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Time 6:08-6:27
Here comes a mid-week broadcast. Traffic. News. Federal Agent say what was carried out as they still don't know who did the bombing during the Boston Run. President Obama says, they do not know if the bombing was planned but it as killed 3 people and injured over 100 people. Both bombs were stuffed in black duffel bags. People are encouraged to send pictures but there are going to be so many, will any photos help. British Iron Lady is laid to rest as a political figure. Ding Dong the Witch is End is now the top selling song on I-tunes since the passing. A computer system to run flights failed leaving many people upset. People flying were fine to finish flying but planes were not allowed to take off. Sports Steve Mason stopped 30 shots and the Flyers won last night. The Phillies and Reds played last night with only a single hit each but got stopped by a rain delay. The Sixers played their last game of the season last night. Also, Pat Summerall passed away yesterday. Fox Good Day today, Intern Olympics Marisa will bring in a guest, 6ABC Eva Pilgrim will be here.
Track  2                          Time 6:38-7:02
It's a Wednesday morning and it is a little on the cloudy side. Traffic. Did Preston mention Stupid Q Birthdays Jennifer Garner, 41. Rooney Mara, 28. Maynard Keenan, 49. Liz Phair, 46. Sean Bean, 54. Boomer Esiasons, 59. Stupid A  Entertaintment News Pat Summerall died from cardiac arrest. He played football for many years as well as broadcasted football for many years. John Madden stated, “ Pat Summerall will always be the voice of football.”  Preston wants to listen to the Rick James memorial song. Actor Richard LeParmentier from Star Wars has also passed away. Amanda Bynes uploaded a video of herself while she was posing in the bathroom mirror. Buckwild Star, Shea says there is a sex tape of her. Bradley Cooper has recently stated that yes, his mother is still living with him after his fathers death but his mom is a cool chick. Robert Downey Jr. says he is one of the best actors out there but it is not that big of a deal but he will get an Oscar on day. ABC One Life to Life returns, Jenni “JWOW” from Jersey Shore will be a new guest on there. Hindu are upset with Selena Gomez for wearing a religious bead on her head during the MTV Movie Awards. Clips Mariah Carry from American Idol enjoys when people sing her songs. Secret Text
Track  3                          Time 7:14-7:46
MMRBQ is May 18th. Traffic. We got a call from an FBI agent who did not go on but said there is a website to send picture from the Boston Bombing. The battleship NJ is having a new attraction to bring in visitors. Star Magazine came out with a list of Top 20 Hated Celebrities #20 Chris Brown #19 Jesse James #18 Taylor Swift, #17 Shea #15 Lindsay Lohan #13 Ashton Kutcher #12 Leanne Rimes #11 Kim Kardashian #10 Kris Jenner #9 Anne Hathaway #8 Justin Beiber #7 Madonna #6 Matt Lawyor #5 Katherine Heigl #4 John Mayor #3 Jennifer Lopez #2 Kristin Stewart #1 Gwyneth Paltrow. Kathy can see why Paltrow is on the list but doesn't understand #1. She was the “IT” girl to date in the 90's. Sound of Money Steve found a dating site called, 7 or Better. It is for women to talk to men with a penis size 7 inches or better and average penis size is 5 ½ inches. If Kathy farts on the air, Preston will show is penis. Nail-N-Palin is the most famous Porn Star in the world. Pope Benedict's  butler says that the Vatican was downloading videos from a porn website. Frank Glassman won the Sound of Money.
Stupid Q: Name the four horseman out of the apocalypse? 
Stupid A: War, Famine, Pestilence and Death

Track  1                          Time 7:56-8:09
Live with Fox Good Day. Mike from from ask, “Do you ever lie to you spouse.” Steve stays there are different lies. Little lies and then marriage ending lies. Preston said before he has 3 kids, if his wife asked what time he came home he would say 30 minutes early. Intern Olympics is coming up and the guys are hoping for Tom Cruise. Tomorrow night at cheerleaders and also Marisa will be at Parx Casino. Traffic. Bizarre File Court officials in Honolulu said a man walked in carrying a live duck and beer in a bag. A man that crash a truck in California said he was being attacked by zombies. A NJ man was sentence to jail for driving a car because he did not know how to drive.  28 year old women was arrested for yelling at employees, stealing clothing and for being naked. In Florida there was thousands of snails coming out. Passes for Iron Man screening give-a-way for the first 5 callers. Walk to Cure Psoriasis 
Track  2                          Time 8:20-8:35
Tom Popa tickets for the Secret Text. Traffic. Friday we are going to give away Stone tickets. Eva Pilgrim in Studio new to the 6ABC family and she has been in Philadelphia since December 1st. Eva was born in South Korea and she still has family living there. In case anything bad happens there, Eva and her family here have a plan to get her family out of South Korea. When she met Jim Garner she was like a little kid, so excited to meet him. She started out in South Carolina as B reporter. Steve ask ,if she has heard anything about the Boston Run. Eva said she heard they found the lid to the kitchen cooker so they could find the chemicals that were used. Eva thinks social media is good because it's fast information to spread in case of an emergency. It could e an over-flow of information and you do have to be careful for what you are reading. Eva's special niche at ABC is reporting a mix of stories, happy and sad. Eva rides a 750 Honda Motorcycle when Casey rides a Vespa. She plays the violin, she learned in South Carolina while listening to old men picking. Wanted to welcome Eva to the Philadelphia area! 
Track  3                          Time 8:47-9:22
We are about to do Intern Olympics. Traffic. Intern Olympics Marisa this week was to book a guest. Leader singer of Adelitas Way, Rick Dejesus. She was trying to reach out to everyone through Social Media. Rick wanted to help out because he was an intern for Q102 so he knew how it was. He is originally from Philadelphia but currently lives in Las Vegas. They are making a new record and they are trying to have it bigger and better than ever before. Rick feels like he is the best he has ever been before so there is nothing stopping him. He remembers buying other famous band CD's and now they are on tour with them something really fun and enjoy it so much. Beach Clean Up found hair rollers, tanning oils, vampire teeth, 745 condoms, 3102 tampon applicators, a ton of trash! Top finder on the beach is cigarette butts. More time you spend on the beach, you will find weird stuff. Jersey shore has to be the worst out of all the shores. Casey does not want to do Cape May for his week vacation this year. Beach vs. Lake Rental, Preston picks the lake rental because sand bothers him. Things rub up against you in the ocean and he doesn't like it. Once Preston grew out his mustache he can't make a bird sound. With beaches you can walk on the bottom, in lakes you are not suppose to. There are no natural lakes in PA, they are all hand made. Iron Man Passes

Track  1                          Time 9:33-9:50
It is a cloudy look day but it is going up to the 70's. Traffic. Preston would like to share an email. A listener, Walter heard Preston talking about his rash and he offered to send Preston some butt cream. Secret Text Bizarre File Booty Barbie, a 42 year old mother claims to having the largest butt is making a lot of money for balancing things on her butt. There was a teacher and a boy in a classroom, the teacher locked the door and started kissing the student then started performing things on them. The teacher was going to pay people to keep it a secret. An unnamed teacher want students to write an essay why Jews are evil.  Walk to Cure Psoriasis Christine is here to talk more about it. Both of her children got it when they were young. Her daughter lost her hair because it was so bad but they are doing great right now. Funds raised from walks helped her children over come Psoriasis. There is a lot of research happening everyday but it is very hard to treat. The walk is on Saturday, April 20th and registration is free at the Philadelphia Zoo. Secret Text Word
Track  2                          Time 10:01-10:22
MMR rocks with Tom Petty. Mike, caller #2 has the Secret Word. Lesson Q  Hollywood Trash Ashton Kutcher is released from working with Nikon Camera. Coolio was arrested for pushing his ex-girlfriend to the ground. Faith hill will like to take time off to spend time with her new husband, Coolio Lesson Answer Music News Jack White has announced they will open up his own recording booth in Nashville, called Third Man Records. New comic book series will be on Ibook stores. Pearl Jam guitarist will release a record with many other musicians being apart of it. The songs will be released one at a time every Tuesday morning. Who is the most horny singer of all time? Modanna David lee Roth may be gay for a long time. He has had many girlfriends but nothing ever last and once he found out he didn't need to get married he backed out.  
Track  3                          Time 10:32-10:41
Preston was watching the Breakfast Club yesterday. Wrap Up Pierre is here! Songs that remind us of our senior year of high school. Pierre plays a lot of songs that people get surprised that he is still playing. Some of the songs that Pierre played in 1980 might be a shock to some because it was called modern rock and he would have to tone it up because there would be so much change with the music. Thank you to Eva Pilgrim, Intern Marisa guest and also to The Walk to Cure Psoriasis. Letter of the Day: D.
Lesson Q: What male porn star is feature in the porn movie lost puppy?
Lesson A:

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