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Intern Olympics

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Time 6:10 – 6:22
It's Tuesday! Weather. Traffic. News Update Police are investigating a shooting in NJ where a child accidentally shot a 6-year-old boy who were neighbors. Hundreds of Fillmore, CA residents were ordered to evacuate their homes due to a wildfire. The Kelly Drive speed limit is 35 mph, but officers conducted a speeding crackdown arresting anybody that does over 45 mph. Sports Roy Halladay had another rough night as the Phils lost to the Mets, 7-2. Louisville Cardinals win the NCAA Championship. Louisville's women's basketball team is also in their championship game. A lot of banging going on there. Strella Med Spa Sound of Money around 7:30! Today, we'll have a Not Your Average Listener, Intern Olympics, & Kacie McDonnell!

Time 6:36 – 7:06
Alice in Chains, what a bright way to start the morning! Traffic. SQ. Birthdays Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance, 36; Kristen Stewart, 23; Cynthia Nixon, 47; Paulina Porizkova, 48; Dennis Quaid, 59; Hugh Hefner, 87; and Elle Fanning, 15. SA. Entertainment News Beloved Mouseketeer Annette Funicello died yesterday at 70 years old. Audio of the Mickey Mouse roll call. Casey liked how in Stand By Me that the boys talk about Annette's boobs. Paul Anka wrote “Puppy Love” for Annette, the original title was going to be “Doggie Style.” First movie role was “The Shaggy Dog.” Do you see a connection here?! Audio of Annette singing with Frankie Avalon. Meryl Streep praised Margaret Thatcher when she heard Thatcher died. Talk show host Sarah Gilbert engaged to Linda Perry. Linda Perry tried to kill Suge Knight in jail. Alec Baldwin's stalker rejected a plea deal and will appear in court later this month. Casey Kasem is selling his LA estate for $42 million. Audio of Casey Kasem freaking out. Caller says Casey Kasem's wife sold round cribs. She had patents, not Patton. Patton VS Kasem – I guess we read each other books! Halle Berry says getting pregnant later in life was the biggest surprise of her life. Teen Mom's Ferrah Abraham is reportedly the star of a 30-minute sex tape, but she denies it; porn star James Deen says it is him and Ferrah. Bradley Cooper will star opposite of Natalie Portman in “Jane Got A Gun.” Clips Bill and Giuliana Rancic for “Ready For Love” & Rachel McAdams for “To The Wonder.”

Time 7:18 – 7:49
Funny text: “Nice 5 minute break song, who had to take a smash?” Casey actually did! That wins a Pain & Gain ticket! Traffic. Time for Preston's World! 30-year Unoccupied Philly House Bart Blatstein bought a house in Rittenhouse Square that's been unoccupied for 30 years for $4.2 million. The house is known as the McIlhenny Mansion. Steve Wynn has a proposal for a casino in Fishtown and wants to turn the building that held the Inquirer into a casino. Top 10 Stocks That Made Money #10 was Chevron, followed by Petro China, IBM, Microsoft, General Electric, Wal-Mart, Warren Buffett, Google, Apple, and #1 was Exxon Mobile. Casey's hoping he finds hidden Apple stock in his parents' attic. No More Sears Portraits Sears has shut down its portrait studio business. Been around since 1959. Nick doesn't delete his photos from his camera. Preston's not sure with what to do with his mini-DV and VHS tapes. Casey likes the recreation of family photos. Sound of Money!  Horrible “Accidental Racist” Song “Accidental Racist” by Brad Paisley and LL Cool J. There's a school down south that still has segregated proms. Everything's a word in a song. Like the Bird?! Tim Cooper from Philadelphia wins the Sound of Money!

Stupid Question:
Who wrote “The 95 Theses?”

Stupid Answer:
Martin Luther

Time 8:00 – 8:11
Lizzy Hale and Halestorm. Weather. Saladworks Meet and Eat Giveaway! Traffic. Preston wants to do Freeballin' Friday during the whole summer. Kathy thought, in the summer, testicles stick together. I always glue my balls to my legs. Great weather, go enjoy it! Bizarre File The Toronto police needs to locate 4 large women who are accused of sexually assaulting a 19-year-old man outside of a club. German thieves stole 5 metric tons of Nutella chocolate hazelnut spread, it's estimated worth at $20,000. A firefighter captain who used to manage 400 firefighters was moved to the safety department because he complained that he received penis and vagina shaped pasta. Man calls 911 and reported himself as a drunk driver. Montana man had to go through his dog's poop after the dog ate 5 of his hundred dollar bills. Do businesses have to take ripped bills? Not Your Average Listener is next!

Time 8:24 – 8:49
New Years Day by U2 on wmmr, we're looking at 80 degrees today. Saladworks Traffic. Someone sent a #selfie of them with Taylor Swift. Kacie McDonnell sent in a selfie yesterday, she'll be in the studio later. Pjs  Not Your Average Listener Christine in Studio they're looking for a theme song for this segment. She's the prop director. She worked on best picture, Argo. She created the Mila Kunis fake boob shot from Forgetting Sara Marshall. Her job is to make fake things look like the original. She's made beer props with her name on them for Its Always Sunny. She went to Moore College of Art, and just fell into prop work. She couldn't post that pic of Mila Kunis on her site for liability reasons. Casey was so bummed out that those boobs were fake. Sometimes the actors will come in and test things out. She works in the same building where there's an armory for actors to come in and test things out. She works in a warehouse where everything stays for scenes in films and shows. Ken Adam did all the James Bond devices in the film Steve looks up to the guy. Christina liked Beetlejuice for the props, she really likes her job. PJ's

Time 9:02– 9:21
Its going to be a warm gorgeous day today and it'll get a little cooler this weekend. Traffic Not your average listener Christine who designs props for films 96% say that she is definitely Not Your Average Listener PJ's Intern Olympics Intern Greg's Contest last time he did a parody/concert commercial this time around he's doing a contest. He's placed papers in front of each of the guys that they can't look at just yet. Two Truths & One Lie Preston plays that at his dinner table with his kids all the time. Listeners get paired up with each member of the show, they're going to have to tell which is the lie. Preston is up first- listener Ryan he got the lie. Preston did farm reports in Salem Missouri not Indiana on the Brownfield Network. Listener John goes for Casey he gets it wrong! Steve is up next listener gets it wrong. Kathy goes next, listener gets it right! Corona Light- Nick goes and listener Teresa gets it right. Preston goes again listener gets it right. Casey goes and listener gets it wrong. Steve goes and listener gets it wrong. Kathy goes and listener gets it wrong, Nick listener gets it wrong. Marisa is going to try at the game and the listener gets it right  Phillies tickets. Delaware Valley College Saladworks gift card

Time 9:33 – 9:54
Get your Rolling Stones tickets on April 15th at 10 AM! Traffic. There will be a motorcycle ride tonight for the late Philadelphia firefighter Michael Goodwin. Kacie McDonnell in Studio She will be in this year's Philadelphia Dancing With the Stars; Marisa was in last year's. She also set the mark on how a “selfie” should be shot. Kacie went to Villanova for communication and auditioned for Fox 29. Same thing kind of happened with Kathy; except now she's a Russian peasant. Kacie has lasted six months with Fox 29. Marisa didn't finish in the top 3 last year, she should've enjoyed cocktail hour more. Kacie will do the tango at the competition and will wear a red long-sleeve dress. Kathy would like to go with Marisa. Casey wants to see Diving with the Philadelphia Stars. Funds raised will go to fight Sickle Cell Disease. Kacie knows how to put fake eyelashes on fast. Kathy couldn't do that. Bizarre File Argentine man who thought he bought a pair of poodles actually got ferrets on steroids. The former vice mayor of a Tennessee town was accused of pleasuring himself while speeding down a highway going 90 mph. A man with over 1,000,000 images of child porn and who police say is the #1 child porn distributor has been arrested on his 54th birthday in Florida. 76-year-old man used a shotgun to kill a bear in his backyard but now faces charges of illegal possession of a weapon. Saladworks giveaway!

Time 10:07 – 10:24
The weather has been rejuvenating. Steve did his squat thrusts in his bikini on his front lawn last night Sound of money. Lesson Q Hollywood trash Dancing with the stars  Lisa Vanderpump fainted her partner Len Slavinsko dear god I just killed the can't do whatever. Sara Gilbert is marrying Gilda perry brad paisley and ll cool j attack issue of racism in their song. Lesson A: Kathy has a request, she loves “The Pond” sound effects with Nick's throat sounds. Now its just a free-for-all with Nick sound effects. Nick's favorite is him building up to the World Series scream. Casey is looking for it. There are tons of Nick sounds, but Casey can't find it. Music News Preston still has 4 pairs of tickets left to give away. Made in America Music fest is returning to Philly for Labor Day weekend on August 31st. The lineup will be announced this Wed on Spotify. QuestLove confirmed that the Roots will be going to the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Queens of the Stone Age releasing new album, they were joined on stage by Eddie Vedder in a concert last week. Linkin Park teaming up to make an environmentally friendly video game called Recharge. Casey finally found the audio of him at the World Series game. Nick is the loudest person Preston has ever met.

10:36 – 10:48
Made In America Festival coming back to Philadelphia. Tattoosday listener Jim on the air. He's from King of Prussia, was a volunteer firefighter. He got tattoo of P&S on a firefighter's helmet. Wants to get a scar on his stomach tattooed to look like a roller-coaster. His wife doesn't know he got a tattoo today. Thanks to our guests. Saladworks giveaway. Motorcycle run in Pt. Richmond for firefighter who passed away tonight. Pierre forgot his glasses, had to get new ones at Target. LOTD. Cheerleaders. Thanks to our sponsors. April is WMMR@45 celebration month. 

Lesson Question: What recording artist has sold more albums than slim pickins'?

Lesson Answer: Gooey Lukes

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