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Time 6:17-6:28

Traffic. News. Dog fighting ring in Germantown. Dogs mostly pit bulls & most were in good condition except for one bloodied and malnourished dog. Man fatally shot himself and wife at Lehigh Valley Hospital because he said he couldn't live without her. She was on hospice care. Upperclassman at St. Joesph's University Business School had their GPA's sent out on to 500 students. St. Jew University is a progressive way at looking at Christianity. Federal law prohibits schools from giving out grades without student consent. Sports.Phillies won against Yankees. Phils play Redsox tomorrow. Sixers play Clippers tonight. Two NCAA games tonight. Nick back after being sick for two days. It's the first day of Spring and Rita's will be here!

Time 6:36-7:14

Weather. Traffic. Birthdays. Chester Bennington 37. William Hurt 63. Holly Hunter 55. John de Lancie 65. Spike Lee 56. Hal Linden 82. Carl Reiner 91. Pat Riley 61. Entertainment News. James Franco on the cover of Bullet Magazine. He takes himself too seriously. How do you chain smoke and stay in great shape? Cigs help you get ripped. High school senior made YouTube video asking Kate Upton to prom. She said she'll check her schedule. Original Kevin Clash gay sex accuser is suing him again. Lindsay Lohan was photographed trying to go clubbing same day she was sentenced to rehab. Calender girl Brittany on phone to follow up on kid who asked her to dad's wedding. He just booked her flight. Preston wishes he was her so he could play with himself. These guys are pigs, right Kathy? Justin Beiber kicked out of prestigious hotel in Paris for bad behavior. Speculations say that relationship between Jay Leno and NBC has soured. Sofia Vergara wants to expand her family. Steve is overdosed on her. NJ man claims insomnia cure on Dr. Oz Show left 3rd degree burns on feet. Did he use a waffle iron? He used sock filled with hot rice. Nick has used it. Clips. Dylan McDermott. Paul Rudd. Caller Dan had rice heating pad set fire. Caller Brian talks gel heat packs for Steve.


Stupid Q:


In what movie will you hear the name “Rollo Tomasi”




Stupid A:


LA Confidential

Time 7:25-7:30

Traffic. Women Who Can Build & Fix Things. Casey wanted to change oil in his Vespa and almost took apart corroborator. YouTube is your friend to learn how-to's. Kathy's husband can't do it correctly and Kathy can't do it, just hire someone. Steve can't do any house repairs. Preston's wife does all repairs and people tell him he should turn in man card. Preston's dad is a man, extremely handy. Preston loves that his wife does it all. Casey doesn't want to do things because thinks he'll break it. Caller Robert's wife fixes things while he naps. Preston's wife replaced toilet once. Steve can only do home theater stuff. Caller Bob's wife does everything around house too. His friends wish they had wife like that. Preston doesn't want to learn cause his wife can just do it. Casey thinks all technical things he does wrong. Preston tries but always fails. Chuck Damico can do everything. If you wait long enough, will fix itself. Caller Patty can build anything on her own. Casey can put gas in his car and put windshield wiper fluid in. Kathy's dad is an electrician & handy man. Caller's wife fixes all things he messes up. Casey, Steve, and Preston can build furniture. Steve thinks they throw in additional screw to mess with you. Home improvement shows help the ladies do home repair work. Preston is glad he's not alone and doesn't have to turn in his man card cause his wife is awesome. Anyone need repair work? Let me know, I'll ask my wife.Get free Rita's today!


Time 7:56-8:10

Fox Good Day. How did P&S propose to wives? Preston was in Whistler, Canada and proposed there. He almost lost ring. Steve proposed in his apartment. He had things planned before she got sick, but his ring had healing powers. Technical difficulties. Traffic. Can Preston's wife come fix the audio equiptment? Strella Med Spa & Delilah's Hottie Cam. Secret text word. Bizarre File. Man lost both legs after falling into tire shredder. Waterville, Maine police found more than 600 Oxycontin pills during cavity search of woman. Unlicensed acupuncturist in Sweden arrested after infecting 16 people with HIV. $175k mattress on sale in UK. Only 60 made.18-year-old sentenced for killing kids in Ohio school. He cursed and spit during trial. Man will walk tightrope across Grand Canyon without safety harness. G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra movie screening. Free Rita's today!

Time 8:19-9:05

Strella Med Spa & Delilah's Hottie Cam. Traffic. Rita's Water Ice CEO, Jonathon Fornaci, In Studio.Started in Bensalem and now expanding internationally. Show is first to taste new cookie dough flavor. It's so good! Jon's fav is Mango and he's tried every flavor. Preston's fav is Cherry. Casey's is Raspberry. Can get free water ice all day today. Kids can bring in report card & get free water ice.Getting Girls' Numbers. Video of guys getting girls' numbers without talking. Preston was too scared of rejection to ask girls out. Liquor helps, especially with videotaping orgies. Steve never had problem talking to girls. Kathy would give friends' number to guys all the time. While in college, Casey got number from eye effing a girl at Nifty Fifty's. Kathy got hit on by guy in this building last week. Marisa feels bad about giving wrong number, will give number with just two digits off. Jacky Bam Bam is in love with Kathy in a “he wants to get you pregnant” kind of way. Bill Weston once called 867-5309 without getting the joke. Going Commando. Preston thinks everyone should go commando this Friday. Steve does it once in a while. Casey can't do it. Marisa says must wash jeans after and never wear them again. It's for the boys overseas. It's sexy for women. It's for Spring! Kathy isn't in. If lady wear red shoes in office, going commando. Caller Sandy is in! Other caller doesn't own panties and doesn't wear bras. Preston wants John Fullum to do it. Bill Weston is in. He loves to whip his junk out. Yoga Pants.Company Lulu Lemons accidentally made yoga pants too transparent, recalled. Huge shortage now. Dr. Mike on phone.Supports commando Friday. Healthy to go commando. Contact us with pic if you still have the sheer pants. Strella Med Spa & Delilah's Hottie Cam.

Time 9:16-9:36

Weather.Traffic. Todd Herremans In Studio. Just got back from Italy. Was there for new Pope. New Charity. The Herremans Foundation. Money goes to many different charities. Next event March 28th at Linc “Hoops for Help”. Hosted by Marisa. Hoops Magnatta! Event sold out. He was in Lauren Harris' wedding party. On air game, for each one Todd gets right the show will give $100 to foundation. Preston play part of song, and Todd must finish song. Caller Ed wins The Hobbit DVD! Caller Josh Les Miserables DVD! Caller Chris wins passes to G.I. Joe! Caller loses, but Todd wins! Caller Joe wins G.I. Joe passes! Caller loses, but Todd wins! Caller Burt wins G.I. Joe passes! Caller Tom wins G.I. Joe passes! $800 for foundation from the show!Event sold out but can still donate to cause online. Todd excited to work with Chip Kelly. Strella Med Spa & Delilah's Hottie Cam

Time 9:42-9:53

Weather. Traffic. Todd Herremans has the voice of an angel. Bizarre File. 52 year old Taiwanese woman divorce husband day after wedding because his penis was too small (5 cm). Chicken in China laid a huge egg that had two other eggs in it. It's the 5th one its produced. Man slammed his face into post after trying to steal cellphone from AT&T store. Former Art & Sciences student put semen in drop bottle, put it into food, and gave it to students. He is under probation. Gay rights center being built across the street from Westboro Baptist Church. Alaskan man has more than 20 ads tattooed on his face. Wants to pay for facial tattoo removal by selling ad space on the rest of his body. Nick is back in the studio after having to leave for a bit. Strella Med Spa & Delilah's Hottie Cam.

 Time 10:06-10:25

WoW Prize. Looking for not your average listeners. There's a guy on South Street who's heart grows out of his chest. Caller says he passed away. Hollywood Trash. Khloe Kardashian stopped for car windows being too tinted. Kevin Clash is being sued again for being lured into crystal meth sex. Former alt singer made anti-gay statements on stage and performance cut short Music News.Lalapalooza 2013 bands have been leaked and rumored. Tix go on sale next Tuesday. Mumford & Sons members don't think they're a rock band. Steve wants to buy anger bats but doesn't know where. Preston reads e-mail about drummer workshop for high school students, info on our website. Do they still have drum circles on the first day of Spring? Where they used to do it is now a huge parking lot, so no one knows. Red Hot Chili Pepper's singer lobbied on Capital Hill to keep music education in public schools. Preston barely graduated high school, and music programs helped him pass. Ozzy wants to collaborate with Adele. Maybe they can do something from Grease! Garbage singer helped launch a man hunt for a teacher that sexually abused her and possibly many other young female students. A skinhead who thought it would be a good idea to do a Nazi salute on stage during Dropkick Murphy's show had his face smashed by the lead singer and bassist of the show. Secret Text Word caller 13.


Lesson Q:


What did Steve think the Royal Gorge was?




Lesson A:


A Strip club

 Time 10:35-10:45

Weather. Rita's Water Ice came today! Secret Text Word is “Tripping”. Mike is caller 13. Matt from Levittown is random texter. Nick is going to see Dave Matthews Band when they come to Philly. The show has a bit of a relationship with the band now because of Boyd Tinsley. Thanks for Todd Herremans for coming in today. He's a great singer if you didn't know. Thanks to Delilah's girls for coming in today! Pierre sometimes does voice exercises in the elevator on the way to the studio. Todd Herremans has a great speaking voice. Pierre almost never wears underwear, so he's in for going commando this Friday for Spring. If you want to send us a pic, you can. Pierre thinks this could start a new regional trend. WoW Prize.

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