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Looking at a fairly good weekend 63 tomorrow in the 70's by Monday Today is Kathy's Locks of Love Event at True Beauty ConceptsNews Teen dies after shooting by Overbrook HS. Police investigating 2 incidents outside same school in Wayne A white van was seen sitting outside the school watching children. U.S. Barista championship begins this weekend in Boston. They get 15 min to make signature beverages to a panel of judges. Sports Flyers knocked out of the playoffs by the Senators. Its Kathy's Locks of Love Event, they started at 5:30am. Angela is here cutting hair live in studio. Chuck Damico's daughter Charley going first. Intern Olympics today, Ted Alexandro & David M. Evans director of The Sandlot & Alisha Cuthbert ITS FREE BALLIN' FRIDAY!

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Enemies from Shinedown on MMR Kathy is at True Beauty Concepts in for Locks of Love. Kathy's Locks of Love Traffic It looks like the beginning of at St. Patrick's day party with all of the green Locks of Love t-shirts. Angela just cut off Charley's hair. Kathy has 2 sisters there who are getting their hair cut. She had 10” cut off & wants to help people. Stupid QBirthdays Art Alexakis of Everclear 51, Nick Hexam of 311, Shannon Dougherty 42, Andy Garcia 57, Claire Danes 34, David Cassidy 63, David Letterman 66, Tom Clancy & Ed O'Neil 67. Stupid Q Entertainment News Kristen Stewart & Rob Pattinson crashed Hanson's record release party. Amanda Bynes is estranged from parents after they expressed concern about her possibly having an eating disorder. Paul McCartney Britain's wealthiest musician the ex- Beatle shares a 1.05 billion fortune w/ 3rd wife Nancy Shevell. Jay-Z defending recent trip to Cuba in a song. Ivanka Trump pregnant for the 2nd time. Tarantino's Django Unchained pulled from theaters in China. Lindsay Lohan subjected to a pat down at the JFK airport. Clips 42 & Julie Benz.Kathy's Locks of Love Event today.

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The webcam is on now on Kathy's Locks of Love Event. Angela is in our studio cutting hair now. Traffic Kathy's Locks of Love The green shirts look great for the event there are a lot of hot hair stylists. Mindy just got 11” cut off. Kathy requested to have a throne as her stylist chair. Preston is playing audio of a football coach going off on the players. People are calling in to guess who the coach is yelling at. Its a lingerie football league coach Pain & Gain Screening. Angela plays for the lingerie football league and never heard her coach talking to them like that. DC Comics Creates First Openly Transgender Character with Batgirl's roomate as a transgender. Its good that they're trying to appeal to people, but who cares. Do someone that has gusto to them not Batgirl. They could have Bain come out of the closet. Listen a few min ago when were were fighting my hand casually brushed against your crotch what are you packing down there. I can't fit that in my mask unless your pee pee is like a fruit roll up then we can talk. Is Batman there how are you? Oh I'm fine. Listen I was wondering do you like movies I do too. It must be lonely in that cave, do you have any ideas of switching teams? I freaked you out didn't I? Sound of Money Preston's kids were having a debate on how to kill Superman, he was so proud of them. The best way would be with a Kryptonite bullet.


 Stupid Q: What type of bird is a Purple Martin?

Stupid A: North American Swallow


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Chance of thunderstorms today. It's Free Ballin' Friday . Traffic Kathy's Locks of Love Event at TruBeauty Concepts. Dawn brought her daughter to get their hair cut first time donating they said it was rewarding. Sienna, 9 got 14” cut off. So far people have donated 424” of hair. They're all saying Kathy looks hotter on camera, her nails look awesome. Julie is in studio getting her hair cut by Angela. Preston will take part in the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes is for the Laurel House in Norristown. It's 1 mile of guys walking in high-heels. Bizarre File man accused of running an marijuana grow house agents found buckets of human feces were left out to cover the smell of pot. Man had all 32 of his teeth pulled out instead of extracting just 3. Fisherman bitten to death by a beaver after trying to take its picture. Pad Gardner collects menstrual pads and takes pictures of them from every angle. Pain & Gain screening

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Meltdown is here. Traffic Kathy got a$1250 check donation. She's thanking Gravity on their 6th year, Fiber & David Arnold Hair Salon. They're all closed today. Intern Olympics. Intern Christine's contest “Beer Man Olympics” Andrew is a beer guy at Citizens Bank Park. He's got a great personality. A full beer tub is from 28-55lbs up and down the stairs. Tin the first challenge they need to squat with the beer tub over their heads. “Up down challenge” you need to pick up the container and put it on your shoulders. 3rd challenge you have to hop over the container . Listener 1 is teaming up with Andrew the beer guy, Listener 2 is paired up with Nick, listener 3 with Casey. They get :20 each Casey won this round with 19 squats. Next challenge “Up Down Challenge” Andrew got 11, Casey, 9 and Nick had 10. Final challenge they need to jump over the tubs of ice. The final trivia question getting asked Andrew got 9, Casey got 9 and Nick got 10. Andrew won! Listener Joe wins an authentic Utley Jersey. 2nd place Jay wins a Red Nike Phillies Hoodie and 3rd place wins New Phillies Pretzel Shirt. Meltdown

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A lot of activity in and out of the studio this morning. Sound of Money chance again with Pierre. Locks of Love Event going on and its Free Ballin' Friday. Traffic Tom is getting his haircut by Angela right now. Julie is with both of her sisters and they all donated their hair. Ted Alexandro in Studio he does everything every 5 days shaves the head, the beard and does general housekeeping downstairs. The web-series Teacher's Lounge is being pitched has other comedians coming in playing the faculty. Its getting interest as a tv pilot. Nick saw him in NE Philly and loved it because he told stories from his teaching days. He went off on the recorder, Casey is bringing it out his finger technique is incorrect. “Hot Cross Buns” was like their “Free Bird” Preston has friends who are teachers and they talked about the lounge as a student you have no idea what they're talking about behind closed doors. In teaching you're going to hate a child, Ted says. He gets teased for his pregnant pauses, he likes to take his time and it creates tension in the crowd. He's 44 single, never married no kids, he did it. He says his life is a balance of loneliness and euphoria. He dates younger, w/ his lifestyle he relates to people who already do their thing. The girls he sees now, he can't make things happen on a Tuesday night he gets tired early. He's very happy being single hes busy has a lot of friends.


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Its a busy day today, Free Ballin' and Free Muffin' Friday Traffic Things are at their busiest right now at Locks of Love. There was a guy who had 24” of hair. Corinne's hair was past her butt, she had 15” cut off. Meltdown Gift Card David M. Evans Director of The Sandlot in Studio screening tomorrow night at the Trenton Thunder. He recalls a story of him and his little brother who weren't well liked and used to get beat up all the time, his brother climbed a fence to get a baseball in hopes of being able to play with them and the dog Hercules cut up his leg. This stood the test of time as an evergreen movie. The cast has to be just right, he got the right kids who worked together well. David narrated the film, he wrote and cast all the kids. The line that follows him everywhere “You're killin' me smalls” he's heard it at least 100k times in his life. He never tossed lines to James Earl Jones, you just don't do that. He had him for 9 hours for one day, he looked at the page and was ready to go. He directed and wrote the film Radio Flyer also. He took inspiration from The Little Rascals. Casey's kids love the movie.

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Tonight you can see Happy Endings Elisha Cuthbert on the Phone its one of the funniest shows on tv right now. Its the smartest written show. She likes to think of her character is not dumb, but enthusiastic. Casey needs to tel Elisha that the first time they ever talked to her and he asked the most horrible question. He asked her a stupid question about Canada and doesn't want to make it up by asking an incisive question. Preston has a pre-flight ritual he does before he flies, if he physically touches the outside of the aircraft he feels okay, Elisha likes to get on the plane with her right foot first. Casey wants to know if it was a stunt butt in Old School, no it wasn't. And if she's friends with JVR. Nick does the same pre-flight ritual it makes him feel better. Steve rubs his junk on the first stewardess he sees. Kathy's Locks of Love says she totally banged JVR. Kara is one of the owners of Gravity she just cut Rachel's hair she's been cutting her family's hair for the past 6 years. Meltdown Bizarre File man facing charges after he defecated on the floor of a dollar store and walking out. Woman arrested after she choking her bf because he kept singing the “Thrift Shop” song by Mackelmore. Man dropped off a package to a security guard with a goats head inside to the Cubs ballpark. Dubai police adding a Lamborghini to its fleet of police cars. Hamster that came back from the dead on Easter was just hibernating. Lesson Q Hollywood Trash OK mag claim Tom Cruise in love with Olga Kurylenko hes so stuck on her that he's considered no having sex with men. Lesson A Music News Soundgarden performing at the sub pop records event on July 13th in Seattle. Van Halen bassist thanked David Lee Roth for having his back in Feb. Alice in Chains was a musical guest on Jimmy Kimmel they'll be at the MMRBQ. Its been a busy day today. There's a bachelor party for Patrick in the studio today and Steve is shipping off for the Navy next week.

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One more check in there's a lot to do before heading out. Kathy is still going strong with the Locks of Love Event they should be rapping up soon TruBeauty Concepts owner talks about how they hold classes for hairstylists and downstairs is a store that is open to the public. She's reading off the back of someone's Locks of Love shirts. There's been over 1400” of hair donated. Thanks to Ted Alexandro,

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