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Time 6:10-6:23

Format change today. Traffic. News. Three people dead at shooting at Marine base school in Wash DC. Teenagers sentenced for locking 89-year-old woman in trunk for two days. Police arrest French national after he impersonated a commercial airline pilot. Sports. NCAA Butler wins against Bucknell. Harvard loses. Villanova plays UNC tonight. Temple Owls play NC State today. Flyers play Penguins Sunday. It's Freeballin' Friday! Everyone on show is freeballin' today, but Kathy “forgot”. Preston wants to freeball once a week. Steve does it twice a month. Casey hates it. Check in with us if you're freeballin'.

Time 6:34-7:08

It's Freeballin' Friday today in honor of Spring. Traffic. Freeballin' e-mails. Birthdays. Reese Witherspoon 37. Matthew Modine 54. William Shatner 82. Bob Costas 61. Pat Robertson 83. Entertainment News. Amanda Bynes active on Twitter claiming to be inventor of “LOL”. She pierced her cheeks. Matthew McConaughey defends Lance Armstrong in magazine interview. He thought it was Lance Bass. Ashton Kutcher is keeping love life private. Perez Hilton wants world to meet his new baby boy, Perez Jr. He's married to William Shatner, right? FOX developing TV series on OJ Simpson murder trial. Only if Dave Coulier is OJ. Lindsay Lohan to tape appearance on Charlie Sheen show before her lock down. Vanessa Hudgens discussed feelings on filming a threesome with James Franco in Spring Breakers. Was on Leno doing booty pop dance, so sexy. Preston likes her mouth. Arnold Palmer looks like a hotdog you found on the beach. He has dinner date planned with Kate Upton. Ronald Reagan's daughter isn't a lesbian, she just writes herself as one in her book. Ronald Reagan jerks to pictures of his daughter. Veronica Mars movie is happening because of kick starter. Can it help fund resurgence of other shows? Nick Murphy's web series is doing a kick starter. Clips. Aaron Eckhart Olympus Has Fallen. Shakira The Voice. Freeballin' check ins!

Time 7:17-7:47

No underwear today! Traffic. Freeballin' Friday check ins. Listener Taz gets G.I. Joe passes. Underwear. Old wives tale is to wear clean underwear if in an accident. Preston rarely washes jeans. He would never wear dirty underwear though. The old wives tale may be because you poop when you die. Casey used to get his pant legs stuck in bike chains. Had to take pants off and run home. Kathy just cleaned out her panty drawer. Underpants are expensive! Preston's sock situation is good too. Kathy hates lingerie. Casey just bought underwear without pee hole, hates them. Do guys use the pee hole in underpants? Preston doesn't. Nick and Casey do. Depends on genital size. Nick has a small penis. Can't give underpants to second hand stores. Some use old underpants as rags. Steve would use his mother's bra to serve dip. Tim Saunders on phone. Calling in about underwear. He's wearing a jock strap. He's listening via the app in Tampa, FL. He's going to work in “freeballin'” into Flyers broadcast on Sunday. Accidentally Zipping Your Junk. Accidentally happened to Steve with his balls. It got stuck and bled heavily. Happened to Casey at the Ball Park. This is 1/5 of all pineal injuries. Button-up jeans? No one likes them. Many graduates freeball at ceremony. Freeballin' in scrubs. Do cops go freeballin'? “Bat Wing” when balls get stuck to leg. Casey itches his balls all the time.


Lesson Q:

What is the only number with the same number of letters as its meaning?


Lesson A:



Time 7:58-8:20

Cheap Trick will be at MMRBQ. Traffic. MMRBQ ticket raid. Intern Olympics starts in April. Freeballin' Check ins! Caller went freeballin' and sharted himself. Gave him G.I. Joe passes. New viral videos.Viral video of woman talking about a hail storm. Another video of kid giving unknowing guy a wet willy while on news. Another video of an insanely violent music video. All on the website. Bizarre File.DE state police arrested five teenagers after they locked elderly woman in trunk for two days. Woman found carcase of a kitten in sausage casing in Thailand and then shrine was created for it. Escort attacked man and bit his penis off, was arrested on attempted murder charge. Caller says he knows the kid that gave the wet willy to the guy. G.I. Joe passes giveaway. Pitch is wearing his underwear. Send him to bathroom to take them off!

 Time 8:32-8:55

Free Fallin' by Tom Petty for Free Ballin' Friday! Weather. Traffic. Pitch took underwear off. He wears tighty whiteys. Erin is grossed out & older version of Kathy. Not Your Average Listener e-mail. Not Your Average Listener Ralph Conti In Studio. He cuts open dead animals for animal pathology at UPenn Veterinary Hospital. He does mostly large animals. Do animals usually die with all legs up? Yes, limbs lock up. Do they get crosses on the eyes too? He's worked on zoo animals like giraffes. He does clean up too, it's so messy. How did he get started in this? He started as a mime. Began with a degree in animal pathology. What animal is on his bucket list? If he ever found a toy soldier in animal, he'd quit. He's worked on marine animals too. He sometimes has to do lots of research to find the reason for death. Many times, he uses the same tools found in a hardware store to cut animals. He often has to extract brains for rabies testing. The worst smelling animals are dogs and cats. Fortunately, he's never had something gross get in his mouth. He is still a meat eater and a pet owner. Has he ever seen mutilated cattle? Yes, he often deals with criminal and abuse cases.

Time 9:04-9:31

Club Risque Asa Akira. Traffic. Not Average Listener. Votes came in as 99% yes! Ralph wins! Comedian Josh Wolf In Studio. He usually doesn't wear underwear, but it's so cold. He's from LA, but grew up in Mass. Should be used to weather but isn't. Josh does pranks where rubs his balls on things. He once rubbed his balls on friend's bagel. His book is about how he met a woman with kids, had a kid of their own, she developed a habit, he kicked her out and kept kids. He grew up with all brothers & always pranked each other. Josh is glad he gets to raise his kids the way he wants to. Having a daughter is hard. Preston scared of his daughter growing up. Girls fall for “just the tip”. Kathy did! It's hard to ask for girl's number. Josh parents in real world, kids will do things. Son tried weed. His daughter is 19. Josh's book must speak to tons of single parents. Josh interviewed Bill Gates once. He accidentally shot a snot on him during interview. Was coolest guy. Josh hated Steve Jobs book. Josh is on Chelsea Lately often, Casey loves it. She has a bangin' bod. She's legit. Chelsea is suspicious of women who aren't friends with women. She started in stand up too. Josh tweeted about how he couldn't sleep last night. He's an insomniac. Medical weed helps him sleep. Casey uses melatonin. Tries to convince his wife to “help him” go to sleep. Show knows a guy that gets it every night before bed.

 Time 9:41-9:53

Big Balls by AC/DC for Freeballin' Friday! Pitch took off his underwear in bathroom. Traffic. Preston starts watching shows during TV marathons. It's called “binge TV”. That's how Preston found out about Pawn Stars. Todd Gold on phone.Xfinity Watch-a-thon week. Good for catching up on current seasons or past seasons before a season premiere of a show. Also good to get started on certain shows. Todd talked to Carson Daly, he often watches shows hours at a time. Casey binge watches TV shows all the time, watches seasons at a time. Can be accessed by going to cable box menu and clicking Watch-a-thon. Can also be viewed online and on all tablets with Xfinity App. Real Husbands of Hollywood is a great show to watch. Watch-a-thon starts next week. There are tons of shows being offered. Getting Caught Up With TV Shows. Steve needs to get caught up on Game of Thrones, Preston needs to start watching Walking Dead. Nick & Kathy love Downton Abbey. There's lots of anal in it. East Enders is a soap opera on BBC and is huge in the UK. Downton Abbey is so popular because of the dragons. It's 90210 in England. Preston loves Game of Thrones. Intern Olympics starts April 1st!

Time 10:06-10:27

Freewill by Rush for Freeballin' Friday. Club Risque Asa Akira. Philly's Hottest Nerdy Girl. Casey asks if zombies poop. Kathy is annoyed because it's not real. Bizarre File. Couple spent $220,000 on Lamborghini and smashed it only a few hours later and abandoned it on the side of the road. It's a “flee the scene” policy. Voice teacher at school uses sex toys to message throat and help voice. Preston wants to try it out with a vibrator found in the office. Mayor of Marcus Hook surrendered to police after he demanded oral sex from a young man and held him hostage with a gun. Housekeeper at West Point arrested after trying to steal frozen meat balls from student cafeteria. Upper Darby woman armed her 7-year-old daughter with pepper spray and encouraged her to use it against employees at a store she was banned from. Home owners suing internet show after they found that the people they rented the house to used it for a huge party. Casey found a vibrator. Preston puts it on his throat to see how it feels. It feels good! Kathy is so grossed out. There's a pink vibrator missing, where is it?! Hollywood Trash. Lindsay Lohan starting court ordered rehab after she shoots Charlie Sheen show. Rihanna has protective order against man who broke into her home. Kim Kardashian says under oath she was in love when she accepted ex husband's wedding proposal. Music News.Halestorm to play at Sturgess Motorcycle Rally. How did Steve's Sturgess guy come about? Alter Bridge to release new box set and site for set. AC/DC bassist said in interview that they're writing songs for next album. Alice in Chains set May 14th for release of new album. James Mason is the singer of Alice in Chains now. Gary Hoey is doing a Epilepsy Benefit show in Princeton tomorrow night. G.I. Joe passes giveaway.

Time 10:36-10:48

What I Got by Sublime. Weather. Thanks to Ralph Conti, the Not Your Average Listener. Kathy's Locks of Love Event is Friday,. April 12th. Sign up now! Thanks to Josh Wolf. Pierre Robert is in the studio. Preston has really enjoyed not wearing underwear today. He wants to do it once a week. Pierre is commando every day. Kathy thinks it's stupid. Pierre is disappointed in Kathy. Kathy needs to be cool to her bros. MMRBQ tix raid this weekend. Last Calender Raid this weekend. Have a good weekend!


Lesson Q:

Who does Kathy want to murder her vagina?


Lesson A:

Marc Summers



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