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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Dov Davidoff - Comedian - IN STUDIO
Steak & BJ Day Giveaways for Cheerleaders

Here’s what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:11-6:23
Police, Message in a Bottle. Preston loves the people in the room. Traffic. News. Suspect in hit & run who injured 10 year old Fish Town child turned himself in. Didn't know he hit anybody. Kathy knows somebody in jail for hit & run. Wear reflectors in dark. Victim's sister, injured in a separate hit & run incident, driver's still wanted. Former Hamilton Township Mayor faces several years in prison for corruption charges. New Hostess owner hopes to have Twinkies back on shelves by summer. Dean Metropolis. Twinkies mascot.  Chef Boyardee. Sports. Heat extend winning streak to 19 games. They face 76ers tonight. Flyers have two important games against Devils this week. 5 new Eagles signed. Nnamdi Asomugha  released. Fox Good Day, Brian Taff live from Vatican, & Stephen Lynch joining us. Secret Text, Wings.

Time 6:34-7:02
Black Keys, Gold on the Ceiling. Weather. Traffic. MLB 13 the Show. Birthdays. David Draiman, 40. Adam Clayton, U2 bassist, 53. Common, 41. Emile Hirsch, 28. Danny Masterson, 37. William H. Macy, 63. Annabeth Gish, 42, and RC (Tattoos). MLB 13 the Show. Entertainment News. Dallas, highest ratings w/ JR Ewing Funeral. 14 year old Paris Jackson, scouted by Eagles cheer-leading. Steve's surprised how normal Jackson kids are. China dishes. Judge Judy sued by ex-producer's wife over expensive china dishes. Judy bought china for $50,000, but it was worth more than $500,000. Nobody uses their china. Gwyneth Paltrow coming out w/ nutritional cooking book. Hackers who targeted celebrities are Dexter fans. Bradley Cooper enamored by Suki Waterhouse. She's 20. The Bachelor season ended this week. He mumbled proposal. Bane on the Bachelor. Real life sets in now. Clips. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone. The Call. Coming up... Secret Text, Wings.

Time 7:14- 7:44
Volbeat, Heaven Nor Hell. People love or hate that song. Traffic. Black smoke from Vatican, no Pope. Chemicals change smoke color. They have Bat signal too. Fine china. Kathy, friend's china cost $350 per setting. Nick's china bowl sitting in box. Nick uses china 3 times per year. Preston replaced formal dining room w/ pool table & Foosball. Expensive items that never get used. Steve's dad, silverware. Casey's mom, Hummels. Nick, hand-made, Chinese lock-box from 1910s. Preston, armoire. Caller John, salt & pepper shakers worth $2,000. Steve, a Civil War dildo. Caller, wants wedgewood appraised.  Car collectors who don't drive the cars. Steve's big sell, Star Trek Christmas ornament. Casey has dimes from 1940s. Texter, dad's frozen duck. Text of Day: Pete Rose has butt-plug named Don Cheadle. Paddy Palooza. Kathy found china. Gift registries year round. They exist. Porn stars have wish-lists online. Kathy would put dinnerware on knockers. Amazon wish-list. Caller Buck, family squabble over gold coin & clasp. Preston's future armoire may cause family problems. Caller Nancy, burdened by Grandparents' giant painting. Grandparents made love on painting. Fox Good Day coming up.

Stupid Question: What is the most popular color for luxury cars in the US?
Stupid Answer: Black.

Time 7:54- 8:09
Linkin Park. Traffic. Pipe & Drum Wake-Up Call. The day after St. Paddy's. Fox Good Day.  Daddy Guilt. Dad's feeling guilt for not spending enough time/pressures to work more. Steve, mom during week, dad spent more time on weekends. Started in 80s, men expected to go to dance recitals now. No dad wants to sit through middle school soccer games. Bizarre File. 18 ft. sink hole in Illinois golf course swallows man. Man rescued in 20 minutes. Edgardo Toucet lost his testicles in peeler machine. 28 year old NYC police officer planned to kidnap, cook, & eat women. 20 year old in Florida arrested for biting a spring-breaker who littered on beach. Caller Andy, makes peeler machines. They're hand-held, anything they touch, they remove. Brian Taff is coming up next. 

Time 8:20-8:50
Halestorm. Traffic. Brian Taff Live from Vatican. It's an incredible experience,  wishes it would stop raining. People everywhere. Brian, born & raised Catholic, but the event is impressive no matter your religion. Cell phone jamming signals, calls dropping near chapel. Coworkers, a little jealous he's in Rome. Cardinals' itinerary. Many candidates have a great chance, even North Americans. The church does so much good, but there's still a looming controversy. Smoke expected between 1:00-3:00 (Philadelphia). Vendors selling lots of memorabilia. Lots of Philadelphians have made the trip to the Vatican. Shout out to photographer, executive producer, and Brian's wife. Vendors. Rosary beads, mugs, & jewelry sold in Vatican. Casey's family has photo w/ Cardinal Rigali. Chef Boyardee. Marisa went out & bought Chef Boyardee products. Eating Cold Foods. Steve used to eat it cold, out of the can. Steve, meatballs are bigger. Preston eats Beefaroni out of can in studio. Casey can't eat it cold. Kathy won't try it. It's good, I love the chemicals. Caller Zach, 20 years old, still eats it right out of can. One can is 500 calories. Caller Maria, even the dog wouldn't eat Chef Boyardee. Cold pizza. Caller Nate, spaghetti-Os. When Steve went to California, his dad would make him pudding for diner. Caller Cherri, used to eat raw hotdogs. Chicken noodle soup out of can. Chef Boyardee can says “there's good stuff inside.” 

Time 9:03-9:28
Metallica. Not Your Average Listener, contact us now. Traffic. Stephen Lynch Performing in Studio. Boyardee! Courtney, Rod, & Charlie are with Stephen. He drove through hurricane last visit. Recorded album in Nashville. Courtney and Rod tour w/ him. Charlie looks like a terrorist w/ his beard, he's wearing Twinkie the Kid t-shirt. “The Night I Laid you Down.” Edits well on the fly. Stephen takes credit for Americana movement. One fan from Italy- Chef Boyardee. Comedy songs harder than regular songs. Dad was former priest, mother's former nun. They had love affair & were kicked out of church. Mother loves the music, not the words. Metal bands cover his songs. Scans next song for curses. Performs “Let Me Inside.” Charlie has large fingers for mandolin. Wants to play this forever & tour all summer. Tomorrow is steak & BJ day, the return favor for Valentine's Day. Amstel Light Performance.

Time 9:38-9:49
Pitch's Rocky impression is uncanny. Secret Text, Wings. Traffic. Insomnia Cookies. Preston is one pound away from his goal. He was up to 270, he's now 200 pounds. Bizarre File. Baseball sized snail has been destroyed by Australian officials after eating plants & destroying lands. Naked Bucks County man exposes himself to wedding party. Lake Norman officials are banning boats from stopping near highway to keep women from flashing truck drivers. NJ woman flashed breasts to Wendy's employees. Tennessee investigators found box w/ 3 baby bears in it. Secret Text, Wings. 

Time 10:00-10:16
Word of the Week. Cardboard Classic video is posted on website. Tina's striptease is also posted. Secret Text, Wings. Caller Josh: Hammer. Dan Phelps won via text. Flyers game is on WMMR tonight. Lesson, God of War. Hollywood Trash. Kim Kardashian pulled over for tinted tape. Bachelor's Sean & Katherine. Sharon Stone sued by house keeper...make-up kit. Lesson, God of War. Casey sings “Genie in a Bottle.” Music News. Sammy Hagar's looking for new place to open bar, AC Bailey's won't let him reopen. Volbeat's David Poulsen says new album deals with father/hero themes. Foo Fighters don't play Nirvana b/c it is sacred ground, too much respect. Kings of Leon bassist tweets progress of the album while drunk. Motley Crue's Vince Neil had to stop performance after kidney stones attack. Vince Neil screaming. Tomorrow's Steak & BJ Day! 

Time 10:26-10:36
Bob Marley. Spring break is going on now. Texts are saying “RIP Sammy Hagar.” He's not dead! Listener Ray bid $400 at the zoo to be here in studio today. Man who sold gun illegally to man who murdered Office Fox was convicted. Pierre is here. Daylight savings gives him an extra hour to hunt. Duck nasal passage remover. Duck McDuck. Video: kid gets ready for school on a Saturday. Word of the Week. Thank you to Brian Taff, Stephen Lynch, & sponsors... Pierre's lineup today.

Lesson Question: What club did the guy who fell into a sink hole while golfing request?
Lesson Answer: Five Iron.

Daily Letter: O

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