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Mostly sunny skies high of 65 today. Traffic News 30 yr old Melissa Rodriguez of Collingdale, NJ missing since Friday. Her estranged husband called her said she was going to Newark to visit friends, hasn't heard from her. Suspect in Boston Marathon bombing acknowledged to FBI his role in attacks, but did so before his constitutional right before getting a lawyer, he has immediately stopped talking. Sports Pirates beat the Phillies 5-3. Flyers play final home game against Islanders. NFL draft final round is tonight. Jim Cramer from CNBC in studio today, Intern Olympics, Jason Blum of The Purge, Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes.

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Nice trend of weather for this weekend. Traffic Stupid Q Birthdays Renee Zellweger “lemon face” 44, Hank Azaria, Al Pacino 73, Jason Lee 45, Stupid A Entertainment News Gwyneth Paltrow landed on the “Most Beautiful Women in the World” list, and Portia DeRossi also made the list. Director Shane Black of Iron Man 3 getting rid of superhero's battle with alcoholism. They gave him the squirts instead. Lindsey Lohan attended Tues nights broadway performance of Orphans where's Sandy? Where's Daddy Warbucks? Where's Rizzo, you better shape up. Where's Alec Baldwin? She tweeted during the show “sitting here watching Orphans everyone's got their pupils WTF” Amanda Bynes says she's in the Marykate and Ashley wealth category. Nick Stahl stopped by a cop in the middle of the day asked to empty his pockets for no reason, he appeared suspicious. Rob Kardashian upset that he's made fun of by being compared to Chaz Bono because of his weight problem. Jennifer Lopez might be making a return to American Idol to replace Mariah. Its a new world order the voice of an angel you'll be the siren for my new world order you'll sing the songs that keep everyone happy. They should put Bane as a judge you are just everything sunshine and rainbows, I love you. That's why it pains me to kill you. I could help you with your voice by lifting your head off your neck. Audio of reporter cursing on his first day on air. Sales for Sweet Caroline have gone up 597% NBC airing Million Second Quiz will air live 24/7 for 5 weeks. Clips: Dwayne Johnson Pain & Gain. Gwyneth Paltrow

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Listen for the Sound of Money coming up TrafficJim Cramer in Studio host of Mad Money on CNBC. He had a couple cups of coffee this morning he goes 100mph all the time. Hes from the area and a big Eagles fan. He sold ice cream and coke at the Vet, he says the Vet is better than the Linc. Preston has no idea what he's doing with money, his wife takes care of everything. He likes to buy what he sees, what he knows. See what you like around you and invest in it. Disney and Home Depot are good investments. Put your money in a mutual fund. He put money each week into a mutual fund and he felt like it was important to do that over time. Google Glass is coming out, he thinks its not something that will move the needle for them. He likes Biotech because they're solving world problems. He's doing his show live from Villanova today. He says for student loans you need to stretch it out. He owed a lot of money out of college, he stayed at home for a while. You can get jobs if you're mobile. He was on an oil rig in ND about a year ago, he says to those who haven't gone to college you can work on an oil rig and work up to making 100k. Preston asks how you know if you've got a good financial adviser if your statement is going down after 4 months you may have a bad guy. Sound of Money


Stupid Q: What is in the center of a 5th Ave bar?


Stupid A: Peanut Butter


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Sound of Money Traffic Intern Kat is standing here doing calf raises before her stunt. Bizarre File gang bust made inside Baltimore's jail system a scheme to bring in judges. Corrections officers and 25 others have federal offenses. 70 year old woman sentenced to jail for faking deaths and staging funerals in a mortuary she worked at. Division 1 college UNH senior athlete is ending his collegiate career for donating his bone marrow today to save someone's life. Jason Grubbs of Newark DE, suspected of 16 indecent exposure in Newark, DE after two woman spotted him walking down the street with no pants on slapping his own butt. Olympics Intern Kat is really nervous. She just needs a 2 min timer, 5 callers with :30 time frames. Intern Kat Eats a Tube of Wasabi Preston accidentally ate a ball of wasabi and immediately felt awful. It shouldn't kill you but too much of anything could kill you. This is not going to end well, but someone will win something. She ate the whole thing! Its sitting in the back of her throat burning her esophagus right now. Marisa is doing ladies night at Parx Casino tonight from 7-9.

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Enemies from Shinedown. We've got a good looking day today. Traffic Jason Blum CEO of Blumhouse Productions in StudioThe film he's recently produced called The Purge. They developed the film 10 years ago about a year ago they had an idea of “what if crime was legal for 12 hours out of the year?” He thought it was a cool idea to work with. Its like Insidious and Sinister where its traditionally shot. Great stories like The Lord of the Flies what if were given our inner demons to run free, Ethan Hawk is in the film and they're looking to survive the night with his wife and 2 kids. Preston won't watch Paranormal Activity. Nick posted the video to the website and the frame of the photo from The Purge alone he's not sure if he can go see the film. Preston likes watching the found footage format, when someone pitches an idea to him unless they have to tell it in found footage it brings out more problems than it solves, the production is easier and cheaper. Steve loved the movie Sinister He does the sequels to Paranormal Activity every year, Steve's issue with Blair Witch he wanted them to just drop the camera and run.

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Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes on their way Traffic. Kevin Smith just tweeted that he's “cream cheesing inside us” Best and Worst Jobs revealed Newspaper reporter is one of the worst jobs, maybe because its a dying industry. Bottom 10: Worst Lumberjack death is probably part of the job, enlisted military personnel, Listener Chris is a reporter works for the Delco Times says the people that want to do it will pursue it even though its a dying industry. Preston's first job offer was in Truth or Consequences Arizona, it was right next to Beat the Clock Wyoming. Oil Rig worker, Dairy Farmer is hard physical work, Meter Reader, Mail Carrier, Roofer, Flight Attendant. Preston enjoys what he does everyday. Find the thing you love to do the most, Steve bit the bullet for many years on this gig. Top Ten Best Jobs: Computer Systems Analyst, Optometrist, Occupational Therapist, Dental Hygienist, “The Mouth is the window of the butt” -Ghandi Financial Planner, Audiologist, Kathy's mom worked from home and made a separate area in the house for it. Biomedical Engineer, Actuary


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Traffic tonight at the Keswick you'll be able to see Jay and Silent Bob's Super Groovy Cartoon Movie. Kevin Smith in Studio Jason is sleeping on the tour bus right now. They were in Boston last night and left about 3am to drive here. He woke him up to get ready he had his hands straight down his pants. Kevin Smith is at the head of something like Kick Starter. They almost did something similar to a Kick Starter for Red State. He could get 5-7 million for Clerks 3, but if he does that its 5-7 million that goes a way for everyone else. He doesn't want to suck the money out of his audience, its more for the Indie movie makers. Nick Murphy just started a kick start program and in a number of hours they met their goal within 6 hours. They wrote a 6 episode web series, In 6 hours their budget was made. In Kevin's generation they were the indie generation, then they wanted to sell it. He would like to finance Clerks 3 himself. Casey showed his kids the movie Big, they couldn't register that he was a kid. He wants to know what Kevin's house is like. He wanted an asteroids machine and a stand-up Tron. He bought a lot of the re-release Star Wars toys. He put them up on his walls, unopen all over his house. He was outraged when his daughter opened up a rare toy from the wall. He shot this for 69k as much as was spent on Clerks. They like going on tour going place to place doing these screenings and live Q&A's. The idea of spending 10 mil to make a film makes him sick. Jay and Bobs Groovy Movie at Keswick Theater tonight.

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Sound of money opportunity ladies night tonight at Parx Casino at Club 360 Bizarre File got a stuck in an elevator hotel in Austria for 4 days couldn't call for help he forgot his cell phone. Fake nurse in Seattle tried to obtain narcotics from patients' room, the line from the machine to the patients body was cut and taking their meds. Mall of America celebrated earth day by releasing 72k ladybugs into their indoor facility. Intoxicated homeless Michigan man received 9 stitches after struggling with police for not wanting to leave the bathroom, he's the brother of Madonna. Lesson Q Hollywood Trash Gwyneth Paltrow named most beautiful woman its the first year 10 most beautiful was breached by Susan Boyle. teen mom Janelle Evans arrested in NC interview she told reporter just because you have a baby doesn't mean you have to give up the things you love Lesson A:Music News Metallica 3d film coming out on 9/27 will play for one week in IMAX theaters. Slipknot drummer sick of waiting for Cory Taylor to come back to the band. Hottie Cam is on and Kathy is picking her nails while Preston is talking. I need a manicure I love my nails they're so strong they look great Preston's talking about musical stuff its so boring blah blah blah this is my impression of Preston nah na na Metallica nah nah nah Five Finger Death Punch. Group of Pearl Jam fans assembling To Pearl Jam With Love tributes, notes etc based around the Seattle band. Iron Man 3 Screening Passes

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Preston's mom doesn't like his beard. Jesus has a beard. Pierre just walked in the room saying “hail citizens!” It sounded like someone doing an impression of him. There's a national talk like a pirate day, there should be an annual talk like Pierre Day. Marisa is going to do a Good Day Citizens Wrap UpThank you to Jim Cramer, Jason Blum and Kevin Smith Letter of the Day 1984 will be represented today on Pierre's show. The video aired on NYE for Jump for Van Halen in 1984. Tomorrow live from Subaru in Cherry Hill for donating the most for Camp Out.

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