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Disc: 1 Date: 04-15-2013

Track1Time 6:11-6:22

Happy Monday morning. Traffic. News. Police say 34 year was killed in the Strawberry mansion. The man was shot 8 times in the body and was dead at the crime seen. 19 year old woman heard a baby outside her home – new born baby girl was found outside by an abandoned building. Police say a case of road-rage – police say 2 men got into an argument and lead to a gun battle in the middle of the day. Man told police that he chased the car until the man ran out of his vehicle and escaped on foot. Sports News. Roy Halladay won over the Marlins yesterday. Phillies open up a 3 game series against the Reds. Tiger woods ties for 4th. Sixers win over the Cavs. They play against the Pistons tonight. Flyers lose but play the Canadians tonight. Tweet your Selfies! Standard Monday Morning. Stay There gang!!!!!!!!


Track 2 Time 6:34-7:11

Talking Heads. Crappy weather this week but the weekend was nice. Sound of Money. Traffic. Stupid Question. Birthdays. Amanda Fox – Great big boobs! Naughty girls need love too. Seth Rogen turns 31 – why does he look older? Oh well, he's funny anyway. Anchorman cameo – brilliant. Emma Thompson turns 54 – great actress. Emma Watson – super hot! She looked fantastic from MTV Movie Awards. Stupid Answer. Entertainment News. 42 takes lead at the Box Office. Today is Jackie Robinson day. Tyler Perry's movie is another bomb – what else is new. MTV Movie Awards. Rebel Wilson delivered man! The Avengers takes home 3 awards. Sam Jackson took the stage for 2 awards. Congrats to Cooper for Best Kiss. Best Hero – The Hobbit, seriously. Congrats to Will Farrell for the Comedian Award. Johnathan Winters passed away over the weekend. Who will take care of his kids. Bieber is getting slammed when he visited the Anne Frank house – I hope she would be a Belieber!Jenna Jamison loses custody – don't we just feel horrible for porn stars. Patrick Duffy wants to reunite his show, Step by Step. Hugh Jackman gets an electric razor with pubes thrown at him. Kelly Ripa – hasn't spoken to Regis Philbin since he left the show – keep your pie-hole shut. Clinton should pull his pants down. Anybody have any Mary-Jane. Matt Damon and his wife renew wedding-vows. We like action girls – they always keep their mouth shut. Pain and Gain. We love The Rock – he's a mountain.


Track 3 Time 7:22-7:54

Yeah Boy. Sound of Money. Traffic. Tweet your Selfies. Why We Dislike Tax Day. Its just more time, no breaks. Kathy can't stand it. Casey has been done with it for 2 months and he bought a house and a hawk. Throw Snipes back in jail. Accounts are great – they always give away money. Uncle Sam always pays us. I don't work for the government, I work for MMR. There's always suspicion when people don't pay taxes and can easily buy whatever they want. Whats the difference between state & government taxes?. Sound of Money. Tax free money on the P&S Show. Thank God casino's exist. Nick only follows the rules from Shawshank Redemption. Preston's wife takes care of everything, even when she brings her coffee cup. Marcus Goldman in Studio. Really looking forward to riding and having a fun time. The team of cyclists has increased from previous years. 65 total miles from BF Bridge. It's a lot to handle especially with the heat but other than that its a good time. Jackie Bam Bam will being doing his radio skills at the Finish Line. Marcus wants people to train before the race. Sound of Money – Stephanie Price – Strella. We will be right back!!!!


Stupid Question:

what insect secretes a substance called royal jelly?


Stupid Answer:



Disc: 2 Date: 04-15-2013

Track 1 Time 8:05-8:32

Dropkick Murphy's. Traffic. Bizarre File. 2 brothers who were fishing on the Amazon River – one harpooned the other guy in the face because he thought he was a fish. A thief gets worldwide attention for the chopsticks he used to steal a cell phone from a cyclists pocket. Police respond to a phone call – a 6 year old was driving a car – he took the keys and he never drove before. In Taiwan – gamer stabbed a man with a watermelon – people ignored the scene and continued gaming. Intern Olympics. Week 3 Intern Olympics – Intern Vicki. Vicki gets number 1 over the weekend followed by Marisa. Vicki has 40 points for 3rd place. Christine has 50+ in 1st place. Vicki is rockin' a new look today – she looks great with glasses. Vicki brought a few guests from the band Silver-Tide: (Walt, Nick & Kevin). As long as were out of jail and rehab – the band has a future. The focus is to get back to the things when we were younger. Loved touring with Shinedown and Halestorm. New release will come soon. Intern Olympics. Not bad for today – lets see whats to come. Stay There Gang!!!!!!


Track 2 Time 8:40-8:54

We're Back. Sound of Money. Traffic. Northern Light Spotting. Preston got a tweet that was apparently on his bucket list. Accordingly, there was suppose to be a Northern Light which is incredible. There usually seen closer to the poles. Its amazing. Preston wants to see one so bad – Nick saw one and claimed it was incredible. Nature's Fireworks! Shooting stars are cool too. You really need patience when looking at stars but you need to drop your phone and get the guy off you. Preston went to a Wing's game and went rollerskating. Casey saw a new commercial/internet add – I Ship My Pants.

I Ship My Pants: K-Mart Add. It's so brilliant. God Bless K-Mart. It has over 7 million views, WHAT!!!! Ship your pants people. The gang can't get over how funny and amazing this add is and has become. Its awesome. Pain and Gain movie passes.


Track 3 Time 9:01-9:35

It's Selfie Monday. Tweet your Selfies. Traffic. Jamie Kennedy on phone. His show, Oh Sit - 2nd Season – Musical Chairs times 6. Jamie has yet to see the new Ship Your Pants Commercial. Jamie likes drinking cappuccino's and chilling. Season 2 looks exciting – you get one really hot girl for 1 week. Duck, Duck, Goose? How does one make that sexy. Jamie liked the game, Getaway. We feel Jamie's pain – the life of Jamie. Eva Longoria on phone. Steve is amazed that good looking people have trouble finding dates. Love vs TV. The show needed to be more modern – internet usage – matchmakers coach the individuals. Steve's wife isn't his type and she doesn't like bald-guys and there lives are now miserable. Comedy clubs are awesome but Movies suck. Avoid Mexican food on dates. Ready For Love is Gweneth Paltrow's new favorite show. No one has ever heard Kathy Fart – Casey wants to hear one. Farts Of Love: Kathy's Unborn Charity Lets make money. Preston doesn't like farting in-front of girls. She must have a musical tune that goes with her fart. Her fart would make Casey smile. Female farting contest would be Bingo. Can she blow out a candle. Pierre should host it! Guys are curious to know if girl's can smell their silent farts. Casey farts 500 times a day. Kathy loves the days when Preston gets mad at Casey for farting. Mama always said, that farting was apart of life. Shart-Outs. Pain and Gain passes-20 callers.


Disc: 3 Date: 04-15-2013

Track 1 Time 9:48-9:58

Bully. Traffic. The Rolling Stones – Ticket Sale. Rolling Stones tickets go on sale in 10 minutes. Why are they 1,000 bucks each. Who cares, it'll sell out in 5 minutes anyway. Just dress as a vendor and you'll be fine. Preston is not going, it's way too much to go. Comcast Tickets is insane right now. Preston would see the Police for 1,000 bucks. The Police is The Bucket List Show. Can someone just guarantee that this will be the last time, we're tired of hearing that it's the last time – been hearing it since 81'. Kathy please fart, just please do it. Don't do the Bizarre File, just fart for us. Bizarre File vs. Kathy's Farts. The Game of Bingo - coming back w/ Hipsters – The world's largest manufacture. Bingo at baby showers sucks according to Kathy. Pain and Gain movie passes – call now. Much more to come so stay right there gang! Be right back!!!!


Track 2 Time 10:09-10:34

Word of the Week. Pain and Gain passes. Family movie dates are like 100 bucks – wow. That's why we give this stuff away so people don't lose all their money. Farts Of Love: Kathy's Unborn Charity . Please convince Kathy Romano to fart live on the show. I don't think Bill Weston will approve. We like watching young ladies fart. The White House must address this. She wants no part. If she has the equipment than she can do it and do it good. We need more signatures by May 15th. Its the most important link on our site. Get The White House – Pure Victory. Bizarre File. Kids force girls into pornography/prostitution to receive friendship. If the girls didn't comply than they would be beaten and would be humiliated through Internet sources. These girls are like 14 years old. A woman had her nose bitten off – she was injured at a concert performance. A punching game between 2 15 year old's – one of the boys was killed playing the game – the idea is to punch the person in the chest and the boy had fallen and passed away. Plain rituals – one passenger covered himself in a plastic bag because its against his religion to fly over cemeteries. He was covered from head to toe. Lesson Question. Hollywood Trash. Rapper Gucci Main is arrested once again. Jane Seymour and her 4th husband have divorced but she is happy to have a future filled with future husbands. Lesson Answer. Jay on phone. Music News. Concert info: Kid Rock coming to Philly. All tickets are 20 bucks. What an awesome guy. Def Tones bassist died at age 42 – 4 years in a coma. He fought the good fight. NIN – returns with his wife on vocals. Black Sabbath members were interviewed by Jack Osbourne – Ozzy claims the new album will be the most important record of their career. Three Eleven will tour this summer – Penn's Landing, July 10th. Free Music Monday. Stay There!!!!!!!


Track 3 Time 10:45-10:50

Incubus baby. Kathy just please fart – its for charity. Just do it, do it!!!!! good things will come. No Fart Radio for Pierre – he wants out of this Fart campaign. Its ridiculous. Letter of the Day. Thank you to everyone who was on the program today. Guests for Intern Olympics, Jamie Kennedy and Eva Longoria. Pierre has a 'more fun with blocks' kind of day. The rest of the day is a fart-free day. Thanks to our sponsors today!!!!!!!!!


Lesson Question:

Jenna Jamison has 2 kids: 1 is Journey Jet the other is?


Lesson Answer:

Blue Oyster Cult Bon Jovi Jamison


Letter of the Day:



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