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Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:16-6:29
Van Halen. Great way to begin the day. Traffic. News 4 people dead after a fire in a Lehigh Valley apartment building. Private jet crashed Sunday in Indiana after having mechanical problems and killed 2 people. Disney theme parks are requiring children under 14 to be accompanied by someone over 14. No incident triggered this new rule. Sports Louisville earned top seed as they lead the tournament. Nova number 9, Temple number 9, LaSalle number 13 seed. Spring training Galvis hit 2 run homer. Sixers play Portland TrailBlazers tonight. WMMR play in Tampa Bay tonight that will be on WMMR. Pipe and Drum wakeup call today with Tim and Chuck with them from They started with P&S on Friday and never stopped. Bam-Bam is all dressed up and ready to go. Jacky is 6’3 and Chuck is 3’6. 
Track  2                          Time 6:40-7:11
In X-S. Great band and a lot going on today. Special Announcement today. Traffic. Someone in Florida is at a wawa and listening to P&S. Stupid Q Birthdays Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains, 47. Vanessa Williams, 50. Her face was buried in the Penthouse shoot. Nothing is over where’s your face. Dane Cook, 41. Brad Deuriff, 63. Preston’s son asked if he knew who Chucky was. Adam Levine, 34. Jeff Labar. Stupid A Entertainment News Oz, The Call, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone. Gwyneth Paltrow has had a miscarriage and nearly died. Prince William and Kate Middleton discussed the baby with a guard. Emma Watson will not play Ana in 50 Shades of Gray. Lindsey scheduled to go in front of the judge today. This in my lawyer H&R Block. Stephanie Meyer has taken responsibility for Kristen and Rob . They were in it for the art. That’s why they signed up for the Twilight series. Oprah  responded to Terrence Howard. She says he has a Dig Ol’ Bick. She said she has big breastesies. Danny Devito and Rita are getting back together. Madonna dressed like a Boyscout. Are you tougher than a Boyscout? Tom Sizmore was attacked in his LA home last week. Boyfriend of a woman that he’s dating. Eagles Scout 18 for boyscouts, after that you can be a leader. David Hesselhoff preserving part of the Berlin Wall. Vladimir Putin appeared with Steven Segal to an event on promoting personal fitness. Clips Tina Fey talks about why she liked her role in Admission. Nicholas Cage talks about working with Emma Stone in the Croods. GI Joe: Retaliation.
Track  3                          Time 7:22-7:48
Audioslave. Weather update. Traffic. Pipe and Drum wake up call. Little Jimmy took off today. Jacky Bam Bam 10 guys in the band. JR is there too. Chuck is going in first and wakes him up. Jimmy is doing an Irish Jig with him. Jimmy wide awake and he has terrible friends. JR says mission accomplished. At least they won’t get evicted with all those police and firefighters. Bug infestation Greyhound bus infested over the weekend. Kathy freaks out when there was a spider in her garage. Cockroaches enjoy gambling. Steve had bed bugs years ago. Preston had an ant problem. Kathy had clover mites. Steve’s neighbor has had his house bombed. Marisa had her house bombed too. Cockroaches are not uncommon on buses. Caller John, lived in a townhouse next to a hoarder that was infested with cockroaches. Preston has come to terms with Stink bugs. Steve is ok with spiders. Preston’s daughter kills all spiders. Thousand leggers. Do you check for bed bugs at hotels? Kathy does and so does Casey’s wife. There are tricks to checking for bed bugs. You know what else is dark and warm? My bung hole. Nobody can enjoy themselves if they’re checking for that. 

Stupid Q: Who do I have written down here that they say invented the dishwasher?

Stupid A: Josephine Cockrin

Track  1                          Time 8:00-8:11
Tom Petty. Weather update. Traffic. Start Outs Shall and JJ for almost ruining the wake up call by screaming out the window at Jacky. Bizarre File GA mother said 9 and 10 year old boys saved her 2 year old son. 9 year old boy arrested and charged with an armed robbery in macdonalds last month was arrested Thursday for car jacking. For 3 or 4 years, a homeless man lived under lakeshore drive in Chicago that tapped into the bridge electricity where he had a TV, microwave, playstation and more. Police are calling a January burflary disturbing because the robbers killed a goldfish to avoid leaving any witnesses. GI Joe: Retaliation. Pipe and Drum wake up call coming up.
 Track  2                          Time 8:18-8:46
Bad weather on the way. Traffic. Joan Rivers Doing QVC tonight in the area. Marisa remembered her sister lives in Ardmore, Joan said you must have no life. Joan is a great entertainer which makes her show interesting. She liked reality shows in the beginning but now all they do is slap each other and eat lunch. Joan has nothing to “dig” into. Joan and Sara Silverman had a “fight” but Joan is Sara’s idol. Joan wrote a book on a girl who was ugly, went and got plastic surgery and once she was beautiful she went home and killed everyone who was ever mean to her. Steve asked if everything is okay with her health and she said “say that again and I’ll pretend I died on the phone…Joan, Joan?!” Joan knows best and She was in Spaceballs Shart Outs Baby Grayson, Chris, Jason. Also a little bit of Bane for Grayson because he loves it. Ken Paul, who has been listening for over 10 years. Casey’s Shart outs: his team went to the championship and lost, Headstrong foundation for throwing a great party, Saint Pias’ Fozzy Bears won Quizzo night. Wake up call next victim wakes up around 1pm every day. Did car bombs all night last night. They’re gonna get him on the toilet. He’s sitting on the toilet. This is Casey’s nightmare. He’s doing a #2. He’s still drunk and he has to wipe. He pooped while they were coming in. Still absolutely wasted, only went to sleep about 3 hours ago. Dave, the roommate who emailed in is fully lit. They just handed him another beer. The guys playing the bagpipes can’t breathe because it smells like poop.  
Track  3                          Time 8:58-9:14
Meatpuppets. Traffic. Kathy Out  “Can I get a Kathy out for my left nut sparky?” Event Announcement Kathy’s locks of love event is Friday, April 12th. A goody bag is given to you at the end of your cut and style and it’s at a school so there’s a lot of room. Log on to Preston and to make your appointment. Clip of a man from San Fran who’s a politician sounds exactly like Kermit the frog. He was police chief before a politician. Pitch clips and how his voice just gets stuck in a high pitch voice. He doesn’t try to clear his throat or anything. LaSalle is playing in for the 13th seed in NCAA March Madness. Villanova and Temple are in as well. Bucknell is in. This is the most popular time of the year for vasectomys. So guys, schedule your vasectomy’s.Preston was so scared to have an orgasm right after his vasectomy but it didn’t hurt him at all. “Enjoy if you’re getting snipped.” Sign up for Kathy’s locks of love event. Get signed up quick. We’ll be back with Fede Alvarez, director of Evil Dead. 
Track  1                          Time 9:25-9:45
Wow prize. Traffic. Texts from listeners. Fede Alverez Remaking the film Evil Dead. He was handed the film, and got nervous but he’s hoping that the people that love it will love it and that he has not much to worry about. Likes that the female scares the male as opposed to the male scaring the female. Hardest R-rated movie out there. Original was shot in Tennesee, this one was shot in New Zealand. Visited the Shire since he was there. Was able to take broad daylight and make it terrifying which is very rare because most horror films, the scariest thing is in the night but he wanted everything to be seen. The original movie is about a group of friends that go to a cabin and release these demons from the book. If you go have fun, get drunk, have sex and get killed. This movie is made up about a girl who is locked in a cabin as a recovering addict. Rotten Tomatoes has it at a healthy number and at the screening the other night went great, people were cheering. Nobody likes too much CGI. Evil Dead 2 will be directed by him if he thinks it’s the perfect story. All they did in the first book was play a tape but in this one they read from the book. He got to run up the Rocky steps yesterday which has always been a dream of his. 
Track  2                          Time 9:56-10:18
Kings of Leon. Weather update. Calendar girl Jenny brought her friend Vanessa with her. They’re looking for people to work in bikini’s. North shore beach club. Open April 20th (weather impending) until September or when it starts to get cold. Philly can vote for the new bikini beach team. Bizarre File Heather Hayes faces charges for being half naked in a Turkey Hill store. Doesn’t remember twisting his testicles. Elevator in NYC only works 58% of the time because it’s been peed in so much that the floor has rusted out. Brown University is holding a workshop on prostate pleasure for men. Teens may be crying over spilled milk because of imitating gallon smashing. The person who died in Maryland of rabies was caught by an organ transplant. Lesson Q Hollywood Trash Kris Jenner may be hiding sex tape. But it looks like Kris made love to manakin. Morissey cancelled tour because he’s not getting enough red meat. Kate Middleton said she wants a boy, the Queen said wish in one hand, s in the other and see what fills first. Lesson A Music News Sully Erna will make his film debut in Army of the Damned. Rob Zombie was speaking with Fuse when he said he smoked Crack with Ozzy and Rick James. Ben Lovitt said he was surprised when someone from American Idol surprised him. Dave Grohl’s Sound City Players played their final show on Thursday. Eddie Van Halen appearing on LL Cool J’s new CD. 
Track  3                          Time 10:31-10:43
Slash and Miles Kennedy. Pipe and Drum wake up call was a great beginning to the week. Jacky Bam Bam said the guy we woke up has tourettes. Little Jimmy enjoyed his wake up and the other guy did too. Chuck Love, little person, was dressed as a leprechaun. Pierre went to NY for Saint Patty’s day and went to an antique show. LOTD. Balderdash as Barbara Walters. Kathy’s locks of love was announced. GI Joe Retaliation. Wrap Up. Rage on. 

Lesson Q: Oprah was not offended by Terrence Howard’s Tig Ol’ Bitties, in fact what did she say he had?
Lesson A: Dig Ol’ Bick


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