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Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:07 – 6:22
Welcome to Tuesday! Traffic. News Update 3 people are dead and over 140 are injured after a bombing that occurred at the Boston marathon. It is not known who was behind these bombings, so it is not being declared a terrorist attack yet. Don't want to jump to conclusions. The fire at JFK Library is believed to be not related to the attacks. Mayor Nutter says Philadelphia will have more security at the Broad Street Run in May. The London Marathon will go on as planned for Sunday. Sports Phillies lost to the Reds, 4-2. Flyers won 7-3 over the Canadians and have 6 games remaining. Sixers lose to the Pistons, 109-101. Today, the Intern Olympics continue, Matt O'Donnell, and Steel Panther will be on the show, also a Cheerleaders Hottie Cam!

Time 6:34 – 7:00
Sun's up! Weather. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays David Pirner of Soul Asylum, 49; Martin Lawrence, 48; Ellen Barken, 59; Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, 66; Jon Cryer, 48; Retired Pope Benedict XVI, 86; and our own Intern Beth, 24. SA. Entertainment News Kim Kardashian is jealous of her 17-year-old sister's body. Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were chased out of Coachella by Twilight fans. Kat Von D and Deadmau5 are planning their autumn wedding. ABC wants to use recent Masters' winner Adam Scott as the next “Bachelor.” Do we play the 19th hole now? Josh Wheaton is almost done the first draft of The Avengers 2. A nude photo of Angelina Jolie taken 12 years ago with a horse will be sold. Horse bites hurt like hell. Casey will be on the Chat Show to describe what it's like to be bitten by hamsters and birds! Aubrey Plaza was kicked out of the MTV Movie Awards after she drunkenly tried to grab Will Ferrell's award on stage. Amanda Seyfried is the only actress to not get naked in Allure's May issue. Doesn't she have a strip scene in Les Miserables? Clips Morgan Freeman for “Oblivion” and Rob Zombie for “The Lords of Salem.” We have an Iron Man 3 exclusive screening!

Time 7:13 – 7:46
Strella MedSpa Sound of Money will be this break! Traffic. Matt O'Donnell in Studio Preston woke Matt up with his text to him. The Boston Marathon bombings killed an 8-year-old. Families of the Newtown shooting incident were also there as the bombs went off. There is a person of interest that police are guarding. Very familiar to the Oklahoma school bombing. 8-10 amputations needed to happen because of this bombing. Tax Day was yesterday, the bombs went off at the average run time of the Boston Marathon, these elements will be factored to determine motive. People didn't know where to run to for safety. Will this bombing change our security? Casey's neighbor, Mike, was at the scene and has called in. Mike was 6-7 minutes walking away from the scene of the explosion and was able to call his wife after the bomb hit. Matt recommends anybody that took pictures before the explosion hits to send them to the Boston police for further investigation. Thanks to Mike and Matt for talking about the bombing with us. Strella MedSpa Sound of Money! Anthony Tornetta from the Red Cross in Studio It's the return of the “I Bleed for Preston & Steve” Blood Drive! It will be June 15th at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks. 1-800-Red-Cross if you have any questions about your eligibility to donate blood. Donate blood by April 20th in order to still be eligible to give blood for our blood drive! 

Stupid Question:
What once caused the Mississippi River to flow backwards?

Stupid Answer:

Time 7:56 – 8:10
The Police makes Preston happy! Traffic. Bizarre File Cops are investigating a suicide in which a man blew himself up on the lawn of his own home. I guess he wasn't invited to the block party. Man was in a car accident, suffered two gunshot wounds in the head and then drove himself to the hospital. Women's Health magazine has a reflexive surface telling the reader: “See, son? She's a whore!” A judge held himself into contempt of court because he used a cell phone in the courthouse. A man tried to use McDonald's food as payment for sex. Women's Health recommends a different food to pay for sex... Cheerleaders Owner John Meehan in Studio Says he needs to name his new place and the winner will get $2500 too! Preston and Steve will be there on Thursday night from 7 pm to 9pm to find out who will win and what the new name will be. Everyone gets a free drink on Thursday! Sammy and Ashley will stay and be on our Hottie Cam!

Time 8:22 – 8:50
Alice in Chains will make the MMRBQ awesome. Traffic. Cheerleaders' Hottie Cam is on with smokin' hotties! It's hairy out in the green room, Steel Panther must be here. Intern Olympics – Week 3, Day 2 Intern Kat is going to have an aneurysm, she's so nervous. Do you listen to our show? Kat works in the morning on the days when she's not interning. Kat booked Darren “Dutch” Dalton! Darren “Dutch” Dalton Dutch should just come early to work at our sister station 97.5 The Fanatic and see our Hottie Cam! Where have the bats gone? Phillies have left 40 men on base in the last four games. Dutch was very optimistic for this year. The switch from baseball player to commentator. His relationship with Lenny Dykstra. Dutch's favorite baseball movie is “Field of Dreams.” A great catch makes the post-game beer much colder. Dutch was the last resort for Intern Kat. Odd Credits Theme Song Casey was watching a movie and didn't understand a theme song that was playing during the credits. Is it from Sophie's Choice? Audio of the theme is from Rambo II. How did Kathy know where this song is from? Kathy used to watch Rambo movies with her dad. Caller Keith says his boss has this song on his iPod, it's called “Peace in Our Life” by Frank Stallone. Or “Pizza My Heart.” Frank Stallone sounds like he's becoming Mickey from Rocky. Steel Panther is coming up next! Iron Man 3 giveaway!

Time 9:02 – 9:25
You know Steel Panther is coming up next. Bob G. from Marlton, NJ won $500 in our Sound of Money! Traffic. They were at the MMRBQ, they're going to be at the TLA tonight, it's Steel Panther! Steel Panther in Studio They have a huge tour bus. Need room for all the groupies. Shouting out notes. Was that a bark? Lexi's girlfriend is here. Can Preston play drums on Steel Panther's new album? Preston's name is actually Tommy Tom Thompson with Steel Panther. We don't need Taylor Swift to sing. The lead singer and the lead guitarist are the stars. What's a bass player? Gets lonely on the road, have to have sex with yourself. How did you pronounce a four-syllable word correctly? Steel Panther performing “Girl From Oklahoma” from their double-platinum “Feel the Steel” album, certified by Tahiti. On the new album, Steel Panther will write “Gangbang at the Old Folks' Home.” Avril Lavigne loves to come to Steel Panther concerts. Steel Panther loves to be a part of The Preston & Steve Show!

Time 9:35 – 9:49
Wow, Steel Panther is awesome! Traffic. Tattoosday! Listener Stef got a P&S tattoo of a sparrow with a P&S letters in musical notes around the sparrow. Bird is the word of course. Stef is from South Jersey and got to meet Steel Panther in the green room. Bizarre File Ozzy Osbourne...whoops, that's music news. Restaurant apologized after hanging a sign that says “beer should be like violence: domestic.” Wall Street executives can pay extra money for scantily-clad girls to shine their shoes. A woman was found guilty of hitting a cop with a quiche. A New Zealand man lost his vision after mixing vodka and diabetes medication, but regained it after drinking whiskey. It is now legal in England to suggest a horse is homosexual. 

Time 10:00 – 10:20
Skillet, waking up! Your horse is gay, there I said it! Weather. Cleavage season begins soon, along with sweaty plumber's ass crack weather. Traffic. LQ. Hollywood Trash Garth Brooks and Selena Gomez. LA. The White House has officially took down the petition to get Kathy to fart live on the air. It's a suppression of our First Amendment Rights! We were only 99,700 signatures away. Will Kathy fart on the stage at the MMRBQ? Not fair to West Chester's Graduation. Intern Beth got a Wawa tattoo on her butt for her birthday. Music News Ozzy Osbourne has admitted that he relapsed into drugs and alcohol in the past year and that he and Sharon are not divorcing. The Deftones will honor their bassist, Chi Cheng, after he passed away over the weekend. Pearl Jam and Nine Inch Nails will be headlining the Voodoo Concert Experience. Red Hot Chili Peppers's closing set for Coachella was interrupted because of a fierce sandstorm. Previously unreleased photos of Led Zeppelin will be shown in the new book: “Led Zeppelin: Sound and Fury.” Iron Man 3 giveaway!

Time 10:30 – 10:39
Never get tired of Coldplay. Weather. Thanks to Matt O'Donnell, Anthony Tornetta of the American Red Cross, make sure to mark the date of “I Bleed For Preston & Steve” blood drive on June 15th, Darren “Dutch” Dalton, and Steel Panther! Pierre is in! Unbelievable to see the runners who ran after the marathon to donate blood to victims. LOTD. Special thanks to our sponsors! We're continuing the ride on WMMR@45 tributes. Pierre's got clips of Preston & Steve when they first joined WMMR in 2005. Preston lost 70 pounds since he first joined WMMR. Pierre will have the second Sound of Money during his show. We're done, rage on, and we'll see you tomorrow!

Lesson Question:
What's the name of Casey's new book?

Lesson Answer:
Bitten By Birds And Hamsters

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