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On Monday's Show- Heather Mitts

Time 6:09-6:21

Preston is stuck in traffic! Traffic. News. Philadelphia Police shot at a man who was in the middle of a robbery, he pulled out a gun on the Police and he is in the hospital at the moment. 2 college students lost since Sunday were found after being lost in the Mountains. Breaking News, Preston is moving in traffic! It was not clear how the two hikers became separated. Two passengers tried get on a plane in the Philadelphia airport with a gun. A lady had it in her bag and a man later in the day was also found walking with one. Sports. 4th straight win for the Flyers last night. Cliff Lee won his first game last night of the season with the phillies. Home Opener today for the Phillies. Kevin Ware may become a comedian after he was on Leno last night, he is doing better since his injury. Preston just pasted y the accident, the rear end of a SUV in completely in the front of the car. Final day for Intern Olympics this week, and The Sound of Money give away and Mark Consuelos.

Time 6:38-7:13

Preston is here! Traffic. Preston was sitting in parked traffic for about an hour. He had to go to the bathroom, so he got out and walked to the side and went. Stupid Q Mike Mccready, 47. Dave Holland. General Colin Powell, 76. Stupid A Entertainment News Roger Ebert died at age 70. His cancer returned about a week ago, passed from complications. For awhile Steve would always look to Ebert to make sure it was a good movie to see. Amanda Bynum showed up at a hair salon, her hair was terrible, they gave her a nice blow out but when it was time to pay, she did not have the money. Lindsay Lohan's dog, Gucci passed away last night. “She... meant so much to us, she will be missed very much.” A judge stated, Sylvester Stallone needs to stay away from a Real Housewife. Shia Labeouf fills as though Alec Baldwin was completely wrong with how he acted during their show. Labeouf said he will never work with him again an he will get back. Sarah Jessica Parker is back on Glee. The Tonight Show received its highest ratings Wednesday night, the night Leno said he was retiring. Clips Rosario Dawson is completely naked in Trance. The General and The Penguin! The general hit a home run almost took my head off.In Mad Man, season 6 is going to end Monday. Sound Of Money.

Time 7:22:7:47

A little warmer but it's raining a bit. Sound of money will happen this break. Traffic. Preston Gets Stuck In Traffic Interesting start of the day because Preston was stuck in traffic. Normally they never get stuck in traffic because of the time they drive in. Preston said if it was not Friday he would have been mad but he stuck with it and he is not free balling and he had to pee on the side of the rode. When Steve would travel for Comedy acts he would keep multiple pee cups in the car with him. Preston said he would stop getting angry while driving he learned to understand he is going to be late and deals with it. Steve, tells himself to claim down and relax and it works. Kathy says the worst curses in the world and cries. Casey is normally a peaceful driver but once a girl made a right on a red light, he almost hit her and he was so mad! 2-3 years ago there was a snow storm and it was the worst traffic ever. Sound of Money 93rd texter will win. Sometimes there is an extra lane for emergency reasons, they should open those lanes when there is traffic. Preston was once the first car in traffic, he was hoping to get through but they didn't let him through, it was the worse. Whitney on for Strella Web cam, and Sound of Money, we got a Winner.

Stupid Q: what is the name is William Shakespeare wife?

Stupid A: Anne Hathaway

 Time 7:58-8:17

Strella Web Cam. Traffic. Preston thinks having a show on YouTube is an awesome idea. Mark Consuelos on the Phone but we lost him. There was a delay on the phone. We went to the bizarre file and now back to Mark Consuelos. Steve says he could be very east to hate. He is good looking, has everything in the palms of his hand. His YouTube series Blue is coming together well. Blue is about a call girl and Mark's character comes across her then soon realizes she is a hooker. Julia Stiles is a great actress in it as well. Mark grew up very close to where Preston did. Blue will probably have about 26 episode for 8-10 minutes. They aren't sure how it is going to do in the long run but there isn't anything holding them back. Bizarre File Target has outrage costumer because they have a plus size dress called minatea gray. Fire engine reported to a small street when a man called, he had white liquid on his shirt and face. He wanted a hot shave so he heated a can of shaving cream, well the can exploded. A man was fishing, he wasn't catching any fish so he thought he jump in the water drunk. A local politician, got tricked, thought Blue Waffle Diseases was real.

 Time 8:25-8:55

It's a Friday! It's opening day today! Traffic. Strella Web cam, Hottie Whitney is working out. Intern OlympicsMarisa is off to a bad start, her bio was not printed out in time. She went to Neumann for nursing but realized she wanted to be in radio, so she went to Connecticut School of Broadcasting. Di Antonio's Catering is the food she got for she breakfast. Preston is proud of all the interns because they all got the food for free. Preston already ate, and the food is excellent! It is breakfast so he think its perfect. Contact information: They will do a cooperate catered for caller number 6. Along with breakfast food, he brought in sushi. Her Bit was a Spongebob remix. Reminding the listeners what everyone did so they could vote. Text the intern's name to 39333. Things you don't notice in movies: Mean Girls- how did Caty make the burn book with all the pictures of the students if she was a new student? Karate Kid- No kicks in the face, how does Daniel win the fight at the end. The Gremlins Can't eat After Midnight- It's always after midnight. Preston is playing the piccolo, he can even play it with his nose.

Time 9:06-9:31

Whitney is killing it on the Strella Hottie Cam. Traffic. Last night Kathy had a charity event for a little girl Jamie last night and wanted to say hi to the Homicide Team. Shart OutsNick also went to one and did a shart out. The Stache Sash is doing great! There are to many people that want to go so they had to move it. Casey is spending a shart to Heidi's new boy. Ray White was robbed of everything he had, but the radio station raised $4,000. Pancake wants to give a shart out to everyone who helped deliver his baby last Monday. Pancake cut his baby cord and Casey asked if Steve wanted to cut a cord, and he does. Who wants to have a baby in the studio? Ryan Howard was on the Office last night. They based the character after the real baseball Ryan Howard. Plays a clip from the Office. Another piece of audio, Letterman had Kevin Ware doing the top ten. Casey has not been able to watch the video of Kevin breaking his leg yet. It's Opening Day for the Phillies! Intern Christine works in the Alley Store by Ashburn Alley. Preston wanted to be a beer vendor at baseball games. Dan Baker did a bit for WMMR.

Time 9:40-9:54

Steve is wearing Hottie Cam girl Whitney's panties. Traffic. We have all these new camera's in the studio and Preston says Casey needs one on him all the time. There is a G.I. Joe convention and there are two guys driving to it listening to the show they just pasted by World of Pigeon. You can eat Pigeon, Kathy knows someone that eat it before. Bizarre File New species of venomous tarantula. They are safe to handle but very dangerous. A priest in Connecticut has a new name, Monsignor Meth. He was selling Meth in his apartment from California to Connecticut. It was not the church, Welland stepped away from his position when found out he was dressing as a cross dresser. Alcohol and jealousy caused a man to kick his friend and put is foot in his ass to only killed him. Whitney keeps changing, she is now in a bikini.

Time 10:04-10:17

You need to stay with us for the rest of the day, you might get a chance to go to the Phils game. Someone saw Minerva driving down the street today, it's on the move. Collision Max Lesson Q Hollywood Trash Kim Kardashian is getting mad fun, she is not wearing paternity clothes and she is reminded she has a sex tape. Christopher Abbit who plays on the show Girls, well he has left the show to flex his muscles. The same muscles he is flexing to collect unemployment. Lindsay Lohan's sugar daddy got arrest for trying to get on a plane with drugs and he apologizes because he over packed. Lesson A Playing wiggle it, and Whitney is wiggling it. Music News Bones has been choosen for Wrestlemania. Metallica June 8th and 9th reunion, including Dead Sarah, Kyuss, Red Hot Chili Peppers. An announcement Cinco de Mayo Corona party. Black Sabbath has posted a picture a picture of a new album, 13. A photo has leaked out of Taylor Hawkins will be in up and coming movie.

Time 10:24-10:39

Mark Consuelos called in today to promote the show Blue. Wrap Up Preston wants to thanks Whitney. Thank you to Intern Marisa. You can go on Preston and Steve's website to check out the interns, to remind yourself for the Olympics. A couple of news station covered that Preston was stuck in traffic this morning. Bob Kelly, from CBS talked about Preston. Pierre is Live at Xfinity. Pierre goes running in, he didn't know where he was going. He was over at the field, the grounds crew talks to Pierre every year to see how to make the grass good. Pierre is sitting outside of Bullies in Xfinity. Letter of the Day: K. Pierre does his famous shout out for a baseball game.

Lesson Q What does Martha Salinger sound like when she sneezes out of her 3rd nostril?

Lesson A she sounds like a piccolo.


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