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Wednesday on Preston and Steve: Craig Robinson

Time 6:08-6:17

Mostly cloudy and rainy, sunshine by Thurs. Traffic News Husband dead after being shot by burglars in front of his wife in NE Philly. Evidence of female DNA found on one of the bombs used in the attacks in Boston. Surveillance video shows robbery victim chasing after suspect moments before he was shot in Society Hill Sports NBA's Jason Collins first US athlete to be openly gay. Phillies vs Cleveland tonight. Marc Maron will be calling in. First winner of Coolest Teacher to be announced. Club Risque Ladies Night Sound of Money

Time 6:28-7:00

Dropkick Murphys getting you fired up today. Traffic Stupid Q Birthdays Kirsten Dunst 31, Willie Nelson 80, Burt Young Paulie from Rocky 73 He was the popular kid in school in My So Called Life Cloris Leachman 87, Stupid AEntertainment News Anne Hathaway landed at LAX & sat in a stranger's car while waiting for her ride to hide from TMZ cameras. Holy Hell you're Anne Hathaway, I loved you in Devil Wears Prada. Reese Witherspoon says in interview with Redbook, that “successful women should be able to show off a bit” Leo Dicaprio promoting his new film Great Gatsby when he revealed that he's partially responsible for having Jay-Z do the audio on the film.Just like that Will I Am song Go get soda go to the bathroom I know it, I know it I know it he actually ran out of words love stupid I know it stupid love, love stupid. Martha Stewart turning to internet for love, appearing on the Today Show with Matt Lauer. She'd like to have breakfast and go to bed with someone and gets ome butt ation I liket things that pertain to the but its a good thing try to elimate odeor from the posterior region I have som ideas. It can be a problem with chafing in that area try some baking soda with a little vanilla. Kate Middleton plans to spend most of her time w/mother because they're moving asbestos from her & Prince William's home. Teen Mom Farrah Abraham finished negotiating her sex tape with Vivid Entertainment its called “Back Door Teen Mom” Clips Michael Shannon Coolest Teacher Announcement Mrs Mooney Carboni of Marple Twp High School she's in the English Dept. CB East High School text 39333 until tomorrow morning at 6am.

Time 7:11-7:57

Traffic Just announced Coolest Teacher of Marple Twp Mrs Mooney Carboni on the Phone A couple of her students mentioned it to her yesterday. She just tries to relate to every kind of student, she runs the guitar club. First active NBA player Jason Collins announced he's Gay article says he's opened the door for other people it must be horrible to put on a facade. There's a reason why a lot of gay athletes don't play in team sports because of the persecutions. He says he felt like he's been in an oven for 13 years. As a college graduate you now need to face job interviews. Things Not to Do in a Job Interview. Casey had dog hair all over him at his first interview. They've seen students texting or taking calls during an interview. Yooooo duuuuude!!! You banged that pig!??? Hang on one sec. Sound of Money Laura interviews recent college grads kids come in and have no idea how to talk to adults. Listener interviewed a guy they walked outside he got all sweaty and when they came into the AC he kept wiping his forehead w/ back of thumb & licked the sweat off. Scientist interviewed a man when he talked about his 4yr old took a dump. Dave managed restaurants he interviewed a guy asking him when he had a disagreement and how he handled it, his response was that he hit him over the head with a monkey wrench. Congratulations to Norm Rush of Perkasie. Casey says his best friend Jeff's father is retiring today from Boeing after 30 years.


 Stupid Q: Who was the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog in the cartoon tv show?


Stupid A: Jaleel White


 Time 8:08-8:18

Preston and Steve will be at Lorenzos on Friday Traffic Club Risque Ladies Night Bizarre File Jason Vickery arrested after getting into a home through an unlocked door and pleasured himself in their bathroom but then found an remote control helicopter. Man tried to shoot squirrel for dinner by taping a .40 caliber cartridge to a bb gun hospitalized from shrapnel wounds after it exploded. Wesley Warren Jr 48 yr old Las Vegas man had 132lbs scrotum had the tumor removed successfully. Man charged with murder of younger brother at a wake for their older brother was in court today. Police arrested man in southeast India said 9 year old son drive father's ferrari with 5 yr old brother in the back seat. Liscio's Bakery.

Time 8:32-8:55

Music from The Who this morning Sound of Money Listener Marshall tweeted a pic of his roofdeck view at work in NYC. Liscios Iron Man 3 Screening Recap Tons of uber fans of Iron Man 3 Preston gives it a thumbs up all the way around Its in the realm of the Avengers, the time flies by, there's effects sequences and Robert Downey Jr. is the man. Casey is going to see it again tonight. Audio of Willie Nelson's audition as the Gandolf in the Hobbit on Conan. His Gandolf smokes a lot of pot. How I Met Your Mother had Ralph Maccio on the show last night. The Yelp App on the phone Casey used it in Boston earlier this year. Other businesses can sabotage others. Preston invests in Mac's Tavern, someone yelped and complained about them showing Its Always Sunny on their tvs. The guy yelped a bunch of lies. Critiquing Prisons on Yelp. Sing Sing Correctional worst staff in the world unprofessional staff, great sodomy. Do they allow you computer privileges in prisons. They look through all the mail, because we've received mail from Graterford Prison. Listener Steve was in prison, says you don't have access to the internet. You can get on an approved list to call someone. You can't just dial anyone you want. You pay 15 a month to watch tv. There are full on reviews of prisons on Yelp. How's the hole at Graterford? Marc Maron coming up.

Time 9:03-9:34

Traffic. Marc Maron on the Phone Show called “Maron” is about a guy doing a podcast in his garage, because his life has gone off the rails. Picking real things out of his life and putting it into the show. He finds internet trolls and tracks them down. If you're having a bad day and someone gives you a hard time online its best to start a war with one of the douche bags. Steve says to write something think about it for a bit and the delete it. Marc responds with a fury of anger and then sometimes its not worth it to send it out. Premieres Fri night at 10 on IFC. Parking in Handicapped Spots Casey witnessed an a-hole squeeze his car into the handicapped spot with him leaving him a ft to squeeze into. Casey wanted to leave a note onto the windshield, he was so close to saying something. He's glad that he's saying something about it and that he didn't engage in anything with his kids in the car. Preston was driving and the guy in front of him put his brakes on but the brake lights were out. He got out of the car and told him they don't work. Not returning the shopping cart 15ft away is infuriating. Nick does it all the time. Justin lets the air out of people's tires in his apt complex for parking in the handicapped spot. Robin has a handicapped son, she confronts the people that park in those spots. Listener works for ACME has to go out and tell people they need to move their cars, he's dealt with threats and arguments. There are spots for expecting mothers. Look at the fat ass on the one silhouette (that's her stomach). Kathy uses handicapped stalls in bathrooms. Preston uses family stalls. Handicapped toilets are too tall for Marisa. Club Risque Ladies Night


Time 9:45-9:57

Liscios Bakery Traffic Preston wants to talk to the douche bags that take up 2 handicapped spots. They just want to show off that they have a cool car, he thinks they need to slash their tires. Bizarre File Three mountaineers assaulted on Mt. Everest by Sherpas. Fire and rescue personnel found a truck wedged 10 feet up in a tree, nobody was inside. Pizza delivery driver car jacked, he delivered the pizza on foot before calling police. Metro police in Africa searched a 38 yr old con artist's surgery and found a goat head oozing blood in a bowl, 8 wooden penises & boxes of illegal penis-enlargement pamphlets. Listener Pete just got a P&S tattoo he's 25 like Ralph Maccio he's a maintenance worker. He got a liberty bell with P&S in the crack.

Time 10:08-10:25

Glimpse of some sun coming through today, great weather this weekend. Lorenzos Club Risque Ladies Night The guys are out and about in the city, they become physically wiped out after so many events. Lesson QHollywood Trash Amber Heard seen with Johnny Depp she's a super hot lesbian Depp said it was something he'd have to learn to live with Jason Collins first athlete to say he's gay, Manti Te'o says he's recently involved with a pretend boyfriend. Lesson A:Music News Beastie Boys signed a deal with random house to write a memoir, making it a multi dimensional experience. Loosely structured as an oral history with visual components. Alter Bridge announcing recording on 4th album. Chris Martin spotted with Jay Z at a British football match for Manchester United. Corey Taylor of Slipknot says his second book set to be published on July 16th follows him undercover with ghost busting groups to gather info on existence of spirits. There are a ton of these Ghost hunting shows. A wide array of fart noises are being played its always right before Pierre gets in. Liscios Bakery $50 Gift Card

Time 10:33-10:42

Bill Weston is dressed like dracula, he's got a red shirt black shirt and black pants. Liscios Bakery $50 Gift CardWrap Up Thanks to Marc Maron his show “Maron” debuts Friday at 10 on IFC. LOTD: I Preston didn't like the Beatles song that they started off with yesterday for 1968 it was transitioning into the era of music. Kevin Gunn did a great job putting those montages together. Congratulations to English teacher Mrs. Mooney Carboni of Marple Twp High School. Craig Robinson is stopping by the studio tomorrow.

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