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Tomorrow w/ Preston and Steve:
Nick Robinson, Gabriel Basso, Moises Arias - THE KINGS OF SUMMER
Marc Summers - IN STUDIO
Miranda - Miss May - IN STUDIO

Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:09 – 6:22
Welcome to Thursday! Weather. Traffic. News Update A 79-year-old man is dead and his 77-year-old wife was injured after being hit by a car in the Spring Garden section of Philadelphia. A central PA woman who mysteriously disappeared after dropping off her kids at daycare 11 years ago has resurfaced down in Florida after she joined a group of homeless hitchhikers. 3 college students have been arrested in connection with the Boston Marathon bombings for tampering with evidence and obstruction of justice. Sports Indians sweep the Phillies in a two-game series. In the NHL playoffs, the Penguins, Sharks, Bruins all won. Three series in the NBA playoffs will go to a Game 6. Comedian Mitch Fatel and the Heritage Auctioneers will be in studio today and we'll have a Lorenzo's meet and eat. Kathy's got a pizza boner.

Time 6:35 – 7:08
Some Queen for you! Traffic. LQ. Birthdays The Rock, 41; David Beckham, 38; Donatella Versace, 58; and Kyle Busch, 28. LA. Entertainment News Chris “MacDaddy” Kelly, who was a part of Kris Kross was pronounced dead last night at 34 years old. Charlie Sheen called out the media for attacking his ex-wife, Denise Richards, for calling her too skinny. There was a mini Full House reunion at the Cool Comedy Hot Club in Beverly Hills. Amanda Seyfried will be the face of Givenchy, a designer perfume. Ireland Baldwin, the daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basigner, has asked online haters to stop criticizing her for not being attractive enough to be a model. Amanda Bynes posted new “selfie” photos of her wearing a bra, saying that she needs to lose weight. On TMZ, Tara Reid talked about the differences between how she and Lindsay Lohan parties as Lohan is starting her mandatory 90-day rehab today. Katherine Jackson's lawyer has released Dr. Conrad Murray's financial records during proceedings of Katherine suing Murray for Michael Jackson's death. What was his rating on Yelp? World War Z will be released on June 21st despite having multiple problems in development, including a $200 million over-bloated budget and a re-shoot of the ending. It's also supposed to be a musical. Clips Adam Scott of “Parks & Recreation” and Hugh Dancy of “Hannibal.” Coolest Teacher of the Year The coolest teacher of Central Bucks West High School is math teacher Miss Jennifer Blake! Kathy picks the next school, which is Clearview Regional High School in NJ. Text the word “teacher” followed by the name of the teacher to 39333 to vote. 

Time 7:19 – 7:48
Dropkick Murphys are a motivator! Traffic. Going “Off The Grid” PA Woman who disappeared and ran off with hitchhikers 11 years ago has resurfaced in Florida. Neighborhood families thought the husband had killed the woman. Casey would go off the grid if he didn't have kids. Daughter of the woman says she's pissed off at her. Caller Daniel says she grew up with the family and never saw any sign that the woman would run off like this. Did this woman break any laws? The kids were left in the father's care, and the dad collected her life insurance. The Florida Keys have a homeless problem because of drifters on beaches. Caller Jennifer knows the family through church and says the man seems nice. Caller says her sister disappeared for 5 years to run off with a man down to Florida. Caller Kim says she didn't know she had cousins for 30 years because her aunt ran away from home. Strella Sound of Money! Coolest Teacher Ms. Jennifer Blake She's been a teacher for 15 years and is a big fan of WMMR. Knows yesterday's winner as well. Great teacher!

Lesson Question:
What is Uncle Ben wearing the logo for Uncle Ben's rice?

Lesson Answer:
A Bow-Tie

Time 8:00 – 8:11
Roy Sharp is our winner for the Strella Sound of Money! Traffic. Preston just ate an entire pizza of bacon from Lorenzo's. Lorenzo's will be re-opening tomorrow! Bizarre File Two rival ice cream owners, Snow-Cone Joe and Mr. Ding-A-Ling, got into a territory war in an Albany, NY suburb. A 40-year-old man was using cheap shampoo that burned his penis and testicles. A baby born in the Mexico City subway station will be allowed to ride the subway for life. A man who claimed he was the lead signer of Pink Floyd racked up a $100,000 medical bill at a hospital. Man was arrested after he called 911 to order “cool-aid, burgers, and weed.” There will be a pleasure-yourself-a-thon in Philadelphia because May is the month of self-pleasuring. Parx Ladies Night giveaway!

Time 8:22 – 8:51
Lorenzo's P&S appearance tomorrow will be a MMRBQ ticket raid! Traffic. Mitch Fatel in Studio Mitch feels like he should have been born in Philly, but he's from New York. Mitch has a wife now, not an escort. Was surprised to find out his wife is bisexual. He's like a koala bear. Mitch has a pilot about him being an open swinger being proposed. Mitch had a running joke that he never had a successful threesome, his wife wanted to change that. Mitch thought marriage was for fools until he met his wife. Although they are swingers, it's up to Mitch's wife to decide who gets involved in the bedroom. Steve is Amish compared to Mitch's sex life. Tammy Jean, one of our Hottie Cam girls, will be on Mitch's pilot, and a future threesome. Mitch got in trouble for flying a girl in who was supposed to do a threesome but didn't go through with it. They had a very romantic woman, with a Thai hooker of course. His wife is trying to get him to accept a threesome with another man. As long as it's not Nick, he's more open to it. Mitch says he and his wife are full of passion, love, and lube. Mitch starts taping his pilot next week. He's been on the road for the last 40 weekends, and missed Preston and Steve. He never uses obscene language but can effectively talk about offensive topics. So, dress as slutty as possible and go see Mitch at Helium Comedy Club!

Time 9:03 – 9:27
Grab lunch with P&S tomorrow at Lorenzo's tomorrow! Traffic. Gary Shrum of Heritage Auctioneers in Studio Heritage Auctioneers will be giving free appraisals at the PA Spring Music Explosion at the Greater Philadelphia Convention Center in Oaks, PA. They just sold a signed vinyl album of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Band for just under $300,000. Guitars that rockers smash and then throw in the audience could go for tons of money, but the key is the ability to prove that the item is the real thing. People's autographs can change over the years. A John Lennon signed “Imagine” poster recently went for $20,000. Preston has a poster signed by Paul McCartney, it'll be more valuable when Paul dies. All we got to do is kill Paul. Every day people come to Heritage Auctioneers claiming to find some trinket from the basement or attic only to find out it's worth a lot of money. With the resurgence of vinyl, old albums will be rising in price. Steve had a great vinyl collection until his cat pissed on it. Feel free to send Gary an e-mail with pictures of the item you want appraised! Parx Ladies Night giveaway!

Time 9:39 – 9:53
Weather. Traffic. Joe From Lorenzo's Pizza The fire at Lorenzo's was last year on June 27th, had to save his dog from the fire. They rebuilt the building and renovated the restaurant. They've had a soft open during the Limp Bizkit concert at the TLA on Monday. Don't eat breakfast, just come down to Lorenzo's tomorrow and have lunch with P&S while we give away MMRBQ tickets! Bizarre File Kenny Rogers has admitted that he bought a 1-800 number to indulge in kinky phone sex games with women. A teenage soccer player punched a referee when he issued him a foul during a game. Judge handed a soft sentence to two youths who got into a drunken fight but then mentioned that when he was young and got drunk, he would rather go skinny dipping than fight with each other. Club Risque Ladies Night giveaway!

Time 10:06 – 10:17
Weather. Weather is so good Steve wants to take his pants off. Casey says it's going to rain when he moves into his new house. LQ. Hollywood Trash Mariah Carey; Rob Kardashian; and Lance Bass. LA. Casey's laugh on Sulfur Hexafluoride is still awesome. Music News Linkin Park is raising funds for Hurricane Sandy relief. A children's playground in New York City will be renamed in honor of late Beastie Boys member, Adam Yauch. Axl Rose is reportedly trying to buy a tiger. Eddie Van Halen's two songs with LL Cool J are both available to listen to online for free. The Flower Kings & Neal Morse Band with Mike Portnoy giveaway!

Time 10:28 – 10:41
Preston had to go to the bathroom and grab coffee. It's because Preston's not sleeping in his Sleep Number bed. His mom is sleeping in it while she is in town. Preston's mom will also be in studio tomorrow, she'll be on the hottie cam. Special thanks to Mitch Fatel, Heritage Auctioneers, and Joe from Lorenzo's Pizza. Lorenzo's Pizza is a WMMR hot spot, with our on-air staff's signatures and they play WMMR while serving customers. LOTD. Pierre made a mistake this week, he forgot to give away tickets to Black Sabbath. He'll have a lot of tickets to give away during his program today. Kathy just booked The Wiggles to come on the show soon... Pierre just played a workforce block of them. Special thanks to all of our sponsors. Tomorrow, the Kings of Summer and Mark Summers will be in. Marisa will be at Parx Casino tonight for Ladies night! See you tomorrow and rock on!

Lesson Question:
What perfume is reminiscent of Kathy's natural scent?

Lesson Answer:

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