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Time 6:10 – 6:23
Changing the format a little bit here, we're launching right into the show! Traffic. News Update Cops are investigating the mystery of the death of a woman in Cumberland County, NJ. On his second day of his Middle East trip, President Obama says he wants to reach a peace deal between Israel and Palestine. Freedom High School is asking students to not use AXE body spray after a student almost had a life-threatening allergic reaction to the spray. How the hell are you suppose to nail your friend's mom now?! Sports La Salle Explorers win over Boise State, 80-71, and will be the 13th seed in the NCAA West bracket and face Kansas State. Villanova and Temple will play tomorrow. The Heat have won their 24th straight game, the second longest winning streak ever in NBA history. Clippers defeat Sixers last night. Preston can't believe all the girls that submitted in the Philly's Hottest Nerdy Girl contest. His wrist is shot today. You make the choice for who wins the contest! Today on the show, we'll have Trevor Moore, Bert Kreischer, Rob Schneider, and a Hooters Hottie Cam!

Time 6:35 – 7:02
Jam-packed show for today! Traffic. SQ. Birthdays Deryck Whibley of Sum 41, 33; Kevin Federline, 35; Matthew Broderick, 51; Rosie O'Donnell, 51; Gary Oldman, 55; Timothy Dalton, 69. SA. Entertainment News Speculation is increasing that Jay Leno will be replaced by Jimmy Fallon and that The Tonight Show will move from LA back to NYC. Michael Jackson may not be the biological father of his supposed three children. Ryan Gosling is planning to take a break from the spotlight. Harry Reams, the “Deep Throat” porn actor, died on Tuesday at 65 years old. Mad Men's Jon Hamm never liked to wear underwear when shooting the show, but the producers of the show want him to because his bulge showed during shooting of Season 6. Since no forcible rehab places exist in NYC for Lindsay Lohan to serve her sentence, she might actually end up going to jail. Denise Richards has received threatening letters since Charlie Sheen announced his Twitter war with a school that he claims was bullying his daughter. Christina Applegate might be signed on with Ed Helms to do a reboot of National Lampoon's Vacation Series. Color of Change asked Fox to not renew “Cops” because they believe the show glosses over cop misconduct. Clips Usher for “The Voice” & Ryan Reynolds for “The Croods.” G.I. Joe Retaliation giveaway!

Time 7:13 – 7:43
Weather. Traffic. 2013 March Madness Preston called his dad to make sure he was still alive after Kentucky lost the first NIT game. So much productivity is lost because of March Madness. Steve has no idea how to handle a bracket. Don't have to be an expert to win a bracket pool. The odds of picking a perfect bracket is crazy. Caller says the odds are in the quintillions. So, you're saying there's a chance? How Much We Use The Internet In 1 minute on the internet, 204 million e-mails are sent; 74,000 apps downloaded; $83,000 in sales on Amazon; 20 million photos viewed; and 1.3 million YouTube videos are watched. Kathy maxed out her mobile bandwidth yesterday. All of Kathy's porn is high definition. Netflix comprises at least a third of total internet usage. Nick thinks there's too much content online. Showing people who don't use a computer how to use the internet. Caller John says companies are banning video sites because of how much bandwidth it uses. There shouldn't be 1 minute ads for a 30 second video. Technology's going to become like Minority Report. Google Glasses look insane. Recording people without their knowledge.

Stupid Question:
The Magnificent Rifle-bird are members of what bird family?

Stupid Answer:
The Birds of Paradise

Time 7:54 – 8:04
Hooters girls are here, use the WMMR App to see the cam live! Traffic. Tomorrow is no-underwear Freeballing Friday or Spring-a-ling-a-ding-dong. Shart-out to the St. Maximilian Kobe CYO basketball team, who is undefeated and playing a championship tournament in Pittsburgh. Bizarre File A kid who falsely shouted “Bingo!” in a bingo hall is charged with disorderly conduct and forbidden from saying “Bingo!” for 6 months. Guard at an airport tried to steal a $100 bill from a tourist and swallow the bill down his mouth with water. Man shocked to discover that pains in his back wasn't due to nerve damage but because it was a 3-inch knife blade that was stuck in his back for 3 years. Woman charged with trying to pull another woman's eyeball out of her socket. Now, that's a sexy cat-fight. Michigan police questioned driver who was just sitting in his car at a hotel parking lot only to discover a deer breaking out of the trunk. He wasn't selling brake pads, was he? G.I. Joe Retaliation giveaway! 

Time 8:16 – 8:42
Hooters girls on the Strella Hottie Cam! Traffic. Clip of “God Hates the Tips” from Trevor Moore's “Drunk Texts to Myself” album. Trevor Moore in Studio Was in our studio a couple years ago. He took a red-eye into Philly, but can't check into his hotel until 4 PM. Casey saw a corner of Manhattan that was just tables and chairs. People who want the library experience without books. Trevor lives in LA and does skits with Jay Leno. Trevor was Lorne Michaels' intern for a year, only saw him twice. Then became an NBC Page and had to give tours. Steve has some audio clips he plays from Trevor's “Whitest Kids U Know” show. The Whitest Kids U Know team will be at the Trocadero. They'll do their popular YouTube skits, and their deep cuts. Although their show has written skits, the group like to improv to throw each other off. Trevor's parents were Christian Rock musicians; they don't like his comedy act. His sister decided to go Buddhist. Thanksgiving is so awesome. Nick feels like he's getting old and missing out on things. Whitest Kids U Know was on deep cable. Audio of Trevor's parents' Christian Rock song. Could Trevor parody his parents' song? Do a Dubstep remix with them. Audio of the single “Drunk Texts to Myself.” “Fat Chicks Taking Dumps” should be a band name. Check out “Whitest Kids U Know” online. G.I. Joe Retaliation giveaway! 

Time 8:54 – 9:20
MMRBQ Ticket Raid at the Burns GMC Commercial Center in Marlton, NJ! Traffic. Trevor Moore is with us in the studio! Bert Kreischer He thought Ron Jeremy died, but it was actually Harry Reams. His wife has a pet squirrel named Cocoa and the squirrel attacked him. There's no sexy part or manliness to Bert. His name sounds like a bad fart. Got to sit on a ledge and dangle his feet 4,000 feet above the Grand Canyon. He's like a grandpa, he'll tell the same nine stories over again. Most expensive trip on “Trip Flip” was the vacation to Australia. The trick is to finding enough stunts to do. If you want an extreme trip, go to the Gaza Strip. Bert will be in Philly on June. 2nd season of “Trip Flip” will be Sunday at 8 PM on the Travel channel. Porn Or No? Are these titles actual porn names or made up? “Sperms of Endearment” is Real. “Reservoir Doggy Style” is fake and Caller Mike wins Les Miserables! Casey knows someone who's reading the book, how weird! “You've Got Male Genitalia” is real and Caller Jay wins G.I. Joe! “Add Momma to the Train” is real and Caller Captain wins G.I. Joe Retaliation! “V For Vagina” is fake. Caller Mike wins The Hobbit. “Big Fish Smell” is fake. “Rambone” is real. “Here Comes the Broomhandle” is not. “Dongo Uncircumcised” is not. Rest in Peace Harry Reams.

Time 9:29 – 9:54
Rob Schneider will be on soon, we've got something important to tell you. Traffic. The Intern Olympics Preston has realized there has been so many interns that have worked for the show over the years. Starting in April, we will hold the Intern Olympics! 5 of our new interns will have a different task to do each week during the month. $1000 will be the grand prize. Will begin on April 1st. Rob Schneider Rob stars in “Inappropriate Comedy,” which is being produced by the Sham-Wow guy. The movie is a bunch of comedy sketches tied together. Money and fame comes and goes, but cool stories always stick with you. People will remember the laughs. Rob Schneider was sniffling a lot during the interview, he was obviously doing cocaine. Preston got an autographed Sham-Wow. Kathy likes them, Steve is disappointed by his Sham-Wow. Not even Rob thinks the movie is interesting. Sham-Wow guy could've been in Star Wars. Harrison Ford was a carpenter for Francis Ford Coppola and was asked to read lines for auditions and was cast for Han Solo because of it. Bizarre File A British hairstylist filed a discrimination lawsuit against her boss because she believed he only hired overweight and gay hairdressers because they wouldn't get pregnant and leave work. In an actual courtroom, a Mr. Bart Simpson appeared before a judge named Mr. Burns. Authorities say a man fell five feet into a toilet pit where human waste is left to decompose. A bowl that was sold for only a couple of bucks at a garage sale sold at auction for $2.2 million and is over a thousand years old. Cops had to investigate a situation where a man thought a staged attack would make him look good to a woman he wanted to impress.

Time 10:05 – 10:22
Closer to the weekend. Video with Asa Akira from Club Risque is on our website, so check it out! Casey left an embarrassing video with him and Asa and his children almost saw it on their cell phones because of photo stream. Ray White Update Ray White, a South Philly elderly veteran was scammed out of everything he owned. The cops busted the scammer, and the Philadelphia Veterans' Association has started a donation link. Go to our community page to help Ray. LQ. Hollywood Trash Too Short, Kim Kardashian, and Rihanna. LA. Emergency Broadcast Test! Casey can't figure out how the Emergency system works in the new operating system. Music News Dave Grohl is more willing to play old Nirvana songs with Sound City members Pat Smear and Krist Novoselic. Tool is placing “The Seal of Xatanitos” in 5 copies of the re-release of their 1992 album “Opiate” as a special prize for them. Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have sold their 11,000 square foot mansion in California for $11.5 million. Kings of Leon will release a box set that includes all 5 studio albums and a live album. Cake ex-drummer Peter McNeal was convicted on child molestation charges, after molesting a three-year-old and six-year-old girl. Scott Weiland doesn't believe that Stone Temple Pilots has fired Scott from the band.

Time 10:32 – 10:37
Wrapping up for today. Weather. Before you know it, we'll be at Keenan's and the MMRBQ too. Thanks to Trevor Moore, Bert Kreischer, Rob Schneider, and the Hooters girls for getting on the Hottie Cam! LOTD. Thank you to our sponsors. Make sure to help out 88-year-old South Philly veteran Ray White. Also take a look at the gallery for Philly's Hottest Nerdy Girl. Tomorrow, we'll have comedian Josh Wolf, a not-your-average listener, and remember it's Freeballing Friday! See you tomorrow!

Lesson Question:
What music book is Flo from our sales department currently reading?

Lesson Answer:
Les Miserables

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