardell calling in today, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club playing live in studio and Kate Flannery is stopping by. Coolest teacher. Summer concert contest. Ladies night. 
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A bit cloudy today. We have a lot to give away today. Traffic. Stupid Q. Birthdays Chris Shiflett from Foo Fighters, 42. George Clooney, 52. I'd like to touch his pee-pee. Tony Blair, 61. Willie Mays, 82. Preston met him before after a concert before. Adrianne Palicki, 30. Stupid A. Do you guys remember the parody video from Starbursts? Box Office Iron Man 3, Pain & Gain, 42, Oblivion, The Croods. Entertainment News Miley Cyrus took number 1 on Maxim's hot 100 list. Marcus is canceling his Maxim subscription. She's sexy but not number 1. Number 2 is Susan Boyle. Miley sounds like Mike TV from Willy Wonka. Reese Witherspoon footage making it's rounds. Keira Knightley got married on Saturday. He looks like he's 12 years old. He wore his communion suit. They gave them a liver of the family. Brooke Mueller's twins were taken by children services because her house was said to be unsafe. Children with Denise Richards. Vince Vaughn awful on SNL. Zach Galifianakis starred in almost every sketch. Donald Trump burned on by John Stewart by calling him F Face Von Clown Stick. Lindsey Lohan said rehab for her is spending time by herself. You know about Hydrogen and Helium right? Stay with me. One explodes and one doesn't and you're cured. She said she has only done cocaine 4 times. Collin Farell father of 2 sons. Opened up on the challenge of having a child with needs. Clips Eli Roth talks about making an intense movie in Aftershock. Leonardo Dicaprio talks about filming The Great Gatsby in 3D. Doctor Disguise. Coolest teacher Joe Birzez, biology teacher. Next school is Timbercreek Regional High School. Ladies Night. 
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A little rainy this week. Traffic. Summer Concert Pass Contest. Killing bugs Chris Christie kills a spider and PETA got involved. They said it was thoughtless. Steve lets spiders live because they kill other bugs. Preston kills everything. So does Kathy. Preston has been researching flies. Kathy has a spider issue. Casey gets huge spiders. Steve has a huge web in his driveway. Caller Ellen, terrible story teller.  Caller Ann, in her office her coworker killed a pregnant spider and they went everywhere. Why do they eat their mothers? That would've been a downer for Preston. Preston hates wasps the most. Power-wash the wasp. Steve turns into Rambo. Caller Dave, got bit by a spider and almost lost his leg.  Casey asked if you can vaccum the venom out. Caller Matt, had a spider in his pocket that bit him. Caller Betsy, her mom has been bit numerous times. A wasp flew into her mouth. Preston is freaking out. Steve wears elbow length evening gloves for yard work. Caller Courtney, killed a mother spider. Caller Joe, saw the camel spider in person. Size of a dinner plate. Coolest teachers wife called, he's too humble to call in. 
Stupid Q: Tell me how to win your heart, for I haven't clue is a line from what Lionel Richie song?
Stupid A: Hello
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Live music this morning. Traffic. Kevin Gunn is celebrating his birthday today. Mow the lawn contest. Bizarre File Soccer ref punched in the face by a player was in a coma and passed away this weekend. A teen used an ipad to meet up with a prostitute and got robbed for his ipad, piggy bank, and jar of money. Blind veteran was forced to defend himself after being attacked. He hip tossed him and choked him out until police got there. 5 woman killed after limo went up in flames. Man couldn't come up with money to pay for a cruise so he robbed a bank. Mow the lawn contest contestant 2 Caller Billy, said “he's game” for the contest. The lawn has to be cut well. Ladies night. 
Track  2                          Time 8:26-8:50
A lot going on today, live music will be in studio soon. Traffic. Weekend appearances. South Street is making a comeback. Lorenzo's grand reopening. Recapping weekend events Some people are saying the new pizza is bigger than the old slices. A lot of donations were made. Walk a mile in her shoes Steve and Preston did “walk a mile in her shoes” Saturday. Preston's knees are killing him and Steve has battle wounds. They had to go downhill and it was a lot harder than originally walking up. Kathy absolutely hates high heels. Caller Tom, was at the walk. Steve's dog didn't know what was wrong with him. Burger Brawl went well and Mark Summers was still hurting. All the proceeds for the bowl are going towards a computer lab for a new school. Broad Street Run 32,000 people were in the Broad Street Run registered. An old Y100 intern lost over 100 pounds. Caller Andrew, ran in the Broad Street Run and it was a lot of fun and he had his best time. He said it was wonderful to see everyone being so supportive. Casey was jealous that he couldn't run it. He can only do about 3 miles. Preston was at a set 5 miles and raised it to 8 one day and had some crazy shin splints. Caller Richard, went 4 miles out of his way with his kids hiking. Preston is going to a golf tournament for charity today. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club coming up soon. 
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Traffic. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club in studio Played the TLA last night, have a new album out. Will be playing live in studio. They travel pretty well. All they really try to do is write good songs. Playing their song Hate the Taste. Playing in DC tonight, have to catch a train to DC today. They have a soft FM talk radio sound to their voices. You have to try this scone. It's delicious. They were featured in Sound City as well. That sounded like Johnny Cash. That's the band that brought Johnny Cash out of the grave. That's a good band that's a band I want to see. 
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Cloudy this morning but it may clear a little later. Traffic.  Kate Flannery in studio Office series finale is a week from Thursday. She tore it up at the office party. She got chased to her car last night. She's not really a cougar. A lot of people missed a flight because the plane left early. Rainn and a few other people were late. Everyone but Ed Helms got to the party. The railriders are the sexiest team in baseball. Surprise visit from Steve Carrell. It's awesome to wrap everything up on your own terms and feel like you're graduating. It's great that you can get to caring about the characters. Kate said Holy Shit on air. She loved being able to sit in an office with a heater under her desk and put stuff in her drawers. She left her voice and her heart in Scranton. Meat cutters ball. Kate and her sister don't look alike, but they sound alike. Her sister was supposed to come in today but she has this thing called J O B. 
Track  2                          Time 10:04-10:33
More giveaways coming up. Bizarre File A man went back into the building in Bangladesh to help people out of the building. He helped 34 people in total. A girl spent 2 days in the building and he had to cut her arm off to get her out of the building. 2 men were trapped and he had to cut off the mans leg. He had to amputate 9 different people. Man riding a motorcycle ended up in the bed of a truck after speeding. I zaw ze whole zthing. He saw a man waving from the bed of his truck. Billy Gardell Very proud of Mike and Molly. The cast really trusts each other which is great and they can own the character. Chuck Lorre is on set pretty often and he does that with 3 or 4 shows. Melissa McCarthy is a rock star. The happier you are for people, the better your life is gonna be. Everyone goes to his stand up and everyone goes to her movie premieres. Wants to get involved with John Goodman. Loves Argo and the Flight. Producing 2 stand up special in June. He's a Penguins fan. Only uses technology like medicine, when he has to. When he stops at the Borgata, he's gonna come in studio. Lesson Q Hollywood Trash Honey Boo Boo's mom got married. Both sides are already related. Lil Wayne fired as Mountain Dew because his music didn't stick to the bitches. Lohan has driven a ford for many years Lesson A  Music News announcement: August 21st, Dropkick Murphy's playing outdoors at the Mahn. David Draiman & Iean Yada are expecting a baby. Halestorm released a new version of Here's to Us featuring many other artists. Metallica and Rob Zombie were honored at the Golden God Awards. Golden Glob awards. Audio from Metallica at the SF Giants game. Ozzy said the drummer had to back out because he couldn't handle it. Robert Plant files restraining order against a woman who stalks him. Free Music Monday. 
Track  3                          Time 10:44-10:58
Friday is going to be a beautiful day. Jacky at Cavanaughs. Bam Bam shore jam. Really? Talking about the Renaissance fair strength game. Thank you to Billy Gardell, Kate Flannery, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club who have no inflection at all. Lenny Kravitz does the same thing. Bill Weston in the studio saying how their energy level is very low. They're like animals on stage. Most boring people they every met in their life. LOTD. Pierre will have Free Music Monday including a work force block for Bob Seger's birthday. 
Lesson Q: How many stools do you need to milk a cow spider?
Lesson A: 8

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