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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Justin Bartha - Phone Interview
John Giannini - LaSalle Basketball Coach - IN STUDIO
Intern Olympics

Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:15-6:28
Good morning! Weather. Traffic. We're having some technical difficulties this morning. News Police investigating a murder suicide in Spring Garden. Police in Ohio are investigating a shooting outside a church yesterday. Philadelphia police say two men went through a lot to break into a home but didn't expect the home owner to fight back. Sports Flyers win in over time! Louisville player suffered a broken leg yesterday. Phillies begin their season tonight against the Braves. We're giving away some beer, call in with your air horns. New month means new calendar girl, Tina is April. Preston wants to watch the Kevin Ware video live on the air so everyone can hear his reaction. Steve can watch legs breaking but he can't watch snot. Caller Jeremy. Caller Rich. Caller Allen Caller Bob. Caller Bill, Delco! April has officially begun! All the callers get Corona Light. Paul Reiser will be on today, officer Brad Fox will be in for the “Stache Bash.” intern olympics! 
Track  2                          Time 6:38-7:05
Traffic. Stupid Q. Birthdays Susan Boyle, 52. For that particular show they've never had a bigger male star. John Gosling, 36. Bijoux Philllips. Annette Otool, 61. Alen McGraw, 75. Debbie Reynolds, 81. She's in the unbangable age range. Method Man is 42. Stupid A. Box office: GI Joe Retaliation, The croods, Tyler Perry's temptation, Olympus has Fallen, Oz the Great and Powerful. Entertainment News Matt Lauer intern revealed that he was treated very poorly. Justin Beiber had to leave his monkey in quarantine after not having the correct paper. Angelina Jolie didn't steal her story. Inappropriate Comedy opened this weekend and earned no money. Lindsey was partying in Brazil. Photos were being taken so she hid under the DJ booth. I made a fort. Jim Carrey's gun protection video blew up. Jeremy Renner became a dad. Kirstie Allie tweeted her disapproval of a depression medication. Eva Mendes is on a mission to win an Oscar. Shia Labeouf writing poems. Snooki giving advise on her website. Preston and Casey had the same vacation. They both thought Rock of Ages was terrible. Choose your makeup palettes wisely when your going into labor says Snooki. Clips Fede Alvarez talks about Evil Dead. Shia Labeouf talks about Robert Redford. Intern olympics and Bash Stache is today. 
Track  3                          Time 7:14-7:44
Once you turn 80, you're unbangable. Traffic. Injuries and falling Final 4 coming up Satuday. Kevin Ware from Louisville snapped his leg. The break is horrible. People were crying.  Kathy is going to think about it when she makes love to Dennis. Reaction Preston is screaming and Kathy can't watch. He lifted it up in the air like he just don't care. Caller Rob, says he broke his leg further. Looking for the other view. Do doctors get used to that? Caller Megan, says to watch the teams reaction. Casey likes playing basketball. I like chocolate. Steve doesn't wear high heels anymore because he hates rolling his ankles. Preston fell at a club and just laid down. Casey rolled his ankle trying to impress kids. Preston fell in Ireland. Caller Tom, athletic trainer. Says he'll be back 100%. Steve freaks out when his arm falls asleep. Wrestle actually had a ripped bunghole. Caller Frank, had to have a staple put in his arm. Caller Mike, beach volleyball, broke his hand. Preston used to get a smudge of poop on his cast. Caller Chris, broke his heels. Get me to a pool. Casey's new thing is three woman at once. 

Stupid Q: What was Sandy Olsen's last name in the original broad way production of Greece? 
Stupid A: Dumbrowsky.

Track  1                          Time 7:56-8:15
All along the watchtower. Weather update. Traffic. Kathy's locks of love event is full. Bizarre File Documentary film maker known for helping children was shot over a dispute of trimming shrubbery. 11 year old boy hospitalized after a dog bite in his home and he lost his finger and broke his arm. The father retrieved the finger. New Haven PD stole a car out of a house from barking like dogs. They pretended to bark like dogs and the men ran out of the house. 22 year old woman suing her 73 year old boss for sexual harassment. How do you feel about anal? So we can't have Kathy model clothes for us? Police arrested a woman for defecating in a mans backyard then swimming in his pool. Stache Bash There's a man shaving off his mustache after 33 years of growing it. Officer Brad's wife just gave birth to her baby. Officers, dispatchers, DA's all involved. There will be prizes for different types of mustaches. Nick can't grow a mustache but he can grow an awesome beard. JJ's wife has never seen him without a mustache. Cole Hamels has an awesome mustache. Ron Burgundy-esque. Mike from shaving grace is shaving JJ's mustache. He looks much younger without his mustache. Websites for the event, facebook and a webpage. 
Track  2                          Time 8:26-9:10
Weather update. Traffic. Intern Olympics Intern Joe was here for about 6 years. Nobody really gets to know the interns because the tenure isn't as long anymore. First day of the intern olympics. Each task is given to the interns each week. First task is breakfast & a bit. Vicky Sculli is our first intern. From Springfield DELCO. Neumann University with a major in communications and minor in journalism. The Bagel Factory. She has Bill Weston serving them in tux and tails. He rented the tux from Iaccobucci. Creativity being used for the bit. Butler Weston. Her commercial was awesome. Great imagery for the Preston and Steve show. April fools jokes. Pennies or talcum powder on top of ceiling fans. You can't use the microwave if the toaster is on. Fill an empty mayonnaise jar with vanilla icing and eat it by the spoon full. Take a picture of their desktop and hide the actual shortcuts. Pour coffee in the back of the toilet. The best jokes take a lot of work. Go into a dorm room and put cups all over the floor. Casey wanted to be fake assassinated in front of Nick. Nick would leave Casey to die. Caller Steve, did the plastic wrap on the toilet. Caller Mike, made his wife believe she was wanted for murder. Nick said his mom died and everyone believed it. Caller Sean, friends put a fish in his spare tire and attached a car horn to his reverse lights. Casey thought he was dead when someone stacked furniture on him. Caller Eric, put baking powder in a ketchup bottle. Caller Corey, said he had testicular cancer. New sex doll accessory for a balloon knot. Gets rid of doll gape. No shes real, look at her balloon knot. 
Track  1                          Time 9:18-9:38
Intern Olympics started today. Traffic. Pancake's girlfriend had the baby last week. Phil Ramone, 79 passed away today. Huge behind the scenes producer. Joe Weeder passed away. Casey and Preston went to Monday Night Raw last week. Steve Austin's return was the biggest Raw return ever. Chris Jericho has an inverted chest. Fandangoooooo. Texas man who received the full face transplant got married. Isn't cadaver face a song? Lady Gaga sings cadaver face. 15 hours of surgery. Caller Mike, hes the fat dude in the Hulkomania shirt that Casey gave the tickets to. They talked about how there was another power. Bomb threat on the Eiffel tower. Was Superman mentioned at all? No but the Green Lantern was. Those damn Parisians. Israeli military keeping an eye on Syria with a Rocky mission. They pick up rocks, insert cameras, and put them back. Turn that into a show. I would watch rock camera. 
Track  2                          Time 9:44-9:52
Nick is getting shaved right now. Traffic. Bizarre File Tennesee search crews found the body of a man who fell to his death when his plane got into a nose dive and the cockpit hatch opened up. 57 year old woman called for help ordering chinese food. Prostitute in Zimbabwe died collapsed during sex last week and she woke up in her coffin. Zombstitue. Slavick man peed his way to freedom after his audi was swallowed y snow. He drank a lot of beer and peed to melt the snow. Professor received a complaint after saying “vagina” in his lecture. Olympus has fallen. 
Track  3                          Time 10:03-10:25
Weather update. Paul Reiser going to the Borgata. Sometimes in LA it dips below 72 degrees. Getting out of LA is the hardest part. Talking about getting together with old friends in theatre. He saw Kevin Bacon. There's a small section of the world that's all science fiction. Paul is going to be in the Liberachi movie on HBO. Worked with Matt Damon. He hasn't been out in a while and he's been going out every night. His kids are thrilled. If they mention they heard this interview, they get a free ice crusher. Paul can't look at Helen Hunt naked, or any woman for that matter. Yells penis when he sees one in a movie. Lesson Q. Hollywood Trash Justin Bieber's pet monkey confiscated. Mr. Chim chim popped by airport po po what what. Steven Baldwin pleaded guilty but he should pay with all his celebrity shows.  Barbara Walters retiring in May 2014 because now she wants to focus on where she lives. Lesson A. Music News Rob Zombie asking his fans for help to donate to actress Karen Black with her medical bills. She has cancer. Stone Sour debuted music video for the comic book. Device released a third track from their album. Marilyn Manson will be the face of Yves St. Laurent. MMR at 45. Listen weekdays at noon. Free music monday. Preston and Steve's sound of money. 
Track  4                          Time 10:36-10:48
Pearl Jam. Preston tweeted how tired he was of overcast weather he was. Preston found out how serious rangers are about the liberty bell. Thank you to Paul Reiser, Stache Bash, Shaving Grace. Pierre says seeing everyone is like an oasis in the desert. LOTD. Pierre is a baseball head. Thank you to intern Sculli. Info is on the website. 

Lesson Q: How old is unbangable?
Lesson A: 81. 


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