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Good Monday Morning. Traffic. News. Septa car inspector shot while on the job – rescue crews and medics came and saw that his body was burned and was unable to move. It took about an hour before workers could reach the man. Voltage lines are very scary. Boston will serve a moment of silence for those who lost their lives in the bombing. The 2 suspects were arrested/killed; police say their plans were much bigger than what the actions concluded. 2 toddlers found crying in a burning home – they suffered small burns and parents are looking to find out what charges they will receive. Sports News. 3 run home run which lead Phil's to a victory. New York Jets trade a few players with the Buccaneers. Flyers won over the weekend but are eliminated from the playoffs. Everyone had a great weekend. Last week of the Intern Olympics with Intern Vicki. We have giveaways today. Iron Man screening.


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Nirvana. Traffic. Selfie-Monday. Iron Man screening – Jeff Murphy. Stupid Question. Celebrity Birthdays. Silver-Chair Lead Singer has a birthday; glad that he has recovered from his eating disorder. He is 34 today. Breaking Benjamin's Lead Guitarist turns 35 today. Jack Nicholson is 76. He was corky and a genius, can he go now?Jeffrey Morgan-Grey's Anatomy – Watchmen hero; you damn rapist. Ryan Styles is 54. John Waters, the director; his career has been very strange due to his films. Stupid Answer-Justin. Entertainment News. Oblivion leads the box office; a sequel looks in the works. Reese Witherspoon is in trouble with the law. Heyyyyyy, your not even real!!!!! Hey!!!!! She got out of the car and started screaming in the cops face. They were taken to the city jailed, bailed out Saturday morning. Drunk and driving – NBC Sports, Al Michaels arrested. Kim Kardashian gets a divorce – yay, thank God!!! Tony Luke is here! Welcome. Amanda Bynes has been writing false stories – she is just losing it – she needs to leave NYC and her phone. Ask Amy – fan writes response to the show about the shock of show. Neil Patrick Harris plans to move to NYC. Intern Olympics. Iron Man screening!!!!!


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Foo Fighters. Dave and Taylor announced Rush induction. Traffic. Casey might have to fart in a dude's mouth for Phillies tickets. This guy needs to call. Girls love hot-dogs. Dennis on phone. Splitting Dinner Bills & Tips. When Nick sees a bill at dinner he just stairs at it – Nick is very cheap, but doesn't mind giving a great tip. Steve doesn't mind paying, just as long as its worth the money – just give the credit-card and split it. That's fair, but it gets annoying/awkward. Nick hates when people don't give enough to cover the bill. Kathy hates fighting over the bill – back and forth – I'll pay, No, I'll pay, How dare you. How much more rude can you be when you don't offer to help pay the bill. Steve gets concerned for the waiter – will he or she get a good tip – the fear for money. Why do girls slap each-other in the face to pay the bill? – damn sisters. Kathy gets a kick out of those who argue about tippingeach table should have a security guard to break-up the arguing. Sound of Money - Ashley. If you don't pay the bill, pay the tip – don't expect someone will pay – that's how fights happen. Preston took his mom out over the weekend. What happens when you can't afford to chip in. Steve is coming, drink up. Sound of Money – Ashley. Intern Olympics. Stay There!!!!


Stupid Question:

Hallie Eisenberg appeared in commercials for what company product?


Stupid Answer:



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Another One Bites the Dust. Iron Man 3. Selfie-Monday. Traffic. Saturday June 15th – Preston and Steve – Blood Drive. Bizarre File. 43 year old fell off the roof – he reaches an orgasm when his thumb gets attention – The Hitchhiker is now porn – sex ability – suck my thumb. That is so awesome, just suck your thumb. 1600 bus drivers strike for 24 hrs due to the fitting of their uniform pants. The pants are way too tight!!!!! CGT Union leader, says they should have consulted over the uniforms. Whoops. A mom in Long Island buys kids a bb-gun and drove the kids so they could shoot bb's at cars in parking lots. If you need your car shot, then call her now. She's looking for work. My slutty – resource officer gets assigned to school. Are you cool with the druids? - English heritage is looking for the brightest to care for the site. The GM now claims that he will maintain relationships with everyone who is involved, very big deal. Intern Olympics – Intern Vicki – Stunt Week. We have no idea what is going on. “Tony Luke Zoomers” is the game! Nick needs to get through the course before Vicki's friend eats a cheesesteak. Tony Luke. Stay There!!!!!!


Track 2 Time 8:24-8:40

Van Halen on MMR. Traffic. Intern Olympics. Intern Olympics – Intern Vicki.

Over the weekend – Marisa got 78% of votes – Christine is in 1st. Everyone is outside and our equipment is working great. Nick on phone. Rodney is yelling at Nick. Vicki on phone. 'Tony Luke's Zoomers'. Carmen can down a full size cheesesteak in less than a minute – can he beat Nick who is racing through the maze? Who will be faster? Nick is on a motorized scooter-which is a beer cooler scooter. Tony Luke on phone. He claims he can down one in a minute as well, he is a very fast eater. 50 dollar gift card to Tony's. Nick is nervous for the competition. Nick wins!!!!! WOW!!! 800 dollars well spent!!! 50 dollar gift card to listener Mike. The cheesesteak was too cold. Vicki thought Nick would lose. Intern Olympics. Iron Man screening-3 callers.


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Alice In Chains. Get your damn tickets! Traffic. Shart-out to John “Whitey”.

Selfie-Monday. Let's pick someone to send a selfie. Who would or could pick? Interesting, yet good idea. We need celebrities. We need local athletes. Jimmy Rollins? Jimmy take and send your selfie. Nick, I touched myself – Chrissy Amphlett passed away over the weekend – the divinyls. Russell Crowe payed tribute on twitter. You're still an a**hole. Inconvenient Sounding Locations. Australia-Austria, Switzerland-Sweden, Potstown-Potsgrove...etc. Casey gets confused when his mom mentions similar sounding locations. Preston loved going to Sweden. Preston's Uncle is not good at flying to his correct destination. Whats with all the Haddon's. Casey wants to know if there is a Ark somewhere, like Newark “ Steve said Indian Jones found it” Chec Republic they are both on earth. Baseball sized joints need to be kept under-wraps: Growing operation in Jersey – Medicinal marijuana. Close Encounters to Natural Disasters. Joe B – was right next to one of the bombs that went off in Boston – they live in Texas and saw the plantation explode – 2 explosions in one. Steve was almost held at gun-point, luckily he exited the store a few minutes before-hand. Casey's weapon is hidden fists. Casey wonders if he could handle the pressure. Online campaign – new boat. 2 Pair-Phillies Tickets 7-8.



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Dave Matthews Band. Selfie-Monday. Jimmy Rollins needs to send us a selfie. Traffic.

Neil Diamond Sings with Boston Red Sox – he bought his own ticket and asked if he could participate. He spoke to the crowd before he sang. He looked pretty damn good – for his age and did a great job singing. He really got the crowd going. That's awesome. Fenway Park is a great experience. Nick's dad loves the Sox – Nick has been to Fenway so many times. News Anchor Loses Job on 1st Day.

The guy didn't realize his microphone was on when he said everything out loud – everyone just feels nothing but wow-ness. He was fired immediately. Way to sound like Mike Wallace.Wow, how bad can one feel for this guy. Gayyyyyy!!!!!! We all remember, Steve's first day. Does he have a shot at getting back on the air. Preston recorded Chuck and Bill. Where is the Fart-Eater? His girl really loves hot-dogs. Phillies Tickets (2).


Track 2 Time 10:06-10:32

It's getting sunny. Had a good weekend at walking – the fun walk – zoo is closed. Preston hadn't been to the zoo in awhile and it was nice to go back. Casey remembers camping out until the bulls and wolves chased him out. Lets do a mixer event there. Get the animals drunk. Selfie-Monday: send us yours. We're still waiting for Rollins. Kathy will be at Jimmy D's this Saturday – 3hr open bar & on Sunday: Country 5K.

The Fart-Eater: Dennis. Casey must fart in his mouth to get Phillies tickets. When Casey is ready when he is ready. Bizarre File. Investigation lead police to the home – 8,000 cookies filled with pot! Wow! Drug charges are now being made. A couple who were trying to steal baby-formula brought their nine-month son along for the adventure. A turtle who survived a Nazi bomb – his shell was discovered – and his head peaked out. He is at least 70 years old. A man was arrested after assaulting his wife – she took 4 of his porn discs and he then snapped. 5 snowboarders die in avalanche. Lesson Question. Hollywood Trash. Snoop Lion scheduled to be streamed live was shot down before it started. Kim Kardashian relaxes about getting divorced and all of her mistakes. Lesson Answer. Music News. 3 Doors Down bassist is charged with vehicular homicide – he was drinking and was taking pills. He also has a few assault charges. Grudge bands will finally get nominated. Rush gets Rock Album of the Year. Breaking Benjamin nightmare is over. We can use the damn name!!! yay. Dennis is still waiting for farts.


Track 3 Time 10:42-10:53

Jimmi Hendrix. Selfie-Monday. The Fart-Eater: Dennis. Casey can't fart today. Dennis looks very upset – will or can we still give him tickets. Pierre is in the house! Preston still has the tickets – he must earn them. Casey's feet stink – Preston can't stand the smell. Dennis may have to lick some nasty flip-flops. This is gross. It smells like an ass' ass. Wrap-Up. Dennis did it. He did it. Yessssss. Dennis – Phillies Tickets. Letter of the Day. Keep sending your Selfies, please send them.


Lesson Question:

who is the Foo Fighters bass player?


Lesson Answer:

Biff Torkleson


Letter of the Day:




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