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Disc: 1 Date: 04-29-2013

Track1Time 6:10-6:20

Good Monday Morning. Traffic. News. Police commissioner grants a change for having handguns – 1200 guns have been taken off the streets – new police recruits choose whats best to carry. The 104th floor – one of the highest buildings – 800 tons – consists of broadcast and images of the city – it looks great. The city of Philadelphia is cracking down on side-walks for restaurants – cafe's – sidewalks must always be clear for pedestrians – tables take up too much space – you must follow your seating plan. Sports News. Ryan Howard snaps 7th inning tie and Hammels gets his first win. Phillies win over the Mets. Flyers miss playoffs. Michael Jordan gets married over the weekend. Married 35 year old model. Iron Man 3 screening.

Intern Olympics. Stay There – we will be right back!!!!!


Track 2 Time 6:34-7:17

Nirvana. Traffic. Stupid Question. Birthdays. Jerry Seinfeld is pushing 60. He loves collecting the Porsche's and driving around to chill at restaurants. Uma Thurman is still looking for Bill. Michelle Pfeiffer is 55 – she still looks great, but where has she been. The Brady Bunch still rocks it. Daniel Day-Lewis is 56 – what a legend – 3 time Oscar winning. Preston loves him in Gangs of New York. Holy crap. Happy Birthday WMMR:45. Stupid Answer – George. Entertainment News. Pain & Gain gets #1 spot. Iron Man 3 made 195 million over-seas. Glee Star has finished rehab and has reunited with Liam Michelle. Anne Hathaway's husband has gotten her into marijuana – she was holding a blunt – its that J-Homeslice. Jeffrey Wright is busted for a DWI at 3am. Lindsay Lohan has been dropped from a 500,000 endorsement deal. Rocky will be a musical on Broadway. Taylor Swift bought her 1st home – 17 million in cash. Amanda Bynes is still scaring us with Selfies. Doctor Conrad Murray is still not going to take the blame for Jackson's death. Ashton Kutcher gets into conflict with security guard. Iron Man 3 screening – caller 5. MMR's Coolest Teacher: students – tell us your favorite teacher: Marple Newtown High School. Preston had bad teachers but loves teachers now. Kathy's teacher made waffles every-week. Stay There!!!!!


Track 3 Time 7:27-7:59

This damn weather. Traffic. Text of the Day – Silver Linings Playbook. Being Read

Your Miranda Rights. Being Arrested/Under-Arrest. Preston had been read his Miranda-rights and it's not fun. Why don't people ask for a lawyer if your innocent. Just corporate and you'll be fine – sike. Cops need to stop acting tough – especially if they never busted someone. Casey is curious if you need to speak another language if the suspect is not American. Caller James got arrested for a prank at Marple Newtown High School – painted a turf field – had to pay $13,000 to fix it. Intern Dani – had possession of marijuana when she was a senior in high-school – she wasn't scared when she was arrested – it hit her afterward.

Sound of Money. Casey never really fears the police, even when Kathy sells heroin. After the body-cavity search, I'll give you the recipe. Nick gets nervous with the cops – his heart never stops pumping. Kathy shut up, your mouth is a zip-block bag – shut it. Mr. Bolaris – shut your mouth, change your occupation. My Cousin Vinny – I shot the clerk, There's Something About Marry – yeah, where I come from this ain't that big of a deal. Just remain silent.

Mike Rights – Sound of Money. Iron Man 3 screening - 3rd caller. Stay There People!!!!!


Stupid Question:

What mountain held the event: Raising The Flag?


Stupid Answer:



Disc: 2 Date: 04-29-2013

Track1Time 8:10-8:20

We're back. Traffic. Steve has a new sound effect and it has been fixed.

MMR's Coolest Teacher:send in who your favorite teacher is. Bizarre File.

5,000 dollar diamond makes its way into an 80 year old woman's stomach – downing alcohol. She wasn't paying attention when she took a swallow – diamonds don't show up on x-rays but it was later seen when she went to receive a colonoscopy. Man in a garden ignites himself on fire – police couldn't do anything about it and the man passed away. Tazers can ignite? 3 year old baby was thrown in a bon-fire: happened in Chile – mother thought she was the anti-christ and believed the world was ending. Voo-Doo donuts look like my dads Schultz. Iron Man 3 screening – caller 5.


Track 2 Time 8:32-9:01

Already tired of this damn rain. Traffic. Shameless Shart-Out: Rachel Ray show: Weight-loss – Jackie N. Intern Olympics. Intern Olympics – Christine. The real Olympics last a lot shorter than our Olympic Games. Its our last stunt – our last shot. We can do it now. Intern Christine. There is a warrant out for her arrest. Her nick-name is Miranda. Our stunt is selling drugs. She will blind-fold each of them and will give them 2 BB-Guns: one is loaded, one isn't. Just shoot her in the ass. Let's start shooting each other is the ass. Christine is bending over: 3-2-1 – we shot her in the back. Steve got her right in the back. Steve wins!!!!! At least it wasn't as bad as Greg's. Your vote counts: winner is revealed on Wednesday. Intern Olympics. Introducing Your Music To KidsPreston's mom is staying with him and she is Preston's date. Preston's mom cranked up AC/DC – For Those About To Rock! Who is that – that's your nut sack. Sharing music with your parents is rare, but important. Kathy's dad was never into it. As a parent, your obligated to give your kids music a chance. Preston will now be more open to listen to his kids music. Casey tries to play it fair. Just don't choose Mumford and Sons. Preston tries a little too hard – just smack him next time, damn it. Its important to listen to new tunes. MMRBQ. Iron Man 3 screening – caller 8.


Track 3 Time 9:13- 9:35

Word of the Week coming up & Sound of Money. Traffic. Vicki – Philly's Hottest Nerdy Girl. Are Bikini's America's swimsuit of choice? Who really knows or can tell.

American Female/ Male Swim & Underwear. One piece – Kathy won. Bikini's don't count anymore. 53% says 1 piece – 29% is a 2 piece: Steve wears that one. 18% plan on wearing a bikini. 57% they made the choice for comforting reasons. Jenny McCarthy wears a one piece that shows cleavage down to her bush. Steve wouldn't wear a banana boat. Kathy points out those who wear the Speedo's. All the dudes in Europe wear Speedo's. Steve's wife has rocking' body swimwear. Why are they making panties and thongs for men – we don't want the butt tug anymore. This is female designed undies for men – this is just getting weird. Wait are strippers gay if they wear undies? The idea is to feel soft and freely. Straight guys still like pillow fighting. I just want to feel like a woman. Casey doesn't get the straight-up bra for men – that just crosses the line. Ed Wood, the director used to wear woman's clothing – Kashmir sucks man – its so annoying – heat, heat, heat. Kathy hates Panty-hose. Truck drivers wear Panty-hose. Preston loves a woman in stockings. Casey dressed like a girl for Halloween. Men, its now your chance to buy some woman panty-hose.

Iron Man 3 screening – caller 4. Call Now!!!!!! Stay There!!!!!!!!!


Disc: 3 Date: 04-29-2013

Track1Time 9:46-9:55

Its still cloudy, where is the sun. Traffic. Mary, our old intern, is in our studio. She is graduating and she is extremely smart. Congrats Mary – Kum Laude. Bizarre File.

2 men in Washington after a murder suicide – an argument over Phish concert tickets. The man was shot and died on his way to the hospital – one pair of tickets for 3,000$. The shooting wasn't captured and no charges have been made, so far. An elderly couple blasted Iron Maiden songs towards their neighbors home – she was taking sleeping pills and then thought that she would get revenge by blasting Maiden. A woman called the police due to the neighbors kittens were having sex in the yard – kittens are horny. A teacher in South Korea – he beat a student and then masturbated afterward. That's just how people do in Korea. The teacher is now suspended – it shouldn't be a termination. Iron Man 3 screening - 13th caller. Just come out tonight – Kathy ain't going!!!!


Track 2 Time 10:06-10:22

Ladies Night – Cub Risque. Men who get stuck in traffic usually always have to go to the bathroom – bad timing – The-Go-Pilot. Lesson Question. Hollywood Trash. Michael Jordan marries in-front of 2,000 guests. Kardashian clan soaks up the sun. Jermaine Jackson still clearly wont pay his child-support. Lesson Answer. Music News. Preston has no Music News – Nothing is worth reporting but its MMR's 45th Birthday! 45 years today!

Happy Birthday MMR – 45 Years. The same damn format and still ripping success. Its worth celebrating especially with the crap that goes out today. Its just straight-forward rock. Casey is very proud to work within Philly especially after living in Philly for so long – his pride has never gone down. Its a great honor and legacy. Chuck enrolled in a Community College just to work here – wow. Go Chuck. Steve admires how the station has stuck to its original format. Great feedback is always a blessing. We have a lot of new music today – Pierre is going to kill it today. Its going to be interesting. Nick holds a high regard for his job – he always wanted to be Pierre even when he is off his meds. Preston enjoys seeing his name displayed in this building. Pierre's producer got married – Jason got married – wow. Jason is having a child. Free Music Monday – caller 8.


Track 3 Time 10:33-10:50

Intern Olympics – text to vote of who you think won. Each week – check out Preston and Steve for updates. Pierre is in the house. Jason's wedding was awesome. Pierre did not speak out to the crowd though. Kathy's cousin got married at the same location and she says its amazing. Happy Birthday MMR – 45 Years. Pierre tweeted many photos of the wedding. Jason gets one day off – no honeymoon for Jason – just kidding. We will see Jason in the next week or so. Live-Nation is here with MMR's Birthday Cake. There will no longer be Entertainment once this building blows up. Its Rum Cake. The Cake looks great – instead of sugar they used cocaine. Shhh don't tell anyone. Wrap-Up.

Pierre is always at a show – does anyone go to more shows than Pierre? Anyone. He is very credited for exploring the music. It wouldn't be Pierre without Pierre. Pierre saw Jay-Z live – that's a shocker. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MMR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today is 1968' day. The year of great music. A time without texting and internet. Iron Man 3 screening – callers 10 and 11. Letter of the Day – B. Word of the Week. Pierre is running slowly – time to collect records.


Lesson Question:

where is Clint Eastwood hoping to find his next girlfriend?


Lesson Answer:



Letter of the Day:


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