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Disc: 1 Date: 03-11-2013

Track1Time 6:12-6:20

Goo Goo Dolls Monday. Traffic. News. A retired professional boxer was shot and killed – welterweight. He was shot in the head inside his home – landlord is the suspect of the killing. He leaves behind his wife and children. Sewer pipe leaks and affects commuters. They are working now to fix this piping issue. Cardinals hold another meeting before electing the new pope. The white smoke will appear once they choose the new pope. Sports News. Flyers beat buffalo. Losing streak by 3 games is over. Flyers are off til Wednesday. Sixers lose to magic. Sixers drop 5 straight and 13 on the road. Phillies beat the Astro's. Tiger Woods closed 171 – 2 wins before masters – he is now in the lead. Casey had 24 birdies. Preston and Steve had a great time at the parade – they actually got some color. Dr. Jill McDevitt is joining us – she's a local and she just got married. Stay There!!!


Track 2 Time 6:31-7:03

Black Keys Baby. Traffic. Stupid Question. Birthdays. Vinny Paul – Pantera Drummer is 49. Terrence Howard is 44. Just got into trouble – Oprah comment. Kathy says he is a strange dude. Tickle Bitties. Thora Birch is 31. Johnny Knoxville is 42 – Jackass star. Mark Matcap is 67 – Animal House – Best college film! Rupert Murdoch is 82 man. Stupid Answer. Entertainment News. Oz, The Great and Powerful did great at the Box Office – 80 million – already signed for a sequel. New members join The View. Amanda Bynes is back on the social media. Former girls next door star addresses to name her daughter Rainbow Aroara. Bieber cancels 2 shows in Portugal. Liam Hemsworth screws up his marriage with January Jones. Danny Boyle shouldn't be banging Rosario Dawson. Channing Tatum confirms that he isn't the type to love and leave them! Chris Brown threatens vallet for 10$. Dumb and Dumber To is ready! Jennifer Love Hewitt says she would get her breasts insured – per boob. Why does Elle Fanning sound like an old man? Word of the Week. Stay There!!!!!!


Track 3 Time 7:13-7:45

The song that wouldn't go away. Traffic. Philly's Hottest Nerdy Girl Contest – Erin. We love and need our nerds – everyone is excited. Operation Beautiful – allowing girls to go the distance without make-up. Over-Doing your Make-Up in the Morning. Kathy says that after the make-up period was over she wanted to get into television/radio. Intern Erin takes her time getting ready but she looks amazing. Why do elementary school students wear make-up? That's gross! Lauren Harris' Wedding – Preston's wife started getting ready at 12:30 – Marisa and Kathy looked hot! Fathers are tired of getting mad at their daughters slutty wardrobe. Too young is too young. Kathy loves her boobs and butt! Dads are allowed to call their daughters out! Boobs were the event in school – who cares about make-up. Things not too say to a busty woman. Don't say stupid things that woman don't want to hear – you look like Marilyn Monroe/how much were those? Kathy was allowed to wear a bikini. Kathy doesn't like wearing make-up while sleeping. Steve should dress up like a woman. Marisa just started to wear make-up. Texas over-does make-up. Stop wasting your time in the morning. Stay There!!!!!


Stupid Question: What does Charlie Browns father do for a living?


Stupid Answer:



Disc: 2 Date: 03-11-2013

Track 1 Time 7:56-8:05

So damn foggy. Traffic. New video on Preston and Steve – Cardboard Classic. It looks so awesome. Great job Nick and Beth. The last three years have been great but this year is definitely one of the best ones. Bizarre File. 40 year old Russian Mother can lift 30 pounds with her vagina. The body shocking show. She uses a wooden egg that con tracts her muscles to lift the weight. She is strong man. Vagina weightlifting should be in the Olympics. Applebee's server suffers identity fraud. Woman sells VHS porn from door to door – she only wanted 5 dollars per tape. It would make a great business. A man in Indiana got a Netflix tattoo and gets a one year free description after tweeting the picture. Hugo high school – guard executes and shoots in his own hoop. 38-37. wow. Chinese officials fish out 900 dead pigs in river. Stay There!!!!!!


Track 2 Time 8:15-8:57

Green Day Today! Traffic. Congratulations - Lauren Harris' Wedding - Office Calender Girl. She wants to move away but she can't possibly leave us in Philly! She should just commute, we love her too much. Lauren Harris Get's Married. The church of the holy trinity was great. Dinner was amazing. Even the old people looked hot. One of Lauren's friends started to devour the desert trays – a bit too much alcohol. Casey had to get a whole new tuxedo in less than 12 hours – well played sir! St. Patty's Day Parade recap. Everyone was so nice and everyone had a blast. It was such a great day and the whole event was so well set-up. Preston had an awesome blazer. The weather was great along with the Irish music. The parade went much faster than anticipated. Danny-Boy performance was great. Bob Kelly-CBS 3-Thank you guys. Irish wake-up call on Monday-Pipe and Drum wake-up call man. Casey meets the barrel of a racist. Casey was shown a gun in the wrong way – makes a statement – you could kill a lot of n-words with that. Casey wanted out with this one. We don't like racists. People need to cut the stereo-typing. Casey should start the fart club. People attempt to establish how racist they're.


Track 3 Time 9:09-9:30

Live to Rise – MMRBQ May 18th baby! Traffic. Cardboard Classic video up on our website. Sexologist Dr. Jill McDevitt in Studio Lets call her doctor. She just got married. She is clearing up a Bizarre file and setting the record straight that 1 in 10 woman at Yale is a prostitute. She runs a workshop and answers questions from people. One of the questions 3 people said they've accepted payment for sex. The Bizarre File Story is what set her off. Administrators love it because its sensitivity training its always been well received. Preston found a story where a woman was a student become a “foot hooker” in NY lets a stranger suck on her feet. She's had many feet questions. She says many woman don't know anything about their own body. She brought out her “stuffed animals”. Her shop has been open 5 years. She teaches woman about their own orgasm they don't their plumbing, so they fake it. A good way to break the ice about having that initial fear of asking your partner, she suggests being receptive. Her license plate says “sex doctor”. She gets threats all the time. She has the same program starting at Michigan Tech- she's debating about doing it. She's at for questions.


Disc: 3 Date: 03-11-2013

Track 1 Time 9:38-9:52

Still Foggy. Traffic. Tina from our office calender made a video that's up on our site. Justin Timberlake on SNL – that was a great show. Martin Short was brilliant. Everyone who at some point is allowed on the show always ends up doing a great bid. Props to Justin. Very talented. Bizarre File. School boy who is 8 got married to a 61 year old woman. What? I desperately want to make love to a school-boy. He really did want to get married, yeah sure he did. University student – fried his hamster while he was drunk. Unnecessary abuse to an animal man. Police in Sao Pualo leaves gift wrapped skin skulls – human skulls. Did you guys get your skull? Do you have any skulls mailman. Man pleads guilty for attacking to woman while naked and bloody. What drug was this dude on. Driver loses control and crashes into 4 cars – driver claims he got a brain freeze and knocked him out – wow, some black out. Students gentiles are displayed global. Vagina's on campus and much more.


Track 2 Time 10:02-10:14

Halestorm shreds. Word of the Week. April 1st is opening day for Phillies. Wow, that came quick. Lesson question. What kind of club should Casey start. Hollywood Trash. Rick Springfield is arrested due to DUI case and not showing up to his court day. Chris Brown parties too hard while grabbing the mic from the parties DJ. Lesson Answer. Fart Club.Music News. Physician. Jimmy is on the phone – he missed the lesson question. Godsmack singer claims lucky winner in contest. Costello's Treatment. The experience never fails to move him and it feels good to meet the fans who respect and love the music dearly. Fans still have a chance to win more. The new album may come soon – we love giving ideas and will rehearse in about a month. We need to make it happen this year – they miss touring. Black Sabbath posts video of the 1975 appearance with the original line-up. They're posting much more ahead along with the release of the new album. Its pretty wild. Free music Monday. Caller 8. Lets say hello to our students in our studio. Acknowledge the stairwell.


Track 3 Time 10:25-10:32

Three Eleven rocks. Haddon Township High School is in our studio and they are learning. Woman like Bradley Cooper. Excuse me, they love! Pierre is in the house, class can now begin. Professor would be great for Pierre. They have all been bad according to the professor. Pierre used to get into trouble in school – he was the class clown – not the 'A' student. Thank you to Jill McDevitt – the sexologist needs to give a lesson to these kids. Letter of the Day. Preston remembers and understands when people remember people for their songs – Preston was labeled with Boston but Steve thinks about 2 Chains. Bye Bye!!!!!


Lesson Question: what kind of club should Casey start?


Lesson Answer:

Fart Club


Letter of the Day:


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