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Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:18 – 6:32
A lot to giveaway today as we journey into Tuesday. How you doing today, Magellan? Traffic. News Update Pope Francis gets his papal ring today and officially starts his term as the Pope. He also got his lantern, too. Pope Francis chose not to get into the Popemobile. This pope might get a segway! 15 homes needed to evacuated due to worries of a gas leak in Quakertown. Montgomery County officials are saying a con man scammed an 88-year-old World War II veteran from South Philly out of everything he owns. Sports 76ers defeated the Blazers, 101-100. Andrew Bynum will undergo knee surgery and will not a play a single second of this season. Phillies lost to the Braves, 17-10. Jane Seymour will be on the show and listener Stephen will be getting ink for Tattoosday. McDonald's will be in to give us some Shamrock Shakes! We're looking for a Not-Your-Average Listener, e-mail to apply!

Time 6:43 – 7:15
Weather. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays Bruce Willis, 58; Glenn Close, 66; Ursula Andress, 77; Sirhan Sirhan, 69; Billy Sheehan, 60; Cecila Tynan, 44. SA. Entertainment News Charlie Sheen continues Twitter war against a school he claims bullied his daughter. Jack Nicholson rejected Nina Dobrev for a photo. Sir Ian McKellen will be officiating the wedding of Sir Patrick Stewart. 26-year-old Lindsay Lohan showed up 40 minutes late to the courthouse and plea-bargained for a 90-day rehab, 30 days of community service, and 18 months of psychotherapy. Michael Lohan heckled his daughter's own lawyer after the courthouse had been adjourned. This makes the Honey Boo Boo clan look like the Royal Family. According to pornstar Linda Lovelace's autobiography, she claims Roy Rogers was involved in a threesome with her and a Las Vegas showgirl while he was in his 60's. Olivia Wilde enjoyed a date night at a strip club with Jason Sudeikis. Honey Boo Boo's “Mama June” attended the GLAAD awards showing how she lost 102 pounds. Steven Spielberg will travel the world in his $200 million mega-yacht. Friends of Courtney Cox are worried she's having a mental breakdown. Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn officially announce they're dating. She's still not as pretty as a Perkins waitress. Clips Emma Stone in “The Croods” and Gerald Butler in “Olympus Has Fallen.” The listeners will text whether we should play CrackShot or iPus. Sign up for Kathy's Locks of Love on Friday, April 12!

Time 7:25 – 7:51
Coldplay? Are we playing iPus already? Weather. Traffic. E-Mails Cher-out to Jennifer “Fluffer” Augustine and her appendix. Birthday shout-out for Chris Kenny from Korea. He's not angry, he's just from Philly. E-mail asks if it's weird that before this guy buys Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, he has to press the cup to test the freshness. We think so. Touching Candy Before Buying Casey doesn't like egg-shaped candy. What are you, the candy police?! Caller Mike says he does the same thing as the e-mailer does. Casey thinks the shape determines the taste of the candy. Preston and Kathy don't like Peeps. Caller says he can't buy Reese's anymore because of guys like the e-mailer. Stop fingering my food! Caller Justin says Easter candy is made in September and October, Reese's they make all year-round. Preston thinks candy in Hershey Park taste much fresher. Caller Joe touches candy before he buys it for his kids. Preston hates Red Vines, so inferior to Twizzlers. Casey says other brands' Jelly Beans are beating the original one. Caller Sarah who works for Hershey says there are expiration dates, so check freshness by looking at that, not by touching candy.

Stupid Question:
Initially, who was the only person who could see Snuffaluffagus?

Stupid Answer:
Big Bird

Time 8:02 – 8:16
Traffic. We're looking for the next Not-Your-Average Listener this week! Apply at! Another E-Mail A Bane-Out to Ashley “Smashley” who is recovering from removing a ovarian cyst. Marisa had the same procedure done. Marisa's scar from the surgery is kinda hot, like a starter vagina. Bizarre File Man from PA was arrested after he shot his own finger off to remove his wedding ring from his hand. Woman was arrested after she wrote an obscene message to a cop on a broken toilet in her front yard. It's the new twitter with a sh! Woman in Georgia called police to say her husband casted a spell on her and her mother. Vatican receptionist thought she really wasn't talking to Pope Francis, but it turns out she actually was. In a daring breakout, friends of a “Hell's Angels” prisoner flew a helicopter into a prison yard and airlifted escaped prisoners away; but they were arrested 55 miles away where they landed. Preston knew a prison guard that had to deal with a similar incident. Time to get a decision on which game we should play next! 

Time 8:26 – 8:59
Very bad-looking clouds outside. Weather. The results from the texts are in! Traffic. Thanks to McDonald's for giving us Shamrock Shakes! The votes are in and we're playing CrackShot! CrackShot! Casey doesn't care what his “expertise” is, he gets shot anyway. Nick Murphy is replacing Nick McIlwain and his expertise is original Star Wars. Marisa answers the first question right! Caller Eric challenges Steve: “In Shaun of the Dead, the name of the Electronic Store he works at is named after who?” Steve gets it wrong, the answer was: “Ken Foree Electronics.” Eric wins Les Miserables! Steve will get shot by Casey, Steve rolls a 6 and passes it to Nick. Nick Murphy rolls a 4, this is the first time he'll get shot! Watch on the Strella Med Spa Webcam! Casey gets his question right! Caller Lee challenges Preston: “In Flight of the Navigator, what is the little boy's name?” Preston doesn't know, it was “David Freeman.” Preston rolls a 1. The BB Gun might be jammed. Does this now become knife-throwing? Marisa can't aim. You can't call in to this contest if you don't have the answer to the question you asked! Caller Derek challenges Steve: “What year did David Cronenberg's “Stereo” come out?” Steve gets it wrong, it was 1969. Derek wins The Hobbit! Potheads and Trivia don't mix. Steve rolls a 1. Nick gets his question right! Caller Bonnie challenges Casey: “What movie was filmed at the McDade Mall ?” Casey's wrong, it was Lovely Bones. Bonnie wins This Is 40! Casey rolls a 6 and passes it to Preston. Preston rolls a 3, Nick Murphy shoots him. How can we make this better? Have to drop our pants next time. Jurassic Park 3D and G.I. Joe Retaliation giveaways!

Time 9:10 – 9:31
STP on WMMR! Traffic. Thanks to McDonald's for stopping by. We might need a new BB Gun. “Ideal” Sex According to a UK study, ideal sex should last 23 minutes and should happen before 11 PM on Saturday. Great, now I got to add an addition 22 minutes. Also, on average, needs to be once a week. Kathy won't answer these questions. You can and can't talk about sex with different friends. Caller Dawn says 4 AM in the morning for guys is the best time. Kathy has to shower after she does it. Preston stands on the sink to clean himself up. Caller Laura says she's a part of a secret sex group on Facebook, The Secret Society of Awesome. It's like a bowling team! Laura might be a sex addict. We've got to dump that audio, she thought she was on Facebook. Caller Kat says Laura is her new best friend. The yoga 6-hour sex sessions are bullcrap, you start chaffing after a while.

Time 9:41 – 9:56
Traffic. Bizarre File A 39-year-old security guard that was born with testicles but not a penis will be one of the first men to be given a new manhood made from his arm. Everytime he's aroused, he gives a Nazi salute. Boy who was driving and accidentally shot himself told police that he was shot by two men who were dressed like ninjas. Drunken man who ran a red light with a horse and carriage blamed his pony being color-blind. Woman who spent over $6000 on a boob-job looked in horror as one of the implants fell out despite stitches. Young mom in India says she has 5 husbands that are all brothers. It's Hindu Miley Cyrus! McDonald's Ronald McDonald House of South Jersey will have a phone bank-a-thon. Teddy Thomas in Studio Teddy Thomas is the owner and founder of the South Jersey Ronald McDonald House, it's been up for 30 years. On March 27th, they will do a phone bank-a-thon with CBS and CW Philly. The Ronald McDonald House houses families who need to stay because a child needs to have a life-saving operation at a local hospital. Shamrock Shakes were the original fundraisers for the Ronald McDonald House charities. G.I. Joe Retaliation giveaway!

Time 10:03 – 10:28
Casey did a damn good commercial, but just forgot to tell Preston whether or not we're back. Jane Seymour Had to adopt a new name because people constantly misspelled her name. Good thing it's not Jane Schwarzenegger. She wanted to be a ballerina, but she got injured and tried to be an actress. Actors Gene Hackman and Pierce Brosnan also make fantastic art. Gene Hackman designed “The Open Skull.” She has a pile of art that she lost interest and never finished. Steve loved Jane in “Live and Let Die.” She was the only virgin in London, that's why 007 producers wanted her. Preston liked Jane in “Wedding Crashers.” Her art will be on display at the Wentworth Gallery in King of Prussia on Friday and Saturday. LQ. Hollywood Trash Lindsay Lohan, Tiger Woods, and Lil' Wayne. LA. Music News Rob Zombie and Five Finger Death Punch will be headlining the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival; the Philly stop will be on July 19th in Camden. Halestorm is halfway through recording their next album. Preston still doesn't read with his glasses. 30 Seconds to Mars has announced their new album will be called “Love, Lust, Faith, and Dreams.” U2 bassist Adam Clayton says the band is working with DangerMouse on a new album.

Time 10:40 – 10:50
About to wrap this morning up. Weather. Tomorrow is the first day of Spring! Thank you to Jane Seymour. Tattoosday! Listener Stephen from Pottstown got a special P&S Poker Chip. Stephen was a part of the Baywatch sled at the Cardboard Classic.  Thanks also to Teddy Thomas, check out their phone-bank-a-thon! Thanks also to Nick Murphy for subbing in for Nick McIlwain during CrackShot. We need a new BB Gun. Many radio shows have to worry about this, right? Can Pierre take care of the BB Gun? He's a gunsmith, or a smith of things. LOTD. Pierre looks like Steven Seagal today, Pierre is doing Under Siege 7: The Year It Got Organic. Special thanks to all of our sponsors! Tomorrow, Todd Heremans and Rita's Water Ice will be in studio and we'll got to FOX Good Day! Big Friggin' Deal: Metrowash. They don't use water on your car. They use pudding, or “I can't believe it's not water!” Have a great day! We'll see you tomorrow!

Lesson Question:
Besides a C-section scar, what does Marisa's scar look like?

Lesson Answer:
A Starter Vagina

Letter of the Day:

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