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Weather. Traffic. News 22 year old man with autism died in a fire in the city yesterday evening. Student from UPenn died in a rock climbing accident in Africa. Rutgers is reconsidering keeping basketball coach. The tape that was made are pieces of video put together over a long time. Sports Phillies looking to get first win of the season tonight. Eagles player with 49ers. Flyers play Montreal tonight. Game on WMMR. Jagr to Bruins from the Stars. Sixers play Charlotte Bobcats. Kathy couldn't find the email. Wednesday is the hardest day of the week for broadcasters. Going on Fox Good Day today with our fresh new cameras. 
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Weather. Traffic. Secret text word. Stupid Q What comic strip character is always seen eating a bizarre sandwich? Birthdays Sabastian Boch, 45. Amanda Bynes, 27. Jenny Garth, 41. Eddie Murphy, 52. David Pierce, 54. Steve watches Brady Bunch every night on the Hallmark channel, Frasier comes on after Brady Bunch  Alec Baldwin, 55. Doris Day, 91. Stupid A Degwood Entertainment News Amanda Bynes photographed in NY with newly died magenta colored hair. Amy Poeler moving on from ex-husand with Nick Croll. Jeff Goldbloom impersination. Heidi Klum vacationing in Hawaii when her son and 2 nannys were pulled out to see by a rip tide. I'm sure Seal could have swam out to them effortlessly. Lindsey Lohan confirmed her pregnancy tweet is a joke. Does Lindsey know we see her as a wreck? You're a doubter, where's my chicken fingers. Where's my dipping sauce. What am I Heidi Klum's ex Seal? Halle Berry and her fiance got into a run with the paparazzi at LAX getting off of a flight. Halle exploded. That must've been bloody. Emotionally. Is it really that important to get these pictures? A Pittsburgh man tried to cut in line to get free cake from Cake Boss. You know how you get drunk before you go to see Cake Boss. Ellen Degeneres, sequel to Finding Nemo. Entire sequel is about Dory, called Finding Dory. 1 week after French survivor winner died of a heart attack, Survivor doctor killed himself. Donald Trump called for cease fire with Bill Maher. Rosie O'donnell is disgusting. NBC tapped a lot of celebrities to be in game show “Celebrity Game Night.” Clips Bruce Campbell talks about how remake is an upgrade from the original. Jurassic Park remastered in theaters Friday. Secret text word. 
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Zombie run. Traffic. Rutgers coach Bball coach gets violent with his players. Eric Murdoch made the video. Coach Rice would put on a front in front of big heads. Do you have to be that mean to players? He doesn't even get results. There's a fine line between abuse and teaching tacticts. Caller Jackie said the coach had been brought in for things before, went to Rutgers. Casey doesn't like being punched at MMA classes. Caller Rick, this guys a tool, but don't let this guy affect your thoughts on other coaches in America. Anonymous Rutgers caller, says they were just invited to the big 10 and their peers aren't going to like hearing about this. The players keep quiet because this is their life. In Varsity Blues, the coach hits the players in the helmet with the whistle. Caller went to a hs in Bucks County and his gym teacher would take his anger out on weaker kids. Caller Matt had a hockey coach who would shoot hockey pucks at him. Zombie run. 
Stupid Q: What comic strip character is always seen eating a bizarre sandwich?
Stupid A: Degwood
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Secret text word. Live on Fox Good Day Rutgers coach Mike Rice gone way too far. There is a point when something happens where it's just gone way too far. He had a art show in his home and he tweeted his address. Traffic. Tina, our calendar girl is being zombified. It has to be comforting to know that you can get hit by a car and still be hot. Zombie Run. Bizarre File 7 dogs starved of food and water for 2 weeks are suspected of eating their owner after he arrived home from vacation.  There's always room for forrest bats. Michael Medvick was short of his cab fare, and he handed the taxi driver a bag of weed in place of money. Casey's friend has been offered many things in place of money. Staff trying to subdue a crazy patient and found 17 bags of cocaine in his butt crack. A 9-1-1 dispatcher called her mom to help rescue a stranded boater because she was closest in the vicinity. Christie Clemens was fired from Australia Vogue and she wrote about it. Models eat tissues to help curb appetite. What's a swirlie? 
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Secret text word. Brett Manney made it to top 10 plays of March. Traffic. Tina our calendar girl is being zombified. Intern Olympics Christine intern number 3. Her bio was awesome. Studies liberal arts and minors in communication. Her South Philly accent isn't coming through at all. Talluto's brought in ravioli, meatballs and cannoli's. Talluto's meal for free. She was going to get regular breakfast food, but she got italian food instead. First 3 callers win a tour of the factory. Christine rapped about being an intern about Preston and Steve. That's all for our third Olympian. Nick's trip to London Nick thinks of the muppets as real people. Muppets 2 is coming out soon. Nick's son thought that the movie was going to be ready when they left the studio. Original creator of the Muppets said he doesn't want anyone to wear black to his funeral. He wasn't allowed to take pictures on the set. Preston saw a video the other day of a man stealing a purse and he's running and he runs into a glass door. Gene Beretta on the phone, said Jim didn't know he was dying. It's not 100% if he was killed by a Yeti, but his lightsaber shorted out and that was that. I read your book! I'm a huge fan I love the muppets. Zomie run 
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Weather. Traffic. Dan Baker in studio Homers for Hope event. June 15th. Preston and Steve home plate award for helping raise money. Casey put on a nice hitting display a few years ago. Despite Cole's first game, he's going to have a good year. Dan never swings the at the events but he was a pretty good athlete. Phillies home opener this Friday against KC Royals. Phillies have something to prove this year. Bruce Campbell  Produced Evil Dead. This is not a movie they're taking lightly. Bruce got the crap beat out of him during the first movie. Tried to stay away from CGI. Uses prosthetic. Job rotation keeps you interested. Bruce says to go with a group. The 2nd Evil Dead is more comedic. Airline bathrooms looking to squeeze more seats on airplanes. Casey doesn't go in airplane bathrooms. Steve rubbed one out in the cockpit before because of the name. Preston has before. Casey thinks movie theater seats absorb everything. Can you escape like Leo? Pleasuring yourself in a plane is called “hijacking.” An airline is charging according to their weight. How well will that go over with the ladies? Breaking News Rolling Stones coming to the Wells Fargo Center! Special guest Mick Taylor.
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Traffic. I read your book, you magnificent bastard. Dave is here for operation yellow ribbon. Marlton soccer. Bizarre File Zoo in Seattle, woman pushed a child aside and the mother's of 2 children started fist fighting over an Easter egg hunt. Man found dead hanging on a rope from a high-rise. He was a graffiti artist. That's why the tap says help. Police investigating a fight that took place over pretzel dip. It was over Auntie Anne's. They were given the wrong dip. I'm gonna cut your uterus open. A homeless man named landfill was busted for urinating in a gazebo. My name is Garret Landfill. Police searching for a man who shot off a flare gun in a Wal-Mart. Man pleasuring himself on dead llama in aisle 5. Can you go into Wal-Mart and leave okay? Olympus has fallen. Tina on the “hottie” cam & she's done up like a zombie. Zombie run. 
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WMMR 45 years. Lesson Q Hollywood Trash  Zombie Run. Halle Berry went crazy on paparazzi. She feared screaming and puishing would make Matt Lauer said the show will suffer without him. All they have is a black dude who drops logs like a lumberjack. Kimye said she hasn't seen the Taj Mahal in Paris yet. Lesson A Casey covered Springsteen. One bread, one body, one bowl of soup. Conan sang like he was at a Baptist church. I regret having a caucasian penis in high school. Casey regrets not joining the baptist choir in high school. Breaking News Coach Rice is being fired from Rutgers University. The gay slurs was probably the biggest tipping point. I'll see you in a minute, rice. Music News Rolling Stones tour, Philadelphia June 18th at the Wells Fargo Center. We're indoors. Pre-sale Friday, Monday GA. Bon Jovi member Richie Sambora is pulling out of their tour. Could Joe Perry go on tour with them instead? Eddie Van Halen worked with LL Cool J on his new album. Tom Morello, Susan Boyle. Mike Diamond of the Beastie Boys operates a free food truck to residents of Brooklyn affected by Hurricane Sandy. Maybe the truck can go around and take away the food. Green Day in concert tonight. The bird is the word. Courtney Love is promoting an electronic cigarette. 
Track  3                          Time 10:45-10:57
Everybody loves Queen. Steve has 90 other ways to check out Netflix. A lot of older movies that you can't find. Secret text word. Pierre is here. He was up early this morning for the announcement. Pierre, sadly can't go to London again. Mick is 69 and he'll be running up and down the stage. There are no cheap seats at a Stone's concert. Nick Foley will be there too! Secret text caller. Thank you to Bruce Campell, Dan Baker, Tina for the hottie cam, intern Christine! LOTD. Pierre will continue to give away Rancid tickets. Work force blocks. Sound of money. Rage on! 

Lesson Q What cast are Halle, Olivie and Nala a part of?
Lesson A The Lion King.


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