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Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:05 – 6:15
Weather. Traffic. News Update Dozens are homeless after a two-alarm fire at Egg Harbor, NJ. Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy is expected to sign a bill today to enforce sweeping regulations to owning assault rifles and other major weapons. Coach Mike Rice, who was videotaped throwing basketballs at players and calling them gay slurs, was also fined by Rutgers $75,000 in addition to being fired from being head coach. Sports Phillies lost to the Braves last night, 9-2; will play again tonight with Cliff Lee. Flyers came back from behind to win 5-3 last night. The Sixers lost to the last-place Bobcats, 88-83. Today is the first day of the Sound of Money, sponsored by Strella Med Spa. It's Intern Greg's turn to do the Intern Olympics for today.

Time 6:27 – 7:05
Majority of the week is over and we're giving away cash! Traffic. SQ. Birthdays Robert Downey Jr., 48; Hugo Weaving, 53; Craig T. Nelson, 69; Natasha Lyonne, 34; Maya Angelou, 85; David E. Kelly, 57; Christine Lahti, 63; Clive Davis, 81; Nancy McKeon, 47. SA. Entertainment News NBC has confirmed that Jimmy Fallon will replace Jay Leno on The Tonight Show. The Tonight Show will also move to New York City. Audio of Jimmy Fallon and Jay Leno singing about being on the same team. 60-year-old Ron Jeremy has shot his first porno scene since his heart attack. Amanda Bynes says someone keeps posing as her on Twitter photos because she's never been a redhead. Emma Watson won't be cast as Cinderella in the upcoming life-action film. Robert Redford has confirmed he will play the head of SHIELD in Captain America 2. Roger Ebert has announced his cancer has returned. Craig Leggons says Bucky was the Nomad and the Winter Soldier and could become a possible archnemesis for Captain America. Kathy is soooooo excited. Snoop Lion, who used to be Snoop Dogg, has released a new anti-gun single. When did Snoop Lion become Bob Marley? People can change over time. Like chocolate milk, who used to be a gang-banger. Rappers' names sound like drinks. “Fresca” with “A Little Twist”! Snoop Lion is opening for Dave Matthews' Band at a couple of locations. NBC kicks off “Hannibal” tonight. Casey thinks Hannibal is a bad name. It's a weird world, Lou Gehrig died of his own disease. Blake Lively doesn't want to do a “Gossip Girl” movie. Clips Robert Redford for “The Company You Keep” & Lawrence Fishburne for “Hannibal.”

Time 7:18 – 7:48
Dave Matthews Band. During this break, the Sound of Money will play, sponsored by Strella Med Spa. Traffic. Kathy got an e-mail from a man who wasn't sure if flirting online should be considered to be cheating. Is Online Flirting Cheating? Examples of some of the online communication between the wife and the online “dude.” ”Wife and the Dude” is a great TV show name. Guy asks wife to send him some “vids.” ”Vids” are also some kind of polish dish? Steve thinks since the wife is actively looking to hide her online communication, she's cheating. Caller says he found his significant other cheating on him with a online chatter. Caller Rob says that the wife is going to cheat on him based on experience and that it can be grounds for divorce. Caller Jillian says it's not clear-cut cheating, but it's definitely inappropriate. Strella Med Spa Sound of Money! Casey farted, Preston can't stand it. Back to the conversation. Anonymous caller admitted he flirted with an ex-girlfriend while married, now has massive trust issues. Casey's about to have diarrhea soon. Consensus is that the wife in the e-mail is cheating. The 93rd texter for our Strella Sound of Money is Mark Bensel from NJ!

Stupid Question:
704 Hauser Street was the address for what classic sitcom?

Stupid Answer:
All In The Family

Time 8:00 – 8:13
We're loving Pierre's MMR@45 tribute to WMMR. Traffic. Loving the Patton sound clip: “You magnificent bastard, I read YOUR BOOK!” Preston doesn't read Tweets to us enough, tweet us: @PrestonSteve933. Shart-outs! Shart-outs to Kathy's love child who earned her doctorate degree and Nick's friend who is recovering from a stroke. Bizarre File Tennessee school says a student has missed more than 20 days of school because she has an unpleasant odor, which causes teachers and students to lose focus in classrooms. Chili's manager threatened an employee's life outside of the parking lot because the employee brought a dead bird to work. 2nd grade girl who was drowning in a frozen river was rescued by a dog named Rocky. This is my wife, Butkus. Study shows that male bats perform oral sex on female bats to make sex last longer. Have they found any bat-butt stuff? Olympus Has Fallen giveaway! 

Time 8:24 – 8:59
Weather. Traffic. Nick will be at Kelly's Logan House tonight guest bartending to benefit those that have Sanfilippo Syndrome. It's time for Preston's World! Expensive Room Service Room service is costly. Where else can you get a hamburger for $50?! Steve likes doing dinner room service, Preston prefers breakfast. Nick feels fancy with the little bottles of condiments. Study shows that Denver and Dallas have the best room service values and Las Vegas and Honolulu have the most expensive room services. NYC has cheap peanuts. The minibar is free, but the toilet paper's $200. Saudi Women Riding Bikes Women in Saudi Arabia are now allowed to ride bicycles. You've come a long way, baby. Women are still banned from driving and can only bike for recreation. What a progressive society! Real Ring to Rule Them All? A gold, Roman, and supposedly “cursed” ring that allegedly inspired J.R.R. Tolkien's “Lord of the Rings” is on display in England. Would you want this ring or a ring used in the movies? The Hobbit is entertaining, but lives in the shadow of the original trilogy. The Average American Job The most common job among Americans is Retail Sales and Retail Cashier. The average retail salesperson makes only $25,000 a year. Kathy only lasted one summer in retail. Nick wants to be a Wawa General Manager. Preston loved the GAP skit from 90's SNL. Steve's worst job he had to do was telemarketing. Preston knew a grocery store cashier who got laid by cougars. Caller Bill couldn't stand stocking shelves, walked right out. Caller Tom got arrested for DUI still can't land a job after serving time and being sober. Intern Greg is up next for the Intern Olympics!

Time 9:10 – 9:30
Weather. Traffic. “Pride (In The Name of Love)” was going to be about Ronald Reagan's pride in the military. Bono doesn't even like that song anymore. Favorite U2 songs. Intern Olympics Day 4 Intern Gregory from Rowan University is today's intern. He collects retro video games and has over 1000 VHS tapes. Has significant airtime on Rowan radio. Likes classic rock. Should've been born 30 years ago. We want to compare Greg's eyebrows with Matt Rovine's. Greg's brought breakfast from Pal Joey's Deli this morning. Time to compare eyebrows! Kathy gives Matt Rovine tips on how to pluck your eyebrows. Greg's Bit is “Slap Against the Syndrome” featuring Kermit the Frog, Herbert the Pervert, and Steve's Bane. Philly's Hottest Nerdy Girl is coming to an end and it's a dead heat for the winner. Next time to win the Sound of Money contest will be with Pierre around 11:30 AM!

Time 9:42 – 9:53
A beloved restaurant has changed its name. Joe Groh in Studio He is from Joe's Steaks & Soda, formerly known as “Chinks” since it opened in 1949. “Chinks” was a nickname for a cook who worked at Pat's Steaks who ended up starting this restaurant. Joe says nothing has changed besides the name. Joe decided to change the name because it was the right time to do it. Steve was watching an old episode of The Brady Bunch and the father said a couple was “Oriental.” So much history in one location. Do you have Jimmy Hoffa back there? Caller Jim says he loves going to this place, keeps their milkshakes frozen in his freezer. 64 years strong in Philadelphia.

Time 10:03 – 10:22
Foo Fighters on WMMR. Weather. Listen to Pierre around 11:30 AM for the next Sound of Money, sponsored by Strella Med Spa! Bizarre File Man trying to impress his date crashed his car into another vehicle and then tried to fight the other driver but none of his punches connected and ran away. Mother and son are facing criminal charges after a family fight between the son and his identical twin erupted using weapons such as a frying pan and a machete. I told you the island was purgatory! Woman in Rhode Island crashed her car into 3 cars told police she wanted to cuddle with a lazy man. 911 responded to a goat that was tied to a fence that sounded like a human scream. Man charged with a DUI drove himself to court and parked in the judge's reserved parking spot. A woman's body was found with her car in the impound lot after she was in an accident, the car was towed away with her dead body still intact. LQ. Hollywood Trash Jimmy Fallon; Richie Sambora. LA. Music News Alice in Chains has released a funny documentary on Funny or Die called “AC23.” Chris Cornell has designed two special edition guitars for Gibson. Richie Sambora has left the Bon Jovi tour, with reports claiming Sambora has “deep-seeded issues” with Jon Bon Jovi. Jon Bon Jovi owns Bon Jovi music rights, unlike Jagger and Richards who both own Rolling Stones music rights. Hmmm.... Might be time to look at their tax returns. 

Time 10:32 – 10:41
Pierre will be giving away money during the next Sound of Money, sponsored by Strella Med Spa! Thanks to Intern Greg for his Breakfast and a Bit and to Joe Groh from Joe's Steaks & Soda. Stephanie from Joe's Steaks is a huge WMMR fan, can't believe she's with Preston & Steve and with Pierre! Marisa and Pierre were at the Green Day concert last night. Santa Claus was there and got to sing with Billie Joe Armstrong. LOTD. Pierre will be doing a remote broadcast tomorrow at Xfinity Live for the Phillies Home Opener. Pierre will give you the play-by-play before they even begin the plays. Pierre will also try to do the Sound of Money giveaway today. Pierre says he will “roll that bowling ball.” He's also 18 stones in the bag. Rage on, and we'll see you tomorrow!

Lesson Question:
What British town is only 10 kilometers away from Gloucestershire?

Lesson Answer:

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