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Time 6:17 – 6:32

REM to kick off this morning. Weather. Traffic. News Update Pope Francis left the Vatican to pray for guidance after he was elected Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church. He is the first Jesuit Pope, what the hell is a Jesuit? Nick found that it's also a punk band. Stallone from Rocky IV translates Pope Francis' speech. Upper Darby police have arrested a 45-year-old mom who enticed her 12-year-old daughter to fight another girl at school. Local health inspectors found dead mice and mice droppings in Atlantic City high schools' cafeterias. Sports Miami Heat beat the Sixers. Flyers lost to the Devils, 5-2. Villanova advanced in the Big East tournament. Dov Davidoff will be in the studio, and Jaxon will call in from Jamison's Distillery in Ireland! Preston's chair is stuck in the reclining position. He can't lean forward! Well, it's perfect for Steak & BJ Day. We'll have a special giveaway for Steak & BJ Day!

Time 6:43 – 7:14

So close to the MMRBQ with Soundgarden! Weather. Use the MMR Weather App if you see snow. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays Billy Crystal, 65; Michael Caine, 80; Chris Kline, 34; Taylor Hansen, 30; Wolfgang Petersen, 71; SA. Preston and Steve had to make a helmet full of M&Ms during a contest. Kathy got sick because the interns ate them. Entertainment News The results of an ABC survey shows that The View's Joy Behar and Elizabeth Hasselbeck's polarizing left and right political views caused audiences to tune away from the show. Matt Damon is creating a celebrity joke campaign where he says he won't use a bathroom until all the world has clean water. Sean Lowe of The Bachelor says that he will wait to have sex until he actually marries Catherine Giudici. Miss Giudici, I'm not going anywhere near your pus-chi. Amanda Bynes claims she is in the process of reinventing herself, but her twitter postings seems as if she is losing it. Nina Dobrev admitted to Conan that her mom gives her tips on how to improve the sex scenes in “Vampire Diaries.” Kelsey Grammer lost a six-figure amount investing in windmills. Birds get clocked when they don't see windmills and fly into them. Lance Armstrong thinks if Bill Clinton can comeback after his affair with Monica Lewinsky, he can make a comeback too. Bill Clinton can hustle! Clips Nicki Minaj of “American Idol” & David Copperfield of “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone.” Cheerleaders' giveaway for Steak & BJ Day! We want women to call in and give us 10 seconds of them sucking on something, the best ones will win the contest!

Time 7:25 – 7:54

The Steak & BJ Contest will be coming up! Traffic. Phone lines are up! Dinner and bottle service at Cheerleaders is on the line! Suck-Off Steak & BJ Contest Caller Heather used a water bottle VS Caller Rene used her finger. First time oral sex has gone up against a respirator. Intern Badass told Casey that the mom who encouraged her daughter to fight a girl was his neighbor. Fighting Bullies As A Kid Steve says his Dad wanted him to stand up to a boy who bullied him. Casey says his mom didn't care if her kids had to fight someone. Audio of mom encouraging her daughter to fight. Should've called Don King and promote this bout! Caller Pamela says as long as her kid didn't throw the first punch, she believed her kids were morally right. Caller Boris says his dad wanted him to fight a high school bully or not come home. Steve got into a fight with a boy and then became friends. Kathy knew two guys who'd fight and then play video games. All guys know that you can't kick the other guy in the nuts. The winner of the first round of the Steak & BJ contest is Rene! Let's get two more ladies!


Stupid Question:

What do the M's stand for in the popular candy M&M's?

Stupid Answer:

Mars and Murrie (Inventors of M&M's)


Time 8:04 – 8:18

Texters say nut-shots are still considered to be low-blows among men. Traffic. Preston came up with this contest. Suck-Off Steak & BJ Contest Caller Laura used a lollipop VS Caller Kim used a frozen hot dog. Bizarre File Two cows had to be euthanized after a driver hit them and then attacked them with a box-cutter. That is an UDDER catastrophe! A drunk man fell asleep inside his meal of french fries and ketchup at a Hardee's. Funeral home mixed up the burial of two different corpses and will have to re-dig their graves. A burglar stole a bag of lollipops instead of money. A 12-year-old brought $20,000 in cash to school. Boy, those lunches are getting more expensive. A dog is alive after he ate 111 pennies. Leave some in his stomach for the tolls. The winner of the second round is Laura! She wins a steak dinner at Cheerleaders!

Time 8:28 – 9:01

A lot to get to in this break! Traffic. Brian Taff at The Vatican Pope Francis has his first miracle: the rain has stopped at the Vatican! Dragging for time? A bird landed on the Sistine Chapel chimney and that was news. Pope Francis was a man of the people in Argentina, where he rode the bus and didn't stay in the luxurious Bishop's residence there. Took only 5 ballots to elect him Pope and one smokestack bird. Pope Francis is meeting with Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. Brian will leave tomorrow morning from The Vatican. Dov Davidoff in Studio Tough follow-up to the Pope. Dov thinks you have to be insane to believe in fundamentalist religion. Dov doesn't like religions that also against birth control. Dov says a literal translation of The Bible is ridiculous. We need a screening process before people have kids. Instead of Mother's Day and Father's Day, we should have National Pull-Out Day. Dov wants to be a comic that people either love or hate. If everyone loves a comedian, he's got his hand up a puppet on a cruise ship. Dov loves to talk to the other side of the argument if they are smart. Nick wants to know what future generations will think of our culture. Casey thinks he's gonna be in trouble for booking Dov on the show. No one should claim to “have the answer,” except for Preston. Dov doesn't talk about religion during his stand-up. He has Achmed the Dead Terrorist? Dov will be at Helium Comedy Club this weekend. It's as good as any show you've seen based on jokes. Jaxon is in Ireland and is up next!

Time 9:13 – 9:33

Great expression to use from a texter: “F'N people.” Traffic. Charity Mentions Mussels for McKenna Gala at the Ballroom at the Ben on Friday, it starts at 7pm and goes to midnight. On March 23rd, there will be a Leprechaun Walk, with an after-party to be at Connie Mac's where all proceeds go to CHOP. Check out our Community page for more info. Jaxon in Ireland Irish coffee can cure his lag time from the flight. Only got 2 hours of sleep. Got a local to suggest the best bars to visit. Preston loves Middleton Whiskey, which is very expensive. Jaxon will tour the Jamison Distillery. Jaxon will be in Ireland until Monday, so follow Jaxon on Facebook and Twitter to get his experience! Besides Steak & BJ Day, it's also Pi Day! Pi Day & Using Math Kathy thinks Pi and Star Wars Days are stupid. A computer can calculate Pi up to 2.7 trillion digits. Nick had to use Pi in his backyard. Steve never used Pi. Are boys better at math than girls? Casey has no idea what's going on. Caller Brian is a plumber and had to learn Pi all over again. Steve's Equation: Angle of the dangle plus the heat of the meat... Casey loves his childhood diarrhea songs. Kathy thinks we're all stupid. Let's get two more women for the next round of the Suck-Off Steak and BJ Contest!

Time 9:43 – 9:59

Occasionally, Casey's quotes are great. Kathy doesn't understand, but Preston speaks Casey. Traffic. Marisa is in while Casey's in the bathroom. Everytime Marisa sees Kathy's brother, she is wearing something green. Bizarre File In Afghanistan, a suicide bomber attacked during a sports game like polo where the players use a mallot to hit a dead goat's head into a goal. For the first time since 1976, a human died from rabies. Odd North Korean propaganda video claims that Americans buy guns to kill children and they have eaten all of the bird population. The soundtrack was done by Kenny Loggins. Preschool teachers was arrested after evidence was found that she was slipping sleeping aids into the drinks of her students. Caller Eric says that the dead goat head sport they play in Afghanistan was in Rambo III. Gil from the Philadelphia Beard & Mustache Club Their East Coast Championship will be held at the TLA on March 30th. Their club was featured in Whisker Wars. More information can be found at There is a pre-event on the 29th where they will do a cheesesteak crawl around Philly. Go check them out!

Time 10:12 – 10:25

Tomorrow is the last day for Philly's Hottest Nerd contest! Casey will be at Jimmy John's in Bala Cynwyd with Matt Cord during lunch today! LQ. Hollywood Trash Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom; Demi Moore; Kristen Stewart. LA. Music News Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt says going back on tour will be nerve-wracking with recovering Billie Joe Armstrong. Tool guitarist Adam Jones says the band has changed over time since their last album. Black Sabbath has confirmed the name of their new album: “13.” A man died after falling 20 feet onto concrete pavement after trying to escape police after a Volbeat concert. The drummer of Iron Maiden, Clive Burr, is dead at age 56. Australian fan is suing Axl Rose after his teeth was shattered by a remote microphone that was thrown by Axl into the crowd during a concert. One more Cheerleaders' dinner to giveaway! Caller number 7 will get the dinner for Steak & BJ Day!

Time 10:35 – 10:45

Stallone ended Pink Floyd's “Wish You Were Here.” Weather. Pierre is here! Jaxon and Pierre will switch shifts tomorrow because of Jaxon's visit to Ireland. What's the best radio shift to do during the day? Thank you letter from Jessie to Pierre. Pierre likes to share experiences with the listeners. WMMR will be turning 45 years old in April, and it's all because of our listeners. Thanks to Jaxon, Dov Davidoff, and Brian Taff! Casey leaves to meet Matt Cord at Jimmy John's in Bala Cynwyd! LOTD. Special thanks to our sponsors! Pierre should be Pope; a picture of him as Pope is getting popular on Facebook and Twitter. Tomorrow on the show, we'll have Kevin Smith, Rob McElhenney, Julia Styles, The Philadelphia Police & Fire Pipe and Drum Band, and Brett Manny and Kevin Crowley of the Philadelphia Wings. A jam-packed show for tomorrow! We are done, rage on! See you tomorrow!


Lesson Question:

What two items are involved in the clam pop?

Lesson Answer:

Tartar Sauce and Ice Pops


Letter of the Day:


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