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Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:06 – 6:19
It's Tuesday! Traffic. News Update Chris Christie has a signed a bill in NJ that will not let kids under 17 to use tanning beds after the “Tanning Mom” debacle. Casey thought Star Wars sounds would be okay. Guys who fake tan are automatic douchebags. North Korea has threatened to restart a plutonium plant that is capable to produce atomic bombs to use on South Korea and the U.S. Transgendered man into a woman who gave birth to 3 children was denied a divorce. The “Pregnant Man?” It's just a woman with a mustache! The Pregnant Man was married in Hawaii, where gay marriage is legal. Come to Hawaii, where you can oil your breasts and trim your mustache! Sports Phillies lost to the Braves, 7-5. Flyers won twice over the weekend but Max Talbot's season is likely over due to injury. Today, we've got La Salle Men's Basketball head coach John Giannini, Justin Bartha, and it's Day 2 of The Intern Olympics!

Time 6:31 – 7:15
Weather. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays Michael Fassbender, 36, his dong is formidable; Christopher Meloni, 52; Pamela Reed, 68; Leon Russell, 71; Adam Rodriguez, 38; Clark Gregg, 51. SA. Entertainment News 21-year-old Shain Gandee of “Buckwild” was found dead in West Virginia. He died because his tailpipe was underneath mud and the car's exhaust was pumping back carbon monoxide into the vehicle. Audio of Shain Gandee when he called P&S. Caller Tom is familiar with this. Ryan Gosling got angry over a paparazzi who said “Hey Baby!” to his girlfriend, Eva Mendes. Barbara Walters says she has no announcement to make about retiring, she also said: “I have poop in my pants.” Glee's Cory Monteith will go to rehab for substance abuse. He's 30 years old, the right age to play a high school student. Cleo Rocos claims Princess Diana dressed up as a man and snuck into a gay bar with Freddie Mercury. Seth Rogan and James Franco released a fake trailer for Pineapple Express 2. George Takei joked he'll be in the next Star Wars. Arnold Schwarzenegger reunited with Maria Shriver to have Easter brunch. Lindsay Lohan wants access to Adderall during her mandatory time in rehab. Steve thinks Lindsay still has “beefy jugs.” Caller Jack says that Adderall is an amphetamine. Adderall is also: “I can't believe it's not methamphetamine!” Caller Tony says he takes prescribed Adderall for ADD, ADHD, and OCD ...and OPP? When does Lindsay serve time?! It should be like Monopoly, go straight to jail and do not take $200! Clips James McAvoy in “Trance” & Kendra Wilkinson for “Splash!” Intern Sculli (Vicki) did a great job yesterday, today it'll be Intern Kat's turn.

Time 7:25 – 7:49
Weather. Traffic. Philly's Hottest Nerdy Girls voting will end soon! Preston had a “dumb guy” moment with his wife. Dumb Things to Say to Your Wife Preston said to his wife: “You're just pissed off because you're on your period right now.” Kathy says women are allowed to rip your eyes out if you say that. Preston also said to his wife that Lane Bryant is where he: “was looking at the pictures of the fat models.” Caller faced the wrath of a woman when he told her: “Stop acting like your mother.” Caller Brian says he told his wife she's “Not as fat as...” and got punched in the face. Caller says his friend called his wife “damaged goods” after having a baby. Caller Tim says “being a momma's boy” anger guys. Girls set themselves up for guys to fail. It's like a sting operation. Caller Chris says girls comparing guys to previous ex's is off-limits. Insulting a guy's genitals is a deal-breaker. Why are normal women called “plus-sized models?” Preston likes them but doesn't like pregnant women or Mumford & Sons.

Stupid Question:
What does ZIP stand for in ZIP Code?

Stupid Answer:
Zone Improvement Plan

Time 8:01 – 8:16
Alice in Chains should let Nick scream “HOLLLAAAA!” for their song “Hollow.” Get your MMRBQ tickets now! Traffic. Starting Thursday, we will be doing “The Sound of Money” contest. For P&S, around 7:30AM we'll play a sound effect, then you text the word “cash” to us; the 93rd texter wins $500. Brought to you by Strella Med Spa! Bizarre File Police pulled over a man on a motorcycle dressed up as the Easter Bunny because he was a visual distraction. A four-year-old boy crashed an uninsured car into McDonald's restaurant. A woman in Zimbabwe said in court her marriage is falling apart after she refused her husband's request to have sex with a snake. She was willing to make love to the millipede but not the snake. Off-camera Regis wants to see some snake action! The woman also urinated on the husband's church uniform in protest. Preston's Charity Event Preston will be the emcee for Women Against Abuse's ”Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” on May 4th in Norristown. Men will walk one mile in high heels to protest violence against women. Preston wants big, burly men to try to walk a mile in high heels for this cause. Check out our community page for more info.

Time 8:28 – 8:55
We need RC to come into the studio. Traffic. RC just went nuts on the latest tattoo. It's going to be “Tattoos by Dodge” soon. RC says it was Dodge's idea. Listener Shawn said he was a blank canvas for RC and paid the price. RC took adderall, he's fine. Bob Dodge and RC don't hear the word “No” enough. Intern Olympics Day 2 Intern Kat is 22 and goes to Shippensburg University. Kat's time to do breakfast and a bit. Kat brought in food from Stackie's in Chester county, they do Barbeque. Let's bring in the tasty food! What a interesting breakfast. Kat's bit for today is singing a song, it's driving Preston crazy. It's based off of Justin Bieber's song “Beauty and the Beat”, but instead it's called “Delco and a Beat.” Her friend Ryan is singing opera in the bit. Vagina face came in to do the rap song. She says she has a lot planned for the rest of the month. Caller Josh from Barnaby's in Aston says the song is priceless. Good job, Intern Kat! You'll be able to vote which new intern did the best job.

Time 9:02 – 9:33
Heading right into our next guest! Justin Bartha Was around Philly for a bit. He is in a new show called “The New Normal” where he plays part of a gay couple who is trying to adopt a baby. They shot this show on a tight schedule. He enjoys pissing people off on set, but all the actors and crew forgive each other on set. He is in The Hangover III, it's already completed. Justin always gets left behind in The Hangover movies. Cool dude. Traffic. Coach Dr. John Giannini in Studio John is the head coach of La Salle's Men's Basketball team who made the Sweet 16. Over 300 teams take March Madness seriously. Coaches act as mentors when it comes to college students. Giannini is a squeamish guy. Philadelphia loved La Salle's run to the Sweet Sixteen. Why let the other team take the last shot? Free throw training is ingrained into the players' heads, the odds of missing free throws are slim. What are the expectations for next year? Giannini wants the team to better and build for next year. Sandwiches and drinks are now named the Southwest Philly Floater, the winning shot that sent La Salle to the Sweet 16. La Salle is getting a lot of big exposure because of this run. Philly teams usually don't recruit against each other. Giannini sounds like Super Dave Osbourne. Being an athlete is year-round, but they'll get a break for now. Audio of Super Dave Osbourne, Giannini sounds like him!

Time 9:44 – 9:54
Thursday we will start “The Sound of Money” contest. The word is “cash” that you have to text in. Traffic. Philly's Hottest Nerdy Girl will end voting soon! Kathy's looking for “Not-Your-Average” Listener for May. If you've got 5 nuts, you're in! Bizarre File Nearly 100 vehicles crashed near the Virginia and North Carolina border, involving 17 crashes with 95 cars on a 1 mile stretch of road. Crazy man drove through a Wal-Mart and then attacked customers with a blunt object. An entire troupe of 300 dancing fleas were found dead inside their transport box because of cold weather. Man faces a felony charge after he filled a McDonald's courtesy cup with soda and walked outside the restaurant because he has previous criminal charges.

Time 10:07 – 10:31
Jeff Conaway sounds like Eddie Vedder. Traffic. Sign inspection work? Yep, that's a sign. Rev from the Unholy Sideshow says the dancing fleas are real. Caller Joe correctly found the secret sound, will get Olympus Has Fallen movie passes! Tattoosday! Listener Shawn wanted Iron Man holding Gadzooks Ice Cream, but it turned into a Iron Man Popsicle. Shawn doesn't know anybody from around here, so no shoutouts. Listener Dave also got a tattoo of the WMMR logo with P&S's signatures. RC says Preston and Steve's signatures don't really change. Women come in a lot to the tattoo shop right now to get ready for the summer season. LQ. Hollywood Trash Snooki; Barbara Walters; Justin Bieber's Mom. LA. Music News Coldplay's “A Rush of Blood to the Head” was ranked the best album of all-time by a survey of BBC radio listeners. All live on THE CHAT SHOW! Lollapalooza's lineup will consist of: Mumford & Sons, The Killers, The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, Queens of the Stone Age, The Lumineers, and Bane! Rush took a tour of Rolling Stone magazine's offices. Smash Mouth, The Gin Blossoms, Sugar Ray, Vertical Horizon will go on a 2013 Summer tour, but will not stop by Philly. Bane will take over the world with other one-hit wonder bands! There are some 90's band that would be cool to see more than one song from. It's time for 90's hits with Bane! 

Time 10:41 – 10:52
Got to love Intern Pitchuation, he waves at Preston from the other room. Good job to Intern Kat providing Breakfast and a Bit for today, the food from Stackie's. Thanks to Justin Bartha and La Salle's Men's Basketball Head Coach John Giannini for coming on to our show! Pierre is in! Pierre takes a look back at WMMR's history in a non-linear fashion with MMR@45 specials. LOTD. Special thanks to our sponsors! Pierre is Jason-less this week, how will Pierre wing it today? P&S started at WMMR in 2005. During the first year, was that when Intern Joe got the tattoo on his taint? That sound clip is real. Don't forget, Casey had the same thing too. On tomorrow's show, Bruce Campbell will be calling in and Dan Baker will be on the show too. Rage on and have a great day! See you tomorrow!

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How many nuts does Kathy stop at?

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