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It's Friday! Traffic. News Update Mayor Michael Nutter had to stop his budget speech as protestors drowned out his voice with boos and jeers. The Archbishop of Philadelphia, Charles Chaput, will allow girls to play football in the Catholic Youth Organization. The cost of riding SEPTA will increase and a new payment plan will be put into effect. The SEPTA Budget will have a $38 million shortfall. So, the numbers work out! Sports Eagles sign defensive end Connor Barwin and safety Kenny Phillips. Flyers play the Devils tonight. Phillies beat the Pirates yesterday 2-1 and have announced Cole Hamels will be the Opening Day starter. Jam-packed show: Brett Manney and Kevin Crowley of the Wings, Julia Stiles, the Philadelphia Police & Fire Pipes and Drums Band, Kevin Smith, and Rob McEllhenny will all be on the air!

Time 6:34 – 7:07

Dave Grohl was the keynote speaker of the SXSW Festival. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays Blink 182's Mark Hoppus, 41; Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray, 45; Dee Snider, 58; Bret Michaels of Poison, 50; Judd Hirsch, 78; Eva Longoria, 38; Jimmy Swaggart, 77; Ruth Bader Ginsberg, 80; and Fabio, 54. SA. Entertainment News GMA's Robin Roberts will be honored with a lifetime achievement award. Matthew McConaughey has put back on weight and muscle for his upcoming movie “True Detectives.” $100,000 worth of jewelry was stolen from from a Mercedes that belonged to dancer Julianne Hough. Charlie Sheen asked his Twitter followers to vandalize a school where he claims his daughter was bullied at: “This is a legitimate call to arms.” Steve will get the poop, but what are we doing it for?! Forbes named Oprah the most influential celebrity for the second time in a row. Carrie Fisher is trying to clear up her crazy behavior she exhibited on a cruise. Lena Dunham says she's a normal-looking girl and that she doesn't want to have a “Victoria's Secret” body. Mary Todd Lincoln was the first normal-looking woman to get naked a lot. Marc Marion's interview with James Franco got awkward when he joked about James taking himself too seriously that James didn't like. Mark Wahlberg says his days of partying are over. Clips Selena Gomez for “Spring Breakers” and Andy Dick for “Dancing With the Stars.”

Time 7:18 – 7:49

Weather. Traffic. Preston is selfish; he was putting together a poker night at Revel, but never got Casey a room. Preston's World! The home that housed Rocky and Adrian is up for sale. Rocky II House For Sale The owner claims it was from Rocky II, but Steve thinks it's from Rocky V. Is this the house with the “Rantlers” quote? Casey doesn't think so, the stairs are different. John Coltrane's old pad is up for sale, too. Nick Murphy says that the Rocky II house is right behind his house. If you haven't seen Rocky, Mayor Nutter can legally ban you from Philadelphia. Rocky Balboa was a great conclusion to the series. He rides off with Olivia Newton-John in a car, right? Casey has 6 different Rocky themes. Nick loves the Rocky II theme. Pope Francis Pays Bill Pope Francis paid his own bill at a Vatican hotel. He has a credit card under the name of just “Pope.” More Cruise Ship Trouble Another Carnival cruise ship is in trouble, had to air evacuate all passengers. Cruise tickets must be so cheap right now. How do the bathrooms work on cruise ships? It's all in the buffet. Preserved Bodies Venezuela says they won't be able to preserve Hugo Chavez's body, just like Lenin and Ringo. Casey went to see St. John Neumann's preserved body. Marisa sent over random Rocky II song. Check out our website for Preston's World's links and more.


Stupid Question:

Finish this Irish saying: “Don't give cherries to pigs...”

Stupid Answer:

...because Rosie O'Donnell is allergic to cherries.” or “...or advice to fools.”


Time 8:00 – 8:16

Last day for Philly's Hottest Nerdy Girl! Traffic. Bizarre File A Manhattan lawyer strapped her baby to herself and jumped off of an 8-story building to her death, but the baby miraculously survived the fall. A Brazilian hospital doctor was busted for using fake silicon fingers to sign in fellow medics to get paid while they were not at work. Sounds like a Bond movie... Finger-blaster! A Connecticut affiliate of Fox had to apologize for a file footage video that showed shots of close up breasts during Women's Appreciation Day. Scorned woman held a “lying, cheating” yard sale on Craigslist detailing how she's selling her husband's stuff while “he was with a floozie.” Brett Manney & Kevin Crowley in Studio They are the Siegfried & Roy of the Philadelphia Wings. The Wings are second in the East Division, trying to get good position for the playoffs. They also do “trash-can lacrosse,” which is a pick-up 2-on-2 game using sticks, a ball, and trash-cans. Go to to buy tix!

Time 8:25 – 8:54

We go live to Jaxon after our show today, he's at the Jameson distillery in Ireland! He's doing a lot of “show research.” Traffic. Shart-outs! Shart-out to Lynn who is all by herself in the studio, but forgot to bring us cupcakes. Give her an angry fart! Listener Bunk from Smyrna, Delaware. Now, we'll get back to the elegant part of the show. Julia Stiles She was in “Silver Linings Playbook” and got to experience Philly during filming. She acts in a show called “Blue” that is shown on the YouTube channel “WIGS.” She also writes and directs “Paloma.” She doesn't really make money off of YouTube. She doesn't know why new episodes debut at 9 AM. Okay, how do you say Smyrna?! Intern Erin is the mother of all the interns. The Irish Not-So-Newlywed Game Erin met our Irish friend, Sean, and the two hit it off in the studio. You can't understand what Sean is saying. We're going to test their knowledge of each other. What color was each other's shirt when they first met? Erin got it right, Sean got it wrong. Name each other's siblings. Sean got it right! Name of Sean's last girlfriend? Erin didn't remember. First one to say love? Don't know. Erin's middle name? Erin knows Sean is Patrick, but Sean didn't know Erin's. What movie describes your relationship? Erin says “P.S. I love you” and Sean says “Serendipity.” First thing you noticed about each other was? Erin noticed his red flag; Sean thought it was his eyes. Casey joked Sean was about to propose to her right now. Fans of P&S want to know more about Erin and Sean. Go have fun, kids! Dov Davidov had to cancel his shows tonight, he auditioning for a TV pilot. Our Big Friggin' Deal is for Twisted Dune Harbor Golf Club.

Time 9:06 – 9:40

Destroying the sanctity of Led Zeppelin with farts. Traffic. DayDreams Hottie Cam is on! The Philadelphia Police & Fire Pipes and Drums Band in Studio Busy this time of year, will play all weekend. Our Pipe and Drum Wake Up will hurt them just as much as the victims we'll scare on Monday morning. First song: Amazing Grace. Bagpipes can be expensive. Also called “War Pipes” because bagpipes can hit 90 decibels. Second song: The Rocky Theme. NOTHING IS OVER! We'll see them Monday for our Pipe and Drum Wake Up! Kevin Smith Bragging about the NJ Devils. Wearing horrible Catholic school uniforms. How he made “Super Groovy Cartoon Movie.” It's an adult cartoon movie. We had Michael Rooker in last week, he was in Kevin's “Mallrats.” Kevin is glad for Ben Affleck's success with Argo. Kevin promises to come in to our studio when he's in Philly to screen the cartoon!

Time 9:49 – 9:57

DayDreams Hottie Cam on right now! Traffic. Bizarre File A high profile bagpipe player has recovered from suffering fungal pneumonia because the fungus grew inside his beloved bagpipes. A diner at a fast food restaurant claims that her child ate a used condom. Did they replace the ball pit with used condoms? A couple have been arrested after they put razorblades inside donuts they were selling. 70-year-old twin sisters who claim to be Amsterdam's oldest prostitutes are retiring after 50 years in the business. Casey thought they looked like Dusty Rhodes. This would be like banging Brian Dennehy.

Time 10:02 – 10:30

Couch love on the DayDreams Hottie Cam! View them on the MMR App. Traffic Update. Kathy had a good time last night at the Hot Chocolate event by the Philadelphia ALS Association. Rob McEllhenny Received 726 scripts in just a week of accepting submissions of trying to publish screenplays. Must be insanely impossible to get a screenplay published. Nick Murphy sent a script in, he's a great writer. Rob's production company has a deal with Fox and FX to release movies, they just need good scripts. Kids have cell phones and computers, everyone can make their own show right now. Casey feels that one of his good ideas needs to be utilized, but he's too busy to write a script. Casey's confusing Rob for a therapist. Stop whining. Rob doesn't really have a favorite episode of “It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” Really depressing that Season 8 wasn't shot in Philly, hopefully Season 9 will be. Just like Rob, Casey's put on a lot of weight. Nick lost weight, he's Mr. Strella MedSpa. Hey, Casey's the fat one! The link to submit scripts is on our website. LQ. Hollywood Trash Julianne Hough; The Bachelor; Nicki Minaj. LA. New P&S song meshed with the Philadelphia Union “DOOP” song. Music News Dave Grohl says the band is in its earliest stages of producing the next Foo Fighters album. On April 29 on Record Store Day, Soundgarden will release limited edition vinyl records of their demos. Billie Joe Armstrong still has the stage musical bug; he is writing new music for a version of Shakespeare's “Much Ado About Nothing.” An attorney for The Black Keys tried to bribe an attorney on his position on ticket scalping. Eddie Van Halen could be appearing on LL Cool J's new album. Device has covered the Nine Inch Nails song “Wish.” Wreck-It Ralph giveaway! Last chance to see the DayDreams Hottie Cam!

Time 10:38 – 10:51

Last few moments of our show. We're going live to Ireland soon. This is the first time Sara is with Jaxon over in Ireland. Preston posted an old photo on his Twitter of the first Campout for Hunger. Thank you to all of our guests in studio. Steve accepted a new contract with YouTube, any video he makes YouTube will post online! The Philadelphia Police & Fire Pipes and Drums will be back in Monday for our Pipes and Drums wake up! Is Jaxon there? Jaxon's there! LOTD. Jaxon went to a crypt party down underneath a cathedral. Many radio stations around the world are at Jameson, too. Jaxon had Preston's favorite Middleton Scotch. Sara bought Casey's joke that Sean proposed to Intern Erin. Can P&S go to Ireland? Casey and Marisa have to stay in Philly. Thanks to our sponsors! Word of the Week. Casey gave his daughter her first Shamrock Shake. Next week, we'll have the Pipes and Drums Wake Up, director Fede Alvarez, Jane Seymour, Todd Herremens, and much more! Have a great St. Patty's Day this weekend! Steve will be at Mad River for PattyPalooza from 5 pm to 7 pm on Saturday! Rock on, and we'll see you on Monday!


Lesson Question:

Who is the realtor in Rocky II?

Lesson Answer:

St. John Neumann


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