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Its going to be an ok today with sun and clouds in some spots with a high of 68. Traffic News Massive explosion at a fertilizer plant in West Texas, killing an unknown number of people and injuring dozens. Investigators looking for a man dropping off a bag at the site of the bombings in Boston. At least 14 bomb victims are still in the hospital with critical injuries. There will not be a wawa in Conshy. Beth should have walked in with her new wawa tattoo. Sports Phillies lost to the Reds twice yesterday after finishing up the bottom of the 9th inning from Tues night's game. The Flyers vs the Devils tonight unlikely they'll make it to the playoffs. Sixers ended season w/ a win against Minneapolis. Richie Ashburn Jr will be here, Chadwick Boseman of movie “42” & Brit Marling & Zal Batmanglij of the new movie The East & we'll hear from musician Dave Mason.

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Sound of Money this morning Traffic Stupid Q BirthdaysMark Tremonti, Conan O'Brien 50, Maria Bello 45. Melissa Joan Hart 37, Eric McCormack 50, Jane Leeves from Cougartown?Takes a Dump in Pittsburgh Rick Moranis 60, James Woods 66, Stupid A Steve has a vivid memory of his older brother coming home with that album when it first Beatles album came out. Entertainment NewsPam Anderson was at the international beauty show sporting a sophisticated look. Jennifer Aniston showed up at Lifetime's Call me Crazy wearing a romper, revealing circular markings on her skin from “cupping”. Steve tried a similar treatment called “two girls and a cupping” tastes really bad, he didn't go back for the follow-up visit. Tracey Morgan to host the Billboard Music Awards in Vegas. Kristen Stewart in the sequel for Snow White & The Huntsman. Heather Locklear she says that she puts “manly essence” on her face. Jennifer Lawrence feels like she “lost her partner in crime”, Bradley Cooper to new gf, Suki Waterhouse. James Woods 66, split from 26 yr old Ashley Madison. Tim Grover Michael Jordan's trainer says he was poisoned & didn't have the flu during game 5 of '97 NBA Finals. Clips: Madds Mikkelson “Hannibal”, Mark Wahlberg “Pain & Gain” Its the Pitchuation's b-day, he had a flat tire on 76. Ironman 3 Screening

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Traffic A few guests in today including Dave Mason. He'll be in the New Hope area in July. Preston went to Dairy Queen in the area and across the way is the pediatrician's office he takes his kids to. How Old is too Old to for the Pediatrician? He saw a girl coming from around the corner who was well endowed he felt creepy because she was going into the pediatrician with her mother. She looked too old to be going to a pediatrician's office. Casey went to his kid dentist through college.Preston had a shoulder injury needed to go to a new doctor in St. Louis, his mom came with him. The doc had ego problems and his mom started to tell him the problem, he snapped at his mother for talking to him. Steve's doctor Pospisil accidentally amputated someone's leg. Angelina heading to her first doctors appt with her new doctor she's 24 years old. They all love the lollipops they give after the checkup Sound of Money Dr. Mike is on the phone says there's lots of reasons why you need to move on to a new doctor. You become your own person and develop a relationship with a new physician. CHOP has a whole group for adolescents. They will go there before they transition on to a new doctor. When kids become an adult they need to move on. You have to find a healthcare provider that you trust. You can search physicians online to see comments to determine a either good or bad experience. There are doctors out there that love taking care of patients. John Goldsborough of Bear, DE won the Sound of Money



Stupid Q: Beatles first album in the U.K. was called With the Beatles, What was it called in the U.S.?

Stupid A: Meet the Beatles


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Cheerleaders Traffic Marisa will be at Parx tonight for Ladies Night Bizarre File Japanese beer brewed by coffee beans pooped out by elephants sold out in 1 day. Man broke into a zoo cut the locks of every cage including a bobcat, mountain lion and wild boar. 28 yr old message in a bottle discovered in Croatia. Child stood on the corner holding a sign “snuck out to get high and pooped on my neighbor's porch” as punishment. Richie Ashburn Jr. & Derek Fitzgerald in Studio in for Home Runs for the Hearts May 6th & 7th, you get to hit balls at Citizens Bank. His father passed away in '97 at 70 yrs old from a heart attack. His father was sick w/ the flu but still played a game, slid into 3rd & got thrown out of the game the ump says “i think you crapped your pants” Derek had a grapefruit sized tumor removed from his stomach, he was cancer free and put his life together and was told he had heart failure. Steve says he's bit of a complainer. He has a pacemaker. Received a new heart in January 2011. From that point on he started training and wants to give back. 10 months after getting a new heart he ran his first ½ marathon in Philly.

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Looking at 68-70 degrees tomorrow 77 degrees beautiful Traffic Cheerleaders Intern Olympics with Intern Greg his guest he called directly. He has a personal connection to his guest, he grew up with his father in NE Philly. Comedian Jimmy Schubert on the Phone. He met him and his dad down at the Borgata in AC. He did shows in Jerusalem and stayed in Tel Aviv said it was amazing. He'll be at the Borgata in the next couple months. Video of the explosion in West TX fertilizer plant. Audio of the explosion kid not being able to hear anything. Ammonium Nitrate smell was very powerful within the area. As many as 15 people dead & over 160 injured. Paul Stanley banter on Stage Audio Someone edited 45 min of Paul Stanley screaming on stage. Chadwick Boseman of “42” on the Phone played Little League never played anything beyond that. He had a few coaches train him throughout the process. They shot the film in Birmingham, Atlanta and Brooklyn they used old stadiums. They used CGI to recreate the external elements of the stadium. Ken Griffey & Hank Aaron a lot of the legends were at the premiere. He “shushed” us when asked if he kept anything from the set.

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Sound of Money with Pierre coming up Traffic Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij in Studio it looks like the Bourne Identity meets Occupy Wallstreet, Preston pronounced his last name right. Steve gave a better description of the film better than anyone else. Its about a girl who's a corporate spy who goes undercover with a group who calls themselves The East. They were on the road a couple summers ago trying to not spend any money as “freegans” dumpster diving was part of this process. Casey likes the idea of dumpster diving. The downside to it was her waking up being starving. Eco-anarchists are group of people who are taking revenge against corporations by believing in an “eye for an eye”. Casey wants to try dumpster diving/freeganism. They train hopped and were freegans in many places in PA. Brit doesn't like the roles for women, she was offered a role in a horror movie who screams in a bikini sucking on a blow pop- that was the cheesiest role.


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Blink182 on MMR Traffic Marisa will be at Parx Casino 360 Club tonight 7-9. Preston got a few texts, Marisa is on a billboard she had no idea that was on a billboard for Parx. Preston was on a billboard a long time ago for DRE. Bizarre File follow up on the guy with the eel in his butt- An Auckland, New Zealand hospital fired 33 workers for looking at the x-rays. Neighbors in canary islands had a 22 ft wide wasps nest Ransom Dule saved his friends life who's allergic to nuts and ate Nutella. Ransom grabbed a teacher and saved his life. Demeter announced his and her zombie fragrance. A pig from the Piggly Wiggly was shot and killed after wandering around a neighborhood. Iron Man 3 Screening Passes. Cheesy Caller of the day raves over Marisa's billboard Meltdown Grilled Cheese

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Halestorm Freak Like Me on wmmr. We're surprised to have this guest on today, now idea how we began this. They were talking about Steve Mason of the Flyers and Steve brought up Dave Mason. Preston was singing we just disagree while going to the bathroom.Dave Mason on the Phone he's done so much over his career, to this day everyone loves hearing that song. He hopes that's the case. His current tour is between acoustic and electric. His band Traffic has a lot of songs in porn scenes. He keeps his music fresh by having a lot of stuff available for improvisation. His biggest accomplishment as a song is Feelin' All Right. He had Michael Jackson come in and sing on one of his songs, he was just in the studio next door working on stuff. Lesson Q Hollywood Trash Julianne Hough seen hooking up with Leo DiCaprio, Rumors of Seacrest and Selena Gomez asking if he's really a man. Kim K in magazine told a friend she can't wait to shit this thing out and send it to military school. Lesson A Music News Fallout Boy says all proceeds from their Boston show this fall will go to the Boston Marathon victims. RHCP playing special show for the Dalai Lama May 11th at the Dalai Lama Summit. Tony Iommi says Ozzy Osbourne is responsible for getting on him about getting checked out for his cancer. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions are tonight, Rush will be inducted. Songs by Gotye Florence abd the machiens are included in the soundtrack of the Great Gatsby Casey found Gatsby by Will I Am -I know it , she need it, Who did that, I am you, who is you, who dat, I done, you am, where dat. Django Unchained on DVD

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White Stripes on mmr This Sat is Record store day. Steve goes to Main Street Music he'll go and buy CDs. Wrap Up Preston's aunt was a singer similiar to Karen Carpenter. Steve's aunts were the Morrison Sisters they toured during WWII. Marisa found some of the audio of The Morrison Sisters Aunt Mary, Aunt Suzanne and Aunt Jane on his father's side. Pierre gives his rendition of “Choo Choo Chaboogie” Letter of the Day: E Parx Casino Ladies Night


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