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Here's what happened on the show this morning:


Time 6:08-6:22

Cloudy and breezy today. Traffic. News. One of two suspects in Boston Marathon bombing are dead after shootout with police in Watertown, MA. The two men suspected of killing MIT police officer last night. Images of suspects were released by Boston Police. Authorities are asking people to stay in their homes and not let anyone in. A man shot & killed ex-wife in front of daughter in Northampton Township. He was killed after shooting at police. A house fire injured a 4yr old boy & infant child. Sports. Doug Collins resigned as head coach of the 76ers. Will stay as adviser. The 76ers missed playoffs for first time under him this year. Phillies lost 4-3 to Cardinals last night. The Flyers lost 3-0 to NJ Devils last night. Sound of Money today between 7:30 and 7:45. Giving away Rolling Stones tickets today! Nick & Nick Murphy will be playing giant game of Pong on Sears Center this morning.

Time 6:30-7:05

Where are Nick and Nick Murphy? Traffic. Huge pong game. Philly Tech Week starts tomorrow. They're going to play pong on side of the Sears Center. Giveaway Django Unchained if you can guess who will win. Text Nick or Nick to 39333.Game has begun! Nick Murphy just won! Watch porn this way. They'll do best out of 7. Nick won! Whoever texted Nick to 39333 can now win Django Unchained randomly. Preston's favorite game was Breakout. Say hi to the Drexel Professor who is head of Philly Tech Week. Nick is gonna play Tetris and then come back. Birthdays. Hayden Christensen 32. James Franco 35. He has gross teeth. Kate Hudson 34. Ashley Judd 45. Tim Curry 67. Maria Sharapova 26. Mark Portnoy 46 tomorrow. Entertainment News. SWAT Team called to home of Eddie Thomas from American Pie because woman he met threatened to stab him. Tear gas used. Anne Curry hated NBC, made fun of a lot. Alexis Bledel showed off engagement ring. GMA's Robin Robinson got sick while on vacation.She had the squirts. Marie Claire said Anne Hathaway's picky haircut is very influential. She looks like a pretty hooker. Jaden Smith talks about relationship with Kylie Jenner. He also believes in aliens. What does “being baller” mean? Kris Jenner's new show premiering new week. Lindsay Lohan photographed with bruised leg. Time Mag released list of 100 Influential People in World. Jennifer Lawrence on list.Mystery Clips. Eli Roth. Zachary Levi. Giving away Rolling Stones tickets. If interested, text Stones to 39333, we will say a Stones song on air, then we will call someone randomly, and you must answer with said song.

Time 7:15-7:51

Weather. Psoriasis Walk w. Preston. Traffic. Going to give away Stones tickets this morning. Matt O'Donnell on phone. One terrorist suspect killed in Boston in shootout, other at large. All happened in Watertown, West of Cambridge, MA. These guys don't care if they or others die. All this is shocking. Guy who lost legs may have helped find these guys. Stood out at marathon because they didn't run during bombing. Dumb because just committed terrorist act and not laying low. Not going to end well. Watching this reminded Nick of OJ trial.Super Lice. Lice gained immunity to treatments. Steve remembers lice infestation in middle school, awful. Can get them through helmets too. Nothing can kill these. Kathy never had lice, just crabs. Preston had lice infestation at his house years ago. Crabs eradicated cause of shaving and waxing. What's scabies? A ska band. It's when mites borrow under skin. Remember when Preston ate Erin's ringworm cheese? Can shower kid's head with gasoline. Sound of Money! Giving away Stones tix today.


Stupid Q:

What technique does Beatrix Kiddo use to kill Bill?


Stupid A:

Five point palm exploding heart technique

Time 8:02-8:17

MMRBQ Tix raid. Cheerleaders event last night. Traffic. Cheerleaders event last night, couldn't decide on a name. Congrats to Matt who won the money. Molly Eichel on phone. Daily News has own website now. Must be subscriber to get full experience. Can get free access for two days with promo code. P13P is code she's giving away to listeners for two free days. If you tweet to PhillyGossipDN saying #I<3PrestonandSteve will get more free promos. Hottie Cam for Riverpalooza at Mad River Manayunk. Steve will be there. Bizarre File. Goat being held under arrest for robbery in Nigeria. Thought someone made spell to make them a goat. Goats lawyer was a badger. Police officer arrested for pointing weapon to man in drive-thru. Asian CVS customer is suing chain for 1 million because offensive Asian name was put on her receipt. Sweden's Next Top Model search happening outside biggest eating disorder clinic. Man who got sandwich called “The Bomb” at airport restaurant was arrested for referencing said sandwich on plane. Iron Man 3 screening passes giveaway.

Time 8:30-8:50

Hottie Cam & Steve will be at Mad River Manayunk tomorrow. Giveaway for Please Touch Museum's Storybook Ball. Stone tix being given away today. Traffic. Breaking News about Boston. Police went to home of suspect at large, found nothing. Suspended all public transit going in and out of Boston. People should shelter, no one in or out. Two suspects are brothers. Official photo of suspect as been released. Intern Olympics w. Christine. “Bull” Greg Luzinski in studio. He brought a signed baseball. Frustrated that Phillies are not doing well. Many of these pitchers and batters know better. Phillies haven't walked in 4 games. Crazy. Is it disappointing for former Phillie players not retire as Phillie? Bull didn't retire as a Phillie. Okay with it. When he was an active player, there were some veterans that hung out around the stadium. Some players are natural athletes while others have to work at it. Bull's fav baseball movie is For Love of the Game. Phillies weight room looks ridiculous. Brice Harper is a 19yr old phenomenon, so was Bull. He hit stadium liberty bell once with a home run. He loves his BBQ stand. Intern Christine just came up to him at his stand and asked him to come. That wraps up Intern Olympics for this week. Just text their first name to 39333.

Time 9:03-9:25

Hottie Cam & Steve will be at Mad River Manayunk tomorrow. Traffic. Preston went with his son's cub scout den to a retirement community, and Preston wants to live there. It's in Harleysville. John Oates' father and mother live there! Residents are in studio today. John Oates on phone. In Georgia right now for private event with Darryl Hall. Casey loves the show Live From Darryl's House. Steve has seen them live. Steve wants to know who John wants to tour with. John says it happens organically. John owns a ranch in Colorado & Nashville. John owns Emus on his farm. John comes back to the Philly area when he can for his parents. John can stop by Preston's house if he wants! John & Darryl played wherever they could when they started. Playing Spectrum was a big deal. Steve loves John's solo stuff. Hall & Oates band is amazing. Darryl & him started as songwriters and the musicians loved the songs. John has new single out, free downloads on website, album out in June. How did him and Darryl meet? Met at Aldelphi Ballroom fleeing from gang fight. Hit it off right away. Garfunkel & Oates are good friends of John's. Stones tix soon.

Time 9:35 – 9:53

Dropkick Murphys are raising money to help families affected by the Boston bombings. Traffic. Scott Hartnell on phone. Most of the players have charity baskets filled with things they like for fans to bid on online. Scott's basket has a signed copy of This is 40. The season hasn't been going well, but they aren't done the season yet. It's been frustrating. Happy belated birthday yesterday! Turning 31 wasn't great cause of loss last night. Preston used to think he was a year younger than he was. Scott isn't doing much during the off season. If Scott doesn't start playing better, he can audition for Kathy's job! Is he into scrapbooking? He wants to go to MMRBQ. Time to give away Stones tickets! Song to sing is Sympathy For The Devil. Intern Olympics Week 3 recap. Problems trying to call a random texter. Tech problems.Wait, now the entire show is in Spanish! Marisa isn't here, we need her! Tom sang the song when he picked up the phone! HE GOT THE TIX! Other than the dialing part, that went well. Maybe they'll do this again.Maybe they'll learn how to dial out. Oblivion passes giveaway.

Time 10:03 – 10:24

Psoriasis Walk with Preston. Big Friggin Deal. So many texts coming in of people's phones ringing at same time as contest, singing song to random people. Bizarre File. Senior Iranian priest said that women who dress provocatively are the blame for earthquakes. Took 2 months to find body of hoarder because she was buried under garbage. What whore was this? School teacher accused of sexually abusing child said she would never do that because she doesn't like black people. She was fired. New smart phone app created to help people in Iceland keep from having sexual relations with someone they're related with. Most people in Iceland are distantly related. Both Preston and Steve want to go to Iceland. Supposed to be beautiful. Where's Iceland? The end of City Line. Hollywood Trash. Kourtney Kardashian celebrated her bday with bowling bash. One Direction now has wax figures of them. Kim Kardashian and Chris Humphries can end divorce as early as tomorrow. Hottie Cam for Mad River, and Steve will be there tomorrow too! Steve will also be at Sussman Auto. Music News. 2013 Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame ceremony happened last night. Will air on May 18th. Rush, Heart, Public Enemy, and more were inducted. Rush fans think they should include original Rush drummer too. He's dead. He was on fire when he died. Neil Peart, Alex Lifeson, and Geddy Lee all gave speeches. Canada Post gave preview of Canadian Band stamp series. Alice in Chains released new song called “Stone”. Queens of the Stone Age new album includes Dave Grohl, Elton John, and others. Front man said he got Elton on because he heard of the band and had a mutual friend and Elton said the only thing missing from the band was an actual queen. Sound of Money second chance to win.

Time 10:35 – 10:51

Smashing Pumpkins. Casey wants to see older adult star this weekend, but he has daughters communion. Wrap Up. Thanks to Tech Week gang! Thanks to John Oates! Thanks to Scott Hartnell! Thanks Matt O'Donnell! Thanks Molly Eichel! Thanks Intern Christine! Thanks Bull! Chuck is sad he is never thanked. That's for a reason. Listener Michael wrote a poem and has a presentation for us. Thanks Michael! He brought a plaque for Pierre for the WMMR 45th bday. He's a long time listener. Awesome new clip of Pierre babble. Preston Psoriasis Walk. Steve at Sussman and

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