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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:

Brian Taff (8:15am)

Stephen Lynch (9:00am)

Rob McElhenney (10:00am)


Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:12-6:23

We are still waiting for the sun to catch up to us. Traffic. News. Roman Catholic Cardinals gathered to begin the process of selecting a new Pope. Michael Vick is promoting new book, had to cancel appearances due to various threats. Philadelphia fire department was called to put out a burning fuel truck at the airport. Sports. Jon Dorenbos and Colt Anderson re-signed with the Eagles. Sixers beat the Nets. Flyers play the NJ Devils tomorrow. We are going to talk to Jon Dorenbos and Gary Temoyan, and we will have a hottie cam from our friends at Mad River. We are doing a Pipe and Drum wake up call next Monday in honor of St. Patrick's Day. Hide your meth lab.

Time 6:34-7:07

Wet, rainy, and slippery on your morning commute. Traffic. Steak and BJ is coming up this Thursday. SQ. Birthdays. Steve Harris, 57. Ron Jeremy, 60. Aaron Eckhart, 45. Liza Minnelli, 67. Barbara Feldon, 79. Darryl Strawberry, 51. Mitt Romney, 66. Samm Levine, 31. SA. Entertainment News. A hacker has posted the details of prominent Americans, including Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Mel Gibson and Ashton Kutcher. Tina Fey was not shy about pushing of the press about a Taylor Swift joke. Khloe Kardashian possibly tweeted about her being fired from the X Factor, but said people are reading to far deep into her tweets. Sean Lowe proposed to Catherine Giudici on last night's season finale of The Bachelor. Bane was at the season finale. Seanmumbled will you marry me. Olivia Wilde said she did not think that her fiance Jason Sudeikis would like her. Elizabeth Hasselbeck is not leaving The View. Bane is now on The View. A 12 year old boy is responsible for making a fake emergency call saying there was a bomb at Ashton Kutcher's house. Clips. Vanessa Hudgens talks about Spring Breakers. Jim Carrey talks about The Incredible Burt Wonderstone.

Time 7:18-7:51

Led Zepplin on WMMR. Traffic. Official Announcement: Not Your Average Listener has returned, sponsored by PJ's. Steve does Lyndon Bane Johnson. There were a group of teenagers who mugged a 9 year old girl for $13. They were caught on surveillance tape and the mothers turned the kids in. Parents taking you to the Police.Casey would fake calling the cops when his kids wouldn't finish their dinner. Clip from kid on America's Funniest Home Videos. Kid walks out of restaurant with kids cup, mom tells him that she is calling the cops. Caller Ed is a police dispatcher, sends a cop to the house, the cop tells off the mother for having him come out to her house just to make a point to the child. You should just put a gun in the child's lunchbox. Caller stole a porno when he was 14, parents forced the manager to call the cops. The cops handcuff him and placed him in a jail cell for 3 hours and it scared him straight. Steve's parents made him watch hours of porn and watch them get it on for stealing porn. Caller Mike says he went to school with a troubled kid, the dad sent him to be “taken in” by the police, had to empty his pockets and had a bag of marijuana on him. Steve brought a Civil War sword to show and tell. Preston brought a defused Napalm bomb and a bayonet. Jon Dorenbos. We saw him at Lauren Harris's wedding over the weekend, the negotiating happened while at the wedding. He loves Philly fans and feels like he has become a Philadelphia man. Jon is really excited about the contract and this season. Jon says Colt Anderson is one of the best special teams players. Liza Minnelli was at the signing.

SQ:The Hashtag symbol is often referred to as the pound or number sign, what is its official name?


Time 8:02-8:13

We are trying to help you forget about the drab weather. We have the ladies from Mad River on the Hottie Cam. Traffic. Bizarre Files. A man gave his girlfriend Visine after they had a fight, man was arrested for lacing drinks. Two men lost their legs after fighting another man, the one man rammed the two men into a wall with his car. A hate cleric is said to be fitted with a spork in place of the hook that was on his arm. They should give him an ice cream maker. A man was banned from driving for four after driving on his vans wheels after running over spikes during a low speed chase, he thought he was being chased by aliens. A teacher brought in a blood sample for kids between 3-6 years old to let the kids touch it and told them to lick it off. We have the girl's from Mad River on the hottie cam.

Time 8:24-9:07

We have the Mad River ladies on the hottie cam. Traffic. We are going to play Just Say The Word. Caller Ben won with the word chocolate, won Wreck It Ralph.Caller Jonathan won with the word shampoo, won Tickets to Rush Concert. Caller Matt lost, his word was helmet. Caller Stacy lost, her word was moist. Caller Austin won with the word shark, won Resident Evil. Caller Theresa won with the word Yogurt, won Wreck It Ralph.Ocean's are deep and scary predator sharks. Caller Melissa won with the word delicious, won Game Change. The word caddywhompus will get you laid. You can adopt a Cardinal on, you are supposed to support the Cardinal in prayer during the conclave. There is no money involved and the Cardinal is randomly chosen. Kathy adopted one from Nigeria. Casey wants to know how much it takes to support a Cardinal. He has seen priest in Cadillacs. Kathy feels connected to her Cardinal already. They should make the next Cardinal an atheist. There are jamming devices placed around the building the Cardinals are in to make sure they do not leak any information. Nick thinks it is cool seeing nuns at baseball games. Casey thinks the priest should have a trade to support themselves. Caller Paul was taught by all nuns, they are normally given a car by a supporter or a family member. Caller Marsha's uncle was a priest and when he died, the church claimed his personal belongings. Kathy has been to the Vatican and the Sistine chapel. She couldn't see the Pope's car collection. Caller Pablo, studying to be a priest, says diocesan priest do not take vow of poverty and can take personal gifts, priests of sects do take a vow of poverty and gifts become communal. We have lovely ladies from Mad River on the Hottie Cam.

Time 9:14-9:27

It's a bit moist today. Kathy: “I had to take a dump.” Traffic. Gary Temoyan In-Studio. He is involved with the ALS charity event and Kathy is one of the hosts. The event is called Hot Chocolate and features a variety chocolates and activities. When we first met Gary, he was able to walk into our studio, now he has to steer his wheelchair with his head. He has great parents and a brother close by who help him out. There are approximately 900 people suffering from ALS just in the Philadelphia area. There is a company based in Israel that is in phase two of testing in a method to stop the disease from progressing. The event is at the Adventure Aquarium. You will get chocolate, alcohol, and sharks. They will have 9 pound cake pop. It is like trick or treating, except you don't have to hide your alcohol. The silent auction will have vacations, sports memorabilia, and an in-studio visit to our studio. Gary says without the ALS Foundation, he would be lost. The event is on Thursday night.

Time 9:37-9:51

Cat, a member of our 2009 Totally Office calendar, just joined the Mad River girls on the Hottie Cam. Traffic. Listener Zach gives a shart out to his friend Bobby for introducing him to the show. The Preston and Steve 5 Day Challenge: Have your friend's listen to the show for five days and to see if they like us and if not you will stop talking about the show to them. We have come from a papal discussion to a charity mention to right back where we belong, right back up the ass. William DeFoe in Pope Farts.Bizarre Files. Late this month a company is releasing a machine that allows for couples to have sex each other over the internet, it responds to your movements. All-over-your-face-time. Mosquitoes 20 times larger than a normal mosquitoes will swarm Florida this summer due to Hurricanes. There is a boy in France named Jihad who showed up wearing a show that said “I am the Bomb” on the front and “September 11th” on the back, mother is facing charges. Bob Clark rides a unicycle to work every day. Over 2 thousands pound of rattlesnakes were caught in the Sweetwater Rattlesnake RoundUp. We have the Mad River girls on the Hottie Cam.

Time 10:02-10:17

On Monday we will be doing a Pipe and Drum wake up call. Let Marisa@wmmr know if there is someone in your house that you know will be hurting and asleep that morning. We are still taking submissions for LQ.Hollywood Trash. Kristin Cavallari said MTV producers paid cast members to say she took drugs while she was on the Hills. Matt Lower leaves the Today Show. There was a death hoax for hank Aaron. LA.Music News.Soundcity Reel to Reel is now out on disc after only being available via stream, it features sessions with various famous recording artists. Slash tweeted that he is already thinking about his third solo album. Green Day resumed touring with a few warm up shows after Billie Joe Armstong's stint in rehab and are now heading to SXSW. Weezer is now working on a 5 day Weezer Cruise in 2014, fans will enjoy 3 concerts by the band with one on a private island. Former Nine Inch Nails drummer Chris Vrenner is mad at the mash up of Head Like a Hole and Call Me Maybe. Clip of Call Me a Hole. We have a massive Tattoosday going on. We also have the Mad River girls on the Hottie Cam.

Time 10:28-10:36

A little rain never hurt no body. All of the girls on the hottie cam and Steve will be at Mad River on Saturday. Congratulations to Jon Dorenbos on the new contract. Thank you to Gary Temoyan for coming into to promote the Hot Chocolate party at the Adventure Aquarium, which will be hosted by Kathy. LOTD. Pierre went to the Sixers game last night and stayed awake through the game. Pierre thinks that it was his presence that inspired them to win last night. Pierre loves hearing Matt Cord announcing. Steve loves seeing 17 point lay ups. Matt puts a dish of candy out for the players. Pierre has a special concert announcement going on during his busy show today. Tomorrow we will have Stephen Lynch playing in-studio, and we will check in with Rob McElhenney and Brian Taff.


LQ: What did Steve never do again after watching an entire week's worth of porn?

LA: He never smoked again.



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