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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
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Intern Olympics

Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:09-6:21
Weather. Traffic. News Homicide detectives hard at work in Philly after three shootings yesterday. 14 people arrested after a fight in center city Philadelphia. That could have gone really bad, people started rioting. Have you ever gotten the feeling that you should leave somewhere because things are escalating? Florida parents charged with kidnapping and fleeing to Cuba. Sports All 3 Philly teams played NY last night, only the Phillies won. Flyers lost to the Islanders 4-1. Sixers lost 104-83. Uconn won it's 8th title. Secret text word. Sound of money. 
Time 6:34-7:08
This weather is amazing. Traffic. Stupid Question. Birthdays Brian Sethser, 54. Hailey Osmit, 25. Mandy Moore, 29. Orlando Jones, 45. Steven Segal, 65. Max Von Siedel, 84. Sound of music? No, he was in the exorcist. John Madden, 77. Stupid Answer. Entertainment News Hugh Heffner celerated his birthday by having a movie night at his home in LA. He played Casablanca. Simon Cowell on the cover of Radio Times in England. Nick Stahl from Terminator 3 was seen trying to get some meth. Sharon Stone, Preston accidentally said Osborne,  and supermodel Kate Moss kissed in Brazil. Casey and Preston are trying to recommit to Rock of Ages. Kate Middleton about to become a godmother to a “Princess Ship.” CEO of the cruiseline announced she is the godmother to “Royal Princess.” She'll name the ship on June 13th. They start off by taking a smash on the deck. They'll never remove it. X-Men actor James Macalvoy stopped acting at a theater during Macbeth and yelled at audience members. Lindsey on David Letterman She was very uncomfortable. Letterman asked if she'll show up. He asks questions about drugs, rehab, and alcohol, court, and is “trying to protect her image.” She saw the list and laughed saying “I thought you were going to be nice.” Farrah Abraham from Teen Mom made a porn film with James Deen. Clips Elizabeth Perkins and Don Garrett on how to live with your parents. America Ferrara from It's a disaster. Sound of money. 
Track  3                          Time 7:19-7:49
Hopefully we'll get some Made in America new. Traffic. Sound of money.  Keeping it Kinky Preston is talking about Afternoon Delight. Preston is trying to have everyone guess where him and Rochelle had sex. Pool table. Preston laid a towel down on the pool table. Did you let her break? Without getting to graphic, missionary. Everything you see in porn is 100% accurate. Kathy has a window in her house that you can't put a curtain on. Someone asked Kathy when the last time she had sex was. Does she get adventurous? On THE BED. The kids always interfere. Casey asked if Preston put his balls in the pocket. Casey's friend always knew when his parents were having sex. Preston is going through the places he has had sex. One of Kathy's friends ordered “massive meaty men.” Preston said they did it in the pool. Kathy was jogging in the park and saw people having sex under a blanket. Never marry a girl who will have sex at a ballpark. Men biologically get turned off at your best friends wife. When Casey can't have sex with his friends wife but he can have sex with Preston's friends wives. Marriage is about asking the other to look up your butt. Sound of money. Caller Allen, worried about his friends son & his wife. Casey's friend from college banged his friends mom. “ring sizer.” Caller Angie, best friend went after her husband and she's married. Some woman like married men. Sound of money. 
Stupid Q: Where did the name duffel bag come from?
Stupid A: Duffel from Belgium
Track 1                 Time 7:55-8:08
Intern Olympics continue today with Vicki. Big friggin deal. Fox Good Day Made in America rumors. They heard one rumor get shut down, Muse. They keep the information tight lipped. Preston and Steve's favorites would be something like red hot chili peppers or foo fighters. Hopefully it'll be people joining people on stage like last time. Most of it is paid for by sponsors. This also goes off very smoothly. Traffic. Bizarre File Reddit user is reported to the FBI after using a cuddly bear to confess to murder. Are you confession bear? Here's a supena to appear in court. Pilot of emergency helicopter was texting and flying which killed 4 people including the pilot. 7 workers died while cleaning a tank in one of mexicos corona brewerys. Paul Marinaccio said he's afraid of frogs because of a man who chased him away with bullfrogs in his hands. 
Track 2                 Time 8:21-8:53
Weather update. Traffic. Caller Mike, calling from Marine Cor base in Oahu Hawaii. It's 87 degrees here but only 78 in Hawaii. Preston loves it there. Casey loves that guy. His lovely wife tried to knife you to death. Marisa will be at Parx Casino. Preston met Jack Dell from Dell Toyota. Nick got to test a mini-van and he loves it. Jack sells them for less. Preston had his van for a while and his kids destroyed it. They got a new one. Casey said everyone should get all-weather mats. Casey hates when his kids ask for favors while he drives. Preston's kids requested heated seats. Kids don't have to wait for anything anymore. Steve missed hong-kongfuey on Saturdays. National spelling bee made a change in it's rule saying that the children must know the definition of the word as well. Steve doesn't like this. Is there a definition bee? Steve is really good at definitions. Groundsel is Hanztels cousin. Morgnattic is where Morgan keeps his stuff. Most spelling bee words are difficult. Steve isn't good at being put on spot. The bird is the word. The Yankees have won many pennance. Pedagogue is a school teacher. At Linvilla you pay 25 cents to pedagogue. Disunion-lack of union. Look at dis onion. Clinkerbilt. Spikenard, oh wait no it's phone. The spikenard is silent. One of spikes balls. Tall sweet smelling plant. When you can't poop, you're constranated. The Navy is going to test laser weapons. Lasers are only cool with mist and sound effects. The laser could be used as a better, cheaper defense. Secret text word. 
Track 3                 Time 9:05-9:32
Made in America lineup. Traffic. Intern Olympics-Vicki is in first place, here with calendar girl Abby playing “are you smarter than a Preston and Steve calendar girl?” Caller Mike, Animal Kathy is deathly afraid of? Answer: possum A: snakes L: racoon. Caller Joe, Who said they wanted Drake to murder their vagina? Answer: Amanda Bynes A: Rihanna L: Kourtney Kardashian. Joe, Pie the equation is what number and what ingrediant is in pie? A: strawberries, 3.14 L: flour, 3.14. Caller Mike, how many interns are competing in the intern olympics? Corona. A: 8 L: 5. Caller Mark, what is the address of the white house? Answer: 1600 pennsylvania ave A: 300 pennsylvania ave L: 1500 pennsylvania ave. Caller Barb, What is the name of the 2013 calendar girl? Answer: Brittany A:Malanie L: Brittany. The place beyond the pines. Vicki's game for the intern olympics. Brett Manney he knew some answers. Swimming in the hallway video. Wings are 6-8 and if they win Saturday they are in the playoffs. Everybody sucks right now so if they  have to win. Brett Manney made it into plays of the month for April. Even if the home team loses, they're still fun. 
Track 1                 Time 9:42-9:55
Everclear. We still like that song. Traffic. Does incident ever mean anything possitive? Like the word massacre, it's always negative. Hey, that was a fun massacre. Longwood Gardens appearances Amy Grant is going to be at Longwood Gardens. Nick has been trying to get her in studio. Steve wants to go see the Christmas lights this weekend. Nick still has some of his Christmas lights up. What harm does having Christmas lights up do? It's a couple strings of lights! Kathy has Easter decorations that she just took down. Preston has his lights connected to his phone. Xfinity house. Longwood Garden has Anthrax coming in. Molly Ringwald was just there too. Regis was surprised. Bane opened for her. Zooey Deschanel is opening with Bane. Judd Nelson all steal marching band. Wings tickets. 
Track 2                 Time 10:07-10:28
Casey tried to get the broadcast outside. Steve's teacher ate tuna with his hands. Casey saw someone eat an avocado like an apple. Bizarre File Maine's marine patrol has cited a man who has 41 pounds of eels. They're called Elvers. Hey, I'm an eel. My name is Elvers. How many more elvers will be eaten? We'll get to unemployment in a little bit. Police say James Bowling was shot with an arrow at a strip club. There's a lot of arrow stuff going on. Kathy could hit the eye of an elver with an arrow. Japan created a coat that gives people hugs. You can use the pockets to keep chili warm. Mother's can have their breast milk into keep sakes. Do they do anything with diarrhea? Can they do that to man batter? Don't type man batter necklace into google. Delco's most wanted on pinterest. Lesson Q.Hollywood Trash  Clay Aiken described his fan has a light beard and 10 years ago. Taylor said when she feels down she thinks of her fans and private jet. Amanda Bynes tweeted her bizarre acts at Pilates. Lesson A. Music News Metallica is getting their own pinball machine. Will feature songs and there's a trailer online. Queens of the Stone Age lead singer said he has a great relationship with Dave Grohl and says he makes everything great. Courtney Love also featured. Made in America lineup being announced today. Secret text word. 
Track 3 (ALSO ON TRACK 2)       Time 10:39-10:47
Everybody go outside today. Secret text word. Vicki for the intern olympics had her contest today. Pierre has his new Chuck Taylor's on. He has the eyes of a falcon and the moves of a ballet dancer. Pierre has his own style. LOTD. Thank you to our sponsors. Pierre has 1983 and 2008. Pierre has found a lot of clips that are really cool for him. Danny Boyle will be on us tomorrow. 

Lesson Q: Which star of the breakfast club has a steel drum band?
Lesson A: Judd Nelson


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