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Weather. Traffic. News. Man and 3 women suing police because they were mistreated by department. Broad Street Run will have heightened security this weekend. Plan B will move over-the-counter, and age restriction will be lowered to 15 yrs old. Sports.Indians beat Phillies last night. NBA playoffs continue. Denver Nuggets still in. Grizzly's beat Clippers. NHL playoffs continue. Saint Louis Blues beat the LA Kings. We have Corona Light to give away for first of the month. Preston's friend has a train horn on his car. Get truckers on the line! Secret text word today. Central Bucks East is our Coolest Teacher school today. Truckers on the line. The month of May & Spring is here! You can flip the calender to Miranda this month.

Time 6:33-7:10

Secret Text Word today. Sound of Money. Traffic. At the end of this segment will announce coolest teacher. Birthdays. D'arcy Wretzky 45. Wes Anderson 44. Judy Collins 74. Rita Coolidge 68. Tim McGraw 46. Ray Parker Jr. 59. Casey's niece Hailey is 13 today. Entertainment News. Jennifer Lawrence and Nick Holte may be back together. Maria Shriver accepted gig on Today Show as special anchor. Ex fiance of gay NBA player Jason Collins said she never knew he was gay. Preston's aunt caught her husband in bed with man once. LA paramedic testified in Michael Jackson's wrongful death suit yesterday. Catherine blamed AEG for hiring Dr. Murray. I want no less than a hundred billiondy dollars! We all remember where we were when he died. There will be a Downton Abbey clothing line. Downton Abbey star Lily James cast as Cinderella in Kenneth Branagh remake. Lindsay Lohan start a celebrity blog about her rehab experience. Demi Moore made amends with one of her kids. Rumor Willis looks too much like Bruce. Wayne Gretzky's daughter is so hot. Clips. Ray Liotta. Don Cheadle. Mr. Dave Scarpill won coolest teacher at Central bucks East! New school will be Central Bucks West! That's hilarious. Sound of Money later.

Time 7:21-7:49

Sound of Money coming up. Traffic. Calender's Miranda of May has her videos up on site. Congrats to CB East's Mr. Scarpill. Next is CB West. Giving out prize to Intern Olympics winner later. Carnival Games.Man in New Hampshire lost entire life savings on a carnival game. Kept trying to win back his money, ended up losing it all. Casey played game where you have to put key in a keyhole like Operation. Lost $15. Nick won carnival game when 14, still feels proud. Winning these games are blind luck. The goldfish games are easy, but Steve could never win. There are some games where everyone wins. Ones that require skill are impossible. These games are a test of your manhood. Mr. Scarpill of CB East is on the line! He put us on hold! Caller Tom is convinced carnival games aren't rigged because his friend ALWAYS wins. Used to be that you could win cigarettes. Buckets of Fun is how the guy lost all his money. Casey thinks that games where you can win big prizes always have a catch. Caller Heather used to win knives. Sound of Money.This isn't rigged. Mr. Scarpill is on the air now. He recently donated a kidney to his dad. Anyway, the guy is dumb for losing all his money. Preston got scammed at Three Card Monty once. Casey is really good at cards. In studio try to get ball in buckets. Preston wins! You win birth control! 'Tis the season of carnival games. Don't waste your life savings. Stop at $150. We have a Sound of Money winner! It's the last week for this.

Stupid Q:

What brand of tequila is mentioned in the song “Hey 19” by Steely Dan?


Stupid A:

Cuervo Gold

Time 7:55-8:08

Should we get crazy close to each other now?Live on Fox.Couples now signing contracts on literally everything that happens in their life. It's dumb. They're on the rise too. Nick's hat is cute. Casey is jealous Nick got on TV. Traffic. Bizarre File. An Indian World Record holder that used his ponytail to cross on zip line died during stunt. Students at Pittsburgh Catholic school are in trouble for dressing like Pope and being naked from waste down while handing out condoms. Janitor dies from falling into meat grinder. He was really caught up in the situation. Man stored 300 gallons of human urine in his home. Ladies Night at Club Risque.

Time 8:21-9:01

Beautiful Day” by U2. Traffic. Text of the day is about it being cleavage season. It's time to Announce Winner of Intern Olympics. Best part was every day there was a break show didn't have to prepare for. Also, for first time they all know intern names. Vicki won bit & breakfast (week #1). Christine won make a game (week #2). Christine won book a guest (week #3). Vicki won stunt (week #4). There will be runner up prizes. First place winner is Marisa!!! She was very consistent the entire month. She and her mom also campaigned well. Her dad wants her to get her tattoo removed. Second place is Christine! She got $200 Xfinity Live gift card. Vicki was third. Kat was fourth. And Greg was fifth. They all get $100 Xfinity Live gift card and all the half full bottles on top of fridge in office.It was a great contest! Thanks to Del Val for sponsoring.Quarter-Life Crisis. They seek change after college. Casey gives credit to people that can turn lives around at 25. Kathy has a friend who works in PR and hates it. You're lucky if you love your job. Pressure to succeed. This is one of Kathy's topics in her West Chester speech. Kathy, Steve, Nick never thought they'd be in radio. Take internships everywhere because learn what like and don't like. It's really hard to be in your twenties because of all the uncertainty. Don't measure your worth by your peers. Casey graduated same time as Matt Calper who works here and Matt started out doing much better than him. Change careers while young cause can't later. Hate people who get job right out of school. Parents put a lot of pressure on their kids too. You have to pay your dues before you make it. Everyone on this show is lucky and grateful. It's going to be okay. Follow your dreams. Secret Text Word.

Time 9:12-9:34

Weather. Traffic. Craig Robinson in studio. Got to hang out with Danny Boyle last time he was here. He tries to keep pressure off himself now he's a leading actor. Movie is black version of Meet The Parents. David Allen Greer and Diane Carol are so amazing. He used to teach K-8 music for four years. When he plays keyboard on The Office, it's real! Will be in Scranton, PA for The Office parade this Saturday. Final episode of The Office is wrapped. It was very bittersweet. Working on The Office was an amazing experience. Spoiler: Dwight is doing karate all over the office and it was literally the funniest thing he's ever seen. On set of Peeples, he tried his best to make Kerry Washington laugh in scenes. She is also the hottest woman he ever kissed. Grateful for all the amazing opportunities. Working with James Spader in The Office was so interesting. This Is The End is coming out soon too. Movie looks so ridiculous. East Bound & Down outtakes are great too. There's an art to preparing for roles. Never watches movie twice. Casey's cousin was on plane with Craig last night. New NBC pilot called Mr. Robinson. Thank you to the fans.


Time 9:46-9:54

Cheap Trick at MMRBQ. Traffic. How do you do a blimp impression? Secret Text Word.Bizarre File. Man charged after found eating lint out of carpet at Burlington Coat Factory. He was on meth & pills. Two men fell through restroom ceiling as they tried to spy on women. Passenger on plane detained after not flushing lavatory toilet. He's now suing Virgin Airlines for $500,000.


Time 10:05-10:15

Secret Text Word Winner.Hollywood Trash. Harry Styles crushed by dozens of fans after walking out of hotel. Women that used to be engaged to gay NBA star Jason collins said she never knew he was gay. Reality star Bethany Franklin filed for divorce. Entertainment News. Soundgarden will be on PBS' Artist's Den in July. Muse playing little club show next year for their 20th anniversary. Stone Gossard said Pearl Jam's new album is almost done and will come out late 2013 or early 2014. Ozzy Osbourne said in interview that he's confident he will stay sober this time after relapsing for 18 months. His daughter Kelly is engaged to a vegan chef and she said she needed him to be sober and present at her wedding. Sharon is living apart from her husband until she can be certain he can be clean. They are not getting divorced though. Further, Grateful Dead spinoff band, will be canceling several shows due to Bob Weir's collapse on stage during a show. He will not be able to play for a while. The band didn't sound good at night either. They still haven't finished the song. It's a long song.


Time 10:26-10:33

Our broadcast day is coming to an end today. Preston remembers when he had his first radio job, he was drunk and alone at 2am during his night shifts. He wasn't Kenny Jones then. Just Preston. Wrap Ups. Thanks Craig Robinson! Congrats to Intern Marisa who won $1000 with the Intern Olympics. It's going to be gorgeous all week. Pierre thinks we should go frolic and bandy about all day today. Nick will sashay. Casey will skip. Marisa will meander. Steve always demands a true Spring, and we have it! Pierre has a lot in store for today.


Lesson Q:

What game did the Pharaoh's really like to play?


Lesson A:





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