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Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:14-6:26
It begins a Friday morning. Traffic. News Army major and wife are accused of abusing their three foster children and are out on bail with $250,000. More than 500 bodies have been found from the collapse of the Bangladesh fabric company. The building was found to be unsafe after the owner built 3 illegal floors onto the building. This next story better be about puppies eating ice cream. Wisconsin company recalls Nestle's frozen pizza after pieces of plastic were found in the pizza. Nick found a bunch of pictures of puppies eating ice cream. Steve takes his dog to get ice cream a lot in the summer. It's so cute when their noses get ice cream on them. Sports Phillies beat the Marlins 7-2 last night. NHL & NBA playoffs started. Kentucky Derby tomorrow. Burger Brawl is coming up this Sunday. Hottie cam girl and Iron Hill coming in for a Meet N' Eat. Lorenzo's.
Time 6:38-7:14
Moving along with today. Traffic. Steve has a faulty straw. He has a brain bleed.  Stupid question Birthdays Christina Hendrix, 38 she pushes her boobs up to her chin. Greg Gumble, 67.  Levi Johnston, 23. Black listna' Wanda. Stupid answer Entertainment News Tara Reid tweeted an apology to Lindsay Lohan for bringing up her party habits. Tara and Big Ange need to get into the studio here. It sounds like a conversation at the shire. “Your followed by 4 four-leafed clovers.” Greg Daniel's said Steve won't make a final cameo on The Office. FHM magazine has given Mila Kunis number one position for the 100 sexiest woman in the world. Preston is taking a break from his glasses. Preston's the home run on the camera. He's our Zac Efron. Seth Rogan said working with Zac Efron is difficult at times and that his buff body is distracting. I win in the skin tag department. Reese Witherspoon audio on the arrest. I have diplomatic immunity. Perhaps you never saw Pleasentville. I'm gonna turn the entire Reese Witherspoon law organization against you. Release the dogs of war. Right inside of me is a feckal. A fetus. She made a lot of apologies. Don't say big hairy...just say big hairy puh. Lindsay was all set to start rehab but flew out to California to stay there so she could smoke. It's a carnival instead of rehab. Jenny McCarthy felt the wrath of Amanda Byne's on twitter. Paris Jackson refuses to go door to door for Jahova's Witness. Clips Pen Gillete talking about competition for Celebrity Apprentice. January Jones talks about her weight gain last year. Coolest teacher Nicholas Noon, math teacher.
Time 7:25-7:55
Free Ballin' Friday. Traffic. Miss May hottie cam. Joseph Anthony. Moving Casey is moving into a new home. Moving sucks. Sometimes moving closer is more difficult. Kathy is too organized. Casey has lots of stuff. Casey's wife has a great system. Part of the moving process is throwing stuff out. Casey found his GI Joe DVD. Preston's wife holds on to so much. Caller Paul, moving for the 2nd time in 4 months. Nick's friend moved because of a mole problem. Steve has gotten good at moving. Casey has a bunch of Y100 stuff that he won't get rid of. Sound of money. Caller Jim, has to help a co-worker move tomorrow. Steve loves when friends fight. Nick helped a friend and broke a lamp. Someone's mom moved to and back from New Zealand. Caller Katie, cat died in the garage and they collected flies. Pack everything away to show the house. Casey's daughter got sick before people looked at the house. Caller Larry, mover. Make sure everything is wrapped. Casey's wife is packing up the entire house. Packed up all his clothes already. Steve moved in a snow storm. Caller Ryan, found an autographed picture of them while moving. Sound of money. 

Stupid Q: Hamilton, Rockchester and Kingston are ports on what great lake?

Stupid A: Lake Ontario

Time 8:06-8:22
Lorenzo's. Traffic. Miranda is on the hottie cam. Matt Cord and Rob Wasserman The Burger Brawl this Sunday. Benefit schools who can't afford computer labs. Capitol Grille won last year for the judges votes and Bobby Flay won the other votes. You have 25 different burgers there to try. At the end of it, Steve crapped a steer. Marc Summers is MC for this. Free alcohol, doughnuts, and burgers. All $75 is given to charity. Queens Village smells like a burger. Bizarre File 2 students in Lawfoil Ireland who were making a film for college caught video of something that looked like something that looked like a loch ness monster. Woman in England who took a flight to Turkey has left her permanently airsick and has been diagnosed with “disembarkment syndrome.” Constantly feels sick. $1,000 mint julep being sold at Kentucky Derby. You can sit on a poor person when you drink it. All drink sales go to charity. “Twerking” video got people suspended at a school for using school equipment to record video. Iron Hill.
Time 8:33-8:58
Iron Hill giveaway. Traffic. Hottie cam Daydreams. Coolest Teacher winner Nicholas Noon third math department teacher in a row. Teaches algebra 2 in the morning and then teaches middle school in the afternoon. He's been teaching for 10 years man. No just kidding 2 years. Plays the drums in a few bands during the Summer. He read in the fine print of the show that the reader of the school name had to fart on air...aka Kathy. Lorenzo's grand reopening and MMRBQ ticket raid. Walk a mile in her shoes, Preston and Steve will be walking a mile in high heels tomorrow. Steve has a tasteful halter top he can wear. Steve just doesn't want to look like a slut. Steve will also be at the comic book store in KOP celebrating comic book day. Sunday is the Burger Brawl. Tomorrow is also the Broad Street run. 10 miles. Everyone wear red socks to honor Boston. Weird art on the side of the roads Kathy saw a giant colored balls getting off of an exit on either side of a road way. It may be a piece of art. Casey and Nick see the hill nipples all the time. Caller Jim, they decorate them for Easter. Clifford the dog has the same balls the same size of the Target. Is that warehouse a front for a white slavery ring? Nick found giant blue crates that surround Phoenixville. In Times Square they used to have decorative hookers on the corner. They used to built ferris wheels in Phoenixville. Trying to start up a large Pez manufacturer across the river. Caller Matt, used to work at Gotham Collectables. Buys rights to older things. Sound of money. Iron Hill giveaway. 
Time 9:09-9:24
Traffic. Nick Robinson, Gabriel Basso, Moises Arias This moviem The Kings of Summer really relates to Preston. The promotional tour has been crazy. Sundance was awesome since they love film. The writer was influenced by a lot of older films. It's crazy to be compared to classic coming of age films. Almost Lord of the Flies. They stayed at a retirement home. JJ Abrams is a wonderful director. They're all friends so it worked out. They have a lot of improv throughout this film. Nick had these experiences as a kid and they're making a movie about. Moises was in Hannah Montana and has evolved as an actor. 
Time 9:34-9:54
SLAYER STEVE. Bad day for Slayer fans. Traffic. Daydreams. MMRBQ summer concert contest announcement MMRBQ lawn kicks off the summer concert season. The grass needs to be cut at the Susquehanna Bank Center. 2 people with push mowers will compete and whoever finishes their side first, and well, they win grass passes to the concert season pass and a limo ride to and from the MMRBQ. Caller 14. Bizarre File Las Vegas man and his friend being charged with criminal charges for using a bug to his defense. 2 kindergarten girls died after eating poison yogurt in china that was sent over from a rival school. NJ family in the news because a bakery didn't like a kids name (Adolf Hitler) and wouldn't put it on a cake. Parents in Tulsa are mad over a peeping Tom that was referenced in math homework, also Ted Bundy. If creepy John starts pleasuring himself at 6pm, and gets carpal tunnel by 3am, how many times has he pleasured himself? Caller Jason, caller number 14 for the MMRBQ lawn contest. He was creepy John. Kevin Finn from Iron Hill burger month 31 burgers for may. Chip Kelly burger was Wednesday. Beer festival is 2 weeks from tomorrow. 25 breweries are involved in the festival. 13th year for the festival. Secret beers are being released during the festival. Elton John look alike still goes. 
Time 10:04-10:18
One of the listeners can't take his eyes off of the girls. Nick is so erotic. He has to ratchet it down. Listener giving a shart out to Ben and Andrea. Sound of money winner emailed in. He'll donate some of his money to Kathy's Smiles for perfect vaginas foundation if Kathy farts on air. Lesson question Hollywood Trash Katey Perry branded devil child. Hates seeing people worship his daughter. Gary Carr joining Downton Abbey. First black character, Sir superfly mothereffer. Chris Kelly died and his coffin will be buried upside down. Lesson answer Music News Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman passed away yesterday. Bon Jovi joined NJ governor at the signing for people to recognize overdose victims without fear of being arrested for drug possesion. Pearl Jam among other bands are joining a new initiative that when you enter things you can earn points to win concert tickets. Steven Adler checked into rehab again and keeps going back. Was kicked out of Guns and Roses for doing too many drugs. Iron Hill. Lorenzo's and MMRBQ ticket raid. 
Time 10:28-10:37
Lorenzo's grand opening. Kathy's bengals sound like a skeleton pleasuring himself. Burger Brawl. Daydreams. LOTD Walk a mile in her shoes event with Preston and Steve. Steve will be at KOP at the comic book store celebrating comic book day. WoW MMRBQ on deck event. Humor is always a magical thing. Pierre is going to have a very humerus show. He's known as the kind of comedy. Rage on!

Lesson Q: What do you sit on when you're drinking a $1000 mint Julep at the Kentucky Derby

Lesson A: A poor person 


WoW: Birth

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