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Traffic News police investigating shooting in Grays Ferry that left a man wounded. Man shot in the stomach took to the hospital in critical condition. Police fatally shot a man holding 4 firefights hostage in Georgia, he was said to be having financial problems. Chester county residents are angry that they need to cut down trees that are in obstruction of the Phila. airport. Sports Phillies beat the Mets 7-3 last night. Sixers lost last night against Hawks. Preston needs a cup of coffee after the crazy storm last night. Its getting up to about 70 degrees cooling off this weekend. Director Danny Boyle calling in today for his movie Trance and we'll announce the winner of Philly's Hottest Nerdy Girl & Day #4 of Week 2 for Intern Olympics. Tomorrow is Kathy's Locks of Love event.

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Today's entire broadcast has limited commercial interruptions T-Mobile Traffic Stupid Q Birthdays Joel Gray 81, Peter Reigert 66, Vincent Gallo 52, Jennifer Esposito 40. Stupid A: Entertainment News The show Buckwild has been canceled. How Shain died had nothing to do with the show, it was just a tragic accident. Victoria's Secret not renewing Miranda Kerr's $1mil contract she's married to Orlando Bloom. She's Kathy's favorite. She's also got a chewing tobacco line, I'm Miranda Kerr and I like to dip! The nicotine rush is awesome. He also said he'd crap in your hamper. Sources tell OK! Glee Star Cory Monteith is going to rehab because Lia Michelle gave him an ultimatum. I can't stand by you when this happens its not the way I'm wired. She said she couldn't watch him slowly kill himself. It would tear me up inside but I will turn my back on you if I have to. Halley Berry revealed she'll continue to work after giving birth to her 2nd child. They decided on a name for the baby, Jumanji. Rumors that Alec Baldwin will host a talk show on NBC. People have been impressed with his radio podcast series. Snooki recent weight loss has her friends concerned for her health. Michael Strahan and Jeff Zucker, Clips Alexander Skarsgard & Danny Boyle for Trance.

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Traffic Kathy's Locks of Love is tomorrow she'll be at True Beauty Concepts in Southampton. The Masters Starts Today. There's a 14 year old kid who's in the Masters with a legitimate shot. Tiger is a favorite to win with his comeback, but this kid could potentially take it. Someone from the Star Ledger was at the Masters and reported on Arnold Palmer and wondered how he could order his own drink. He said “I'll have a me” he actually asked the waitress “can I have a Mr. Palmer and winked at her” Steve hates Arnold Palmers. “On a Roll” named a burger after Preston when he gave the owner a hamburger recipe. Kathy has a wrap called “The Kathy Romano” at Guppys. Study says Women Don't Need to Wear Bras Preston got a prostate exam doctor suggested he cut down his coffee intake. Man who did this 15 year study says that breasts get saggier when wearing a bra. Preston and Steve both think bras are sexy. Nick wasexcited when he discovered different colored bras in 7th grade. Listener Emily was attacked by a dog and got her breast ripped in half. She says its less painful than a mammogram. Guy calls in he got a mammogram because he felt a lump says its pretty painful. Kathy HATES going to the gynecologist. She had a friend who used to take something before she'd get examined. Kathy had a doctor who said “they're going to have so much fun with they sedate her” Kathy's gyno retired, its the woman who told her she has the perfect vagina. Sound of Money. Casey's wart on his face is okay, he's afraid to shave over it. Casey was showering everyday and his skin is feeling worse he's going back to every other day now.

 Stupid Q: What is Shaggy's real name in Scooby Doo.


Stupid A: Norville Rogers


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Traffic Philly's Hottest Nerdy Girl announcement coming up. Bizarre File man cut himself with saws inside a home depot store causing a gruesome scene in front of customers. He cut his arms to the bone. Porn addict who inserted a live eel up his butt had an all night operation after it got stuck inside of him. They removed the 20 inch long Asian swamp eel. Mother sporting full facial hair after giving birth to her last child is feeling confident because she's no longer trying to get rid of it. 79 year old woman woke up from a 5 year coma and her first words were “I want to see a Bob Seger concert” She will go to a Bob Seger concert in Michigan and will be meeting him after the show. Free Ballin' Friday tomorrow. For the ladies it'll be free muffin' Friday.

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Word of the Week Prize Cheerleaders Traffic Philly's Hottest Nerdy Girl 3rd place Ashley, 2nd place Nicole, 1st place Vicky! Intern Olympics with Intern Kat's Contest “Hesitation” When a listener calls in they can't use “umm” or “uhh”. Listener Bernie made it through the 15 seconds. Wings Tix Listener wins Boss Season 2 on DVD Listener Joe wins Veep DVD Listener Amanda's category is “Lindsay Lohan” wins Corona Light Listener Joe's category is “the weather” won Wings Tix Listener Judah's category is “cupcakes” won Run of Engagement Passes for The Place Beyond the Pine. Preston's category is “break-ups” he couldn't do it. He's going to try again with the category “Philadelphia Flyers” still can't do it. Casey's category is “beer pong” he paused too long. Steve's category is “twitter” of course he makes it through 15 seconds without any “uhhs” Kathy's turn her category is “PA” then “Guns 'N Roses” she couldn't make it. Nick's category is “William Penn Statue” he made it through. Danny Boyle on the Phone He remembers our show, he remembers the noise in the studio. Each time he tries to bring something different to the table. James McAvoy plays an art auctioneer and he steals a painting from his own auction house.They had a hypnotist come to the set and put James into a trance and asked if Danny wanted to be in a trance he refused to. There was a ban of alcohol on the way into the Olympics- every night the producer would get 2 bottles of wine during the scene of the queen jumping out of the helicopter.

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Limited Commercial Interruptions today T-Mobile Word of the Week Cheerleaders Traffic Marisa will be out at Parx Casino 360 lounge for Ladies Night Marisa's old boyfriend yelled “You're a Whore!” at her after winning 5 grand at the casino. Made in America Line-Up Announced headliners Beyonce, NIN, Queens of the Stoneage, The Gaslight Anthem, Public Enemy, Deadmau5, Phoenix, Miguel, Wiz Kalifa Everything was properly handled without many incidents. Black Listna Chris is going to help out and explain those that Preston doesn't know. Walk the Moon will be there, Solange Knowles is Beyonce's sister, Porter Robinson, Wolfgang Gartner, Schoolboy Q, Robert DeLong, Redlight, Fitz and the Tantrums. He has to make an appearance this is his baby. He was there through every act last year. They brought 80k fans last year. Heads up to those going to the Phillies game and they're doing a hardcore crack down on underage drinking. They'll be patrolling all of the tailgaters. Casey got busted for being in a circle of friends who were smoking weed and he got the citation for throwing it away. Listener Ray was in the Jetrow lot, you can't have any open containers outside. Aaron was at the game and his friends got busted for underage drinking about 45 of them got busted. Preston had to wash dishes at the Jewish center for the age for getting caught with an underage.


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Tomorrow Free Ballin' and Free Muffin Friday. Traffic Philly's Hottest Nerdy Girl Vicki won first place! They're all winners in our book. This has been the closest contest by far. Bizarre File 500 page declassified mission on Apollo 10 transcribes the 6-8 day mission with emergency pop-ups “Give me a napkin quick, There's a turd floating through the air”. NY ex convict cut off a man's ear with a machete at a barbeque. Varsity baseball team in Florence Twp HS in trouble for hazing after reports of holding down a kid and biting until skin was broken. Pain and Gain Movie Screening

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Expecting rain and thundershowers later, a high about 70 degrees today. Nasty thunderstorm yesterday. About 62 tomorrow into a comfortable weekend with sunshine. Casey got a new golf club and he's been waiting to use it, tomorrow he has a gold outing and its supposed to rain. Philly's Hottest Nerdy Girl announced and Vicki has her own gallery on the website. Lesson Q Hollywood Trash Buckwild canceled by MTV will replace with Amish Sluts. Lesson A The hamper Music News Rob Zombie headlining in the Buffalo Chip Rally in South Dakota its a huge biker gathering. Scott Weiland announces West coast dates and drummer quits the band. Kid Rock advocates redistribution of wealth. He wants to celebrate those who try to make the world a better place. Black Sabbath making a rare tv appearance on the season finale of CSI. Premiering Wed the 15th at 10pm, with the unveiling of their new song. Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne are engaged.

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Enter Sandman on WMMR Sound of Money coming up with Jaxon. Philly's Hottest Nerdy Girl Vicky is on the phone. She lives in Delco right now. She likes to write poetry, read and watch weird tv shows. She does a lot of modeling and trying to get her portfolio together. Wrap Up Thanks to Director Danny Boyle. Tomorrow is Christine's Shot at her contest for Intern Olympics. Pierre has arrived for the LOTD: E T-Mobile Today he's celebrating the year 1979 on MMR's 45. Kathy's Locks of Love


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