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Not in studio today, at Subaru. Weather. Traffic. News Police say a 10 year old boy who was pointing a gun at a female victim turned himself in Monday night. Boston marathon bombers were saving remaining explosives for New York. A fire in a psychiatric hospital in Moscow killed 38 people.  Sports Chip Kelly and the Eagles pick Johnson from Oklahoma in their first round pick. Flyers beat Islanders 2-1. Pirates won 6-4 over Pirates. Steve is really looking forward to the muffins at Subaru. Gilbert Godfried is coming in. Mark Wahlberg is calling in. Preston can't hear anything coming from the radio station. 
Track  2                          Time 6:35-7:07
Live on location at Subaru of America. Traffic. We'll meet the CEO of Subaru today.   Stupid Question. Birthdays Joey Jordison, 38. Channing Tatum, 33. Jordanna Bruster, 33. Jet Lee, 50. Carol Burnett, 80. Kevin James, 48. Melena Trump, 43. Preston's daughter Caroline is 6 years old. Sweet Caroline. Meltdown Grilled Cheese. Stupid Answer. Entertainment News Jennifer Anniston not having Justin sign a pre-nup. She has some nice ittys. Martha Stuart on the front cover of Parade magazine. Hustler. She wanted to get 60$ an hour. So can a hooker. Sylvester Stalone's puppy found dead. Family put out a missing poster $10,000 reward. Someone found Phoebe the dog. Blaze of glory that's a win win in Preston's book. Steve isn't going to fight this one it's clearly over. MTV announce Snooki and Jwow for a third season. They are going to do Scream on TV as a series. Season Finale of Duck Dynasty was the highest rating 10 millions viewers. Jenifer Love Hewitt could join the Judge panel for new season of X Factor. She also had a hit called lets bang. Was a hit in Japan. Rowland is a done deal. Alexis Mears' is not happy about being portrayed in a movie featuring Emma Watson called the Bling Ring. Snoop Dogg had a 4/20 party in LA that was shut down by police. Snoop said the cops let him go with the party. Bob Marley meets Judge Dredd. Justin Long thinks TV and movie doctors aren't realistic. Jessica Alba's weight loss help is wearing 2 gurdles. 2 gurdles 1 cup. Marisa thinks Subaru is pretty. Clips Emily Blunt talks about her character in her new film Arthur Newman. John Fathrow talks about Iron Man winning over other Superheroes. Iron Man 3. Subaru is pampered with their kitchen. 
Track  3                          Time 7:18-7:46
Live at Subaru in Cherry Hill. Traffic. Jacky Bam-Bam is dressed in full Mummer's brigade. He's there, free-ballin' in his Mummers suit. Matt Ritter director of Subaru Philadelphia would dress as a mummer if he was ever going to fire someone. Every like received during the live broadcast they'll give 4 meals to a needy family. Subaru has the same birthday of WMMR. 326,000 pounds of food this year. Subaru has impeccable safety. School debates Carter took the unhealthy side of food. He wrote a debate. 4th grader arguing for sweets. I would ask you to consider the opponent, she kisses a lot of boys. Carter could be a speech writer for Biden. Casey didn't debate until college. How do you eliminate feelings? You didn't kill them, you simply removed their head. Sorority girl quit the sorority because her video went viral. Twinkies are coming back. Bill Clinton joined twitter and was verified. Blue check. Sound of money. Subaru of America. 
Stupid Q: What is burger King called in Australia?
Stupid A: Hungry Jacks
Track  1                          Time 7:58-8:07
Steve wants a smoothie. Traffic. Subaru has an awesome kitchen. So much nature at Subaru. Nick ran after the bunnies like Lenny. Bizarre File NASA's 800 million dollar Mars explorers “accidentally” drew giant penises on Mars. Some dude wanted to play Free Willy at the beach. A woman told the cops that a man was pleasuring himself so much that he was shaking. A 25 year old woman was arrested from breaking into a house through the doggy door and sneaking into their bathroom. 21 year old man killed thousands of chickens. Man in Kansas who was unable to pay a prostitute so he called 911 for help. Iron Man 3. Free Ballin' Friday. 
Track  2                          Time 8:18-8:49
Live at Subaru of America. Traffic. Free Ballin' Friday! Gilbert Godfried Sugar is really delicious. When you add sugar to sugar it tastes better. He very rarely gets involved in sugar. Gilbert wasn't really the class clown or anything. Gilbert did celebrity wife swap with Alan Thicke. Gilbert's wife was happy someone was spending money on her. He said he'd do celebrity ghost stories if there was a black actor playing him. Gilbert is doing voice overs for Cyberchase. Keke's the real bitch of the Fresh Beat band. Is Twist really a DJ? Chuck's kids are into Big Time Rush. The Disney Channel has an unspoken deal where you have to pretend you don't wanna bang the stars. Disney Channel makes you feel creepy. Gilbert's daughter is going to turn 6. She has him wrapped around her finger. She also has a dirty joke DVD coming out. He is verified on twitter. Gilbert had to buy his on domain name on the website. Gilbert is one step away from having a brick for a phone. Very primitive. Gilbert reads love movie lines: Dirty Dancing line. Titanic line. Say Anything line. Romeo and Juliet line. The Last of the Mohecans line, nobody guessed it. Gone with the wind line. Deliverance line. Spiderman 2 line. Jerry Macguire line. Casablanca line. Gilbert was going to punch someone in the face if they didn't guess that. 
Track  3                          Time 9:01-9:37
Live in Cherry Hill Subaru. Traffic. Thank you to the Subaru cooks. Tom Dall COO of Subaru Donating food for likes of Facebook. They're trying to sell as many cars as possible and love helping people by raising money and food for charity. Mail room clerk, Dmitri, playing a game against Tom. Don't feel compelled to lose this because Tom decides your destiny. Tom and Dmitris are answering questions about each others jobs. They're both very savvy on each others jobs. Dmitris knows a lot. Dmitris won 14-7 over Tom. Preston saw that man's bare ass. Bill and Marlo from Philabundance thanking everyone who came out to the Campout for Hunger especially Subaru and Preston and Steve and WMMR. Many of the food donors are food companies and Subaru and WMMR are right up there in the top 10 donators. NFL draft started last night. Marshall Harris is at Subaru with the crew. Casey likes the draft but doesn't follow it 100%. The Eagles have a lot of holes to fill. Who do the Eagles pick in the draft? A QB? A corner? The Eagles are “packing” because they have the most  penis related names. Marshall predicts that they're going to pick a QB in the second round and they think he's at an advantage because he has seen a lot of these players play and studied their tapes coming from the collegiate level. People get crazy about baseball but there's 162 games in the season. Pitching looks good for the Phillies. Draft starts at 6 tonight. 
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Live at Subaru. Traffic. Kathy will be at a few charity events this weekend. Bizarre File Men's crew team came across a large floating head in the Hudson river. Man who tried to kill himself got caught on another balcony. 35 year old Susan Stillwagon arrested for telling people, including her son, that she had cancer when he didn't. She was accepting donations and having fundraisers for him. School bus driver arrested for child endangerment for letting children fight on the bus. Woman who thought she was God lit her car on fire and she said her babies were in the car which were her dogs. God may have been drinking that day. Iron Man 3. 
Track  2                          Time 10:04-10:21
Live at Subaru HQ in Cherry Hill. Lesson Q Hollywood Trash Brad Pitt attempting to buy topless scenes of his wife with a horse. Justin Biebers bus stopped for marijuana and a stun gun. SJP wants to get plastic surgery to reverse aging but she wont get any more custom made shoes since her blacksmith died. Lesson A Music News Black Sabbath revealed North America summer tour. 3 doors down bassist checked into rehab after posting bail. Slash has thrown his name into a campaign for shark friendly marinas. Mark Wahlberg On for Pain and Gain. Had to eat 12 meals a day and nap all the time. His new line is doing really well. Talks about how it is to prepare physically for this movie. Michael Bay is an awesome guy who can't really do any wrong. Mark had not heard the story before the script but he looked it up and realized that these guys are insane. Everyone rallies around Boston and having that kind of support really helps with the healing process. Hopefully Chip can turn everything around for the Eagles. Can't wait to be in studio again. Subaru of America. 
Track  3                          Time 10:31-10:45
Live at Subaru. Intern Olympics hit a snag, fire bad, gun bad, warrant for her arrest. Intern Bill looks crazy. Pierre is here. LOTD. Matt from Subaru turned this into a donation event. 27,332 meals from facebook likes. 30,000 meals rounded up. Preston ate so much food. WoW. Thanks to Gilbert Godfreid, Marshall Harris, Mark Wahlberg and Philabundance. Pierre celebrating 2 years today for WMMR 45. Charity events this weekend that Kathy will be attending. Casey will be part of Comcast Sportsnet on Sunday night. Subaru family helped a lot today. 
Lesson Q: Why did Larry Hagman have to leave the TV show Dallas?
Lesson A: Because of death
WoW: Solar

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