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Here we go on this Tuesday morning. Traffic. News 3 men in custody for holding several people hostage for ransom in Levittown. The Boston bombing suspect will be tried as a civilian in court. The bomber's cousin is being investigated for a homicide of a former roommate. Flights took longer due to the government's cut backs on air traffic control personnel. SportsPhillies beat the Pirates last night, Jonathan Pettibone got the no decision in his major league debut. Curt Schilling is being sued over a loan from Rhode Island. Flyer's will tribute to the Boston victims and wear Boston Strong Patches at tonight's game. We have a hottie cam and Iron Man 3 tickets.

Time 6:34-7:08

Soundgarden as we inch closer to the MMRBQ. Traffic. SQ.BirthdaysValerie Bertinelli, 53;Micheal Moore, 59; Joyce DeWitt, 64; Lee Majors, 74; Jaime King, 34. SA. Entertainment News Fox has let go of Khloe Kardashian, George Lopez will be replacing her on The X Factor. New book, Sex, Lies and the Dirty, by Nik Richie gives a first hand account Lindsay Lohan's partying habits while dating Sam Ronson. Lindsay warns people when she poops. Kelly Osbourne is mad about the rumors about her parents being separated. Jack Osbourne is celebrating 10 years sober. Rob Kardasian said he cries every time he is in the shower because his penis looks small due to his weight gain. Rob is excited to have found his niche in a sock and underwear line. Former Miss Delaware, Melissa King, was charged with underage possession of alcohol. Katherine Bowyer Gallagher was arrested for stealing Huey Lewis's car. Huey's security team is a shitzu. Guess is releasing a new clothing line called “G” inspired by The Fast and Furious. Richie Havens, the opening 3 hour act at the 1969 Woodstock, died yesterday of a heart attack. Nick;s parents went to Woodstock, they still have the tickets and left early. Tara Reid threw a fit at the All Saints store after being refused a celebrity discount. Her next movie is Sharknado. Tara yelling. Steve just began working on Flounderlache. Futurama was canceled again. Shartnado. Janice Dickinson declared bankruptcy. Clips Ken Jeong talks about Pain & Gain and Mark Wahlberg. Robert De Niro talks about The Big Wedding.

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311 on MMR. Traffic. Clip Micheal Shannon's FunnyorDie video where he does a dramatic reading of an email from a sorority member to the sorority. Kathy can see this being something that would be sent out in a sorority. She said there were girls in the sorority that were really into the sorority. SOR is short for sorry, but since it is only half the word, it means you are only half sorry. Nick said at his college being in a Fraternity/Sorority was important in sophomore year, but by senior year it was not important. Preston hated the idea of Greek life. Steve thinks that him and Preston should still be in a sorority. Caller Bill's friend knows the girl who wrote the email, she is hot and is not that crazy in person. Preston says that if you are about to send an angry email, just stop and think about it because you will probably reconsider sending it. More of the Micheal Shannon clip. Caller Barb said when she was in a sorority, the girls were almost as nasty, but would never leave a paper trail. Caller Paige went to Ursinus, she was in a sorority there and has heard rants like this. Preston thought fraternities were elitist, he wanted to be free of cliques after high school, not more of them. Kathy said she would have left West Chester if it wasn't for joining a sorority. Kathy's commencement speech is coming up.


SQ: What Friday the 13th movie was released immediately after Friday the 13th:The Final Chapter?

SA: Friday the 13th: A New Beginning.


 Time 8:02-8:16


We have great prizes this week, like our Word of the Week prize and Iron Man 3 passes. Traffic. Preston gets a lot of random texts and gives Star Trek: The Next Generation for the Text of the Day.Bizarre Files A woman was told she was too fat to tan in a tanning bed at a tanning salon and could not be refunded. In China, a trial began for a woman who killed a man by clutching the man's testicles so hard that he went into shock from the pain and died. A father and son canoe trip became a horror story when his 6 year old son was bitten by an alligator, the father and a stranger beat the alligator until it let go. A man was jailed for watching Japanese anime porn in New Zealand where the characters were young pixies and fairies. Listener Tim got a tattoo of the yin and yang with P&S in it. He first contacted Casey about Tattoosday in 2009. Iron Man 3.

Time 8:28-8:54

We have some cam action and a stunt coming up. Traffic. We have Angela on our hottie cam representing Dr. Genther. Intern Olympics. Intern Greg is in a Duck Boat about to go into the Delaware River to kick off the spring season. There was a big splash and they are now going through Penns Landing. Greg has a 4 pack of passes to ride the Ducks. Casey and Nick have never been on the Ducks. Preston, Steve, and Kathy went on the Ducks together. Greg is giving us a description of what he is passing on the boat. His event is called the Preston and Steve Spring Splash. Steve recommends a second stunt, uStream from a cab. Kathy wants Chuck to step up his game in mentoring the interns. The intern Olympics are really a test for Chuck. Preston was offered to fire a blank shot on the Battleship new Jersey. Riding a slow duck has always been on Steve's bucketlist.This Friday is our live broadcast from Subaru of Cherry Hill. Angela is impressing everyone on the hottie cam. Casey's Clips Pitchuation Clip. Clip from a soap opera that has an anomaly in it. The music comes from the guy in the scene placing treats on a key and the cat plays the piano by walking to the treats on the piano. Kathy's straw makes a noise in the mic. Preston adds a noise to Kathy's. Pirate movie based on a straw. We have beer and a hottie cam.

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Back in action. Traffic. Hottie Cam. Jeff ProbstJeff likes being in the Philippines because everything is always good there. He loves how his crew shoots. Jeff said there are no writers, the games of the show come from a games department. Survivor rarely brings in outside help, they always promote within. The best water that he has ever seen was in Palau. The most disgusting bug he has ever seen was this bug that would burn your skin if it touched you. Jeff's book Stranded is a perfect adventure book for kids. Kathy would not be able to be at a resort where there are bugs like that. Preston saw an article where people can be Genetically Lazy. Fat, lazy doctor gives diet advice. Preston thought he would never be motivated to get in-shape and that he missed his chance, now he beats himself up over missing two days at a gym. NYC is taking steps to become the first state to move the age to buy Cigarettes to 21. Preston was in 8th grade and smoking a half pack a day. TSA is set to allow pocket knives, bats, golf clubs, and hockey sticks on planes. A company is seeking a couple to go on a 501 day journey to and back from Mars in 2018, it is sponsored by Dennis Tito. Project called Inspiration Mars Casey follows Commander Hadfield who tweets pictures and videos from space. We still have Angela on the Hottie Cam.

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Jimmy on MMR. Traffic. Jessica Chaffin & Jaime Denbo In-StudioThey are starring in The Heat and are from the Upright Citizens Brigade. They have their own comedy act called Ronna and Beverly. They said we have to be nice to them since they are from Boston. They play annoying, but fun Boston ladies in Ronna and Beverly. They think that women comedians have evolved past women's humor and now appeal to everyone. They think female comedians are helped by having kids. They play dirt bags in The Heat. Jaime has twice as many Twitter followers than Jessica. They brought in Boston Creme Pies with them. They said the Judd Apatow method is becoming popular by giving the comedians a shell of a script and allowing them to improvise. The Heat is a buddy cop movie. The FCC gave David Ortiz after dropping the F-bomb. Preston went to a pastry shop in Boston and the line was out the door and around the corner. You can see them at the Upright Citizen Brigade Theater and check out their podcasts and Twitters.

Time 10:06-10:25

Preston's favorite part of the tomorrow's show is going to be the stunt of an intern filling out an application. Angela changed into her lingerie football outfit. Preston does an audio comparison of Playboy Penthouse to Hustler. Bizarre Files According to police a burglary suspect holds up his own baby in front of him as a shield. Police arrested a man transporting 53 king cobras in Hanoi to be served as food. Everything is an aphrodisiac. The man who called into an airport to report a bomb on it, was sentenced a jail sentence, probation, and has to write an apology letter to the victim. Fire engulfed a Denver house where as many as 8,000 reptiles were being stored. LQ.Hollywood Trash Kristen and Bruce Jenner celebrated their child's birthday. Khloe was let go from The X Factor. Tara Reid was thrown out of All Saints. LA.Music News Three Doors Down canceled four shows after the arrest of their guitarist. Dave Grohl said inducting Rush into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was the best part of his life. He said it was terrifying to play your favorite band's song in front of your favorite band. He started crying when Neil Peart made him a coffee. The first photos of the Godsmack lead singer Sully Erna. in his movie debut, Army of the Damned, have surfaced. Giving away Iron Man 3 passes and Angela is on the Hottie Cam.

Time 10:34-10:45

Music from Green Day. Casey just told Preston that Jacky BamBam is lonely while doing his show and likes talk to Casey in the morning. This morning Jacky followed Casey to the bathroom stall and talked to him the whole time while Casey was taking a dump. Jacky is a genuine guy and has a child like innocence. Jacky does not know what a TV is. Bathroom Etiquette. Casey tried faking out Jacky by holding the bathroom door for him and then turning around and not going into the bathroom. Pierre went to London with Jacky, he had a good time. Pierre did you know the Big Ben is real? Jacky said he would be comfortable being in front of a naked Pierre. Every crevice is open on our show. Preston stopped caring what people think about him a long time ago. LoTD.Wrap Up. Thank you to Jeff Probst, Jessica Chaffin, Jaime Denbo, Angela, and Listener Tim.


LQ: Steve's wife told him he lives at the intersection of what and what?

LA: Jerk and Off.



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